Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

– [Ray] I think I’m done. – [Maggie] Ahhhh, I need
maybe like five more hours. (jazzy music) – [Ray] I have probably
twenty different types of piping tips. I use anything from Macarons,
Kit Kats, and I’ve gotten really good at making a really nice drip on the side of most of my cakes. – [Maggie] I do a little
bit of baking for fun sometimes but I’m mostly
successful in drawing. I think I have a pretty
strong chance at being good at this because of an
eye for design and color. – [Narrator] There are rules. – [Ray] No rules. – [Maggie] Rules. (happy, upbeat music) – [Ray] Ooooh. – [Maggie] What? Four? ((happy, upbeat music) (ding) – [Ray] Oooh, prom.
– [Maggie] Prom! Prom is like celebrating high
school and how great it was. – [Narrator] Go! – [Ray] I remember going
to a Midnight Rendezvous themed prom and I wanted to
incorporate that into my mini cake. – [Maggie] For my cakes,
I’m going to decorate them to look like Coke cans
because teenagers like things that look like other things. I’m definitely going to stack it up, like on top of each other, I’d kind of like it to be a cylinder. I made the first cut, I’m scared. – [Ray] Oh, you didn’t measure. – [Maggie] Huh? – [Ray] Nothing. – [Maggie] I’m supposed to measure? – [Ray] I’m measuring. I’m
measuring just because we’re making four of the same thing. – [Maggie] (hesitant laughter) (electronic jazz) The first prom that I could have gone to, I got grounded because I
was on Facebook too much and I wasn’t studying. – [Ray] I want to probably
stick to like a dirty coat, like a naked drip kind of look for this. – [Maggie] Dirty and naked. – [Ray] Pretty much. – [Maggie] (giggles) (electronic jazz) Looks pretty okay. I’ve got my tower of cakes. I’m going to roll some fondant, because fondant doesn’t taste
great but it looks good. Wait, do I need to do a crumb coat? What’s a crumb coat? – [Ray] Yes. – [Maggie] (laughs) Thanks Ray! – [Ray] Feeling like this
is messier than I thought, originally, just because
I’m not used to working with things so tiny. Overall, I think I’m on track. – [Maggie] I think it’s going pretty okay. I like how the shape’s turning out. It’s not as even as I
want it to be but I think this is going in the right direction. – [Ray] I really am not
great with fondant so I feel like I am going to just
play off of my strengths and work with icing and buttercream. I’m going to try to place
this on top of my cake now. Going to try to do this, Aha! That’s even-ish. – [Maggie] Things are
falling apart a little bit. Nothing I can’t handle but like, I’m just trying to figure it out as I go. (funky jazz music) – [Ray] That’s really
good fondant work though. – [Maggie] Thank you. – [Ray] Better than I can do. We’re being very British
right now by being nice to each other during this competition. What?
– [Maggie] What? – [Ray] Why? Nooooooo, what? – [Maggie] Oooh. Okay.
– [Ray] Okay. Yeah, you know what, I can do this. I made these little
crescent fondant things and maybe I’m just going
to have it so it rests on the gummy on top of the cake. – [Maggie] I’m sweating, So hard right now. (electric jazz) (funky electric music) We’re done. – [Ray] We did it. – [Maggie] We did it, okay. – [Ray] I think I did pretty okay. I just took what I knew and made it into a smaller cake. I feel like they’re
miniature versions of cakes that I usually would make. I think I did a pretty
good job trying to make four identical cakes. I went a little overboard
with the buttercream, in the end but overall
I’m pretty happy with it. – [Maggie] It was a learning process. I think I did okay. I did better than I feared. I think I set myself for a lot, bit off more than I can chew and I think I did chew. – [Ray] We’ll see how the judging goes. (ding) (happy music) – [Judge 1] This one, the Coke, I’m into a little more like modern. And you could always
sneak alcohol into prom in a Coke can. So yeah, I’m feeling like
this one is a little more me. – [Judge 2] I would say that
the Coke can is definitely more of an original idea, and they used the little
gummies as a soda pop opener. So, I’m going to have to
go originality here, but I’d be more excited about this cake. – [Judge 3] I like the
lettering of this one a lot. The color’s good, very iconic, beauty, good tab detail. These ones look like little wedding cakes, which I guess is kind of prom-my. This is like Instagram-y and also, I hate that I just said that. Please, don’t put that in the video. This one is much more thematically cool. – [Judge 4] I don’t know
who was drinking Coke at prom, but… Maybe their prom theme
was like “Twilight Moon”? For prom, I guess I’m picking this one. – [Judge 5] I like it when
people make cakes that look like something you shouldn’t eat. Both, very good, I think I’m
going to give it to these. These are really knock my socks off. – [Ray] I feel like we
should be holding hands like we’re at a pageant. – [Maggie] (giggles) No
matter what happens… – [Ray] We’ll still be friends! (drum roll) (kazoo) Awww, it’s a cake. Oh. – [Maggie] Ohhhhh. – [Ray] Bragging rights. – [Maggie] Yes. Congratulations. I had a lot of fun. This was like a really
fun learning experience. Good job. (Happy music) (Swish) (Squeak)

100 thoughts on “Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

  1. I click on the video wondering is it fair because obviously Ray would win he IS a cake artist and on the other side there's Maggie An ARTIST IN DRAWING so really Rays got an advantage . Just putting it out there great vid though .😀

  2. I really love Maggie's cake cause is looks more for prom but I like Ray's cake too cause it's like Moonlight and I like moonlight..

  3. I like this guy a lot more than the other chef! He actually helped her out and even though his work is a lot more professional than the last chef, he sure as hell was humble!

  4. It's really wrong to let a cake decorator vs an artist,and what is the challenge decorating a cake! of course the cake decorator will win cuz this is his life 24/7,so what will happen if both made a drawing challenge of course the artist will win

  5. Does anyone realize that Alix from the channel Tasty is one of the judges?! (Don't know if I spelled that right!)

  6. I feel like it would've been cooler if they had a sculptor instead of a traditional artist (not that she wasn't amazing, sculpting just seems more relevant).

  7. I first thought this would be easy seeing as the cakes are small, but seeing how hard it was for the cake decorator i regret my initial thoughts. I'm stressed.

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