100 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Multiplayer Beta Trailer | PS4

  1. Join CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE EUROPE ps4 community so we go country VS country friendly matches ALL DAY 50 vs 50 Upvote to support

  2. Does anyone know if there is is any footage for the SP, Or are they keeping it until a later date? Maybe they're not wanting to upset those fragile souls that'll turn away from a Mature VideoGame…

  3. Gimme a trial version of the campaign instead, played the 2v2 beta and I know everyone on CoD is still gonna play like garbage.

  4. Question to anybody that did a pre order in store pick up from GameStop like I did. So do they email us the beta code or does it come from cod itself? How do we get the code from in store pickup for GameStop??

  5. Never again I regret buying BO4 you won't see another penny from me. Skipping this one even though I like Infinity Ward as a studio

  6. It looks dope but I’m not feeling the wannabe warthogs in multiplayer, that should be a killstreak or something like a super low killstreak lol

  7. Pre-order, enjoy the beta, cancel Pre-order, wait for the MTs, enjoy telling everyone “I told you so”, least that’s what I’ll be doing. Happens every single time, this community is so predictable that it’s sad.

  8. Black Ops 2 was the last COD that I bothered to prestige in and go all the way lol. I would sell the others after about a month, but this one looks AMAZING.

  9. All this and your still going to have triplets that look the exact same on each team smh 🤦‍♂️ character customization is a must. Not default skins.

  10. Hold up, they said "preorder to get early access to the open beta" THEN IT'S NOT AN OPEN BETA YOU TOOL. The open beta is free, a closed beta is preorder/exclusive.

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