Campus Recruitment Drive: An Overview of Vee Technologies

Campus Recruitment Drive: An Overview of Vee Technologies

In 1982, we were fortunate that right in this
very room, we had Texas Instruments and Texas Instruments wanted to set up an offshore delivery
center and mind you in 1982 we did not even have computers in that sense. Our chairman
Mr. Valliappa, succeeded in getting Texas Instruments to Bangalore, to Sona Towers and
that’s how TI started. We also brought in companies like Oracle, we brought in companies
like Cisco, Verifone and a host of others. And in 1996, we made the play to go and take
over Texas Instruments facility and then converted that into Valliappa Software Technology Park.
In 99 Cigna Healthcare, which is one of the largest healthcare insurance companies in
America was looking at a partner in India to process their claims. So, with that kind
of background, experiance and infrastructure management, Vee Technologies started in 99.
We started with Cigna Healthcare like I said, and then Athena came in and started off. Today we are in multiple areas, in Bangalore
as well as in Salem. As well as globally, we have office in the U.S and people working
from 14 different cities in the U.S and we also have strong presence in Europe, the outer
space manufacturing industry between France and Germany. A total global enterprise spanning
across geographies of Asia, Europe as well as the Americas. Youngsters today have a very different way
of learning. We would like to make learning enjoyable. So, that’s what we’ve done, we’ve
built the whole learning platform in a learning management system. We’ve created gaming scenarios
and all our training is done through gamification process. So, we have three diffrent levels
of learning which is Discoverer, Explorer and Conqueror. These are games which are presented
to you in different scenarios and in different formats. The belief in Vee Technologies today
is “Learning is a journey and never a destination”. So, we always believe there’s more to learn
in life. BPOs started early 2000 and Vee Technologies
is the first few who captured this market and today we have over 1600 people working.
BPO happens to be earlier days doing simple Data Entry, attending to calls. We graduated
from BPO version 1 to BPO version 3 and today we have gone to Business Process Management.
For young graduates, it’s not monotonous job, it would be value-added, consultative and
that’s where today Vee Technologies is seen. Where we started with a humble begining, today
we consult with very large organization, they call it Fortune 500 companies in the world
with whom we we interact and provide their backend support. Oppurtunities that are available
for the BPM in India, we’ve already touched 1,20,000 crores of business in India in this
space. And right now our employment is about 10 lakh people are working in this industry
which is likely to go to 15-20 lakhs in the next 10-15 years. And definately over the
next 20 years, you will find Indian skilled knowledge workers would be extremely in demand.
So lot of young talents would be required in this industry and definitely Vee Technologies
will be using some of these resources for few of its clients. Today we are proud to
say that we do consultancy work for large companies, airlines, insurance companies,
hospitals and provider groups in the U.S and there rest of the world. Every young Indian
should be proud of the accomplishments that the community as a whole BPM industry has
brought to the country and brought lawrence to the industry in particular. And I am sure
that each one of you would strive to join companies like Vee Technologies to utilize
your skills, carry out your career aspirations to be a part of a large organization in the
growth towards building this greater industry. We work with multiple verticles. We have a
healthcare vertical, which consists of the insurance of the payor side and the doctor
of the provider segment of Healthcare. Our focus is mainly on the US Healthcare, it’s
a very huge market. We do a lot of back office work for large hospitals, medium hospitals,
large clinics, large group of providers and diffrent billing companies. Our next major
vertical is Engineering Services, where our clients are Engineering companies, Manufacturing
companies, Aircraft companies with gun cleints in Europe, the US and the Asia as well. Then
comes the next largest vertical, Logistics. Another interesting vertical that we operate
is the Media Tracking and Monitoring, hundreds of clients are using our services. Another
major verticle, Finance and Accounting services where we do payroll services, invoice processing
services, Accounts payable. Clients are spread accross Europe, US and the Asian and Australian
continents. Vee Technologies is a premium backoffice operating
company. We are a very specialized company, with the share experiance that we have got
within this industry over the last 12 years, we have processed over millions of claims
each year and focusing on our business value proposition which is Accuracy, Competency
and Team work. Accuracy, because, the importance of accuracy is very very critical for the
customer pace because we are dealing with the patients and insurance claims. Every dollar
in the claim, every detail, every aspect of the claim is very very important. And we’re
very good at this because, we follow some international standards, such as Kaizen and
Hoshin Kanri principles. When issues happen in the processing level, we not only go back
to the individual but we retain the whole team. By doing this the team gets motivated,
encouraged to do a better job the next time. How that dependability comes to the picture
is the trust factor that the customer and their Cheif Operating Officer or their CFOs
have on us. They are handling something which is close to their heart and to trust somebody
12000 miles away, and give the whole backoffice operation to them, speaks volumes by itself.
The trust factor is in-built into our DNA because the longitivity of the company, we
always believe that it’s not just a client and a vendor relationship but it’s a marriage
between two organizations. Vee Create is the Engineering division of
Vee Technologies. We support Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial design applications. Our Animation
department is supporting defense solutions, Defense departments through the CBT – Computer
based trainig. On the Aerospace sectors, we are supporting interior design and failure
rate calculations and then for the manuscript writing, technical publications for the CMM
– Component Maintenance Manual and other reports. ISO IS9100 are our quality process. None of
the engineering service companies in India has support of strong academic and research
background. We have that and we are capable of producing a strong R&D focussed results. I welcome you to this recruitement drive.
So, our moto at Vee is, any employee who comes into the orginisation has to be learning,
earning well and should be growing at all times regularly. We would like to check your
competancies for the positions that we are looking at and once you go through the selection
process, you will have multiple opportunities to go up within the organisation and grow
with us. So, anyone who is interested in joining us, would be going through a series of selection
tests, there could be written test, there could be listening skills, tests that we conduct
for voice based processes where our employees interact with our clients or any other service
providers who are involoved in the business. And employees also go through technical discussions
if they have past experiance and all these tests lead to conclusion on the fitment of
the employee for the particular position. Then, you get an offer letter from Vee Technologies
to join us. We scrutinize all your educational documents, your background. All of this is
verified as we are a healthcare organisation and give lot of importance to the data security,
so the right people have to be in this job. So, our employees get various benefits, which
would help them in taking care of their personal needs. The benefits are all the social security
contributions like employees get provident fund, which helps them in the long run as
a saving as well as also earn pension after 10 years of service. And, we also provide
the mediacl insurance cover where we have the government insurance which employees are
covered under, the employees take insurance and this is an excellent scheme from the government
which protects the entire family. Thats the employee himself, his parents, spouse, chideren,
all of them are covered. And the healthcare benefits can range upto 5 lakhs, 6 lakhs,
there is no restriction on the ESI benifits provided. Apart from that employees get mediclaim
benefits if they are not covered under ESI, where their family and childeren are covered.
If a employee is staying with the organisation as a graduatee benefit, thats provided. So,
we are an organisation which work in the interest of the employees and provide all these necessary
benefits that would make an employee’s life easy to handle from the medical requirements,
or the future fund requirements that they would have. So, apart from this, we have salaries
which is at par with the industry. And, these salaries are structured in such a way that
a preforming person gets to earn much higher as per her potential. The salary is divided
into a fixed salary and there is a salary which is linked to the performance of the
individual which keeps varying and there are lot of incentive programs that we give out
to our employees who are top performers. So, most of our employees who have been choosen
through regular selection process, about 85 to 90% of them also get into earning additional
incentive, and this incentive can be as high as almost the salary that an employee would
draw. The incentive schemes are structured in such a way that for every little thing
that you do, there’s a production based incentive, there is a consistancy based incentive, there’s
quality incentives. So, the idea behind all these plans of your salary or compensation
is to make you better and also make you earn and reward you for the good work that you
do. There are
a lot of intangible benefits that the employee could look at. So, theres lot of focus on
regular development of an employee. Your tongue has to get used to talking in
english. So lets try some tongue twisters now. if peter piper picked a peck of pickled
pepper where is the peck of pickled pepper peter piper picked.
So a lot of training is given, source development program is an extensive traing for 4 to 6
weeks depending on the the area thast you would get into. What is PPO? Preferred Provider Organisation.
Ok. Now, who is this PCP? Ok, hes the Primary Care Physicain, the person the patient sees
for any type of a treatment. So, the PCP has to refer the patient to a specialist. So,
when he chooses an HMO plan, he has to choose who is gonna be his PCP. Ok, now, for HMO,
patient has only in-network benefits, no out of network benefits. If he has an HMO plan
and if he sees in-network doctors, hospitals, in that case, his reimbursement will be 100%
ok. If a patient goes to out of network what happens? There is no out of network benefits,
in that case the bill will not be paid. So, employees performance is monitered on
a weekly, monthly basis. There are a lot of feedbacks given to the employee by the quality
team by the leaders, based on which the employee gets an opputunity to look at the areas of
improvement and work on them, on their own. There are self paced learning that we do,
where the employee learns on his own at his own pace and becomes better. This is one of
the ways of making an employee grow in the organisation. in addition to this, we do lot
of regular training programs on the floor, off the floor, there will be in house trainers
who would be trainig our employees and educating them on how the business works from the next
level roles. So, it is good as attending any kind of management programs, all the management
lessons are regularly taken at our facility where our trainers train our employees on
business skills, client management several factors. So, this advances you from a trainee
to futher level where you can continuously keep improving and futher grow with the organisation.
This happening to break the monotony in the work, so employees are always welcome to participate
in these events. There are fun fridays, there are monthly celebrations, we celebrate all
the national festivals, so always there is fun and activity going on, so, its a live
environment that the employee is working in. It’s not just you come and sit in your desk,
do your job and get back. So, it more like a family environment I could say. We have
various sports activities happening at our facility like in our salem facility we have
volley ball court, people can play cricket over there, our college where people go and
play other games, indoor games, then we also have swimming pools which our employees use.
Theres college library that is available to the employees for improving their knowledge
regularly. So, all these additional facilities are being available to an employee of Vee.
There are daily recognitions that happen, theres weekly recognition, monthly best performer
awards, best team awards are given out, monthly birthday celebration that happens where all
the performers are recognised, the best things done by the employees are talked about in
this forums. So, theres annual celebrations that happen, team outings are conducted once
in a year, theres an outing for the entire organisation. So, these are some of the employee
related events that are conducted. And there’s lot of emphysis lied on internal growth of
an employees, within a year or year and a half, if you have the skills to grasp the
domain properly and you demonstrate the flexibility in the leadership ability, you could apply
for internal promotion. Right from an associate to a general manager to a vice president,
people have from within and we believe in our people. So, if you are looking at Vee,
you are an important asset for us, and it is our duty to sharpen your skills and make
you better and help you grow. Because, both of us grow together, it can not be one way.
We are planning to grow from a current size of 1500 plus employees to 4000 plus in about
12 months to 15 months. We always believe that we want grow our existing
employees, we search our leaders, we mentor our managers to become the biggest leaders
in this industry. So, we don’t explore from outside, but want to explore inside, so we
give them opportunities for the people who had been with us, who had laid the foundation.
If you want to join the A team, it’s an opportunity accross different wings whether you are a
voice skill expert or you have a very good analytical or if you are a life sense graduate,
you will really want to explore the US healthcare market. It’s there a opportunity that we have
for the different flavours of the peolple and diffrent skill set of the people. Me,
I joined like 5 years back, as a manager and I got promoted as a senior manager, now I
am an AGM, clients service. I started as a processor, after 10 or 12 years,
I am leading a vertical. So, with all these 12 years, I have grown from step to step and
I have grown in my career. And one of the exiting things is that for the past 6, 7 years,
every year I am in the US for 3 to 6 months. I am working as an assistent manager and taking
care of insurance process. I have in this company in the year 2004. Since then, I have
handled many roles like team leader and production coordinator. At work, and hard work never goes unnoticed
at Vee, which directly relates to career and incentives. My journey with Vee began at 2001,
and since then, I’ve grown over years. I joined as a process associate, and currently I am
leading the insurance vertical in bangalore. Vee Technologies has been the perfect career
launch pad. I started as an associate trainee. Through all these years, I moved to team lead,
production coordinator, assistent manager, and now manager operations. I have managed
finance and logistics operations. We are global services company, one of the
fastest growing in the entire industry, where we are well reknownened for our quality, our
focus on excellence and are trademarked same which is accuracy, competancy, team work.
The feedback that we get from most of our employees is tha Wow, that is a tremendous
company and I just enjoy being here and I grow, I grow every day. We have all kinds
of creative kinds of training, we do it with games, we try to make it fun, but what ever
we do, we try to be the very best in the industry and the results show us. We ask the client
the other day, you know we want another large deal, and by the way these were against more
time billion dollar companies that all the resources you can imagine and we win against
them. And why do we win? And they came back and they said it’s your people and it’s not
just that the commitment, though they acheived service levels that are extraordinary, it’s
their heart, it’s their focus and their loyalty here. He is that we’re not going to just have
jobs here, we are gonna watch your career, we would want you to grow and whether it’s
in India or any other place, we want you to feel, with each year I’m not only a better
business person, I’m not only giving back to my local community, I’m a better person
and I’m giving back to the world. It’s the teamwork between India, the USA and all others
around the world that makes the difference. Now, it won’t be easy, it will be a difficult
role because, we expect excellence, we would want everything you have got to bring, we
expect that and we will look for that. If you do that, I promise you a flourishing career,
a lot of fun and grow and at the end of the day, you’ll say wow, that job I did well,
and now I contributed not only here, but around the world, thank you Vee Technologies. Well,
before that in the advance thank you for considering Vee Technologies, I wish you much luck and
look forward to meet you in the near future.

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