*Intro* Welcome back everybody for another daily dose of your MSG. I am mister spicy and today We are back with Subnautica in creative mode, not to build but to look at The best way or the best approach to turning your cyclops into a complete Totally sustainable Mobile base, so let’s take a look at how I’ve got everything set up inside Okay, so welcome aboard the Cyclops as you can see I’ve already filled out all of my storage down in the lower section, uh this is exactly what I’ve done in my survival mode game however. I’ve added a fabricator in here. now, I wanted to put the fabricator right here But in a recent update apparently they changed something with this where you can’t place it there you can for some reason place it on the lower section of The uh ladder, but you can’t place the fabricator nor can you place a wall locker here anymore, and if you’ve been watching my survival series, you know that I happen to have a wall locker there, so in order to keep that Accessible I try placing all around didn’t work, so I decide just to place it in here where when you walk in you’re looking Right at it, and of course being that most of your storage capacity is right here when you climb in from doing some harvesting outside you’re right here next to your storage and a Fabricator you can just run over here and dump it you don’t have to climb up the ladder to do that so this takes care of one of your big needs for The Cyclops to be a completely mobile sustainable base solution And that is to have a lot of storage. now I recommend if you have not watched it watch my previous video on how to build an efficient base because despite how much you Set up the Cyclops board you will occasionally have to have some kind of outpost to stop for recharging your power cells so I recommend having at least a set of uh… Your storage lockers be set aside just for supplies to build a temporary base location, so you have a place to recharge Also, you will not be able to build a vehicle modification station within the Cyclops So you will have to have a temporary solution to build a moon pool with a vehicle modification station so you can actually make certain upgrades for it as well, for your Cyclop or a for the Prawn suit and Seamoth whichever one you want carry, I tend to recommend carrying the prawn suit because The Seamoth is great for getting around from one base to another one but if you’re going to use this as a mobile base your prawn suit is going to be the main thing you use because you will be able to go down super deep to the Inactive Lava Zone and active Lava Zone with it, but you can’t do that with a seamoth. now, You can see I’ve got some Lockers in here. I’ve also added Lockers back here now, You can do that If you want more storage it all depends on how much storage capacity you think you will need. Unfortunately, you cannot place lockers up here because of the pipes But you can place them too high on this side Though the alignment is a little weird you can see in some of these I have them actually overlapped together and up here It won’t let you do that So there’s something glitchy going on with the alignment here in this current version So I don’t know how soon they’ll get fits that may change, but you could still build here, and it’s perfectly fine I don’t recommend building here, and let me show you why if you build in the actual bay where you can dock your seamoth and uh prawn suit You will see that these uh… lockers actually show through it’s not a Glitch like they have right now where you can be inside the Cyclops and see all the lockers in the bays, it’s actually a glitch where the Lockers are kind of sticking out a little bit, and I don’t think they are going to fix that glitch because of the way Those walls are treated. This is not just a Solid wall like this part here. This is the bay that opens up so these open out Which is why I doubt they’ll ever change it to fits that problem because that would mean changing This wall type or you know the entity type of this and that could cause problems So I don’t see that happen and moving on to the upstairs. I haven’t done much in here now You know right now, You’ve got benches and beds or mostly decorations They did add the option to use a bed to sleep and turn it from daytime to nighttime *nighttime to daytime* so you can do that though I don’t see that being something you want to try squeezing up here because you do need to be able to Get around a little bit, but you can build a modification station, and I feel like this was a as good a spot as any uh… You can also build plenty of wall lockers up in this area too, so if you want to have wall lockers set aside specifically for certain things or if you want to do like this and build uh… Standing lockers, you can for more storage up here Maybe if you just want to use it as a place to keep all your medical kits right here, uh… or keep uh… Food maybe Gather a large number of Bladder fish to keep in stock pile. Now, I do have One indoor grill bled uh grow bed and two of the little circular planters I normally would have these completely full but for some reason when I filled this up with marble melons everything started stuttering like That! the framerate dropped drastically I don’t know if it’s something to do with the placement of This plant bed this grow bed here or if it’s something to do with the fact that I have done a lot of terrain modification in this creative mode game So I don’t know what that is that caused that but it doesn’t bother me in survival mode Though if you’re doing this for survival mode you should be fine Though again, just be cautious it, It seems is only do it for this It doesn’t seem to do it with these but basically I would recommend for optimal food production you stick with the main food crop of Marblemelons that provides you food and water uh… as you know and they’re easy to take care of you can just sit there and have this whole thing loaded up with 16 and When you eat three that should get you pretty much full on your food and water meters from wherever you are and then you can use your knife to pop open the fourth one and Then you get for seeds to replant so you could do sixteen Or if you want to change it you could forego these planters, and do maybe one bulbo tree and one Chinese potato plant and then do sixteen or eight of the marbled melons on the rest of the spots though I prefer to have a large number of marble melons just in case and then use these for the bulb oh trees and Chinese potato plants now of course to be a mobile base to be completely sustainable and use-aful *useful* uh… you need to have a communications relay so you can get all of your uh… Coordinates that you’re going to be investigating of course you need medical fabricator. So you can have one or two of those depends on how often you’re getting hurt. uh… You can also add a power cell charger and a battery charger, now, this will drain your power Faster than just moving around so I recommend if you’re going to try to take the Cyclops as a complete mobile based Solution and not have to actually have a base you go back to on a regular basis fill it up uh… with storage for power cells and batteries. And you can see I’ve got two of the freestanding that lockers here If I fill both of these up with batteries and power cells, I’d be pretty good to go for a while. now, you could use this really to charge batteries right now as a The posting of this video you can use the power cell charger to charge two power cells and the physics of it is off and that you could actually charge two power cells from empty to full and it will not even Completely drain the active power cell if you want to do this go ahead, I don’t say to trust it because at some point I’m sure it will be fixed where if you try to charge to power cells here It will drain to power cells completely in the back So this is the reason why you will need some kind of temporary base solution that you can build quickly Use to recharge a whole group of power cells, and then just tear it right back down and take it with you again uh… You can see I’ve added a whole bunch more lockers up here. This can be adjustable however you want you can always do decorations That’s kind of why I left this wall open because if you want to you can put decorations up uh… most of the interior stuff will work You can even have a where. I am if you want though It’s not really going to help the aquarium’s do not allow fish to Reproduce only the alien containments will. so the aquarium is just for looks and Transporting fish But let’s be honest if you’re gonna transport fish This will give you a lot more storage capacity than an aquarium, and it takes up a lot less room I’m also a big fan of using the wall walkers as opposed to trying to fit in the uh… Freestanding lockers because they’re a bit more versatile in this situation, and each one has its own label on it You can readily label them especially Downstairs to label it for say these two are titanium these two are you know mag uh… magnetite whatever uh… Right now you can see I have ion power cells which I recommend as soon as you can get those to fill your uh… capacity with Ion power cells because they get as as Opposed to normal power cells being a total power charge of 200 these get five times as much at 1,000 so this at normal power cells full capacity would be 1200, with Ion Power cells it is six thousand, so this will carry you a lot further I also have a tendency like placing at least one wall lockard out back here cheerilee up above the doorway That’s out of the way it’s for the spare upgrades like “here, I don’t need that anymore.” So I’ve got it up here You know uh… if I had the fire suppression system I didn’t think I would need it for a while Then I could put it there and I recommend for your upgrades Of course you’re going to need your Hull module so you can get your depth uh… I’m going to recommend always using the efficiency module so you’ll get more uh… duration out of your power which is gonna be critical if you plan to use this as a mobile base solution instead of having a permanent base that you keep going back to. and uh! I don’t use it a lot so far in survival, but you use the shield generator I find it more useful than sonar But if you really want to you can always use sonar, and of course I’ve got the thermal reactor equipped right now This is something I could readily unequipped you know and put up here when I’m not in a high temperature environment but say I’ve take this down to the inactive Lava Zone Depart for a little bit and take the Cyclops *Prawn Suit* out and do some uh… Working and mining you know looking around I could put that in and let it charge The power cells back there from it and at the same time probably be able to use some charging up here, Or do like I said build a temporary base to charge everything, but that is My approach, and my kind of you know just quick setup on how to make the Cyclops a completely mobile base where you may have to build a temporary solution for charging your power cells uh… Building a you know moon pool and vehicle modification station to be able to do certain upgrades for other devices But for most part this setup you can go wherever you want in the game, and you won’t have a problem you’ll have all of your storage you’ll have your food production You’ll have power which is in the essence this case just your power cells and batteries So you want to have a large stockpile of those uh… But you know you’ve got all your needs right here The same way is if you had to build a base and in this case It’s completely mobile! Just don’t you know run up and try to take on uh… Leviathan Head-on, so it destroys your Cyclops because there goes your base there goes all your supplies there goes everything bye bye But that’s it for today’s episode, if you liked the video be sure you hit that like button, also make sure you hit subscribe, And you tick the notification bell, and be uh… updated during the week when I post, also be sure to leave a comment Let me know what you liked about the video what you didn’t like if you got any Suggestions of your own for the way to layout the cyclops to make it a mobile base I would love to hear them and talk with you about them You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything during the week and interact with me there. and as always Thanks for watching I’m your host Mr. Spicy and I will see you guys next time. *Outro*

100 thoughts on “CAN THE CYCLOPS WORK AS A COMPLETE MOBILE BASE? – Subnautica Tips & Tricks

  1. Personally I think the cyclops as a mobile base is terrible value. It takes ages to get it down to the lower zones and you have to build a recharge base anyway until you get kyanite. It's better to just leave it above ground and go and build a quick base in the lower zones.

  2. Planters are definitely better than growbeds. You can fit more plants in the same amount space. Plus, planters look much better.

  3. You just covered the cyclops built in storage with crazy lockers. And also if you put fish in a locker they will die so there’s fish tanks for a reason. 9:18 we found out at beginning

  4. To any new players looking to do this. proceed with caution, leviathans can destroy your cyclops, and then all you’re items will be gone

  5. To reload your power cells you can use the thermal prawn suite and take its full powercells replacing them by empty ones, it will recharge efficiently if you are near thermal plants or in the inactiv/activ lava zone

  6. Can confirm in 2019 that the planting bed full of melons destroyes your framerate, it also causes odd bugs such as seeing the water level through the roof of your cyclops if you are on the surface.

  7. This would be a gret guide if my game didn't crash whenever I take out my habitat builder in the cyclops. I am limited b the cyclops storage and no fabricator ect. It sucks but it's fine.

  8. Thanks for the advise! But I would put the coffee maker and vending machine because of infanite food and water, and WHERES THE KEEP CALM KITTY POSTER!?!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Lol having all your important stuff in a thing that can be destroyed…would be a shame if a spooky boi would come along and destroy it…

  10. Actially the lantern fruit tree and there is a tree that produces lots of water that would be beter to use than the melons

  11. so you cant place it on the wall but can on the ladder well that makes sense doesn't it….. I always put a radio on the right side of the window frame on the sub so its easy to accept new distress calls

  12. do you even need that much locker space, without the never-ending demand of Titanium for your base?

  13. How much of each resource do you usually carry? That's a lot of storage. Also what are the best upgrades to protect your cyclops? every time I go out I'm always stopping to fix it it's getting attacked all the time. With everything in yours you definitely don't want to lose your cyclops

  14. 2:08 thinknoodles did that. He put the chargers in the cyclops and it worked fine. It was final update too. And ion power cells.

  15. Chuck a few vending machines and coffee machines for sustainable food and water. You can use Nuclear cells to power it.

  16. a bit late to the thread but thought I'd point out a few things. first you can place things much more densely than that, I have four lockers, radio, batt charger, trash, mod station, and more just up in the front section. Second, the best source of food and water is bulbo trees, just a row of three pots will keep you permanently fed and watered. (tho you may want 4) I have a base with a huge peeper aquarium (5 level) and water filter and that keeps my cyclops lockers stoked with salted peepers and bottled water for prawn excursions, so I have no need to keep live fish onboard. You can also place 6 lockers up front beside your fabricator, and four pots for edible flora variety at the VERY rear of the ship on the upper level. (to keep melons, taters, bulbo, and lantern) Thanks for the idea on where to place the bed, that works well. Another good suggestion is to keep a full set of fully charged ion cells handy "just in case".

  17. You don't need 90% of this powergaming jazz. It's a total waste of time and effort for this game. You never need that much material, so why bother with all those l lockers. And by the time you get Ion power cells you're about an hour from finishing the game, so why even bother?

  18. You really don’t need the base if you use the cyclops thermal energy generator cause you just need to be in the active lava zone.

  19. This is pretty much what I did with my cyclops in both my play throughs of the game. It makes it so much better to have all your resources in one central place you can take with you. I put lockers on the other side too for mostly fauna/flora stuff.

  20. The need for battery chargers and power cell chargers disappear s once u get charge fins and thermal charge upgrades for cyclops and prawn, as well as ion batteries and power cells (double power cap). I wonder how the game would be if tools still broke from hitting things with em (knife broke after 100 hits and there was the choice of the higer damage thermal blade or the 200 hit hardened blade). Also i noticed cyclops now has 6 upgrade slots instead of just 4

  21. That would be pretty cool in the cyclops its looks like the company that created the cyclops lockers

  22. Man i was really hopeimg there was a what the first base you start out with has a way to store power with solar panels

  23. Note you CAN get infinite power on your cyclops. For each Efficiency mod you make things cost less. So instead of costing you 200 to charge a powercell of 200, you can make it 180, at a 10% discount. The effect stacks however it means you have to constantly cycle the cells, due to your only getting the discounted % back as returns

  24. Anyone notice you can take 2 x 0% drained batteries add silicon rubber and combine them into a fully charged Power cell?

  25. I built 6 extra power cells so when the cyclops dies I’ll switch out the cells and when I return I charge the cells back up

  26. I don't really use the cyclops to be a base , I just use it to do expatiations like to get some fish or ores (With prawn suit stored inside cyclops) Its useful if you have a bed (Tip when you sleep turn off ALL the lights so when you wake up you can start with no power wasted (Very Little) )

  27. you have given me an idea to live in a cyclops and pretty much nearly have all features of a base.And while I was doing the building of the cyclops a reaper just came all the way from the rocket or somewhere else and grabbed my seamoth and destroyed it…………………..

  28. I used my cyclops as my base the whole time I played, it worked great i only had bases set up around for power but then I took them apart because I didnt need them anymore.
    Its so nice when you are in a dangerous area but you are in your base 🙂

  29. One time i was looking for the lava guy (trying not to spoil) to scan him. I was strolling my cyclops around down there and i see it. He started attacking my cyclops and I shot a stasis rifle into my cyclops wall which stretched outside and caught him, i went out and shot him some more and finished the scan :>

    If you want to see a game clip i recorded on xbox one of me escaping i do have it lol, at one point i am running back to put out a fire and you see him through the wall xD

  30. I will give you 65% credit for the cyclops I will build later. Why not more? Because I am going to change stuff such as bottom lockers for long term storage, no entrance fabricator and more fire extinguishers. Why? Click the…

    Cyclops plan to get to destinations quickly:
    Go flank speed all the way (probably the easiest plan to backfire in the game)
    Backup A: Have an engine fire suppression module and turn it on.
    Backup B: Grab the extinguishers!

  31. A few thing to try:
    Add windows
    Have a static base to come back to, but they are both equal in love
    Add rooms (I haven't tried any of this yet)
    Carry the seamoth because if anything happens you can head back to your static base
    In your static base, have 2 moonpools, 1 for seamoth, 1 for prawn
    Add more med-kid fabricators. I recommend at least six
    Finally, have the shield if you're in survival to reduce the chance of losing everything

    (If any of this doesn't work, let me know. It's like 6 in the morning and I'm about to get out of bed to play subnautica ((Yes I'm one of those guys who watches YouTube before a coffee))).

  32. I used wall planters instead of the grow bed. I can have more per wall in that area (which I don't really need), and end up with more floor space and doesn't lag me out as bad.

  33. Wait… This isn't normal? I went through the entirety of the game compleatly blind and did pretty much this but only with one row of storage lockers on the left lol.

    My cyclops was my mobile base and didn't even need one to stop and recharge because of the fact that I had the thermal generator upgrade

  34. I would also add a medical kit right next to the hatch for quick health kit but that’s not really Necessary.

  35. It was fixed by release , never use oower cell chargers on a cyclops its energy efficiency is bad enough

  36. Is the cyclops thermal reactor still in the game? The Prawn Suit has one, but I've never seen one displayed for the cyclops' upgrades?

  37. I just have a couple lockers dedicated to a hatch multipurpose room power cell charger bio reactor a grow bed and a few gel sacks

  38. I also get a lot of Frame problems when playing on survival, I have like 3 cyclops and like other 6 of the rest vehicles and also my base it's quite big I have like 3-5 Bases

  39. They ought to let us build reactors on the Cyclops. Can you imagine a nuclear or bio reactor? The Aurora has a nuclear reactor. I know it cause I saw myself fixing it! It also has that GIANT BATTERY room. Poor humans….. don't know anything about ION power!

  40. Heads up about storing fish:
    If you leave them in a locker too long, they die. If you store them in an aquarium, they won't. That's the single advantage an aquarium has over a locker.

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