Can You Still Make It As A Graphic Designer?!

Can You Still Make It As A Graphic Designer?!

– Can you still make it
as a graphic designer? I don’t know, can you? Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of helping you create
something awesome today. So today I want to have a
quick conversation about whether you can still make
it as a graphic designer. I know there are a lot of people that feel a sense of anxiety
because of the freelance, AKA gig economy, and things like Fiverr and Upwork and 99designs,
and all the people who do spec work, and
there are all these reasons that people have to say that
it’s either more difficult or harder to be a graphic
designer than ever, and I disagree with some of that. I understand where people are coming from. I understand their
anxiety, but I think that there’s a bigger picture
that’s being ignored. First of all, I have to say this. It has literally never been a better time to be a creative person,
period, end of story. That’s it. It’s never been a better time. Multiple reasons why. Creativity, despite rhetoric
and things on social media, is more respected than it’s ever been. This is reflected in the fact
that in terms of the market, more graphic designers are being hired, more people are graduating from
degrees in creative services professions than ever before, recruitment for those fields is up, and the demand in the marketplace
has never been higher, because creative
professionals do everything that sells, everything that matters. The logo on the camera
that I’m recording on and every other piece of
hardware and equipment and every book on this bookshelf, graphic designers had to be
hired and deployed to do that. The packaging for all of
it, graphic designers. The websites that sell it,
web designers, web developers, the ads that then convince
and sucker me into buying it, had to be done by advertising
people, marketers, copywriters, designers,
digital illustrators, vector illustrators, et cetera,
et cetera, into infinity. We’ve also never lived in a
greater age of entrepreneurship, and while a lot of people’s
counterpunch to all of that is that our industry, creative
services, graphic design, web design, marketing, all of these things are so heavily saturated, I’m
gonna let you in on a secret. There are currently 7.5
billion people on the planet and that number is not going down. So guess what? Everything is saturated,
there’s 7.5 billion people in the world, I guess you’ll
never be able to compete in that marketplace and
find one human being to marry, or to live with, or to date, so I guess you might as
well give up, forever alone. Like real talk, I think
it’s the same thing with anybody in any industry
that is talking about saturation and all the
reasons they can’t win, when there’s literally for the most part if you are a technician, if
you’re a creative person, if you are of any type
of skilled labor service, things are great for you right now. If you don’t have a skilled labor job, and you can be replaced
by robots or automation, things are very, I think the issue is the competitive landscape
regarding the traditional nine to five employment that
everyone seeks for stability, at least initially in their
career and in their life, and I understand that, and that’s fine, but I also think people aren’t
positioning well for that because they’re taking advice
that is a decade outdated. It’s no longer enough to
just have a portfolio, and I don’t think the answer
is just social media leverage ’cause I think that’s what
everyone expects me to say, or I don’t think the answer
is make a YouTube channel. The thing that I talk to
actual designers about that they’re not doing,
is they’re not identifying the target market of the
person they want to hire them. They’re not looking at who is the person that I want to hire me, and
also what is the target market that they sell to, and then
how much of my portfolio represents that, because you
see, I’m not just someone who has been a graphic
designer in corporate America, has been a freelancer,
et cetera, et cetera, worked at an agency. I am now a creative entrepreneur
with multiple ventures and a substantial personal brand, and I’ve scaled it to the point
to where I hire freelancers, so I’m now an employer, I’m someone who’s in the hiring chair, and I have to hire
people to do stuff for me pretty regularly now, and I’m
trying to do even more of that because being a solo
entrepreneur is really hard, and there are a lot of people like me, and we’re looking to
hire people all the time. And the problem is that
too often, we find people, we look at their portfolio,
and there may not be enough that suggests that they do
the thing that we need done. There’s not enough depth to it. There’s not enough depth
to their portfolio, and there’s not a specific
segment of their portfolio, whether it’s online or a PDF, that specifically appeals
to this is exactly what I need done or this
is the type of market that I’m catering to,
and that sayx, oh great, you can do that for me. There’s just not enough of that there. And part of it is because
the advice that people get is you should have 10 to 12 pieces
of work in your portfolio. That doesn’t impress me, and it’s not about impressing me. The reason it doesn’t impress me is, if you have 10 to 12 pieces
of work in your portfolio, and out of that 10, one or
two of them are what I need, and someone else has 30
pieces in their portfolio and six or seven of those
things are what I need, guess who I hired. It’s not someone who
had the most impressive overall portfolio, it’s
someone who has a greater depth or demonstrates a greater
depth in experience in exactly what I need to pay for to relieve my pain and anxiety, or to sell to my target
market, to sell to my customer, to sell to my client,
to sell to my audience. You’re not showing me that you can deliver on my specific need. So I think that the reason
that a lot of graphic designers aren’t successful or are
worried about the marketplace, or are saying that they
haven’t been employed in six months or a year
or what have you is, they’re not positioned to be hireable, because all they have is a good portfolio that either is too
niche-specific in a place where there may not be a
demand among the people they’re showing their portfolio to, which means they’re
targeting the wrong employer or they’re targeting the wrong client, and demonstrating the not
appropriate work to that market, or to their buying audience et cetera, their customer avatar. Marketing terms. That’s the real issue. And then the other issue is
that even if they’re showing a great portfolio, it
may not have enough depth in the right area, or
it may not be presented in an interview that, hey
there’s more of this type of work on my website, or I can email it to you, or the research wasn’t done in advance, this is a biggie, the research
is not done in advance, on what the employer actually wants, and then you don’t have enough
backfill in your portfolio to then tailor your
portfolio to the interview with that specific employer. I mean imagine that you’re going
out on a date with someone, and you are not making them
aware of what restaurant you go to, but you want to surprise them, but you didn’t bother
to find out if they have certain allergies or
certain dietary concerns. What you felt would be,
oh this is a nice surprise and I can wing it and be charismatic, turns into a disaster because
of a lack of preparation and a lack of thought for the other person because you were trying to be impressive and you were trying to be fancy. Well, with your portfolio,
if you go into an interview saying, well this is my best
work and it’s all great, but there’s nothing there that speaks to the needs of the client,
it shows a lack of empathy and it shows that you
weren’t prepared for this and that you didn’t
bother to research them of find out anything
about them and understand, it shows a lack of care. So when people are saying the
can’t make it as a designer, or the market’s too saturated, it’s like, you only have to win with the
person that you’re in front of in the given moment,
and if you’re trying to use a blanket generic thing to do that instead of getting specific,
if you’re trying to be scatter shot instead of being
precise, that’s the problem. The micro is the deal, it’s
that people are opting out of specificity when micro is
really where the sweet spot is and what matters emotionally, in context, and in terms of practicality. Micro matters. It absolutely does. When you are willing on the surface to not necessarily look
as good broad scale, to be specifically in the moment with the individual needs of someone, it matters to them when
you deliver on that, meaning that if you
don’t have a generalist, quote unquote, portolio that you’re using every single time that is amazing, and even if, when you’re
getting very specific, you have to use work that you have that is a seven out of 10
instead of a nine out of 10, because the work that you
have, that’s a seven out of 10 is exactly what the
client or employer needs, and your stuff that’s a nine
out of 10 or a 10 out of 10 is not what they need at all, you’re better off showing
them as many pieces that are six or seven out of 10 that are exactly what they need, instead
of trying to dazzle them with the stuff that’s a nine
out of 10 or a 10 out of 10, and then convince them
that you can deliver on the other thing. It’s thus the truth. You have to be more about
them than about yourself. If you can do that, then
you have a better chance of being successful, you can
in fact make it as a designer. The other thing is you
have to decide what it is that you want to work on. If you’re trying to be a graphic designer and do something for which you think, like, you’ll make more
money, then the odds are you won’t do that as well
as trying to figure out how to make the thing
that you do very well, that you care the most
about as a designer, work, and figure out how to win there, how to win in that marketplace, how to win with those
companies, those employers. Otherwise you’re gonna burn out and you’re gonna be miserable. I know. Corporate killed me. Corporate killed my creativity. Corporate literally had me figuring out how I was going to jump out of a window. Not even joking this time. So, I would suggest that you find a way to make the thing you’re passionate about as a creative practical,
instead of trying to give in to the narrative mostly
probably dictated by friends and family and parents and so on, of go where the money is. No, go where your instincts win. Go where your gut wins. Go where you feel it’s
the right cultural context of a company culture that matters and would make sense to
you, where you’re happy to show up every day, and then figure out how to extract every dollar
out of that situation that is possible. That’s how you’re going to win. That’s how you’re gonna make
it as a graphic designer. Figure out how to win at what you love and what you’re good at, instead of trying to excuse doing something
that makes you the most money, that you can quote unquote, be okay with. So, question of the day. Do you feel like you can make
it as a graphic designer? Do you feel like it really is
a matter of precise execution, knowing what market you can serve best, that you’re happy to show up to, or do you really honestly believe that you just have no chance
because of oversaturation in the marketplace and because
of crowd sourcing platforms and freelancing platforms
and the global economy, do you really feel that
it’s that soul-crushing that there’s just no chance
for someone like you, or do you feel that it’s more like you haven’t figured out
the nuance of that yet? We’d love some feedback in the comments. I’m also gonna run a poll up here, so you can vote if you want to. I’d love to get that data,
I’d love to actually do a followup video to
this using your comments and using that poll. So, make sure you’re hitting those up. Like this video if you like
it, don’t forget to subscribe, check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so very much for watching, and don’t forget. Go out there and create
something awesome today. Never been a better time. Take care. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Can You Still Make It As A Graphic Designer?!

  1. Hey roberto, Have been watching your videos for about a month now. I have dealt with issues regarding things like passion and hobby's for a good 18 years so I had lost my creative touch.. the craftsman in me has been starting to come back out. Is it too late for me to get into being a creative professional? I just feel like I am so far behind everyone else my age..

  2. @RobertoBlake Thank you.
    Now I can see clearly why I'm having problems getting my first job has a graphic designer. The problem is that I've been putting my best work overall on it and not on what the companies needed! There is also a big problem. Most of the companies that I went to ask for job, most of them would reply that they had theirs teams completed and that they weren't looking for anybody else.
    Unfortunately most of my work has a graphic designer are academic and are a few.
    Would it be an great ideia to create a logo for my local gym and enhance some of my other work to get more value in the graphic design bussiness?

    P.S- Would you mind to share with me your opinion about my portfolio? I could send it to you for evaluation. I really want to grow even more has a graphic designer.

  3. hey Roberto I'm a senior in high school who wants to be a visual artist (graduating in 3 weeks🙌🙌) n I'm not planning on going to college. i wanna start my own art business but I don't know who my market is. I really just want to do art for the rest of my life and I'm having trouble figuring out a business strategy, I recently started my YouTube and started going steady on Instagram as well. is there a specific market I should be focused on or should I just focus on building an online audience

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  6. To be honest, the competition is very high for low skilled designers. As blunt as that is. It's the truth. Yes it's the best time to be a creative, hands down. There is a surplus of low skilled designers who are pixel pushers. This is your Fivver and so on. The designers who understand their craft and focus on their strengths are the ones who make it. Roberto is an awesome speaker and thinker. He doubled down on that and look at where he is. I'm an illustrator and designer, but my focus is Illustration. That's where I'm successful, that's where I know I can separate myself from the pack. I always tell young designers focus on your craft and try and find your best attributes. Then expands them. There are a million designers who can do production work. So why not be a designer who can also do photography very well or you're a great illustrator, add that into your work. That will add depth and show you're a talented designer.

  7. Graphic designers have been around since advertising and signage was invented. Even if you look at biblical texts, they still required a designer in some element… So graphic designers will still be around up until the sun engulfs us all. It will evolve no doubt, but it will always exist in some fashion.

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    I believe that I can still make it as a graphic designer because it's something I am very passionate about and I think it can lead me somewhere worthwhile and to a work atmosphere where I can express my creative freedom while still listening to my bosses and clients. Just because I have recently earned my Bachelor's in that particular field does not mean I have stopped learning about graphic design in general.

    Roberto, I was initially skeptical of the video but I have to give you credit where it's due.

  25. I believe anyone with the proper mixture of skill, usage of social/marketing, and patience, can thrive in the art market. But, like a tripod, if any one of those three legs are weak, you will fall.

  26. This really hit home with me this morning. Ive been doing graphic design full time running my own business since 2005. I never sat back and thought about some of the things you mentioned. Thank you. I appreciate your incite and recommendations. I will be using them in real life starting today. #salute

  27. Think my biggest problems are that I am having trouble even finding clients, simple but major issues in the limited size of my personal network. Also, the fact that I'm a generalist, my best work tends to be with signage and logos, but my online portfolio and e-store (like my resume) is kind of all over the place (Links/Shameless plug, below). Going to need to get myself better organized.

  28. From my experience is if you're in the middle of no where like I am, you are very limited in opportunities from both corporate and freelance. The Company I work for now pays 10grand below the state average for my job, has tighten their budget, and expect us to have control in a no control situation. It's currently hell for me atm.

    But I love my home town. A lot. To the point I may just quit, start up a business and do freelance on the side to support the main business I want to pursue. I want to and will continue to do graphic design, but Corporate life can suck your soul.

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  31. Great points Roberto. I find the depth thing can be a problem for a lot of people, me included. I've been professionally designing and developing for almost 5 years and still find it hard to present that depth to people. Although I would rather not appear skilled at first sight and then tear it up and blow them away rather than look great on the surface and not be able to pull off the job at a 100% level.

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  38. I just came out of a portfolio review and came out feeling pretty crappy but this totally changed my outlook because if the reviewers didn't see what they were looking for in my portfolio they didn't seem to connect. This makes sense! I'm already thinking of ways to tweak my portfolio (maybe even have different ones)!

  39. Good video. Yes, there is always room for good design / designers. You've highlighted some very good points. I think at the end of the day, it boils down to skills, sharing what you have to offer with the market tailored to your skills and getting out and finding those prospects regularly.

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    The challenge today is to stand out. But it's not as hard to stand out as many people think if they make some effort to do so. If you have a well-designed resume, online portfolio that's easy to navigate, and follow instructions when applying for jobs, you're already ahead of most of the other applicants.

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  52. Great advice. I was having some of the same thoughts recently after an interview, where I think I made a good overall impression with my portfolio and skillset, but they hired someone else, while saying they would certainly consider hiring me in the future if the right position came up. Looking back I feel that for that particular job, I would have been better suited to have more pieces in the illustration section of my portfolio. I show a wide scope of work, but they really just needed someone with illustration chops, and someone with an illustration heavy, or illustration only portfolio would look much better to them.

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  54. Roberto, first off, thanks so much for your advice. I'm an appreciative subscriber. However, I'm confused by the advice given here and the advice from a February video in which you say not to be a specialist (How to Become a Graphic Designer 2017). You claim that being a generalist with diversity in your skills, but also having a specialty, is more valuable than just being a pure specialist. You also state that the employment market is more competitive than ever. How does that relate to what you say here that it's easily the best time to get into the field but that you need to heavily specialize your portfolio? I'm struggling in a competitive market that has such a broad range of skill requirements that it feels like an intense game of whack-a-mole. I don't know what skills to sharpen and my ambition gets muddled, so some elaboration on your advice would be appreciated. Thanks again for your videos.

  55. thank you so much for sharing this! it was extremely helpful for me as a future graphic design student. i absolutely agree that as a designer you need to do a research first and than do your best to create what the client wants. client does not care about how many things you can do or what fancy programs you use. what client wants is to have the final product from a designer that will absolutely satisfy his willing to sell a product.

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  59. Hey Breath of the Wild in the background! Not a big time video game person myself, but that game had me enthralled . ANYWAY… about the topic…. from my experience it really depends on who you are as person if you will get work or not. Myself; I got tons of interviews based on my online portfolio, but when people met me in person and found that I am a vanilla middle aged man… well, you could visibly see the facial expressions of people melt…. They would loose all interest. At the same time I would see cute young twenty something girls in design have doors of opportunity fly open for them. I came to the conclusion after years of this that the quality of your work, or work ethic, or dependability don't really matter that much… In graphic design, if your not "cool" in someway…forget it.

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    Thanks Sir. Roberto! 🙂

  62. I haven't figured out the nuance of it all yet. I know I do not want to trap myself, however, I don't want to be one of the ones who are struggling to find a job. I believe I can land a position without hassling to find one. I love to network, however, knowing how to properly position my portfolio to tailor towards the employers I want to work for, may be a challenge. I would like some valuable feedback on this. Thank you for this video, Roberto.

  63. Just found your videos from watching Charles Do. I think you have it all over him in terms of focus and presentation. Well done—and thank you!

  64. Hello Roberto, I like your videos and valuable info. Could you please advise me the easiest way to learn design. What tools, books, software I need as a beginner. I am taking a course on Udemy on Gimp for beginners, this course and software are both a nightmare. Difficult, complicated and can't do anything with them. Is it that hard to get into graphic design? Thanks.

  65. Thanks you as a graphic designer student this is the channel and the advices that i need so I can put myself in the mindset of a winner and see how the industry work.
    Thank your for being there

  66. Outstanding communication skills are equally important if not more important than the technical skills in this industry.

  67. Roberto – LOVE this video – totally motivating – I get this question on my channel all the time – it's amazing how many people are looking for an "out" to explain why they can't have a great career.

  68. Interesting… I've had clients who seek creativity and not necessary something specific like you mentioned. In those scenarios I feel like I have to show my overall portfolio (which includes digital illustrations, logo designs, t-design, etc) to express to them my level of creativity. I'm curious to know what your thoughts on that is

  69. I retired from graphics after 20 years. I was VERY successful. I got burnt out. So I got my CDL on a whim and now drive a truck Coast to coast. I am soooo much happier now , plus I'm made $80,600 my FIRST year. Fact.

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