Captain John place had many wild adventures in modern warfare Fearlessly leading his team Bravo six the victory’s is across to the globe against all odds he’s rescued friends taking her a nuclear bomb Musa and played a killer pass to his best, buddy and Heartthrob Soap MacTavish for him to take oh another nuclear bomb enthusiast and all-around bad guy Imran Sakai EV But the last we seen price and soup they were on play a bad shape plus the fighting was nowhere near over yet Which takes us to the events just precluding modern warfare 2. It’s no surprise There as soon as price and soap healed up there were both back in action straight away as they joined a general shepherds Task Force 1 for 1 but price was in charge on the ground for operation kingfish which was a mission to kill Vladimir Makarov the new leader of the ultra-nationalist party the little scamp was missing for while all the West barracks guarded Place as your accent changed Anyway, the Timbers red in a base in Ukraine where they thought they’d finally get a hold of Makarov But they actually walked into a trap which Makarov sprung by blowing up the lads and ambushing them forcing them to flee things are going horribly wrong now and ac-130 gets shot down by an RPG Somehow, but price as you’d expect make sure has men got in the evac safe and sound ordering them to leave him behind He fought has hardest to hold off the oncoming enemies Even being shot twice and put into last stand for crying out loud is the rest of the team go of their price is Eventually captured and put in the gulag under the name president of six two seven 627 pounds being the way of captain places balls price then spends 3 years in the gulag which is a testament to just how? Solid this guy is it was probably like a relaxing holiday for him He’d be happy to stay a little longer, but the day comes for Task Force One for one to go free the leader unintentionally though one for one only knew that prisoner 627 was Makarov worst enemy and thought now he’d be handy to know soap And the team fight that way down through the gulag and when we eventually see price for the first time in years He’s strangling an enemy and manages to attack us who he thinks is attacking him and one move price is still got it Luckily he doesn’t pull the trigger on Rochin Hammond soap have a brief emotional reunion The only thing that appears to have changed the boat place in fact is has style of heart but that won’t be the case for long as he helps with the escape here thought and their gang get out by the skin of The teeth the next reunion price has is not so lovey dovey him and Shepard Have a slight disagreement about how to stop Makarov you want to pull out an officer you set off a bigger explosion Right next to it Sucks away the oxygen snuff the flame Price you’ve been locked away too long better get your mind right son see things are turning to shit and Washington DC to say the least and price reckons they have to clean up that mess Before making market off that priority. I’m not asking you price. This is an order Looks like we lost that connection I hate when that happens So why all this situation back in the states It’s turning really ugly like I say it price is back in action leading the team into battle he’s also got his bucket hat back on his head I A white one for snowy mission of course. He seems to have one for every occasion I wonder if figures are black for funerals, but now they fight their way through our Russian naval base And the guys cover price as he enters a submarine to wreck it for Destruction or so it seemed Ha ha good guys just launched a nuclear missile towards the United States of America maybe Shepard was rate may be price went bonkers on the gulag what they don’t know is that place plan to detonate the nuke is such A high altitude as to EMP the US East Coast and turn the tables of the war which is fair enough right I mean surely that also blow up the International Space Station and the process But that’s collateral damage price’s intentions were good and his actions did actually save some vital members of the US Army Rangers We don’t do the same But I bet you’re now realizing why I called them a renegade and the title of this video By the stage of the war general Shepherd has a blank check to find and kill Makarov and that appears to be his goal for all the right reasons Somehow, I don’t think it’ll work out that way But shepard has task force 141 split into two teams to infiltrate Makarovs last two potential heightened sports price and soap go to the boneyard and Afghanistan while ghosts and roach two soldiers. We’ve grew fond of in modern warfare 2 to take the safehouse in the Caucasus Mountains Seems like a reasonable plan although There’s no sign of Makarov ghost in which sweep the surface with relative ease and start downloading all of Makarovs files from his computer Documents pictures has Steam games the lot meanwhile price and soap have run into a bit more bad guys than they were expecting But it’s all good Shepard arrives with evac for Ghost and roach and again sure they didn’t get Makarov But the intel they got surely will lead to his demise so Shepards plan has actually went pretty oh Oh, oh dear it would appear shepherds still holding a grudge from when price hung up on him or maybe he wants to kill Makarov himself and write his name in the History books actually gets even worse one of shepherds man has the most disrespectful dub of all time nah But seriously price and shepard lies Shepherd as a wrong yen too Unfortunately too late for our buddies ghost and roach who are literally toast. They’re dead zone Shepherds cleaning house. I’m working my way back to you Have to trust someone to be betrayed I never did price with the smooth lines again Just warming up before Gavin Makarov a quick ring. Yes price has had it with Shepherd so much He’s givin his worst enemy a call he means business In that some just warming up for possibly the famous speech of the whole franchise He just has to get the fuck away from shepard and Makarovs men by getting the team to drive on to the cargo bay of Nikolai’s plain James bond-style The names price John price , and I’m know one of the most wanted men in the world But I’ll let price speak for himself here though. The healthy human mind doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking This is his last day on earth But I think that’s a luxury not a curse to know you’re close to the end is a kind of freedom Good time to take inventory Outgunned Outnumbered out of our minds on a suicide mission, but the sand and rocks here stained with thousands of years that warfare They will remember us for this Because out of all our vast array of nightmares. This is the one we choose for ourselves We go forward like a breath exhale from the earth We’ll figure it out from one goal inside We will kill him Seriously, if price wasn’t an excellent soldier He could have definitely made his name and philosophy price uses all the knowledge He gained from McMullen to stealy guid the duo into Shepherd base But when they are eventually exposed Shepherd is heartless enough to drop an airstrike on his own soldiers not prices Strategic nuke an actual airstrike in basic say. Thanks for your help folks Thankfully though the captain has the quote’s so again to quickly forgets about shepards words He’s about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history a high-speed boat chase, then ensues with soap driving and price shootin However, they can’t quite manage to sink the traitors boat before he slides it into a pavelo and looks like he’s getting away But fear not because El Capitan OH has other ideas He fuckin pulles out greatest noob toob shots of all time to take down the pavelo But we’re going down to too going down a bloody waterfall, huh? That drop took a lot out of soap and fails to put an end Shepard and finds himself in a bit of trouble okay, big trouble and it’s only getting worse the shepherdess about to shot. Captain place with a huge last touch save to keep the score nil nil The only thing that disappoints me after that is price actually gets beat up pretty bad by shepard He’s done enough to give soap the chance to impale Shepard and the eye with a knife He was just stabbed with soap coming up with late goals once again, but a match as an over yet price has to patch up soap quick style before help arrives. And with the end of modern warfare 2 I only have one question for Captain price who the hell did your hat stay on after clashing down a waterfall? The help brings us to the end of captain places antics for modern warfare 2 now he’s got a fight on his hands to keep His best friend soap alive will he make it? I guess we’ll have to find out in part 3 But please leave a like on this video if you’ve enjoyed that and let me know your favorite captain place moment from modern warfare 2 Also, be sure to check out part 1 if you haven’t seen that already share to the huge price if ication squad And if you’d like to join that elite squad hit that wee bell icon when you subscribe to the channel Have a nice day, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye


  1. A land-based ICBM such as the Topol-M seen at 3:52 will NOT fit in a submarine. It's not fuckin' happening.

  2. Ghost should not have died because shepherd never pulled the hammer down on his revolver and ghost would have just shot him in the gut

  3. Price probably went bonkers in the Gulag, first he launches a nuke and then he goes and shoots up a hotel just for one guy

  4. Price probably killed everybody on life support in the area the lights went off (huge area filled with populated cities)

  5. Price is a lot more than a stone cold badass if he told me to drink poisoneed koolaid after telling me it was poisoned I would have taken a swig from a full pitcher of the stuff

  6. My favorite scene is when soap tries to the knife with the best accuracy I have ever seen I have to say on thing OOF

  7. As a kid I never listened to the dialog before missions, I may need to play the Modern Warfare series again just to her them.

  8. Did you hear about the glitch in mw3 where soap doesn’t make it after nikolais hind crashes in the sand storm? He literally dies in that mission. Rip 2x

  9. “This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives and we die, his truth becomes written – and ours is lost. Shepherd will be a hero. ‘Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He’s about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die” – Cpt. John Price 2009

  10. You always have everyone wearing helmets for protection then you have Soap and Price helmetless showing off their fisherman hat and Mohawk

  11. I think the reason Sheppard decides to clean out TF141 is because if Allen's identity was revealed and tied back to Sheppard's authorisation, he'd be forced to resign and shamed. Sheppard, being the narcissistic arsehole he is, isn't too keen on that and so endeavours to kill Makarov and TF141 so no one could discover he accidentally (or maybe even intentionally) started WW3.

  12. Modern warfare has best story
    Black ops has best online
    Ghosts does both good but not great
    Advanced and infinite can go suck a dick and die

  13. General Shepard was probably a POG and would have been far older than Price. So how did Price, an SAS operator get beer up by an of man that hasn’t passed a PFT for five years.

  14. Captain Price destroyed the ISS when he detonated the EMP, but then again thats the price of war…

    Get it? Price of war, its a joke…

  15. Honestly in any game whenever I see a helicopter and I have a grenade launcher I always noodtube it inspiration from Captain Price

  16. when he said "the most disrespectful dab of all time" I was on the floor in tears, partially from laughter, but also from seeing my boys ghost and roach being betrayed by general dickwad

  17. “The greatest nubetube shot in Cod history” add that with the roast that price did and “how the hell did your hat be on his head after falling down the bloody waterfall?”

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