Capturing Mysterious Ghost Lights In Marfa Texas

Capturing Mysterious Ghost Lights In Marfa Texas

this isn’t something you see every day– a big
black sign with a rather unusual message on the side
of a road in a place that looks like it’s in
the middle of nowhere. “See mystery lights.” All right. I’m curious. What exactly does it mean? [MUSIC PLAYING] The person who pulled over to
photograph the mysterious sign was this guy. JONATHAN ZEDDA: Hi. My name is Jonathan Zedda. I am a fine art photographer
based in Rome, Italy. The photo was taken
in Marfa, Texas, around January of last year. The photo is actually
the advertisement billboard for a hotel in Marfa. But it was just so bold and big
compared to the desert scenery. That immediately
attracted my attention. I was in Texas as part of
an ongoing documentation of the desert. I’m very fascinated
by the desert. It’s an area that attracts me
a lot, especially image-wise. It’s just that
there’s no limits. The horizon is just so vast. And from a photography
point of view, it was just a beautiful place. NARRATOR: But we’re not here
to talk about the desert, no matter how beautiful it is. We want to know what
the mystery lights are. JONATHAN ZEDDA: I
was just driving back toward the city on the highway. And that particular
sign was just there. And nothing else was around. So it was really easy to spot. NARRATOR: Mystery
lights are actually a thing here in Marfa, Texas. They’re are strange phenomena
that occur year-around near route 67,
just east of Marfa. The lights, also referred to
as the Marfa ghost lights, are unexplained beams
of bright white lights that flicker across the desert
horizon in the night sky. Catching a glimpse of
the lights is tricky, as sightings are reported
only 10 to 20 times per year. But for the onlookers who have
been lucky enough to see them, the only explanation
is that it’s some sort of paranormal
activity or UFOs. To the skeptics, they
might just be car lights. JONATHAN ZEDDA: There was no
lights that particular day or during my stay in Marfa. It was a beautiful place anyway. The Marfa lights are just a
part of the beauty of the city and the charm of the city. It’s a small city in
the middle of nowhere that was kept, like, in the
’50s, sort of like time machine or time bubble in
the ’50s of America. NARRATOR: Though the town
sits in a desolate desert with a population
just shy of 2,000, it’s become a
popular destination for contemporary
artists over the years. Today, the town is more
than mystery lights. It hosts gallery exhibitions,
art installations, festivals, and residency
programs, making it a rather unique and
expressive part of Texas. NARRATOR: Not every Texan is
even aware that Marfa exists, if not on the map. It’s just plain interesting
to visit, period. And I don’t know if you
can find anything like that anywhere else in the States. NARRATOR: If you
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please click here to watch now. MALE SPEAKER: The Salton
Sea is a peculiar place. It’s technically the
largest lake in California. It’s located in the hottest
desert in North America. And it was created by accident.

39 thoughts on “Capturing Mysterious Ghost Lights In Marfa Texas

  1. I've seen the lights! My experience was about six or seven, moving back and forth very slowly and flickering right on the edge of the horizon. I actually spotted them while peeing on the grass (I had to go really bad) off to the side of that site. There was six or seven flickering occasionally right on the horizon, colored blue, purple, pink, and green. Definitely not car lights and if you think that you haven't seen them.

  2. Hi,  i am the guy that snapped the picture. If you want to follow my flickr page here's the link and also my instagram account @amadteaparty Hope you enjoyed the video! ciao

  3. "It’s probably safe to match speed with the mysterious lights in the sky, as whatever entities or organization is responsible appear to be cautious and reasonable drivers…
    And now, the weather."

  4. So, just for clarification. Are there photos of these 'lights' is in this video about 'Mystery Lights'. I can't tell if the pics they showed are just representational.

  5. I've been to Marfa and seen them. If you go to Marfa in their town city/museum they have a VHS tape that explains the lights, but  they are still fun to watch.

  6. We get these in the Australian outback as well, we call the Min Min lights and unfortunately they're only car lights.

    We definitely know that they're car lights because scientists have been able to recreate the phenomena.

  7. This is probably one of the most random-ass places in the US and +Casey Neistat was just there for a wedding. That is wierd.

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  9. I have discovered the reason for the Marfa Lights, their ties to Nazca Lines, and fought the FAA to allow viewable Altitude flights over the Marfa area, there are NAZCA style Lines and Geoglyphs all the way from Alpine to Fort Davis & South to the Border and beyond,  use my name to link to my channel as I can't leave a link (blocked?)

  10. Ok, you're gonna tell me that helicopters haven't flown out there to investigate upclose while they happen? We have drones now anyway so someone with a drone get your butt out there and find out what it is!!

  11. Been there, done that! I haven't seen the famous "Green Flash" but I have seen the Marfa lights. Yes, there are occasionally some cars coming north up on the mountain, and you see their lights. These are away to the West from the Marfa lights, and you can learn to distinguish these from the mountain road car lights. Worth seeing Now, since I'm a nice person, I will explain Ron Eagle's "Marfa Lights Theory" to you. Humbly and without charge. They are manifestations of piezo-electric activity from quartz deposits present in the desert soil. Usually somewhat more active during periods of higher moisture content in the area. But not always. You are welcome!  🙂

  12. Awesome! Very interesting! Check out the video of the Early Station Ghost Light.

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