Car Interior Cleaning || Car Detailing The Mini Van || Cleaning Motivation

Car Interior Cleaning || Car Detailing The Mini Van || Cleaning Motivation

Todays video will be a car interior detailing
how to clean car interior full detail. We just got back from a roadtrip and there
is dirt and grime everywhere. Including removing of the kids car seats and
cleaning all the juice and food spilled. As you can see there are numerous candies
and chocolates lodged between the seats. Super scary but lets get into this car detailing
full interior cleaning

100 thoughts on “Car Interior Cleaning || Car Detailing The Mini Van || Cleaning Motivation

  1. Can I just say this is nothing compared to some cats I have seen ppl that leave food to rot and they luttrally can’t put there feet anywhere and they end up sitting in it it was on yt somewhere it was decussating sos can’t spell can’t be bothered to change it lol 😂😂❤️

  2. Wow what a nice husband that he clean his wife’s van like that! I’m sure his wife is driving with kids and poor husband cleaned for her and yeah she’s lucky that she has a good husband ❤️

  3. My fiancé is a detailer at a car wash and y’all can’t imagine how gross some cars arrive. Some clients still complain because some parts that are dirty couldn’t be taken off when they forget how gross they brought it in. I am so grateful for my baby’s hard work💕 because after all he is amazing at his job❣️all of our 3 cars are very nice and clean💗

  4. All that work for nothing. It will look like the start in 2 days. Trust me I know from experience. It’s a waste but it has to be done😩

  5. 0:50 that’s exactly why I put a big queen size blanket that matches the interior in the back seat of all my cars.

  6. COUNTERPRODUCTIVE! Here's why. When you do something like this and the wife sees it, feelings of affection may occur. This could lead to another baby, and the need to clean cars more often.

    Good video!

  7. No snacks for kids in the car. My friend has kids and a minivan. It smelled like a barn cow manure and everything in their. It was really bad.

  8. this is a great video, keep up the great work! i bet the kids were surprised & she was happpy 😍🤗😎

  9. 5:30 I'm guessing the product you're spraying is some kind of interior dressing, you should never spray any type of dressing to you dead pedal, gas or brake pedals or steering wheel. It's​ a safety thing.

  10. Who’s the “genius” that allowed (& gave) small children M & M’s candies to eat in the car?? 😳😲?!?!

    How many kids & what ages?

    (At least it could have been worse. It could have been actual chocolate bars.) 🙄🍫

  11. After you spray a wide surface of the dash with cleaner do you immedeiately wipe it off or let it pen. the dirt for a minute or so?
    And what was you spraying the screen with next?

  12. I'm a year late only coming around to this video I work I a car wash/valet we absolutely hate seeing 7 seater come through the door you just no it's bad before opening the door lol

  13. The van looks amazing cleaning large vans aren't easy. But on this note who hands there van to a detailer looking that bad i guess i am the only one who vacuums and takes out everything before i let them clean it so they can get to there job instead of all the other pre cleaning they have to do. 🙂

  14. Be careful of putting your knees down on the seat cushion. It can break the heated seat grid beneath the leather because it concentrates too much weight in one area. Great job though, I’d have you do my rigs if you were in my area.

  15. Omg the seats are so dirty . Nope another reason to not own a kid . Thanks to this videos i been detailing my sedan more.

  16. Under the carseats are always the worst… but snacks, they’re a life saver when driving 😭🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. what is the sequence of your cleaning? like dirtiest part to less or top to bottom? I tried to figure out the best so i can clean mine but can't find a seemingly best routes. I would image dirtiest first so less pollution later??? thanks. amazing as always.

  18. Stauffer Garage, is like to see how you clean a “Classic” vehicle. Some older than what you are use to .

  19. Children should never be allowed to eat or drink in the car whether they are in the car for one hour or 12 hours nothing to eat or drink

  20. First rule of cleaning electronics (i.e. the radio/console/dash) NEVER spray liquids on the electronics, ALWAYS on the rag! I winced, seeing the spray dribble down into the CD player and around the buttons. I hope you let the car air/dry out in the hot sun or those crack and crevices in the electronics are gonna stay damp, causing possible shorts.

  21. Is there anyway you could tell me exactly what products and stuff I should use if I want to completely clean my entire car. I got a used car and it was so gross I’ve cleaned all trash out and vacuumed now I need to take seats out and clean carpet and wipe down interior just don’t know what’s the best to use. Thanks😊

  22. Your channel is a mew discovery which I thoroughly enjoy! Please don't take offense but your voice and the music relaxes me.

  23. You should do a complete list of products and tools you swear by— maybe demonstrate their use(s) in the video!

  24. Hey man, awesome videos you make! Only one thing im missing in your vids and thats the seatbelts, maybe clean them with the steamcleaner, because these things touch hands everyday? Keep up the awesome videos, i bought a steamcleaner bc of you haha!👌👌

  25. Old video, but I just watched it… one comment I have to people who are new to detailing, if you're using a wet/dry vac on leather or leatherette, be very careful with nozzles as they can develop sharp edges, and cut the upholstery

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