Card Wrap Designs

Card Wrap Designs

– [Jennifer] Hi and welcome,
it’s Jennifer McGuire. I hope you’re having a great day. Today I’m doing something
a little bit different, in sharing with you some ideas
for card wrapped designs. Card wraps are very popular at like wedding invitations, and fancy stationary. But I though I’d create a few simple designs for you today. Three of them will use a new
dye from Simon Says Stamp but a third uses supplies
that likely already have. And then in the end I’ll
show you a bonus card. All of these cards have like this wrap, that opens up to reveal a card inside. Now for my first examples, I’m using the new Modern
Flowers Card Wrap die from Simon Says Stamp. This die cuts that curved edge but scores the straightedge making it very easy to create a card wrap. Now if you don’t have the style, I will show you how to
make a card wrap design using some supplies you
likely already have. But I’m first gonna start
with examples using this die. To create this card wrap you need a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and you’re gonna cut it in half. Right down the center, so you end up with a piece of cardstock
that’s 4 1/4 x 11 inches long. Now using a pencil, I’m
drawing a straight line, oh about 3 1/2 inches from
one end of the cardstock. Then I’m going to draw another pencil line 4 1/4 inches from that. So I have two pencil lines kinda towards the middle of
this cardstock piece. And you just need to be sure that there’s 4 1/4 inches between
the two pencil lines. That’s the most important thing here. Okay, so now I have my card wrap die and I’m going to temporarily tape it right up against one
of those pencil lines. The pencil line is helping me to make sure that it’s straight. So now I can feed this
through my die cut machine. Any die cut machine
will work with this die. So I’m using my Gemini Junior here simply because this die cut machine cuts intricate dies beautifully and this is a very intricate die. However, this die does
cut with other machines. I tested it out on my Bigshot and it worked perfectly too. So now it’s time to cut on the other side. So I’m lining the die
up with my pencil line and I’ll just tape it there temporarily. And run it through my
die cut machine again. So by cutting or drawing
those pencil lines first, I can be sure I have
this position just right. You can see it’s very easy to do. So now I can pop-out
all those little pieces and then I’m going to fold
along the score lines. I’ll use a bone folder to
really crease this nicely. What I will end up with is a card wrap that is 4 1/4 inches tall
and 4 1/4 inches wide. So it’s a nice square size. Now I’m going to put in here a little card that I created that is 4 x 4 inches and you can see this
wraps nicely around it. Now you could leave the card
loose inside of the card wrap. I know that that’s a kind of common to do, however I’m going to
adhere my card in there. But first I wanted to decorate the card. I’m going to add a sentiment from the Simon Says Stamp Beautiful
Gorgeous Dies set. It has the word hello,
beautiful and gorgeous. I’m going to use hello beautiful today. What I have here is some white cardstock with some double-sided
adhesive on the other side. This is leftover from another project but all you do is take a sheet
of double-sided adhesive, add it to the back of white cardstock and then when you die cut it, you’ll have little stickers
with adhesive ready to go. This saves quite a bit of time. So now I’m going to glue down my hello and beautiful die cuts. Remember the adhesives on the back. So I can just lay it down gently. It won’t stick until I
really press into place. I’m also going to use the Simon Says Stamp Modern Flowers Die set. This has some beautiful flowers that go nicely with the card wrap. So, I will also die cut
several of these flowers and leaves from that same white cardstock with the adhesive on the back. If you don’t have double-sided adhesive, you can just die cut these flowers from regular white cardstock and adhere them however you want. But all of these pieces have
the adhesive on the back. When I’m happy with
where they’re positioned I can go ahead and press
them down with my bone folder and they’ll stay put. I really like this soft
white on white look here. I though it was nice because
it wasn’t distracting from that beautiful card wrap. Kept it very simple and
there’s something elegant about soft colors like this. I did add some aqua shimmer pen to the little card wrap flaps, just
so that it was shimmery. Now I can add that card inside. I decided that I wanted to go ahead and glue this on the inside but there are many things that you can do and I’ll show you other
options in this video. So I’m putting glue on the
back of this mini 4 x 4 card. Putting that on the inside and there we have this card ready to go. Now I decided on this one to
tie it close with some ribbon. So I put ribbon through kinda
like a hole in the pattern on each of the flaps,
and I’m going to tie it in the center in a bow. You could use baker’s twine here, you could use any kind of beautiful string that you may have. This is an old white
silk ribbon that I’ve had for many many years and I
seem to reach for it often because the bow doesn’t end up too bulky because I do plan to put
this through the mail. So here we have our first card finished. Remember I glue my card on the inside, however you could keep it
lose in there if you want to. You could even add photos in there. Now I used a five inch by
five inch envelope for these, however you can use a
regular envelope for these. A regular envelope holds
a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card and since this is 4 1/4
inches squared, it will fit. Okay, my next example
features a velum wrap, around the card wrap. So this is just another
design option for you. This one uses the Simon Says Stamp Stained Glass Love Stamp Set. I’ve used this one a few times before. I think it’s beautiful. I have about an inch strip of velum here. Using my anti-static powder tool on it, I’m going to stamp with VersaMark Ink using that that stained glass sentiment. Then I will add white embossing
powder and heat set this. I feel like velum is a
beautiful wrap option for this card, because it doesn’t cover up the beautiful die cutting underneath and it also adds to the
soft feel of the card. For this card I’m using
a pink wrapped piece that I created just
like I did the last one. I’m adding a little white card in there where I’ve adhered a
flower with some leaves. Now to add this velum
wrap, I’m just going to hold the velum centered
on the front of the card and then just fold the edges over. You want to fold it up close to the edge but not too tight because
you want this wrap to easily slide on and off. Now on the back here I
need to adhere that closed. So I’m just going to put a little strip of double sided tape on
one end of the velum. I’ll trim off the extra of
the double sided tape here. And then I will fold that piece of over to seal the selum, the velum shut. Sorry some of these things
are tongue twisters. So then I have a velum card wrap. Again don’t put that on there too tight. Because we want people to
know they can take this off. So here’s the final card
with the wrap design. This one will go through
the mail quite nicely. And I like all the soft colors on this but you can definitely
go bold if you want too. So when you open it up
you can see the flowers and by the way I added a
few more die cuts to that to fill in the area. Then you have a place to write
your message on the inside. So there you have a second option. If you didn’t want the build of a bow, you could try this option instead. Okay my third card design idea uses the same card wrap die, but
a little bit differently. For this one I’m actually
going to create two pieces like I showed you earlier. They’re exactly the same. I’m going to put glue inside of one and put the second one right on top. And look at that, you have a
different kind of card wrap that opens up in four directions. Now for the mini card in this one, I’m going to add a die cut from the Simon Says Stamp I Love You Die. The die comes with the I love
you die cut and it’s shadow. But I’m only using the
die cut itself today. So I die cut it from white cardstock with adhesive on the back. And I can add this to the center of my four inch by four inch white note card. I like to use my tweezers when adding an intricate piece like this, so my fingers don’t get in the way. I also wanted to show you that you can use this card wrap die for other things. I’m actually die cut that
from some white cardstock with adhesive on the back and I’m cutting out some of the flowers and leaves from that die cut. And adding that to my card in the inside. So you can get a lot of uses out of this card wrap die and I’ll show you yet another at the end of this video. Once I have everything in place, I’m pressing it down firmly with my bone folder so
it’s ready to stay there. And I’m adding adhesive to the back of my mini card to glue on
the inside of this card wrap. To close it I just close
each flap going around, so the first flap, second flap, third flap and the fourth flap
I tuck in under the first. So just that little
corner will get tucked in. You could send the card just like this if you wanted to but I decided to add a little wrap around it. This time I’m going to use cardstock. This is about a one inch
strip of white cardstock. And I’m going to fold the
edges over sides of the card. Remember not to go too
tight because we want the recipient to be able
to take this wrap off. Okay, on the front of this wrap I decided to create a paper bow
using an older die set from Simon Says Stamp
called the Perfect Bow. On this funny looking piece here, I’m going to put a little
bit of double-sided adhesive in the center. Going to fold one of the ends
over to meet in the middle and put another piece
of double-sided tape. You could use liquid
adhesive if you wanted too. Then I will fold the other end over and there we have the
main part of our bow. Now I’m going to take another
piece of double-sided tape and kinda wrap it around that center. You could skip this part if you wanted to but I find it really
makes it a lot easier. So it just kinda wrapped around and some of that adhesive
is exposed there. Now there is this tiny rectangle piece in the die set, going to put
double-sided tape on that also. And this will get wrapped around the bow. This will look like the knot on the bow. Now once you make one of
these, it’s very simple to do. And this is a beautiful
bow when it’s done. So kinda tuck those ends
to the back of the bow and remember you could use liquid adhesive for this, you just want to make sure that you hold it closed while
it dries in between each step. Now it’s time to add the bow to our card. I want to use double-sided adhesive here because it’s super duper strong and I want to make sure this stay on. So I also have these little ribbons that hang down from the bow. So I’m putting adhesive on that, so I can just stick it
to the back of the bow and then just add this to our card wrap. So this is just being adhered
on to the white wrap itself. Now I want those, the bow to kinda stay fluffy through the mail so I’m actually going to take
a foam adhesive circle here and tuck it into each of the bow loops. That will kind of keep it from getting squashed completely in the mail. This would be a card that I probably would put in a padded envelope just because I spent some time on it and I want it turn out okay
when it goes to the mail. But I guess you could probably put it in a regular envelope if you wanted to. Once it’s done, I’m just
going to add a little bit of liquid adhesive behind the bow in a few different areas and let that dry. So I can be sure it stays put in the mail. So here’s the final card. The recipient just takes the card wrap off and opens up all the flaps and
you can see the card inside. I think this one would be really fun to add a few photos in the inside that are kinda loose in
there with a little note. Just something a little fun and different. And I really like using
the card wrap this way so that it opens up in
all four directions. Okay so all of the examples so far used that card wrap die. I always like to tell
you how you can create something similar if you don’t
have that particular product. So that’s what this fourth card design is. This one all you need is
something circular to trace, or a large circle die. I’m again going to start off
with the same sized cardstock, 4 1/4 x 11, that’s the peach piece there. I’m going again draw two pencil lines that are 4 1/4 inches apart
just like the first card. I’m using a circle die, a
large one from Hero Arts. Its 4 1/4 inches in diameter and I’m lining it up with that pencil line right in the center of that circle. If you don’t have a circle die that large, you can trace some sort of
circle that you may have. I’m going to do a partial
die cut technique here. So I’m only putting the cutting plate up to that pencil line, so it only cuts what’s under that plate. In the other half of the
circle to the right won’t cut. I’m using my Bigshot
because I wanted to remember to tell you that the Bigshot
Express has been redone and it’s now available at Simon Says Stamp and I will link to it. I really like both the Sizzix Bigshot Express and the Gemini. Okay, so now I’m going
to do the same thing on the other pencil line. Lining up that circle so the pencil line is right down the middle. Again I’m going to line up my plate, with the line, with that pencil line. And die cut this and
only what’s underneath that top plate will cut. So we end up with this fun
shape here and it’s a card wrap. We need to add score lines. I’m using my score board
and I’m just scoring right along the two pencil lines. Remember those are 4 1/4 inches apart. This paper 4 1/4 wide,
so we will end up with a 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 card wrap,
just like we did using the die. I want to add some
stamping to these flaps, so I am just masking
off the back of the card and I’m using my anti-static powder tool. I’m going to stamp the Simon Says Stamp Star Flower with VersaMark Ink. Gonna line it up so it kinda
is centered up on that stamp. Press it with my fingers
and then I will add white embossing powder
to it and to heat set it. You could decorate this card with these flaps anyway you want but I though this circular
look of that stamp worked nicely on these flaps. Now I’ve masked off the other card flaps, so my masking tape there
goes right up the score line. Using my anti-static powder tool and I’m going to do the same thing. Centering up on the stamp
the best that I can. Stamping it with VersaMark Ink, adding white embossing
powder and heat setting it. So there we have decorated card flaps and look at that, it’s a really
fun card wrap design too. Now here’s another fun thing
you can do with card wraps. I’m actually attaching
the ribbon to this one. I’m creating two slits at
the center of our score lines about a half inch wide
and I’m going to feed the ribbon through these two slits. I had already adhered
my card to the inside so I’m carefully removing, and I forgot to add my ribbon first. Feeding the ribbon
through those two slits. So they come out the sides of the card. Once I have that centered up there, I’m going to add my mini
card back into place. This mini card again is about
four inches by four inches. And I did heat emboss
this sentiment on there, which I’ll show you in a moment. So after I have this glued inside, I can close my card wraps around it. My flaps around it and
then we can tie our ribbon. And I wanted to show you a trick for tying this ribbon before
you send it to your recipient. If your ribbon tends to come undone, what you can do is tie a knot and then use your tweezers that pinch close, to pinch the knot while you tie the bow. Once you have your bow tied,
you can remove the tweezers. That’s just a little helpful tip whenever you’re tying any ribbon that is a little bit slippery
and wants to come undone. Now I like this particular card design because the ribbon is
incorporated into the card. You don’t see it on the back,
because it’s tucked inside and it doesn’t fall off when
the recipient unties it. You could use this ribbon
with the card wrap die that I showed you earlier too. Here you can see the details I added. I added some pearls and some
shimmer to the stamping. Now for the mini card on the inside, I decided to keep it simple and I heat embossed a sentiment on it. It’s with pearl embossing powder so it’s kind of white on white. Hard to see in the video but
it is beautiful in real life. It says, ” I adore you so much,” and it’s from that Simon Says Stamp Stained Glass Sentiment stamp
set that I showed you earlier. Now before we go I have
a bonus card for you. This card uses the wrap card die, the Modern Flower card wrap
die from Simon Says Stamp but not to create a card wrap, instead I used it as an accent on a card. So I went ahead and I used the card wrap die to cut two pieces and I cut along the score line. So I ended up with these
two intricate half-circles. I’m using some really narrow
double-sided foam tape and I’m putting around
the outside edges of this. You could even turn this
into a shaker window if you wanted too. Going to add these two
circles onto a card. My card is a white 5 x 5 inch note card. And I’ll put it in a 6 x 6 envelope. So I’m adding one of my
circles on the bottom and the other circle on the top and they’ll meet in the middle. Now since these two yellow
die cuts are so intricate, I don’t have to add
much more to this card. I’ll add a pink die cut heart, and then a sentiment strip that I stamped. The sentiment says, ”
You make life beautiful ” and it is from an older Simon Says Stamp stamp set called You Got This. It’s a great stamp set with
encouraging sentiments. Next I’ll add some
shimmer to the pink heart so it’s a little bit shiny. And I’ll add some pearls
to the yellow die cut, just for a little accent. So there is a way you can use your card wrap die for a different look. I always like to get more than one use out of a product. So there you have it, some
fun card wrap design ideas. I hope you’ll give it a try because they really are fun and it’s something different to do. If you’re interested
in any of the supplies that I talk about, they are linked in the YouTube description
below or you can go to my blog. They’ll be much more information there. In the middle are a couple
other videos you might like. I hope you’ll return again soon and have a great weekend, take care.

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