Cardi B’s Latest Feud (feat. Margaret Cho) – Lights Out with David Spade

Cardi B’s Latest Feud (feat. Margaret Cho) – Lights Out with David Spade

Cardi B has been called out
by rap crew ZN8tion. Horrible name. Uh, and it’s getting
very serious. Honestly, I hope
this doesn’t come to violence. -Whoa, ho, ho!
-(applause and cheering) Wow. -They got points.
-Yeah. The Spade Four,
they call ’em. I saw ’em
on America’s Got Talent. I think it’s amazing. I mean, I… when I was
that age– what, ten?– all I was doing
was getting molested, so I… (laughter, groaning) -You know?
-RANNAZZISI: The good old days. -Yeah.
-SPADE: Yeah. You could do that, you know,
on top of a Ms. Pac-Man. -So…
-Oh, yeah. (laughing):
On top of a Ms. Pac… -I love it.
-Uh… I have a ten-year-old,
and they’re assholes. SPADE:
Yeah. Like, they make fun of you.
Like, they’ll sit around and be, “Mr. Rannazzisi, you want to get
your bottom teeth fixed.” And I’m like, “What?” And you have to eat that.
You have… -You can’t, like, say anything.
-SPADE: No. You should have seen the beef
they had with the Tooth Fairy. It’s a whole… It’s on
the other side of the album. It’s a big story. But, uh, let’s stop
making fun of Cardi B because, uh, I work out with her trainer brother,
Cardio, and he was saying… -CHO: Oh.
-RANNAZZISI: Nice! (applause and cheering) I’m applauding my own jokes. Uh, in another story, Ariana Grande is suing
Forever 21. She turned down an endorsement
deal with, uh, the company, and then, she claims they hired
an Ariana Grande look-alike. Does she have a case?
Is that not her? -Oh, they have a case. Yeah.
-DUNNIGAN: Yeah, it’s… Wow. Oh, my God,
that’s the fake one? -And that’s the real one?
-DUNNIGAN: Yeah. Uh, this could be a dude. Yeah, oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. When I look now,
I don’t know, right? -Dudes can be really hot.
-Dudes are hot. -Dudes are hot.
-She’s handsome. -She’s handsome.
-She is. Now, you know,
I think we’ve all, um, been mistaken for people. -You ever been mistaken for
anyone? Anyone? -DUNNIGAN: Yeah. I always get mistaken
for Ken Jeong, so… I do, too. -Ken Jeong. -Ken Jeong.
-(applause) When you’re at The Grove,
when you’re walking around. I mean, you know,
he’s a doctor, I’m a dentist, so, it’s like,
you know, I get it. I get David Boreanaz
once in a while. -SPADE: Oh, that’s true.
From Bones. -Yeah. The guy from Bones, but I do
feel bad for her, though. -Yeah. -‘Cause there’s a guy
that I’m currently suing that looks exactly like me,
that forgets my wife’s birthday. (laughter) Doesn’t wash…
deuces down the toilet. SPADE:
Deuces? Lied about 9/11. Oh! All of those things. All of ’em. I’m joking ’cause I’ve been told
I look like a few people. Let’s take a walk
down the memory lane -of people I look like.
-Oh. I hear Macaulay Culkin. That’s me when I was a kid. CHO:
Oh! Cute! SPADE: And I was, like,
I could have predicted. It’s all going bad
for both of us. Um, Sebastian Bach. -Remember this dude?
-Mm. -CHO: Mm.
-DUNNIGAN: Oh, yeah. -RANNAZZISI: Gorgeous.
-SPADE: That’s me. My lips were never that pouty, except when Lauren would
cut a sketch. Uh, Ellen, of course. I don’t get… I used to get Ellen more. And this last one.
Who’d they throw in? Oh, Chester Cheetah? (bleep) who wrote that. -DUNNIGAN: Oh.
-RANNAZZISI: It’s weird. I do see it a little bit.

59 thoughts on “Cardi B’s Latest Feud (feat. Margaret Cho) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Margaret Cho is a waste of human plasma. Her whole unique selling proposition is to attack A-list celebs and gain notoriety from it. She stole that move from that freak Kathy Griffin. Cho is garbage.

  2. 1:48 I saw David Spade coming out of an Acapulco's restaurant in Hollywood. I couldn't think of his name fast enough. I called him Andy Dick. He said, "Uh, nah."

  3. Oh it's just so sad. I know he's trying to get back in it, but it's just painful to watch. Sorry guy. Maybe try production or some off-camera stuff?

  4. I imagine miss cho being molested while her momz is screaming "what is ass master?" in a bad asian accent.
    Also (this is a true story) I was in state jail watching Maury and an inmate next to me asked, "what's a mole station (molestation)?"

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