Cardmaking with Dies: Pop up Flower Pots + Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop

Cardmaking with Dies: Pop up Flower Pots + Save the Crafty YouTuber Video Hop

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with a
Cardmaking with Dies video tutorial so for this card we’re going to combine the
oval frames pop-up die set with the decorator dies from the flowerpot pop-up
die set and you can check out all of our die designs at this
is part of the Save the Crafty YouTuber video hop and we are one of the
sponsors so we are sponsoring two $25 gift certificates to our website all you
have to do is comment on videos to be in the random drawings you need to get
those comments in by June 5th 2019 okay the first die set I’ll use is the oval
frames pop-up die I’m going to cut three pieces from this die set the largest
oval plus the two parts of the mechanism and I’m just using a medium weight green
cardstock for this you can use any die-cutting machine that can accommodate
a wafer thin die and today I am using my Spellbinders Platinum 6 now for an open
frame pop-up card I would cut one more of my large oval but because I’m doing a
closed frame pop-up card I need to cut three more and then two of those are
going to be used to actually cover up the open frames I like glue for this and
today I am using my lineco neutral pH adhesive in my fine tip bottle and we do
sell both of those items on our website and then after adding those ovals to the
frames I fold right up the middle on that piece on the big part of the pop-up
the first thing I like to do is just add some lines to the front on the short end
of the triangles that’ll just help me when I go to line that up in the card to
remember which side of the triangle goes into the fold of the card and then for
training the folds start by back folding in the middle and then you’ll be able to
easily see the diagonal fold that goes through the piece so you just fold one
way through both layers and then turn around and fold the other way through
both layers okay opening everything out flat again the idea is to put your thumb
in the center fold so that the ovals will fold towards each other Valley
style and the area below will go mountain so that they’ll actually kick to the
back and that is all there is to this die it’s really easy you’ve got two more folds to kick the triangles under and then depending
on how you install this inside the card is whether or not the ovals will drop
down from the upper corner or whether they will raise up from the lower corner
for a drop-down assembly which I’m doing today the missing parts of the center
Oval are towards the top so I’m going to get myself an arrow on the Outer Oval to
remind myself which way is up because once I add those ovals in the center it
might be really easy to get this turned around and the way I’m going to add
those ovals is just going back to my glue adding some glue in all of the
areas that need it and then just taking those big ovals and lining them up with
the curve of the pop-up so that they will fit right in there but I can still
use my slot and I don’t have the oval over the center fold and then I just
repeat that for the other oval okay so this is the pop-up ovals you can see
that if I use the triangles I can collapse it down and then the last thing
is to put the forward ovals in place so for that I need to fold in one tab on
both sides doesn’t matter which just whatever is easiest then I hook in the
side I didn’t fold put the other side through and unfold so that’s all I need
to do the tabs will keep everything in place so I don’t need to do any gluing
for that okay I’m gonna set this aside and switch to my flowerpot pop-up die
set so I’m wanting the decorator flower pops out of this set and those
are two identical sets of dies where it’s got the pot and then it’s got the
rim and what I’ve done ahead of time is already cut and assembled all of my
flowers and cut a whole bunch of vines so those are ready to go if you google how
to make a distress oxide ink background you will come up with tons of videos I
would just look for one by Tim Holtz he’s the expert and then you can make
something like this that’s kind of that custom terracotta look for the pots and
I am going to cut five pots and five rims and then assemble them okay now I
get to start building my flower pot scene on my oval pop-up and I’m going to
start with the center two pots now it’s fine that the edge goes over a mountain
fold but it’s not okay that it crosses a valley fold so for this first pot I’m
going to need to trim the excess ledge on the left side
so that I can get it right up into that valley-fold but not cross it and then I
will choose a location for that first pot and then what I’ll do since it
overhangs in the center is I’ll put the next one staggered above it and as I add these pots I’ll add the
glue to the pop-up but a little bit lower than I want the top edge of the
pot and that way I’ll be able to stick the vines down into the pot when I add
them and then just a quick check to make sure that I’m staying out of the fold
enough that it can close down nicely and then moving on to my next pot this one
I’ll have to trim the right edge so that it can get right down into the fold then
I’ll stagger it so that it’s higher than the other pot and that way both of the
inside lips can cross that fold and then for my outer two pots it’s the same
thing I add the adhesive blow and make sure that I trim the edge that’s going
to be in the valley-fold and then just stagger the locations okay for
decorating I started first with the vines and just kind of staggering their
location and putting them in the pots and making sure everything will still
fold down and then I just filled in all of those flowers and I put some of the
flowers and vines in the back ovals as well so that it really would give that
full look and now what I can do is fold everything down to determine how big of
a card I need to hide all of my flower pots so this edge is going to be the
center of the card and then what I want to do is just take a ruler and measure
out to the most outer most point of my pot into that center line and in my case
it’s a little bit over four and a half so that I know a 5×7 card is a perfect
size so I started with a piece of card stock ten inches by 7 inches scored in
the center for folding and then to that I added panels of a pretty patterned
paper and then to put the pop-up inside the card I’ve got the line to remind me
which edge of the triangle gets lined up in the fold and it’s that short edge
where my line is and then I can place that anywhere along the fold as long as
on the right side I’m paying attention that I’m low enough that my bouquet is
being hidden by the card so once I have a location where all that can happen
then I want to put a strong adhesive on the triangle that I can see so this triangle here I want to coat that with an
adhesive you could use glue you can use tape just as long as you keep it right
right right in the fold of the card so what I like to do is hold it firmly
while I carefully close the card against that exposed adhesive and try not to let
it slide so keep kind of pushing it into the fold as you go and then I’ll give
that a press and I’m gonna give it even more time to set up because I’m gonna
flip that card over and open it that will give me access to the other
triangle and so again I’m going to coat that with adhesive making sure that I’m
generous with it hold everything flat and then close the
card against that adhesive and of course I need to be patient with that glue I’m
asking a lot of it for those two little triangles to hold up all of those
flowerpots and vines and flowers but a strong adhesive will do it just be
careful that first time you open it maybe kind of help it open a little bit
so that the triangles don’t want to just pop up maybe reach in there and press
them down just to make sure that they have a good seal and that’s all there is
to it the pop-up is working so as the card opens the pop-up will drop down
from that upper corner makes a beautiful display piece the gravity of the items
on the oval frames kind of pull it down into that viewing position once that
pop-up is installed you will have a bend to the card in the open position in
other words it doesn’t open all the way fully flat anymore if you tried to do
that I’m afraid you would probably pop the triangles up or the flowerpots would
just go too low so as you’re working on your card once it’s in that popped up
position just prop something under your card so that you don’t have to try and
flatten it out to work on it in my idea is to take advantage of all that sort of
blank space up above the flowerpots to actually add to the bouquet by gluing
down my extra vines and flowers in the background now that’s something that I
have to be careful as I do because I don’t want to create catch points for
the pop-up itself but as long as I glue everything down really well so no like
little flappy flappies nothing on pop dots I keep everything nice and flat
that I can go ahead and fill out that bouquet in the background of the card
so here’s my finished card interior and it includes a greeting of “love you” put
on one of the pots that’s from our word set nine
my favorite way to do card fronts for pop-up cards is just to take my leftover
materials and make a simple lead-in so my last pot the remaining flowers and
vines a little piece of ribbon and my leftover papers
I’ve cut two bees out of glitter card stock and then two of them out of black
cardstock with scor tape on top so that way those will become stickers and
then for my wire I’m just going to use something small and round like this
paintbrush to wrap the wire around to give it a curlicue but peel the liner off of the black bees
and then stick the end of the wire into the tape on the Glitter bees I’m going
to color them using some alcohol markers so I’ve got a c10 and a y17 with copic
I’m just going to color all of the middle part of the body yellow and then
add the black head and stripes and then that goes right over the top of the
sandwich so the wire ends up between the two bees and they’re nice and solid
because it’s two layers with wire sandwiched between and then to attach
the bee inside the pot I just have a piece of cardstock with some score tape on it
so it’s nice and strong I’m going to choose a location and then just press
that to the inside of the pot he’ll have to come quite a bit lower because of
course this is far too high it’ll stick right out of the card so all I have to
do then is just adjust the wire I just bent the wire into a fun shape
until the bee stayed within the card and then I used pop dots behind the bee for
the front of the card the finished card is five by seven and will mail easily in
an a7 envelope if you are hopping along on the save the crafty youtuber video
hop you’ll want to check the description box below this YouTube video it will
give you a direct link to the next stop on the hop and do leave comments on the
videos as you go that’ll put you in the running for those prizes as long as it’s
before June 5th 2019 you will also find a link to the blog post and supplies in
that description box thanks for watching if you click on the website link you’ll
go to where you’ll find more information about purchasing
these dies as well as links to all my other social media accounts you can
subscribe to this YouTube channel and as promised I’ve linked those two videos
right here on the end screen thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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  8. You sure did fit a lot into a single card. I would feel so flattered to receive a card like yours. Now it's off to see what else you sell!

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