Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Hey everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to what
feels like a daily show or soon to be I think where I’m gonna help you build a
career you love so welcome everybody it is Thursday if we are in my normal live
office hours slot I am excited to be here
I’m a little afraid of the rain that’s going on outside my house as are my dogs
but luckily my wife is home caring for them little scared little puppies and
I’m hoping I’m hoping that everything looks good my stream doesn’t look great
oh hang on I’m gonna have to refresh my browser and I need to make sure that I
don’t lose the chat so I’m popping out the chat and I’m popping out the chat
hang tight I knew I was gonna have some issues today hold on
I’m guessing you can probably see me I think it was just my screen locked up
there we go I like to see myself and make sure that you can see me and that I
can see what you’re seeing it’s like a little spaceship over here okay
I think I got everything and I think I can restore the chat I think we’re all
good okay real quick while everybody shuffles in I’m Andy you’re you you need
help you have problems you have aspirations I’m here to help you I got
six quick announcements one one little one little note card today
see it says appreciate boot leader goal book out of okay I’m gonna run through
these really fast I probably will hit him a couple times we’re on for a good
solid hour if you didn’t get the memo I love you guys so much and I’m feeling
very zen can you see this I’m feeling like we’re very in stride we are very in
sync I very much appreciate you so the other
day I decided that we should spend virtually all of next week together or
at least I will make myself available to you every single day at this timeslot
Monday through Thursday that’s the first thing it’s my way of saying thanks I
know summer can be a tricky time to job search or to find those great career
projects so I’m gonna be here for you that’s number one
– number two is if if you want to see me every day next week you can join my job
search boot camp we just had a great promotion and we’re doing five Fridays
in a row of live private coaching those are a couple of hours each I teach a
little bit because the entire program is recorded with all the bonuses and all
that great stuff if you missed the promotion the boot camp is now five
hundred ninety seven dollars but if you email support at mile walk comm and ask
Kara really nicely I’m sure she can find a hundred dollar off coupon for you to
get in the game with us so that’s going on maybe Kara can throw up the the
bootcamp page but make sure because you come to these sessions you’re my
insiders I’m happy to give you the hundred dollars off okay I just did a
leadership monthly live coaching session yesterday it is Oh God yesterday I have
a monthly leadership mentoring program there’s we’ve been going out five almost
six months so that’s that’s five lessons yesterday’s was on persuasion and how do
you create a persuasive argument or a pitch or an ask or whatever there’s
seven vital components I took everybody through the sequence we worked some case
studies it’s really great if you jump into the Leadership Program you get that
and all the other stuff I’m building confidence focus and a bunch of other
stuff that we’ve that we’ve gone through making great decisions and there’s a
bunch of other stuff so you get all of that you can get in there on a
month-to-month which is forty nine dollars or I just started an annual
subscription which cuts that rate in half over the course of the year for so
for twenty four fifty or two hundred ninety seven dollars in a one-time
payment you can jump into that so Kara can throw that up I have a goal-setting
master class that I am going to be creating and selling it’ll be a couple
of hundred dollars the reason that I want to kind of throw this out to you
guys right now is August 20th 21st and 22nd I will actually be conduct
the recording / filming of the training session course whatever you want to call
it live you are welcome all of you can attend for free we’ll be doing it via
zoom I probably will be live-streaming it to YouTube perhaps as well but if you
want to engage with me ask me questions and all that good stuff you got it you
got a register for it it’ll be free and then there’ll be an
opportunity to grab the recordings if you want them but you can come for free
and you can see me do it I will actually have an agenda in advance that you can
download and look at gonna be a ton of fun and as you can imagine with all of
that that stuff that that workshop style thing that we’re gonna do there’ll be
opportunities for you to get more familiar with my leadership stuff let’s
see the interview intervention book this is still free it will be as long as
there’s ink in the world so you can you chip in seven bucks you can get this
anywhere in the world there’s some other huge bonuses caret you know can throw
that Lincoln as well and you know I this book here we order by the thousands each
time I put an order in every few months it’s a very popular it’s been I’ve been
giving it away now since around April or May of last year so I don’t know what
that is 1415 months or so this book I don’t know if you guys are familiar with
my out of reach but in site using goals to achieve your impossible book it is my
motivational book around goal-setting how to view goals how to achieve them
and all that good stuff I just sent just an initial run from the publisher to the
distribution center of 500 copies of these and for some of you that have been
with me a while I did a book launch group private group with the interview
intervention book we’re gonna be doing the same thing with the out of reach
book so be on the lookout if you want to get in on this I create a private group
I do some extra coaching I’m gonna I think I’m gonna sign all these books and
send them to those people that are on the
team wherever you are in the world and so be on the lookout for that so a lot a
lot of fun stuff coming okay five-minute intro get in say hi let me
know where you’re from let me know what you need if you got any questions put
some question marks in front in the chat and let’s go with Kevin and great to see
you Kevin bright and early hey Andrew really appreciate that you do
this I need resume tips for director level positions does your template work
for that yes yes final answer no explanation necessary
know the style that I have is for executives and everybody else it the
only caveat I would throw out there about my resume template it is it covers
professional commercial mostly positions now if you’re a blue-collar worker you
can use it too if you are commercial worker you can use it if you are an
academic or a doctor or a lawyer or a researcher or somebody who whose
position in industry or profession calls for a more CV style resume which is
typically longer many more pages usually because you want to include all of your
research and publications and authoring and all of those other good things that
you do that CV style is a little bit different otherwise it makes no
difference if you are the CEO or an administrator you can use it they’re not
really different animals they really are not how can I adapt your template you
don’t need to just take it okay finally answer on that Paula how are you in case
I’m not able to hear it just what thank you for all your hard
work and helping others reach their goals Paula that is what I was born to
do and I’m not stopping I won’t I will not quit I will quit a lot of things but
I will never quit what I feel I was meant to do I hope none of you do either
so there’s a huge difference I have no problem with people quitting quick to
quit the stuff you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time on quit the stuff you
shouldn’t be doing quit the stuff that’s sucking all the energy out of you quit
the people who are doing that to you quit quit quit but but but please stay
focused on the things that matter to you and the things you were meant to do so
Paula I will be here for you Nick Nikko Andy a curved one for ya how to approach
resume bullet points when you have a confidentiality or MD agreement Nick
there’s not that’s not a curveball at all saying what have been achieved in
what timeframe and by doing what a chart reaches a breach also for a position of
bazooka Hannah let’s first first things first Nick and I gotta take a sip of my
tea for anybody in Nick’s case who has either signed a confidentiality
agreement yelling agreement that they will not in any way disclose corporate
information things that they’ve done accomplishments any projects they
whatever it is and or perhaps you are a contractor that’s working for various
companies and they would like that you not reveal their specific name on your
resume or any information that you circulate like your LinkedIn profile or
whatever all you need to do is you could remove the company name you could put
large manufacturing organization you can put you don’t need to you know you can
reveal stats and all that other kind of stuff if you’d like without actually
given the names of the organization away you don’t need to give the project names
away if you don’t want to it’s very simple just remove that now it is I
don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen or really think that anything can be
upheld if you work for an organization let’s say you work for coca-cola and
they say you have an NDA and you can’t you know you can’t show anybody anything
that we’ve ever done there’s absolutely nothing that you would put in a resume
that anybody actually would consider super confidential information you
really you really or not the level of insight that
needs to be attained in order for anybody to actually do anything with
that insider information is really low level so I would not be too too
concerned I have not seen I have looked at millions of resumes I have talked to
tens of thousands of people I have never come across anybody who actually had to
truly withhold all of that stuff there’s ways that you can you can package it so
I wouldn’t be too too concerned about that and then you said also for a
position of business analysts can you give me some examples for a resume
bullet point as I do not have any feedback how programs that I develop
were implemented and performed Nick get my career achievement journal just
Google Aceveda career achievement journal it’ll come up there’s a there’s
a video out there about this tool this you know get promoted with this resume
building tool don’t worry about the title of the video that’s what it was
that’s where I think I first gave that away that will help you wrap your mind
around the content that needs to go into the bullet then what you need to do is
you need to actually go watch my bullet point video to go to my YouTube channel
type bullet point in there and up will pop a video about how to write the
perfect bullet point just follow that formula and from a business analysts
perspective I don’t know what you did you probably gathered requirements to
identify solutions process flows work breakdown structures whatever it is that
you did as a BA that ultimately fed the implementation of some type of process
re-engineering solution or processes that were re-engineered or optimized
that went into a technology implementation that’s typically what a
lot of business analysts are doing one or one or the other or both so I would
look at those two and you will be able to come up with your answers okay cool
Adam Stark Adam you are like you are like tried and true man you are here
every single time I love it I hope you’re well I am do you have any advice
about researching companies and asking questions in the interview process to
find out casual if they’ll meet my happiness needs Adam
I wouldn’t do anything casually about that check out I think I gave this to
you last week how to choose the right job will help you create the list of
needs and then watch three keys to Ace any job interview
that’s a webinar it’s free it’ll talk to you about how to ask your questions all
you need to do is create the list of needs watch the webinar for how to ask
the questions and if you are really smoking this guy here for anybody who
actually grabs this when you get this book the book gets mailed to you but you
get the e-book in the audiobook in the e-book of this book there are 39
questions to ask you can do a little mapping of the questions I’ve given you
and the questions in your needs the other thing that comes with this if you
don’t have this already is an extra ebook that that we wrote that has 75
questions in it it’s called how to interview the employer 75 great
questions to ask before you take any job get this and map it up so which
questions you should be asking should should go along with the things that
that are important to you so that’s that’s what Adams getting at with his
happiness needs those are his requirements of what’s important to him
so those would be my suggestions I think we talked about we talked about that
last week but I would go after those two things and Kara maybe you know maybe
what we can do can we put the book link in the chat if we haven’t already maybe
put it again or and also the three keys webinar and if you are not familiar with
the mile walk Academy there are and this is good for everybody to know so I don’t
know how many first-timers we have here but I have three webinars that are
recorded webinars those recorded webinars are how to find a job you love
it’s ten steps then there’s one called three secrets to get your resume noticed
then there’s another that spot right me then there’s another one about
interviewing called three keys to a sending job interview all of those rest
all of those webinars are recorded and you can watch them at your convenience
you do not need to sign up for 11 o’clock on a Saturday to watch it so you
go into the pay-go you just go to the mile walk academy scroll down to the
thing that says recorded webinars you can knock your socks off you can sign up
for all of them we send you an e-mail then there’s a button that says watch it
now the one thing I do want to say about our about those recorded webinars is
each one is about an hour and then I talk about my job search boot camp at
the end but I don’t even make you wait to go for the sales pitch to give you
your free download but the but our system is set up because I’m not sitting
there with you going through this but the system is set up for a button to pop
up so if I’ve offered you a sweet giveaway which I do for each of those
there’s a different you know there’s a different sweet giveaway you gotta wait
until the teaching portion is over about 50 minutes give or take or an hour or
well it’s a salad our teaching so but if you if you run it it twice the speed if
you do all that nonsense if you close your browser the buttons not gonna come
up so make sure you watch it through so you can get that alright so I hope that
helps and Kathleen great to see you always love having you and Steve gee my
Canadian friend hope you are doing well Evelyn oh my boot camber can’t lean Zabu
Kim I love what I see my boot campers here Melanie’s a boot camper Evelyn Oh
what do you need you’re at a job six months and now leaving because it wasn’t
what they told you it would be in a job interview if you’re asked how why are
you leaving after only six months how should one respond okay excellent
excellent question because it’s tough it’s tricky to answer so here’s what I
would do if you if any of you have been at a job for a short period of time and
something like this comes up where you know it didn’t work out
switched up the responsibilities it wasn’t really what you thought you were
signing up for that’s totally legit okay so Evelyn in
your case I think that this happens all right and employers recognize this
there’s there’s there’s two set there’s there’s two things you got to consider
when you’re answering that the first one is you need to be able to explain it in
just the history of what of what happened and you want to do that quickly
but the other thing about this that employers are looking for is taking
responsibility holding yourself accountable that’s what wins the
response okay so I’m gonna be real specific here so I went into this
company I was interviewing I was very excited about the opportunity I
interviewed in this and based on this job description and what I thought the
role was going to be and based on my investigation and based on what what we
discussed in the initial interviews we were in sync and I was signing up to do
that role shortly thereafter the role changed to something other than what I
joined for so the first thing that I tried to do was adapt to that okay so
the first thing is I made an effort and made an effort to to try to you know be
flexible and roll with it right because I signed up for this and I
evaluated the company so I wanted to be flexible and adaptable and I did my best
to try to get in sync with the role but as it turns out it’s just not for me
I take responsibility for that and perhaps I could ask better questions in
the interview process to elicit information that this might be a
possibility or this could happen but I just didn’t see it done now I have a
much better appreciation and after trying it I recognize it’s best for me
to move on which is why I’m now entertaining other options okay so
you’ve got to take responsibility for it employers get it this happens so it’s
it’s the way in which you respond to it I tried but I recognized that this
wasn’t gonna work long term and I think it’s better for me to move now than to
stay there and be unhappy and I also think it’s better for my employer so
that they can find somebody that’s me that’s more suitable
for that role so talk positively about your employer you didn’t say anything
bad there they just changed for whatever reason okay and you you tried to make it
fit but that’s just not in your wheelhouse that’s it I take
responsibility for that and now I also take responsibility for making sure that
I’m working with them to move on and so that they can replace it that’s it and I
would not over explain it but you need to get in you own it all right that’s a
big big deal if you start talking so here’s the mistake if you start talking
about your employer and about how they hoodwinked you and how you know that it
was they falsely advertised where they completely change the role without
notice like any of that stuff’s cow notates that you’re dishing
responsibility to them now while you and I both know it is their issue probably
if they change the role right but did they equipped you to be successful and
or maybe you just didn’t love it maybe they didn’t equip you to be successful
it could be any number of reasons but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t keep beating up on
them I would try to do it as neutrally as poor positively as possible and then
I would move on that’s what I would do I hope that helps and Evelyn’s a booty and
and Oh Denise is a boot camper oh I know you missed me in California we had so
much fun we got to get you next time and I know you put something in the system
the other day young lady and I will get to it
it’s been a it’s been a crazy nutty week but I will I will respond to that all
right oh maybe this is it oh maybe this would
be even better because then I can give it to you live all right Denise got a
question I’m going and I’m doing the networking challenge and got a
connection from someone in my dream company my goal is to expand my network
is it a good idea to send a thank you message to my new connection Denise it
is always a good idea to send a thank you I appreciate your time I look
forward to continuing the relationship I would not only send the thank you but I
would send a thank you with planting the seed for what the follow-up or the next
step should be and because you are a bhoot camper you
have access to the networking templates take those whatever fits massage it for
what you need but make sure it’s a thanks and what’s the next step and when
should that next step occur I will contact you in 12 weeks you know it’ll
be you know let’s get together in the fall around October for whatever you
know I mean like be specific and then hopefully that he or she will respond
and you know you’ll roll from there okay love it
can’t Harrison Peterson yes you are collecting mile walk Academy medallions
I love it my little boot camper leader there Wayne’s email you know I got a great
email today I didn’t get a hustle on and I get this email and the email addresses
do not spam me at gmail that you know something of that nature and I open it
up and a lot of people they put emails like that when they download stuff from
me and I open it up and then I always look at is somebody gonna say f you to
me or your shit head or whatever they’re gonna say but this was one of the nicer
emails and I only glanced at it and I was like oh I got to go back and read
that after the show because it looked like it was really nice because somebody
must have used my stuff to get a twenty five percent pay increase and I love it
and I don’t know if that guy’s here today but it’s really kind of funny but
Wayne’s email hi Aunty best way to handle offer negotiations and there and
is there a standard for things like PTO Wayne I have an entire salary
negotiation playlist on my youtube channel my answer for you is go check
that out and it will give you how to handle a negotiation there’s actually a
little video out there about how to negotiate your offer
okay so there’s there’s one of those it’s a little bit of an older video I’ve
got newer videos that talk about just the negotiation process in general and
everything you should be doing up that negotiation process so that you get
paid the maximum to answer your pto question there is absolutely no such
thing as standard in anything so any of you that and I know Wayne you didn’t
really get into this but I just want everybody to not you got a salary and
maybe a bonus structure and a PTO structure and a 401k plan and maybe some
profit sharing or restricted stock units or phantom stack or whatever car
allowances telephone reimbursements whatever internet reimbursement there is
no such thing as an apples to apples comparison when you go from one company
to another company so when you start doing things like well my own company
used to match 50 cents on the dollar up to six percent and this employers don’t
want to hear any of that garbage they want to understand yeah you have other
things that went into your pot and we want to make sure that we’re putting a
good compensation package together for you but at the end of the day you got an
opportunity you’ve got a compensation package do you want it you know I mean
that’s the way you got to look at that and you I do want you to take stock of
what you have and as a matter of fact if Kara is really on our toes care if you
are really on your toes you will put a link in the chat to my one page
financial guide of how to assess your financial worth and basically it allows
all of you to simply open up this check it’s not sure it’s like a table exercise
there’s some instructions it’s like two pages
it’s like instructions and then a table one page table and then you fill in
everything you have so that you got it nice and tidy nice and tidy so let’s see
if she’s on her toes cuz that when we don’t circulate a ton but it’s out there
on my blog so if she let’s see how good she is alright see I love this cat is asking Steve if
he’s in the leader group Steve you need to be in that leadership group that is
so fun and yesterday they all made fun of me which is totally fun charles benjamin mr asked me to thank
you for doing this kit you are welcome my friend i’m just wondering where in
the near future you might be doing another resume writing masterclass i’m
retired vet overseas and would like to plan for it charles couple things number
one all my vets that’s military vets out there i have a booklet it’s a little
outdated but it’s still pretty good and the really important stuff is will
always apply i almost would never have to update it because it’s tried-and-true
i have a booklet called how to go from military veteran to civilian
professional I wrote it few years ago if you go to my blog you can go to the mile
walk Academy website there’s a little blog up there just click the blog it’ll
take it to actually another my WordPress site but basically go to my blog and
just type military in the search bar it’ll pop up that’s first second thing
is the resume writing masterclass is only something that I do about once a
year but it’s awesome now I offer it free once a year however for $49 it is
the best $49 you will ever spend because you get everything everything you get
the instruction you get bonuses you get the booklets you get the word templates
you get how to write everything you get everything everything you get the
courage erna ‘ls you get the workbooks you get the workbook with the
instructions and the topics to write about in each section of the resident it
is it is ridiculous so for less than 50 bucks you can have all the stuff right
now and Keira maybe when you throw that link out it’s it’s we don’t advertise it
but so many people had missed the live event last time we did this a few months
back that I decided you know it because it it really gives a lot of stuff away
but I thought all right you know what let’s just let’s try to you know let’s
just try to to make it so that I can package it into the system people can
access it have it for life and for them you know for our maintenance cost it’s
less than 50 bucks it’s the it’s a steal and you know what wiII I get emails from
people who then they discover this they send me emails about how sick they are
from all the money that they spent on resume writers and other people’s resume
programs and they said this thing that you give away for free often but not
only charge me $14 is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I really I would have
found it sooner I get that one a lot so so I you know Charles I check that out
you know I realize it’s still a little cost but I mean I basically sell that
for 297 in my work in my build your ultimate professional resume course so
you know it’s it’s a it’s a pretty sweet thing it’s pretty sweet our why a boot
camper here who is that Oh Rosemarie maybe that’s you I’m guessing
because you said the RN thing boot camper here I’ve done lots of workflow
projects for free in addition to my current role as Aaron noticed a
promotion in my department but director has not reached out best way to address
this go to the director Rose go go straight up don’t I don’t know him or
her whatever go and say I want this and here’s why I need to get the job I’m big
on that just go just go walk down the hall and walk across the campus whatever
you got to do Wendy Bader how are you hi Andy do recruiters use LinkedIn to find
candidates yes always or does it depend on the sector no never everyone
recruiters are so lazy that 99% of them just sit behind their computer screen
and they surf LinkedIn all day that’s what they do
okay that’s corporate recruiters if they even do that and then that’s executive
recruiters that’s what they do nobody uses this thing anymore like this
okay so so you know yes have good LinkedIn profiles and Wendy what I would
say to you is if you go to my YouTube channel type LinkedIn in the top type
LinkedIn in the timeless in the search bar on my page or on my YouTube channel
and you’re gonna get some how to get noticed on LinkedIn and those those are
good to watch because it talks not just about you know the kind of stuff you
need to have in your LinkedIn profile but how to actually get noticed how to
really raise your how to really raise your you know your your your coming up
at the top and the search results so how to be found but it’s it’s a it’s an
active I break it up into static and dynamic things that you should do so
static how you set it up and leave and then dynamically what do you do to make
people bounce to you by the way if you guys are loving this I forget to say
this hit make sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel so that you can get
alerted when I go live you know when I post the new videos every week on
Tuesday you can come to the live shows I’m gonna be doing some ad hoc stuff
pretty soon and then if you’re liking this click the little like button and
the little thumbs up guy YouTube seems to like that
Amy Kay how you doing curse TV one of my bootcampers how are you Dave Weston who
I think really has a different name alright hey Andy any advice on keeping
my answers in interview concise I find it hard not to go off on tangents Dave
want Dave slash your other name I think that’s you one of the best things that
you can do is like Adam go watch three keys to ace any job interview okay get
the interview intervention book if you if you have those already and I think
you might if I it’s hard to remember who has what but one one thing that I always
recommend is that you think through your stories of the most common those
questions in the interview intervention book I have there’s a chapter called my
silver bullet interview chapter in the chapter there’s 14 questions that I
think are the whole run questions if I could ask those in an
interview to you and you would answer them for me I would have 85% of what I
needed to know to determine if you were a good fit for my company the only thing
that I would not have is the specific trade skill or domain knowledge that all
of you have as experts in your profession those are separate questions
if you can go through those questions and by the way it’s not just 14
questions it’s 14 base questions but then I give you all the variations of
those questions which totals up to like 43 basically I’ve covered everything in
that chapter of what you could be asked aside from the domain skills stuff
package up your responses look through them see what’s superfluous what isn’t
the problem for people who are verbose or run off on tangents is they know and
they have all this an insight and stuff that they want to share so what I tend
to do in those cases is out I’d have you talked to somebody else who’s unfamiliar
with what you do get a friend a spouse a partner a brother or sister whoever and
and and talk through some of the areas that you know you’re gonna have to go
through to tell me about yourself why D why you want to leave your current
company or why did you leave why do you want to work here so what value do you
bring or what makes you unique so on and so forth and then go through
that and then ask the person you know if the person is what geez I didn’t need to
know that that’s cool I still understood it I still followed and then start
trimming back it’s a little extra work but it helps Sam how are you ooh Sam how
you doing yes Steve it started in fros that’s what
happened and you just refreshed the problem with refreshing for me is if i
refresh the page a lot of times I will lose the chat and then I will only have
the chat from the moment I refreshed it and we don’t want to lose your questions thank you brother from enough Dinesh
you’re back how you doing buddy Jason Garrity hey – been a little in a
Goldmann from the other side of the pond how you doing there my fun little you
care all right let’s see see see hey trees Minnesota Melvin tip hey anybody
some like some of you guys I know you’re here weekend you were here week out a
lot of yous lot of you are in my programs if you’re a first-timer put
little first-timer badges on there and then you only get one chance to do that
and then we’ll give you a big hug and a shout-out and all that good stuff and
then I’ll embarrass you and all that just jet Jess Andy shanty Braddock
garlic bread League art garlic from Texas that’s a new one Robert Erik
Weimer I sent my resume in that exactly as you said watched every video and no
replies after three weeks okay I can’t tell you what gives but I can tell you
this did you put Robert what you didn’t what you didn’t tell me is you said you
sent in your resume now if you put it in the applicant tracking system you got
about a 3% chance of it getting noticed even if you’re a dead bullseye for the
job so you got a 97% chance that nobody even ever saw it maybe in I don’t even
know what you do so it could be even 99% so I don’t know about that but one thing
I would tell you to do because I can’t troubleshoot you know I mean there’s a
million things that could be wrong you’re putting in the applicant tracking
system you’re applying for jobs that do not exact
align your resume and keywords are not matching all the stuff doesn’t you know
isn’t a line maybe you’re not a fit maybe they filled the position who knows
I don’t one thing I will tell you is if you want better traction you need to
check out my 14 day challenge and I think you could just you know go to 14
day challenge in my youtube channel and you need to get yourself on a networking
kick and how to go about doing that so check the challenge out and and and do
that and then the other thing is I have a you know a number of networking videos
about job search networking that show you how to traffic your resume into a
place not using the ATS using your network so I would highly recommend that
and I know that stuff works because we get tons and tons of emails every day
from people out inside you know inside my programs and and everybody inside the
community that that sends me that and on the YouTube channel and on my blog so
it’s you know I would I would I would take a I would I would take a crack in
it that way so I’m not sure there could be any number of things that are wrong fawns got a question I got a job that
turned out to be you know one second Omega know I got a job that turned out
to be very different than advertised what is acceptable time frame I need to
stay or how do I explain my willingness to leave there is so couple schools of
thought so Evelyn earlier in the program asked me you know it been there six
months I don’t care if you’re there six days it you can you know if you know
that that’s not for you the sooner you’re out the better so you know when
when you’re in an interview and you leave after six days or one month or
whatever you say listen out of respect for the employer and my own happiness
because I realized this was drastically different and I knew this wasn’t for me
it’s an every I felt it’s in everybody’s best interest that I move on
so I got with the employer I let them know I’m now on my way out whatever I it
makes no difference I go right away you I place you fawn and all of you and
everybody that comes in contact with me I place your happiness above all else I
don’t want to be rude I don’t want you to you know I’m not saying your arms I
don’t want you to be rude about it I want you to be ethical I want you to
have integrity but I place your happiness I place mine the highest I
place yours the highest so whenever you get in these situations if you are not
gonna be happy there’s no point in staying longer to make it look good on a
resume or what we think is accepted I hate this acceptable so I think owning
it in the interview process and moving on is the best thing and the faster you
do that the better I hope that helps performance
drivers society college student my friend awesome internship great I want
to switch my degree from marketing and communications does degree matter much
after you are already in the door absolutely not I am an electrical
engineering undergraduate I forgot Ohm’s law the minute I threw my hat and tassel
in the air okay so no one cares and when I went into my first job I was sitting
in a training table with a theology major a history major a computer science
major a mechanical engineer me and you know a business major
no one cares and if you’re in marketing or communications they’re the same they
are there they really are I mean when you get when you get actually into work
like you get a job and you go to the company it’s not gonna matter if you
were a marketing major a communication major you have to learn everything
anyway and either of those help you become a good marketer or communicator
Tim Bissell that’s some good that’s some good that’s some good advice there we
have it’s interesting we have some people they watch a few videos they get
a job the next day we have other people it takes them 12 months it everybody’s
in a different situation sometimes people are in in a job that is ok and
then they’re just being you know careful we have one of those we had a success
story the other day somebody been in the programs for about 12 months
Superguy very senior wasn’t in a hurry but just kind of worked it and was
careful and you know ultimately got a job with Amazon Web Services and it’s a
great story but other people you know depending on where you live depending on
how much you earn what you’re willing to tap there’s a million factors that
contribute to some of the length of time that it takes one thing I don’t want
anybody to do is don’t any of you that you know are with you know currently
employed and you’re thinking about quitting it’s totally okay if you want
to quit go ahead and quit but all the stats you hear about oh it takes you one
month for every $10,000 that’s a bunch of nonsense anybody who tells you that
that’s ridiculous first off there’s no stats that are kept on that that’s just
guessing and they’re usually trying to scare you so you know by my program
that’s crap we have people that make five hundred thousand dollars that can
find a job in a week so it’s you know it’s a matter of you know do you want
that job so don’t everybody’s different there’s a number of factors a lot of it
has to do with your your tactics what I find as you know the career doctor is
that the reason it takes people longer usually now this is a general statement
based on looking at many many thousands of individuals that I have coached in my
programs usually the reason that their searches are dragging on are because
they’re they’re focusing on the wrong activities they’re jamming their resumes
and applicant tracking systems instead of networking those kind of that’s just
an example but that’s what I mean and if they exerted as much energy into
networking and in and in targeting companies and mapping their network and
so on as opposed to just looking for open positions you get your job a lot
faster well some people come to the realization sometimes they try all the
applicant tracking system stuffing they do that for months then they break down
and then they enroll in in one of my programs and all of a sudden things
change very quickly because they completely stop doing all that stuff and
they start doing other things so as any one of a number of reasons and where you
live what you do how much you earn and all that good stuff stay positive keep
with the community get my book jump in the Facebook groups
you this book here all you need to do if you if you chip in the 7 bucks and you
get in a mile walk Academy account you get access to our LinkedIn private
LinkedIn group and our private Facebook group the interview intervention
Facebook group and you can lean on people in there too so chats are just a
lonely lonely thing it doesn’t need to be all right let’s see SLK Dinesh Wendy
hey hey hey Robert Eric Wymer I found your resume template I’m gonna
go back to what I said before a Robert I really would highly recommend two things
for you my friend one actually wait let me make sure I get
the right time things here one thing that I would do Robert
check out the free webinar how to find a job you love that talks about the main
tactics check out my networking videos on my youtube channel
and I think if you if you alter your perspective you refocus on the higher
value activities of the search I think you’ll have better results I really do Jay Brown how you doing Minnesota Melvin
I love that The Fixer Jason hey oh geez Melanie love this Melanie love it all
right Melanie my boot camper do you have any tips on how to prep for a phone
screen with a consulting company recruiter with no specific position I
reviewed the company service offerings and identified which how my experience
applies so this is a great question how do you prepare for an interview when
there isn’t a specific position so what you want what you want to make sure that
you do is there’s there’s the researching part of the prepping and
then there’s the developing your questions part of your prepping
obviously you want to be ready for the common ones like hey Melanie what are
you looking for are you leaving why are you open to
leaving why did you leave your last job what value do you bring in all that good
stuff okay you’re gonna you got to prep all those but when you look at the
consulting company obviously if they’re interviewing you you have the background
that coincides with what they do most of the consulting companies are service
based companies sometimes they’re product and services companies but
regardless of what they do whether it’s a product or a service or both you want
to make sure that you know how what you do aligns to the types of positions that
they have one of the best things that you can do is go on LinkedIn look by
company look for the company look for people that work there look for the
people that have similar titles that you have people slightly above them people
slightly below them other people that do what you do look at what their
responsibilities are look to see what it is that they’re doing in their function
start thinking about how specifically how what you do aligns to that when you
get into the interview and you should prep about the recruiter and everything
about the recruiter whoever you’re gonna be phone screen with and when you when
you get into that session you want to make sure that you are asking so I love
this I I certainly can see based on what your company does from my research as it
relates to this that Anil or whatever that my background aligns and would
would greatly support your ability to do that what I’m wondering is if you can
share a little bit about how you see my background fitting into your
organization and what some of the possibilities would be position wise for
me to join that should come out early and it shouldn’t even be a problem to
get that out early and as a matter of fact you might not even need to pull
that out of the recruiter because what a good recruiter will do is you’ll say hey
Melanie or he’ll say Melanie I you know the reason I wanted to talk to you is I
noticed your background really fits to this that the other thing and a lot of
times that will come out if it doesn’t come out though you need to pull it out
and you also need to say where do you see me so you can do a couple things
where do you need the most help okay cuz that’s really great because then if you
can close the gap there and you can fill where they need the
most help your your smoking if you’re not sure it’s where do you see me adding
the most value line me up to the positions so this might not be your
hottest spot of need but this is where I could hit the ground running and add the
most value soonest okay so you want it want to do those kind of things and you
want to make sure your questions are lined up for that and then you you as a
bootcamp or know about all the happiness stuff of lining all those questions and
all that good stuff but that’s what I would do it’s a great thing and looking
at the people in the company though that’s something that you need to do
that may sound obvious not a lot of people do that but really really dig the
other thing is look at people that you could potentially report to or the role
and there might be in a consulting company there might be a number of
people and in a consulting company there’s a lot of interchangeable pieces
in staff is being deployed to different projects so you know between June July
and August you get this one boss September October November on another
project you had a different boss but generally speaking who would you be
reporting you you know yeah be a that would be reporting to project managers
or your project managers that that would be reporting to an account partner and
so on so you want to try to look at you know what the next level is what the
level below is and all that good stuff that’s what I would do hope that helps
you oh one other thing about the phone screen I’ve never done a video on phone
screening but I have a nice article that I wrote on my blog that you can check
out and Melanie in your package of the bootcamp
I think I think it’s you know we we simplified some of that I might have
pulled it out of the out of that but but check that out on my blog it’ll help you
Tim phone interview on Friday which I am certainly qualified for it love it
however interviewer already informed me that he had a hundred and eight
applications how do I stand out first off Tim the recruiter is not going to
interview one hundred and eight people so it makes no difference how many
applications they have it makes every bit
France how many people they’re actually going to interview
they’re not gonna interview 108 so of the hundred and 898 we’re not qualified
okay so count on that they’re likely not gonna interview ten either so they’re
gonna pick like you know three or four that they think are golden and they’re
gonna go at them first you’re one of them
I’ve got news for you so the way you stand out is you go get the interview
intervention book because there’s so many things you need to do in order to
do that correctly if you want the crash course go get the the webinar the
interview webinar that I mentioned three keys to ace any job interview and the
other thing for all of you guys I have an interview playlist on YouTube
go zip through it that’ll help you alright
let’s see how we doing hundred some-odd people all right come on we try to get
another ten minutes in here Vincente Rivera Garcia you are welcome
oh love it from Mexico is one of my favorite places on earth James you are
welcome ESD I don’t know that I can help you stop your anxiety when anticipating
big results but I do a lot of meditating that’s one thing for sure
Sharif in case of an employment gap two years how do I justify how can I justify
my stance to the potential future employer Zarif I got a whole video on
that called how to handle employment gaps it not only covers the resume it
covers the interview but straight away I would not worry what do you think about
a video CD or cover letter I’m not sure Oh Kim don’t do it all right
Vincente how can I put my current position and Linkedin if I’m unemployed
you you don’t have to put unemployed if you don’t want to and I know you said let’s see unemployed having this
me a star finally and apparently this is important to be noticeable a star
finally I’m not sure what you’re talking about
I would not I I don’t know I I wouldn’t I mean your your current position is
whatever you did last so you can put the end date or you can put to leave it open
I don’t you know depending on how long you’ve been unemployed she great to see
you Jen bangle baby how are you from Vegas hey Andy let’s see Akshay
what can we put in the subject feel the boss empty email so this is a great
question if you are not familiar with my boss hunting technique the good news is
it is free and out there and if you go to my youtube channel and in the search
bar just type boss hunt up will come a video with a couple of cover letter
templates all of you should have this all of you should do this I don’t care
if you’re right out of college I don’t care if you’ve been working for 40 years
makes no difference it is the single best technique to get
somebody to respond so in in the subject field don’t overthink it don’t overthink
it so you know interested in working with you
interested in working with you and your company it doesn’t have to be anything
flashy they will open the email one thing that I would also do is look at
the read notify tool and see if they opened it how long it was opened if they
forwarded it all that good stuff that’s what I would do Alex Kay applied
something wrong okay wait I think this is a question make sure you guys are
putting question marks I have fines applied for several roles and now in
different phase of the hiring process see at the moment phone screen file at
the time I applied for all these roles I was employed but decided to leave in the
middle okay what point should I bring this up now tell him right away
the longer the longer you wait the worse it is so the minute you leave it’s okay
to tell them they’re gonna do the background check they’re gonna check
your end date so it’s gonna come up so better
they hear that from you versus hey we did your background check and we noticed
that you know you’ve finished last month last week whatever just I would just say
hey listen you know what I’m I’m actively interviewing I really love your
company I’m confident that one of these options is gonna work out I’m really
enjoying them I thought it would be in the best interest now I guess I would
not necessarily do that I would not quit but since you quit that’s probably how
I’d explain it and then you know I just wanted to put my energy into this I
didn’t think it was fair you know be a stand-up you know be a stand-up guy what
I don’t know if you’re Alex a guy or a gal but you know be a stand-up person
you know I decided I was taking so much time off to interview I thought it was
bad form for what I was doing to the employer so I decided to quit that’s
what I I mean if that if something like that is the case Mohammed hey Andrew I
have a 9 year I have a 9 year experience as an electrical technician at a major
oil company awesome file by 9 year gap of school failures major changing
struggle with mental illness okay where do you I am also about to graduate with
an associate in architecture but I’m stuck with that too because I need a job
to support my family and fund the remaining of my architecture schooling
how can i tackle this in my red straight on you I I went to school I you know I
when you have situations like this especially when they are as Extreme as
they are you got to own it so I had a nice run I wanted to improve my life I
went back to school as I got into school I was recognizing that the things that I
was pursuing really weren’t for me so I did some self-reflection I finally got
on the right track which is you know architecture or whatever it is and so on
but now I need to now I need to return to work to you know raise money for my
family now the issue you’re gonna have that I would be more concerned about as
well you know how long are you gonna work here before you want to
back to school so you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to come to terms with
how you’re gonna package that but i’m i’m a fan of straight on he dubs
18-month gap in employment due to job elimination was told to add a
self-employed job well if you actually were self-employed then i would do that
if you were self-employed if you were not self-employed and meaning you didn’t
do anything then i would not do that for everybody in a gap here’s what’s
important the employer wants to know why were you in the gap taking care of my
sick parent i went and traveled the world i went to africa to feed starving
children i whatever you did I went to pursue my a degree I volunteered
whatever I stayed home with the kids anything is fine any that’s cool because
we’re that’s life what they need to hear is while I was you know doing this
here’s what I did to stay sharp here’s what I did you know like if you’re
volunteering and you’re in a foreign country and you did that that’s cool
but if you’re it you know I’m in the US if if I decide to take a year off and
I’m you know just for whatever reason the job was eliminated what were you
doing if you are pursuing employment what were you doing to pursue that and
what were you doing a stay sharp they need to hear that it’s it’s a it’s a big
deal ok let me see if I can get another one
in here Bradley garlic struggling or garlic I think struggling after burn out
from 25 years a very successful set designer after a much-needed break I
know I want to work for an interior design studio but over 50 always been
the boss where’s what’s the question I don’t see it my friend Jeff Norris I am
pretty good interviewer but I never show my personality during an interview do
you think this is an issue in trying to connect with people interviewing me I
have no idea why you’re not able to show your yourself
if you grab interview intervention there is a chapter on friending the
interviewer and it’s good icebreaker stuff try that all right let me see
Cheryl Curry so I was told the job was mine then I got a call saying the person
who was leaving has decided to stay is this a ruse to pick another person no
I would I would genuinely believe them this stuff happens Alexandra how are you hey Andy Green’s
from London I’m a recent graduate be a product design I work as a nanny over
five years now how can I use this in my resume I love it what it’s not it
doesn’t matter don’t overthink this Alexandra you take
the college collegiate template that I have use that it’s totally totally great
I mean it will be perfect fit for you don’t overthink it
if you’re if you’re not sure where to get that head to the YouTube channel in
the search bar just type college I have a whole college section on my blog – all
right let me see if I can get another alena good day Andrew and felt my boot
camper there when we when being contacted by recruiters how do you know
when they’re legitimate they ask for a resume do you send so Alina I would I
would generally assume they are legit if you’ve got the name if so so first thing
that I like to do is written I’m assuming rarely because no one
apparently knows how to use the phone anymore
they don’t pick the phone up and call you that’s rare and they don’t do that
because number one it’s easier to send you a LinkedIn message or an email or
whatever and just see if you’re interested in speaking assuming that 90%
of the time it’s going to occur that way I would look them up on LinkedIn or
their corporate website or whoever they are and I would just check them out
there’s not there’s hardly anything that can go wrong with you sending your
resume to a recruiter but the the one caution that I have that I would
think I would caution you of is when you send the resume you want to make sure
that you are explaining to them I’m happy to share my resume with you so you
can get some background okay please do not distribute my resume without my
permission now every recruiter worth their salt would not do that but some
are shifty that’s the thing you actually need to worry about is that they take
your resume and show a client which is really stupid because if you ultimately
don’t want to go and interview with one of their clients it makes them look bad
which is why not a lot of them do that but you never know that’s I would not I
would not worry too too much about that and and if you want aleena for you a
couple things I have a video on YouTube that is about working with recruiters
there’s one for corporate recruiters there’s one for executive recruiters I
would take those in also since you are in the boot camp there is a specialty
section in the boot camp about executives and over 50 year olds now
you’re I don’t think you’re you’re either of those however in that module I
go into detail about working with recruiters and so you might want to take
that in as well so try try that all right I have got to run folks so let’s
see just so you know real quick next week is Appreciation Week I’m here
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday on Friday tomorrow and for the next four
Fridays I’m in with my boot campers that’s really good if you can swing it
and you want the boot camp which is awesome you get the boot camp you get my
career accelerator program which is another four hundred dollars for free
you get the specialty sections check out the boot camp page email support Kara
will send you $100 off coupon if you want the base package it’s really good
and in those boot camp recessions I get to your questions because we we have a
smaller number of people who’ve paid for the program and who we can actually show
up for the live sessions so check that out the leadership program it’s really
sweet check it out we just did I mean if you’ve
to convince somebody at work of anything and you’ve got to put a pitch or a
presentation together or whatever that’s what we did the other day it’s really
good the goal-setting masterclass mid-august
the interview intervention book and the out of reach book I’ll be trying to pull
together a little family to help me circulate that thing all right
folks have a great weekend we’ll see you know maybe Monday Tuesday with a couple
emails just a reminder about the appreciation week and until next week
have a great one see you soon

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  1. Great show today folks and awesome questions! Lemme know what you need and pop by next week when I'll be live for YOU Monday through Thursday AT 11 CDT for APPRECIATION WEEK FOR YOU!!

  2. Always and I mean Always feel extreamly happy whenever i see you…. such an inspiring person. Thank You.

  3. Hey Andy! I have a suggestion for your new video.
    I am an immigrant and I am trying to get a job here. I know many people who are new in X countries, they typically have similar difficulties in resuming their careers. What would you advise to such candidates and what benchmark should new immigrants focus on? Is there a reason to start from the scratch or should apply to same level jobs? I am a graduate from a top university however I am surprised that I don't get many responses to my CV mainly because of my experience abroad. What can u suggest in a situation like this? Or maybe it is a summer time and everyone is on vacay mode? Idk what to think. Thanks!

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