CAREERS IN BA GRAPHIC DESIGN – Designer,Marketing Firms,Manufacturers,Jobs,Salary Package

CAREERS IN BA GRAPHIC DESIGN – Designer,Marketing Firms,Manufacturers,Jobs,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in careers in Graphic Design Ever thought how some logos, visuals on web,
journals, magazines, and more stand out from others? It is because of the incredible graphics
generated with the expertise of a Graphic Designer. A Graphic Designer is an expert in graphic designing, which is the method of visually
communicating images, ideas, words, and information to the audience. Such artists are expected
to hold skills in layout, drawing, lettering, photography, typography, and diagramming.
It is because graphic designing is an applied art form that creatively presents science
and technology. Individuals who wish to become a Graphic Designer need to pursue a course
as B.A. Graphic Design. Artwork, selecting colors, implementing, visualizing,
research work and executing impressive designs for target audience are the key roles of a
graphic designer. Such professionals also need to possess complete knowledge about different
designing software used for this creating such images. Individuals with an interest in this field can go for the graphic design full time two
years course. To be eligible for this, the candidate needs to possess ten + 2 education
and must have a genuine interest in learning and implementing innumerable tools and strategies
of graphic designing. Applicants who do not go for a BA degree can also look for full-time
courses in graphic design offered by some reputed institutes. Graphic designers have a broad scope for talented professionals in this field. Individuals who
complete this course can start working as a graphic designer or look for other designations.
They can opt to work as creative directors, design consultants, art workers, website designers,
magazine designers, design management professionals. They can even start their own business and
open up their designing company. The only vital thing for such designers is to develop
their cognitive, social, physical, and educational skills to plan and execute impressive designs
for the specific group of target audience. To gain qualification in this rewarding creative
field, aspirants can look for top-notch colleges such as:
• National Institute of Design, Gujarat • Industrial Design Centre IIT Bombay, Maharashtra
• Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology, Karnataka
• Indian Institute of Technology, Assam • Department of Design, Guwahati
• Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Once the students complete their course, they can then look up to numerous avenues to get
lucrative employment opportunity such as: • Graphic designer in advertising agencies
• Artist in design studios • Designer in marketing firms
• Designer and trainer in educational institutes • Artist in exhibits, displays
• Designer in Print industry • Film and animation
• Manufacturers and Publishers At the beginning of their career, graphic
designers can draw a salary ranging between INR8, 000 to INR15, 000. This amount may vary
depending on the institute from which the course is done and the skills of the designer.
On gaining more experiencing and enhancing skills in this field, professionals can then
look to work with big brands and can earn lump sum amount of income.
Graphic Designing is a prestigious area that offers candidates to work, learn, make and
even freelance after gaining experience. Aspirers who are keen to know more details about the
course and higher education in this field can log on to best online career portal we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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