CAREERS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING -GATE,Design,Structures,Mtech,Campus drive,Top Recruiters

CAREERS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING -GATE,Design,Structures,Mtech,Campus drive,Top Recruiters

hello all This is Priyanka, I am the HR of Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and careers. Today I will be speaking about your career options with Civil Engineering.Since time immemorial, human beings have been engaged in building all kinds of edifices. From huts made of mud to Taj Mahal, we have definitely come a long way. As civilisations matured, it simultaneously led to the development of bigger, better and diverse structures. From cave dwellings, human beings had moved on to construct houses, palaces, canals, dams, highways, and stadiums. These civilian structures played a significant role in the development of human race and gave various dimensions to human
life as various activities important like
social politicos economical and Recreation civil
engineering is the wide-ranging and one of the most oldest
branch among all the engineering fields. civil engineering involves designing building the roads, flyovers, homes shopping malls etc,. Civil Engineering makes the world a better place with unique structures civil engineers work are some of the top recruiters for the
same we will be back with more such career option stay connected with us. thank you

54 thoughts on “CAREERS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING -GATE,Design,Structures,Mtech,Campus drive,Top Recruiters

  1. Civil Engineering is much prioritized about designs & structures,You will come across software like CAD and STAAD pro which are design software,students who are interested about Physics and Maths especially moments and Drawing (Civil Drawings) can choose this career,people should be ready to take less salary in their first stage and to work under hot sun are most preferable in job criteria while experience increases you may earn lakhs per month,Males are more prefered than females,for interior designing B.arch with some certification courses are preferable rather than Civil Engineering

  2. Hello I want to know about the skills required for a graduated civil engineer.And where in banglore training is given for the same

  3. can i do masters through distance education. then am i eligible to apply for a professor in govt university

  4. pls clear my doubt ,.;you are saying that civil engg is the most challenging course ,.,it means that civil engg is tuff to study ,.,

  5. Can anybody suggest me pls. civil engineer can do M.Arch.? If he/she can do. then it's possible they can apply for COA license.. ?

  6. I am studying second year civil engineering but i want to study architecture. What can i do ?
    kindly please help .

  7. bas kar woye rulayegi kya!
    scope hi,scope hi bolke le liya, abhi tak job ni mil raha,kahi par bi jao saala exp poochta hi.. .

  8. Let's create a whatsapp group
    For civil engineers looking for jobs
    Might help each other to get what we need….leave your whatsapp no. Below or text 8050705008

  9. hey i am going to give my 12th these month and mhcet on may so after tgat should i pursue civil engineering?does it has value and job aviability in india please reply

  10. mam ji diploma civil engineering ki vacancy kab ayegi …..????& study material kai se milega?????????

  11. dear mam, plz make a video on career in B.Tech agriculture engineering… private opportunity, govt opportunity, private companies where Agriculture Engineers can be hired for which positions etc plz do it early as u can

    thank you in advance

  12. ye kutte ki jaise lagane wali aurat kaun hai bhai ………….. india me bas yehi problem he, khud ke career ka to pata nhi usless GYAN dena bhooot logo ata ….#juststop making these type of video

  13. O maidam accha majak kr leti ho!!!!
    Aao kabhi haweli pe btata hu ki civil engineer ko job milna kitna muskil hai.
    Aur ha likha hua tu badhiya padh let hai
    Teri aankhen maine dekhi

  14. hi mam i have completed civil engineering last year and still i am searching for job..and i have completed software courses also.. and i don't know y i am not getting jobs in frds also still searching currently i am doing job in Marketing field….please any suggestions to me…

  15. hello priyanka can you tell me, what qualification required to take a licence for building designer, how can i get that one

  16. And now I want to come into core side in design field for that I need structural design course. Hence there any effect will happen due to this because after two years I turn into this field

  17. I like this information…I completed BE civil engineering when if join ITI course in related civil engineering work dept of Fitter. I confused so which types fitter work is selected..?plase help me

  18. civil engineering bekar Hai Bhai bina source parbi ke job nahi hota.source parbi bhi apna hona chaiye. bahut se dost source se gaye h achhi company mgcpl custruction,m+w group,lnt me.Lenin apna hoga parbi tabhi hoga.nahi bahut beroggari h India me.job milna bahut muskil h. him ek sal se try kar rahe h.

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