CAREERS IN GAME DESIGN – Diploma,Certification course,Multimedia and Animation Jobs,Top Recruiters

CAREERS IN GAME DESIGN – Diploma,Certification course,Multimedia and Animation Jobs,Top Recruiters

welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers This is Elsa from Today I will be talking about the career options one can have in Game Design Playing games is one of the oldest ways for
entertainment and recreation in human beings. As the technology is advancing, the definitions
and forms of games are changing. Today, computer games are quiet popular in kids and adults.
Game zones are becoming commercial centres in big malls, shopping centres, etc. Apart
from video games and computer games, there are other new innovative games coming in the
market. They are educational and skills oriented games. These games are so much in demand that
game design as a career option is a lucrative and challenging idea. Game designing is an art of applying design and aesthetics to create a game. The games
may be for a solo player or to be played within partners or in a group. There are various courses in India available
for those who wish to make their career in game design. There are graduation courses
like B.Sc in Multimedia and Animation, Diploma or Post graduation Diploma courses like Diploma
in Game design and Integration, Diploma in Digital Arts or there are simple Certification
courses conducted by various institutes like Certification in Game Art and Design, Game
designing and Development, Video game (Design, Art and Programming), Certification course
in gaming or Certification in Game development. There are few institutes in India which are
exclusively providing courses on Game design apart from general multimedia and animation
courses. These institutes are; • Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai
• DSK International School of Design, Pune, • Srishti School of Design, Bangalore,
• Picasso Animation College, Delhi, • School of Audio Engineering, Chennai
There are various other Schools and Colleges which are providing parallel courses which
support Game Design like 2D, 3D, visual effects, animation, Web animation, Special effects,
Graphics, Creative Design, Editing and Illustration. Game designing is a lucrative field with full
of challenges in creativity. This career is in demand in India and abroad. Since more
people are playing games on computers and other gadgets like play stations, mobiles,
tablets etc. the gaming industry reaches around 30 billion dollars slab in US. A game designer
generally has functions like designing characters, levels and puzzles or art & animations. He
may be required to write a code (software code) using various computer languages. He
may also get into project management and testing jobs like testing early versions of video
games. There are various game production companies
like Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Sony, Nitendo, Microsoft etc. There are some Indian companies
which are already established and doing good business. Companies like Milestone Interactive,
Zapak, E-Xpress, Redington, Trine, Dhruva Interactive, Nazarra Technologies etc have
many opportunities for aspirants of game desigining. The start up salary for any fresh graduate
or applicant is not less than 3 lakhs per annum. For professional and highly skilled
and creative candidates, it is much more. There are various opportunities available
abroad with decent remuneration and job satisfaction. Hope you got a glimpse of career in Game Design.
We shall be back with more career options. So stay connected with we will be back with more such videos do stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button

97 thoughts on “CAREERS IN GAME DESIGN – Diploma,Certification course,Multimedia and Animation Jobs,Top Recruiters

  1. But i think there is no scope of game designers in india and what is the salary in india of indie game developer

  2. Hi, I am in class 11 'I.T' Stream and my subjects are ( Maths, Entrepreneurship, Painting, I.t Tools, Web Application, English). So i want to become game designer. I'm from Dehradun. Suggest me or guide what to after 12th. Which college, courses.

  3. you can learn all by your self,watch tutorials etc,and you can make your own game,no need to give 5-10k for something that you can learn faster and better.

  4. Hello I have passed 12th with commerce stream and I am perusing
    I am very interested in gaming what can I do to do this course

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    I'm student of 12 science appearing 12 in 2017-18 I want to do my future in animation specially in game or 3D animation so what should I do farther after 12?

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  8. real a good video u have been made for The people who are wish to become a game disgner and even I wanted to become a game disgner sooo please help me where to join and how to join and what I have to do for it and which is best​ institute in Bangalore

  9. Do you have any opportunity in Game Audio? I'm a self taught music producer looking for an in house position in companies like Ubisoft, Indiagames,etc I can be a foley artist, can act for the big budget games and design sound for the games. I will need training in wwise and fmod as I am not familiar with these interfaces.

  10. I watched your video its nice but i have a question that every gaming industry need a expert or experience person for that , what about fresher candidate like me? Not a single company is ready to hire fresher candidate then in that situation where should we go ?please help me with my query i want to be game developer and i have done my all qualification which is required for a game developer ?

  11. hey my name is ajay ia from kerala india .i love gaming.i know how to play games. i played a lot of games like gta v etc. i am in 11 standard . i like to be a game tester .what are the things i want to do. what collage i want to go. plz tell me.
    i like to get job on ubisoft

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    my what's app no. 7550287721

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    I have completed diploma in electrical eng.
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    Plzzz send me details

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    So can u plzz guid me
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