Carrot Top and His Prop Trunk Interrupt David Spade – Lights Out with David Spade

Carrot Top and His Prop Trunk Interrupt David Spade – Lights Out with David Spade

It’s time
for another episode of the Tony-winning segment
“Career Enders.” -ATTELL: Ah.
-FISHER: Whoa. ♪ ♪ (cheering and applause) Who do we have today, announcer? ANNOUNCER:
Tonight’s guest is Carrot Top. -Oh!
-(cheering and applause) Yeah! Hi! Hello, everybody! All right. -Thanks for having…
Oh, thanks, Dave! -All right! Hi. What a hot crowd. -Thank you.
-Hot crowd. Thank you for joining us,
Mr. Top. Thank you, Mrs. Spade. -Thank you for having me
on the show. -SPADE: Mm-hmm. So, uh, quick question.
What do you think about this new female
James Bond? Um, I think women already have
a license to kill. It’s called the #MeToo movement.
You all know. -Oh.
-(laughter and groaning) -No to that?
-Oh. Thank you. That’ll be all. -♪ ♪
-(laughter) -That’s all we needed to hear.
-I brought a whole thing. -No, that’s good. That’s all
we wanted. -What the… -Seriously? Seriously?
-Yeah. -Thanks, though.
-What the…? (groans) We just needed… (cheering and applause) CARROT TOP: My shot.
Dang, is she always a bitch? Why is she always being a… I’ve got, like,
300 props in here. I was… All the way from Vegas. All right, cut him off.
He’s on the mic. Listen, we got a lot of letters about this shrimps thing
I did yesterday, so I… Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Goddamn it. -No, no. Um…
-No, I got to do it. -I got to do it.
-(cheering and applause) I got to do it. I got my people! -These are my people!
-Okay. -All right, you get two jokes.
-I get– I flew– Okay, good. Okay. This is
a pacifier for an ugly baby. Right there. And we’re starting slow.
Take it easy. That was the Pee-wee Herman
doll. That was great. (laughing) Oh! Oh, shit! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, -sorry, sorry.
-Keep go– keep going. -You got the crowd.
-I got one more. Uh, I-I made…
(laughs) I made a Shake Weight
so it wouldn’t go off when you’re working out.
It’s kind of weird. But, wait, no, wait,
I have one for Asian guys, too. -Look, the Asian one.
-That was great. -Thank you, Carrot Top.
-I got more. -Okay. -♪ ♪
-A piggy bank for gay guys. -Goes right in the butt.
-(cheering and applause) I got a… Oh, this is a plate. It’s a plate.
When you go to Grandma’s and you kind of… Mom food. I got all kind–
Oh, a boot with a kickstand. That way, you can fall down. That just looks funny. I don’t know what it is. I just got an ice tray
with a level. You can spill the water. And you can do that. Mm… What?

100 thoughts on “Carrot Top and His Prop Trunk Interrupt David Spade – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Carrot top rules so hard. That jizz got all over Spade. So good. I love this show. Release full episodes!!! Weehawww

  2. and just today, my office was actually talking about Carrot Top, if he's still around, and educating the one person who didn't know who he was. Crazy!

  3. This feigned reluctance to allow him to perform cheapens the show. Invite Carrot Top or don't, but lose the contrived garbage already.

  4. They really cut him off, and played him out… After spade walked away, they shouldn't have played that loud ass music, what the hell. Let the man do the closer and don't cut him off like that. 🙁

  5. I'd like to find something David Spade does better then Joe Dirt. Sadly, I think that may have been the pinnacle of his career and that's not saying much. Bu-bye! — Do you do any nirvana impersonations?? I think you'd be good at it.

  6. Dave Attell looks really uninterested.
    I met carrot top in airport in Vegas… I'm pretty sure he is a tranny.

  7. Spade is trying to seem like a woke, tolerant comedian. He’s lost his way amongst the identity politics and self governing society. RIP david spade.

  8. Kinda reminds me of if Lionel from the Thundercats crash landed in Nevada & learned the harsh reality that is the Las Vegas strip ;p

  9. Who is David spade to judge anyone in the comedy world? He’s the comedy equivalent to a third string nfl punter.

  10. A 6 yeah and side mirrors 2 2 but u dated heather locklear half a pt. Oh she was drugged up up by 1/8. Shittt did daring profile 4.3 pathetic—-waiting for a bum licked my ewwww. I get it now

  11. How does carrot top drip have a career at all? His jokes are racist, sexist and homophobic. Times have changed carrot top.

  12. Carrot Top looks like what happens when Kathy Griffin gets exposed to gamma radiation and, when she gets near a comedic prop, she turns into Carrot Hulk.

  13. funny to see this pop up on my feed. just saw Ctop's show in vegas this week for the first time. He put on an awesome show! HIs brother Shaun White would be proud.

  14. David looks fucking tired and depressed in this. The whole premise of this skit with carrot top was rude af too. Have him on a career enders bit and then keep pushing him away. Just so david can get views yet at the same time not get caught hanging out with the nerd. Carrot top will get views but he isnt "cool," so act annoyed and push him out and you can get the ratings and retain your coolness. Dang David wtf happened to you?

  15. You know to this day I've never seen a carrot top show. I heard people make fun of him. I have seen him I think bulk up? I know his hair. But that's it. Is he funny? I feel like i want to like him.

  16. I love muffin top, I mean Carrot Top. I work out in a park in Las Vegas that he jogs in regularly that he's very nice with a friendly hello no ego at all just a talented successful man doing his thing. BTW say what you will but he's got a long-running amazing show and living the good life reaping his rewards as he should so don't knock him jealous dick heads

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