Centennial College: Event Management

Centennial College: Event Management

[Music] If the hospitality
industry is built on the desire to share ideas, food and
experiences, event management is all about
the execution of those desires. It’s style, it’s tactics, it’s
flare and it’s true spirit of hospitality. Finding out what
the client wants and exceeding those
expectations every day. My name is Marcel Bregstein. I’m the Assistant General
Manager at The Toronto Hunt, and an adviser for the School
of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Centennial
College. “So we’ll set the booth
here” “Okay. Sounds good.” For the past twenty
years I have worked in some of the worlds most prestigious
Hotels, Clubs and Cruise Liners. “This is what’s
going to happen, once again I want to do the
record.” Whether you’re
planning a meeting for five people, or five hundred,
the skills and attention to detail are the same. “Okay. So we’re in
business.” You learn in this
business by doing and experiencing and that’s exactly
what Centennial College offers through its School of
Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. “The table is complete.” “Thank you very much.” Students in the
Event Management program lead all aspects of event planning
and execution working alongside a world-class team in a new
state-of-the-art facility. Twenty-thousand square feet of
event space, completely devoted to carrying-out signature
internal and external events. They learn, practice and
deliver direct to clients. This is a growing international
industry that needs well-trained and experienced
meeting planners, event managers and
entrepreneurs. These are the skills that open doors all
around the world. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced and
exciting career that focuses on creating memorable
experiences for people. [Cheering] I love it. “We just raised, I think
close to $30,000.” Centennial College. Your future in Event Management
starts here. [Music]

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  1. I want to study this course but I need to know that do you have any scholarship for international students?

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