CENTURY®  Color Tools | Benjamin Moore

CENTURY® Color Tools | Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore wanted to create CENTURY to have a collection that was the epitome of craftsmanship and quality and really that boutique level of color and product put together. The brand identity of CENTURY was that it was always of the hand. So when we were conceiving how to make the tools for this brand, touch was a very important element of thinking. When we were developing the accordion book, we really wanted to make sure that it sat into your hand very easily, that you could actually flip through it as if it was a book. And what’s interesting about this color tool is that you can actually spread it and see the whole entire 75 color palette and there’s a hyper focus on that one color and shows almost that layering and that sense that is that a wall upholstered in suede or is that actually paint on the wall I can’t tell. Then we have the CENTURY desk reference set and it is a binder that holds all 75 colors with 8×9 1/4 sized chips CENTURY is a product that elevates paint to another level. It not only has beautiful colors, it also has that tactile quality which adds to the environment. CENTURY is another tool for the interior designers and the architects to have in their toolbox to add that level of texture in a space that they haven’t had before.

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