23 thoughts on “Chalk Couture and Dollar Tree DIY- Home Decor

  1. whats wrong if it dries before lifting? does the chalk come off of clothing or glass when washing or cleaning?

  2. You don’t have write “back” on it because once you write what the transfer is, you will already know it is the back….

  3. Lol, I’m frustrated for you trying to keep it straight!… I LOVE the chicken one but not the heifer, I’m not going to call myself a cow! It’s bad for my self esteem.

  4. Why didn’t you cut the transfer into pieces so you could take the earlier-completed parts completely off?

  5. Love ur frame! It came out great & ur color choices were perfect! Tfs how u did the inside of the frame. Donna

  6. This is AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it! I shop at dollar tree all the time !! I actually believe ugh this the same frame too and was just going to frame cardstock but now I’ll definitely do it on glass now too! Subbed to your channel! Check mine out if you get the chance! ❤️❤️❤️💕💗

  7. Great project using DT frame, TFS! I like how you showed lifting the pattern screen as you go to avoid the chalk paste drying.

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