Chance The Rapper Explains How to Get Into Kanye’s Sunday Service – Lights Out with David Spade

Chance The Rapper Explains How to Get Into Kanye’s Sunday Service – Lights Out with David Spade

Kanye, uh, held his Sunday Service
in Chicago this weekend with special guest
Chance the Rapper. (cheering and applause) Chance, I have a question. Could I get a spot
in the next one? Because–
Just to do a guest set? Like, not right at the top,
you know? I can do a clean ten. Mostly clean.
I do stuff like I do on Ellen. I have one pussy (bleep) joke,
but I’ll bury it in the middle. And it kills.
You know what, you don’t even know it’s dirty,
the way I do it. -And, uh…
-I want to– I want to start… -Yeah, go. -I want to start
Friday Night Shabbat Dinner. -Oh, Shabbat?
-It’d be inspired by that. Yeah. -Oh, okay. -Get some, like,
James Turrell pieces, you know? -Yeah. -Like, just,
you know, be doing, like, -our favorite Torah portions
and things like that. -Oh, true. -And it’d be really… -Sounds
a little less fun. Yeah, okay. I think–
I think it’d be really fun. If we could only find
some Jewish people -in this town to do it with.
-(laughter) I was gonna invite, uh, Judd
to Rob Schneider’s adult bris we’re doing this week. But, Chance, honestly,
so you went to this. So, walk us through what
happens. It’s very secretive. Man. I don’t know, man.
It’s-it’s… -Just being honest, yo,
it’s very, very… -Yeah. Christ-based. So, it’s, like… -Churchy? -It’s a lot of–
Yeah, it’s very– it’s very– I wouldn’t even say churchy.
It’s a lot of just, like… It’s a heavy feeling. This is
one of those that I don’t have -a good bit for, because Christ
usually isn’t funny. -No. But-but, uh… -It’s all context. -It was–
it was sick though. It was dope. I mean, it sounds
just like a cool thing -that I just want to go to
just… so I can go. -Yeah. -I don’t even care what happens.
-I would love to go. -Yeah. -You have
to know somebody, so… Can you do a plus-three? -Huh?
-(laughter) Judd, this whole thing
is two hours. Do you feel
like that’s too long? I feel like, if the three of us
went, it’d be weird. I feel like it’d be weird. I feel like it would
just look weird. Like, what they’re doing
is fine. But just us there,
like, if in that, -we were in the background,
it-it– people… -But, again, I’m wearing this. I look great. -SPADE: They go, uh…
-I’d give it right back. Right after the service is done, I’d give it right back
to the stylist. They go, “Did somebody forget
the crackers?” And we all three walk in. All right, um… We’re having a conversation. I’m not, like,
quite white though. -I’m not quite a cracker.
I’m a Jew. -Are you? Oh, really? You’re a matzo. Yeah, I’m, like–
I’m, like– I’m, like… I’m, like, gray. I’m, like,
a good Eastern Euro gray. I’m-I’m full saltine, dude. I’m nothing. I’m the most– All right, a trailer came out
for the new season of Keeping Up
with the Kardashians. This is an emotional clip. Kourtney and Kim face
a health scare. (laughter) -I, uh…
-Thoughts and prayers. I went to the hospital,
like, 72 times last year. (laughter) (cheering and applause) -It was rough.
-Oh, shit. I like when people are,
like, going bald, and then, suddenly,
they just shave it all off. -Yeah. -You know?
How, like, Agassi did that. -Yeah. -And then, like,
Bruce Willis did that. -And Travolta just did that.
Like, one day, boom. -Yeah. -B– I’m gonna do that.
-Oh, yeah? Just, one day,
I’m gonna go bald -and you’re gonna be like,
-I feel like… “I suddenly want
to (bleep) Judd Apatow. -Yeah. -He looks so good bald.”
-(applause and cheering) -I do now.
-Should I do that? Should I shave it all?
I did at one point years ago. -SPADE: I like your look.
-Thank you. I feel… (mutters) (laughter) By the way, if you’re Armenian, and you’re running out of hair,
something’s wrong. I’ve got Armenian kids on my
street doing donuts at 3:00 a.m. Anyway, Chance, have you, uh…? You’ve never dated a bald woman,
have you? No, no, I haven’t. I have never dated
a bald or balding woman. -SPADE: Right.
-But I don’t think… I don’t think it’s as dramatic
as they’re making it seem with the hospital and… It’s because it’s reality TV. It’s, like, the ominous tones
and, like, the fast flashy stuff that makes
you feel like it’s important. But I’m sure they’re fine.
I saw them recently. (laughter) -(applause)
-They were… They gonna make it? I think
they’re gonna make it. My big advice to her… My big advice to her is, if… if it keeps going,
don’t look at it as sad. Look at it as distinguished. -SPADE: Oh, yeah.
-(laughter) You know, Khloe doesn’t have to
worry, ’cause O.J.’s not bald. ANNOUNCER;
C-C-Conspiracy. ♪ ♪ Stupid. All right,
that was dumb.

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  1. Know matter how much you go to the church building the real you is when you are at home and especially alone on the outside, people claim they love God but lifestyle heart mind mouth lyrics job jokes says satan and hell but I'm not talking about America god which is satan literally just study the symbols and signs on the back of your dollar bill starting with the all seeing eye pyrimad of lucifer literally those are not decorations ⏳

  2. When is Chance gonna own up to "Flow steeling" song out now was done a while back by a up and coming youtube rapper… Milli Vanilly

  3. These was easily the worst episode an I’ve loved them all but chance really fucked up the vibe..the boi is not funny leave him off funny talk shows

  4. It's funny how Comedy Central had to put "Chance The Rapper," in the title so it gets more views. Sorry to Brett and Judd, but you two don't spew Rap Sensation.

  5. Chloe is NOT OJ's kid, Duh. she's the twat squat from some driver they had for a while, big dude, dark, handsome, nothing like Robert

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