– [Peter] What’s up everybody. Peter McKinnon here
and today talking about this horrible lighting situation and how to make it look like this for less than 50 bucks. (techno music) Welcome back to another tutorial. So glad to have you guys here and I know what you’re thinking. What!? I can get these lighting
results for less than $50. Yes. Yes you can and it’s
honestly, like I’ll be honest. I will be 100 percent honest. So easy to do. Lighting is something that
scares a lot of people and they either think to themselves like “I just don’t care to light something” and just no interest and that’s fine. There’s also the people who are like “I don’t have the money or the budget “or kind of like the interest in learning “about which lights to buy “and then spending the
money on those lights.” I totally get that too. Then there’s the people who are like “I would love to light something well “but I know Pete that you always say “natural light is the best. “Find that natural light. “But I live in a basement apartment.” Or “My apartment faces
a brick wall in New York “and I get no sunlight in there.” Or “I’m shooting in a building today “that has no windows.” So sometimes, you gotta
rig up a lighting system and this is kind of what
I’ve rigged up today, which is a typical kind
of home-office setup. It’s a little bit edgy. I’ve got that fall-off on
my left side of my face here to add that dramatic
kind of cinematic feel. If I wanted to fill that in a little bit I could add a little
bit of extra light there but I kinda like that edgy, mysterious, cinematic
look a little bit more. I think it pops. So even though this is a really
budget DIY lighting setup, if I’m being paid thousands
and thousands of dollars to do a commercial gig, I’m probably not gonna use this setup. Full disclosure. I’m going to use professional
lights and modifiers and stuff that I’ve already purchased for a gig of that caliber. But if I’m someone that’s
starting in photography or if I’m new to photography or if I’m just try to figure
out lighting and I wanna dabble and start to play around
with it a little bit this is the perfect kind of
thing to mess around with and go out and buy the items
and try it out for yourself so you can see what the
difference light makes because it’s not always about
the camera that you’re using. The light is the biggest
aspect of photography be it that you’re
shooting outside or inside or you’re using natural light or strobes or speed lights on top of your camera, or you’ve got a setup like this. Or you’ve gotta $10,000
professional studio lighting setup. Light is so important. It’s crucial and it’s gonna
make or break your photos. Your gonna need some clamps. You can buy these at a
hardware store for like $.99 or at a photography shop,
they’re gonna cost you, I don’t know why I said photography shop. I’ve never said that. It’s a camera shop. At a camera shop they’re gonna cost you like five bucks max per clip. But they’re really, really strong. I use them all the time. I suggest getting some anyway. You’re gonna need like
three pieces of foam core. Just go to Walmart and get them. They’re usually like
a dollar max per piece so it should cost you less than $3 if they’re on sale or whatever. You’re gonna need an LED light. Now, instead of going
to buy a huge LED panel or some Westcott Flex LED Light, which is awesome by the way, but instead of buying that
professional photo gear that I was telling you about
that the camera shop would sell for thousands or hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds go to Home Depot and you’re gonna buy this Husky LED light panel. It’s a work light so if
you’re workin’ in the garage, your workin’ outside, you plug it in, it
lights up the workspace. You’re good to go. But we’re gonna use that LED
light to light this scene and that’s the only light
right now that I’m using. I don’t have this on the shopping list but if you wanna go to
Ikea and buy a desk lamp you can do that and an
extra piece of foam core so you can bounce that
light off that form core to fill in that negative space. But like I said, I prefer
more of the edgy look so I don’t really think
you need to buy a desk lamp so I’m gonna leave that off the list. You’re also gonna need gels. Now you can get these at a camera shop. You can order them on Amazon. I’m gonna drop some
links below so you guys can navigate to this stuff easily. These are colored pieces of really thin plastic if you will. It’s like a, is it a plastic? It’s not paper but, I don’t know. It looks like this. Kinda looks like, see how it changes the color. What would you say that, whatever. Gels. Just look it up. I’ll drop the links below. Another thing, one of my favorite things in the whole world, gaff tape. I love gaff tape. You don’t have to use it. Masking tape would be good too. Duct tape’s way too sticky
and it’ll just rip off your, rip off your face when you
try to pull it off anything. It’s way too strong. So get some gaff tape,
get some masking tape. We’re gonna use that to tape
the gels over the lights. The last thing you’re gonna
need is a light stand. It can be a cheap one. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. You just need something that
can extend into the air. You can use an ironing board for this depending on what you lean it against. I’ll drop some links to some really cheap light stands below. I definitely recommend
investing in one of them or a couple of them because
they always come in handy. But we’re using this light
stand and those duct clamps to clamp those pieces of foam core to for our kind of, our
little scrim modifier, little DIY project here, okay. So, we got light stands,
we got LED panels, we got gaff tape, we
got clamps, we got gels. That’s pretty much it. So the first thing we gotta do is turn off the lights in
here completely so it’s dark. And then, we’re gonna turn
on our LED light panel. Okay, so we’ve got some
back light from our monitor but you can’t depend on that. So we need to turn on the LED. That’s not gonna work whatsoever. Way too bright. Looks absolutely disgusting. So we need to bounce this off the pieces of foam core that we bought and we gotta adjust our
camera settings a little bit. We’re gonna bring down that aperture, bring down that ISO and
bring down that shutter because, whoo, this is not workin’. Okay, we’ve adjusted our
camera settings a little bit. They’re good. That’s where I like them. Now we gotta fix this lighting
setup because, that’s why. (music) Now that we’ve moved that and faced the light the other way, it’s not as bright and hideous. But we need that light to
bounce off that form core and light up our face. So let’s bring over that foam core. (music) Look at that. We’re almost there. LED panel bouncing off the form core reflecting in my face. We need a little bit
of a background light. There we go, adds a little
more life to the scene. If you don’t have a background light, you can use candles, you can use a lamp and put it on the floor so that it reflects the light upwards. Lots of different things you can do. But if you have pot lights
or if you have candles or different things that you can light, do that and put it in the background. It’ll just be soft but it
makes that detail a lot nicer. Okay, hang our gel up here. Right in front of the light, like that. Yep, Perfect! Good to go. And we’re pretty much done. That’s it. It’s that fast. Doesn’t take a long time to set up. We have an extra fill light
on the right side here which is my left and if I just tap this lamp you’ll see it fills in a little bit on my left side. But like I said earlier,
I don’t really like that. But it is optional. I’m gonna show you have
it’s done right now. So for this we have an Ikea lamp here which is accessed by this push button. And I’ve got that bouncing
off another piece of foam core which reflects me to the side. I’ve also got another CTO gel just taped to the top of the lamp here to get rid of that orange color cast. Don’t really like that. So again, to try and match the light tape that little gel up there and we are good to go. And on the backside of this, I’m literally just leaning
a monopod against the desk to help keep that foam
core from falling over. That’s it. Sometimes it’s just going through gear that you already own or
going through your house and just finding things that you don’t use or things that you do use and finding new ways to use them. So for that, works perfect. Now I use a gorillapod to fasten this Husky
light to a light stand. You don’t have to do that. There’s a hole in the
bottom of the Husky stand that you can put a tripod plate on and mount it to a tripod so that you can adjust the tilt, the pan, all that stuff, which is great. But if you don’t have that and you don’t have a gorillapod, it comes with its own base plate that sits flat so you can
put it on a stack of books, you could put it on a stack of boxes. You don’t have to use this exact setup to mount it, to bounce it off
these pieces of foam core. That’s just the way I have it because I have this equipment. Eventually, yeah, a
gorillapod is a great idea because you can just wrap
it around the light stand and you can pretty much
wrap it around anything. So I could wrap it around something on the ceiling, bounce light. It’s really versatile for me so that’s why I use the gorillapod. But you don’t have to do that. You can use the included legs that come with it, mount it flat. Just be creative with it. An ironing board always seems to work well because you can just
kind of extend it flat into like a little makeshift table and bounce things on that. You’ll notice that your
room, or your office, or wherever you’re lighting this stuff up ends up looking just ridiculous. And you’d never know from looking at me on that side of the camera, but if I turned it around and you’re like “Whoa, that’s weird, whatta
you got goin’ on in here?” So that’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching. I had a blast making
this tutorial for you. Hopefully you get something out of it. If you still have questions or comments you can definitely drop’em below. I do my best to get back
to as many people as I can so, chances are I will see it and I’ll try to get back to you. Like this video, share it and just, you know, have a good day. Have a great day actually. (techno music)

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