Cheap + Super Bright LED Garage/House Lighting!

Cheap + Super Bright LED Garage/House Lighting!

what’s up guys Ben here from Authentech,
and today we’re gonna be checking out uber right and cheap LED lights let’s
check them out now I covered these lights in my studio tour make sure you
check that video out after this one now making videos full time it’s sort of my
job to be obsessed with going lighting I need it for good clean shots
well I’ve searched high and low for many years and I think I finally found the
perfect solution but they’re not just for photographers and video shooters
like myself you could definitely use these in your home these are simple ways
to light up your space whether it’s your home office studio or garage speaking of
let’s go up to the garage and start there first now stepping out into the
garage when we first moved in it was pretty dark and dingy as I’m guessing
yours is probably the same then I found these on Amazon there are four foot
utility garage lights with LED bulbs CFL is super outdated install process on
these took a little while but I have attic access daisy-chain them all
together and that’s the beauty of these you just plug in one or two into a
socket and that powers them all I want them all on one single smart switch so I
installed two of these little bulb socket outlet adapters that I Ray had
wired to a switch and easy peasy now all of them are wired to one smart switch
now don’t worry I did the math make sure you do the same my 15 amp fuse can
safely handle around 1,400 watts each of these LED panels is pulling only 38
watts each and I have 12 of them total so
that’s less than 500 watts for all of them together and I’m always tinkering
in my garage working on scooters RC cars drones this or that and I thoroughly
enjoyed using these lights ever since I put them in I told my buddy Nick about
them he installed them in his garage as he’s always working on his car and they
were game changer for him day or night you can see every little detail and it
makes working out in the garage just so much more bright and enjoyable and lasts
up to more major benefits of these LED lights you’re gonna save money on your
utility bills since they consume way less electricity than others and two if
you use these six hours every day they’ll still last you around 21 years
so no worrying about changing out bulbs a four
Cadiz is only 164 dollars on Amazon and that brings it down to about 41 bucks
per fixture pretty affordable in my opinion now let’s head inside for an
even cheaper LED light up next are the bond locks 40 watt LED bulbs I have
eight of them here in my studio I’m being solely lit by those right now I
place them in my overhead can lights for bright even well distributed light these
are perfect for any photographer or video shooter out there or any hobbyist
doing finer detail work like model building knitting an oven mitt hand
crafting embroidery sewing crochet scrapbooking woodworking zzyx you’re
working on I know more than you all right each bulb has a hundred and
thirty-two bright LEDs that beam in 360 degrees they output over 3500 lumens
each and comparing that to your standard incandescent or CFL bulb that’s way less
bright about half or one tenth of that they can be placed in cans like I did or
a studio head cheap you like these or just says easy any floor or table lamp
with that standard light socket you screw it in and bam crazy bright light you can install them on your porch patio
use them as outdoor security lights and with this little add-on gadget I found
on Amazon super cheap it’s a bulb socket splitter mine was like 16 bucks you can
find them even cheaper the basic idea is let’s say you only have one socket open
you screw this into your garage or bedroom if you want a cheaper easier
option grab a few bond locks to do bulbs screw em in and bam let there be light
so this was a quick and fun one let me know if you find any use for these
bright cheap LED light solutions now I’m Ben from authentic make sure you
subscribe and ring the bell if you haven’t already for more tech videos
like this posted every week and until next time
let’s live authentic

20 thoughts on “Cheap + Super Bright LED Garage/House Lighting!

  1. I'm in love with these super bright and affordable LEDs in my garage and home office/studio!
    -Garage LED Panels โžœ
    -Bonlux 40W LED Bulb โžœ

  2. I have been thinking about having someone install more overhead lighting in my office. Seems to be the best way to reduce shadows, and have good, even lighting. How much does it cost to have someone come and install like 6-8 recessed lighting outlets?

  3. I understand these corn on cob lights are cheap and powerful, but I think you need to install some protection on the outside of the bulbs as they aren't covered and can electrocute you

    In my opinion, I don't really like corn on cob lights

  4. I changed all my bulbs in our home 2 years ago with LED. my wife thought I was crazy… house….came with bulbs…and now your changing them? We ended up saving about $50 on our electric bill per month. She loves the savings and the brightness. Good video!

  5. For your "home" .. umm no! In a studio or garage maybe a bright white blue spectrum "5500K" but everywhere else .. 2500K to 2700K incandescent replacement soft white and you need to make certain they're dimmable in most home uses.

  6. These look great for video. I wonder if thereโ€™s any issue with flickering (especially at higher framerates)?

  7. I'm interested in the Hyperikon lights. I need it for a card gaming table. Do you think it will provide enough light if I just buy one? The light and table will have about a 6 foot gap. Thanks!

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