Cheap Three Point Lighting Setup (Best Budget Video Lighting)

Cheap Three Point Lighting Setup (Best Budget Video Lighting)

– In this video, I’m gonna
be doing a quick walkthrough of my budget three-point lighting setup, here in my home studio, and also sharing about my
favorite budget backlight, coming up. (upbeat techno music) Hey, what’s up guys, Sean
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the video, check out show notes and links in the description below. I’ll list out all of the gear I mention as well as the accessories, and anything else I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So one of the best ways
to level up your videos is to level up your lighting. And one of the most popular
lighting configurations is called three-point lighting. That’s where you have a key light, you have a fill light, and then you also have a back light, or a hair light. And so I’m standing here in my home studio where we shoot a lot of the video content for our YouTube channels, as well as our programs, and behind me we’ve got a setup of our Sony a6500 with a
Studio Pro lighting kit. It’s two softboxes, and
so we have the key light, we have the fill light,
just on either side of the camera, and you could
see some of the results of how that footage looks right here. And then, up above,
installed on the ceiling, is actually the hair
light, or the key light. Now, if you actually
want to see a full video breaking down this
Studio Pro lighting kit, I’ll link it up on the YouTube card as well as in the description below. This lighting kit is very budget. At $75, it’s probably one of
the best budget lighting kits on the market. 850 watts, looks great in a
scenario and shooting situation like this, and you get
those front two lights checked off, right? You get your key light and
you get your fill light done. But then, what I’ve added to
the setup is the hair light, or the back light, up on the ceiling. And what it actually is, is
it’s a Neewer 160 LED light, and this comes in at $32. And there’s some cheaper models, but I’ve been using this one
for years, and I love it. And there’s a couple
different things you can do to configure it. You could just get the batteries
for it, and that’d be fine, depending on how long you’re shooting. Just do rechargeable
batteries, get it mounted on the ceiling in some way,
and then you’re good to go. But I actually have the
power supply for it, right? So this is a kit that you
can buy that allows you to plug it into the
wall, and because we do long batch shooting, it’s nice
to have that continuous power on that hair light. And so that’s at $32, this
extra charger comes in at about $15, which is nice, especially if this is gonna
be something you might use for years and years. And then you never have to
worry about recharging it. And then, in this particular scenario, up on the ceiling, there,
is actually a red bike hook that I screwed into the ceiling, and then there’s just some different kit that I found lying around,
so that I could just hang on the red hook to give
that nice hair light angle. But this is another setup that I did. It’s got kind of a mounting clip, and I use this in the loft as well, for the hair light, and it gives you a little bit of versatility for mounting. And so, again, I’ll link up
some of these different pieces in the description below. And then finally, you could, you have a really long
cable here, on this, but for cleanliness, and for just kind of a permanent install, or semi-permanent install, I actually got an extra
long extension cord, which is like a Cable
Matters, just 12 bucks, and it’s a 25-foot extension cord. But what’s cool about
the Cable Matters cord is that you can also get
six, 10, 15, or even 25. And I just wrapped that
from the power outlet, it goes along the top of the ceiling, and then that way it
brings a nice clean cable to power that. And then finally, I also
got some cable clips. I got a 400-piece kit, ’cause
eventually I’m gonna organize all the wiring for my desk setup, but I just used that to make sure that the white extension cord
was installed really clean and sharp for the
overall back light setup. And so altogether, it’s a
super solid and affordable three-point lighting setup. And I think that the
biggest difference may be, for a lot of the THiNK Media community, is consider adding a hair
light or a back light. I know probably a lot of you
have maybe two softbox lights of some sort, but what’s
great about a hair light is, it really creates separation
between you and the background. It really adds just a little bit extra that can make your videos pop, make them stand out, and so if you look at
this example footage here, you don’t just have that
nice bright good color in the front, but you
can not, if you notice, you can see the lighting
on my hair, kind of tracing the outline of my head,
plus even my shoulders, and you’ll begin to notice as you watch other people’s videos, that you’ll be able to see, oh, they either have a hair
light in some situations, or other times when they don’t, when there isn’t as much pop. Remember, one of the best
ways to make your videos pop, stand out more, and look better, is not necessarily by
investing in a new camera, but it’s by leveling up your lighting. And what’s cool is with
a budget setup like this, you can get big results
without breaking the bank. Question of the Day. What budget lighting do you recommend, or what lighting are you currently using? Let me know in the comments section below, and remember, some of the
best tips and feedback come from you, the THiNK Media community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. Check out another video
on THiNK Media here. You can also check out the full review of those Studio Pro softboxes here. Until next time, THiNK
Media is bringing you the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

100 thoughts on “Cheap Three Point Lighting Setup (Best Budget Video Lighting)

  1. Definitely want to invest in those lights when I get the money but so far, using the free light, sunlight. Thanks for the suggestions (:

  2. I got a video idea for you "cheapest plug in camera mics" (sorry if u allready have this video and if u do can u link it to me thanks)

  3. My budget lighting is probably the cheapest thing I've ever found. Walmart sells these clip on desk LED lamps that are white LEDs, with a defusing screen in front of the lights. They work similar to a soft box, but with LEDs. You can see in my latest video (cosplay review) how they look. They work like really good. The BEST part? They only cost $6! I use 2. Onn on the left and one on the right, facing towards me about 8 – 10ft apart from each other, and about a foot or 2 in front of me.

  4. You have so many cheap video lighting tutorials, I am confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😂 don't know which to choose from

  5. I once asked you through Snapchat to make a video on best cheap camera with flip screen and microphone and you said yes…. I just ended up getting a canon rebel sl2, I will have a review and an unboxing coming out on my channel next week

  6. only issue with soft-boxes is they're huge and get hot it would be cool if you did a cheap lighting setup with only LEDs

    Edit: Have you ever considered using the LIFX wifi bulbs with the soft-boxes to be able to adjust color temperature and have colored lights that are defused.

  7. Sean hi, would you recommend a halogen work light for shooting a video?! Any pros and cons for this please, thanks🙂

  8. Whenever I lose motivation to make videos for my channel, I watch your videos. This motivates me so much, I don't actually know why.

    (Do a cheap underwater rig next)

  9. I actually already have a LED light but have never thought to add it behind me to make a 3 point lighting set up for videos! Thanks for the tip 😊
    Now just to figure out how to attach the LED light to the ceiling without drilling holes and upsetting my landlord haha 😂

  10. I’m just using natural light right now and I put a lamp on in the background for adding “ambience” or whatever. I think it looks better with the lamp on than off.

    What do you think of challenges like veda to get your video backlog growing? I do videos about blogging to grow my channel and I’m currently doing veda. I was wondering what you thought of it.

    I love your videos. I found you through your video influencer channel and love think media, too.

  11. I use two photo lights and one desk lamp with LED bulbs from Amazon. The lamp is my left light and the other photo light is my right light. The other photo light lights my background but after seeing this, I may raise my back light and shine it on my hair, not that I think my setup is bad, but I would love to squeeze every ounce of quality I can. I also thought about buying brighter bulbs ( mine are 40 watt equivalent and I want 75 watt equivalent) so that I can lower my exposure settings for less noise, but it's pretty good as is.

  12. My El Cheapo setup: 3 clamp lights (key, fill, back), 3 "daylight temperature" bulbs, a shower curtain (cut into squares and placed over the lights for diffusion), clothes pegs to hold the diffusion sheets onto the clamp lights, and 2 chairs, cheap tripods, or any other random stand to hold the lights. I would love to pickup the StudioPRO kit, but shipping to my country is ridiculous. Keep up the awesome, informative vids!

  13. Those are great choices for lights. I have a few lights that are the size and type of the newer, and I got power adapters for them, and I have a couple of them I put microphone Scissor arms so I can move them into place or out of the way under certain circumstances. The softboxes you suggested give a nice even light source although they take up a bit of space. The can be fairly easily folded up and stored.

  14. Love your vids. Where did you get the giant clip on the bottom of the NEEWER hair light? Neither Amazon nor Ebay includes the clip. Thanks!

  15. My wife and I used some lights from Home Depot for our most recent video and it was super cost Efficient! Our new video is dropping tonight!

    Check out our channel!


  16. Hi Sean! Thanks so much for your videos!! I clicked on that hair light link but I was wondering where to get that clip or does it come with the light. Pls advise

  17. I have a lighting kit that was about the same price and came with three points so it has a smaller back/hair light but where i have been setting up to shoot I don't have room for it. I have also been using a circle or beauty light as well which enhances the look and less shadow as well. this was still a great video and I will be sharing it! thanks man! 👍👍👍👍

  18. I run two of these:

    Those are my front lights with diffusion. Also I run the Neewer Light too as a bg light if needed.

  19. I already have a ton of stands and modifiers for my photography.
    I'd be looking just for the modifiers that can handle the "hot lights".
    No sense in spending money for more stands.
    I guess I can use my current modifiers if I find some cool running high output LED lighting and rig it.

  20. Hey Sean, great video! I currently use a neewer 18" halo light for my videos. Would that be a solid substitute for your two front lights while using a hair light? Thank you!

  21. Hey Sean so so I want to record better quality videos but I'm on a low budget I record vlogs and I want a flip screen but I want a camera that has wifi capability

  22. I kinda like the way you look in this video more than in your video sample because you seem to me over exposed. In this video you can see your true skin tone and not so white.

  23. Do any small Youtubers want to support each other? I am a new Youtuber who is going to do funny skits on my channel! Sub to me and I'll sub back, say you did in a reply to this comment

  24. Thank you! I didn't know you could get lighting for so cheap! I've even moving lamps around my house for my videos, but these may be worth the few bucks investment for me!

  25. Great video Sean. For channels where the creators are typically moving around, would you recommend the same type of lighting kit?

  26. I'm sorry but this set up as really bad color rendition, especially the skin tones. This could look way better if you were able to get lights/bulbs with a higher CRI rating, somewhere close to 95. You would have much richer colors, and much better skin tone. 🙂
    I hope that helps for anyone looking into a lighting set up.

  27. Hi Sean I've just started doing videoing and am finding your videos very helpful. I have two box lights which really help but would a window be a good substitute for a back light?  Could you also do a video about filming in low light / flashing lights i.e. at a music gig, I find that so challenging to get settings right and it's not really somewhere you can use bright lighting

  28. Basically, i use the window light, fairy light for my hair light and a small lamp. hah cheap and easy but it's not that good, it's good if you're on a budget and i'm on a really tight budget. But thanks for the video tho.

  29. Thank you for this series! As people who are new to youtube and the setup that we need to make quality videos, this is super helpful so we can get good products without really investing into "forever" equipment right away! We will be grabbing these out of the links in your description, I hope you are an affiliate! = ]

  30. Got a soft box and three clamp lights. Am building my own soft box and will put the clamp light inside that. And another clamp light for back light.
    Thank u for these videos.
    Good day.

  31. Might be kind of late, but my new studio I built from my photography kit i use:

    StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit 16" x 24" + Boom Arm Hairlight with Sandbag H9004SB2

    LimoStudio Photography Video Portrait Studio Daylight Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit with Energy Saving Bulb, Photo Studio, AGG2332

    LimoStudio LED 18" Ring Flash Light Dimmable / Color Temperature Control, SMD LED Lighting with Carrying Case, AGG302V5

    It might be a bit overboard, but at the time I purchased it I was taking engagement pics of my brother and his fiance and a friend and his fiance.

    If I wanted to go budget/budget I would go with the Limo Studio 3 piece kit for $55.90 and then buy a $25 clip on led work light from Home Depot or Harbor Freight, for a hair light.

    If you look at my new video that will post tonight I have the lights up too close on me and I begin to cook and go flush from the immense heat these 4 light bulb systems by Studio FX can put out.

    When the ring light arrives tomorrow I will make a new video and show that light effect off. The ring light was 87.99 but it came with no tripod. Now you can buy an extra one for around $25 on Amazon but I have an extra just laying around, so I will use that.

  32. I use my home in my living room for my church sanctuary in my lighting is terrible what lighting do you recommend for a rather large room like a living room without having great big boxes that are being seen when I'm streaming

  33. Great video, can you suggest/advise on lighting a home studio for a consistent green screen/chroma key background? Would this set up suffice for that?

  34. Hi Sean, I clicked on the Softbox link you provided but there's nothing there anymore. I found a similar product but thr Wattage is higher and also I don't know if your softboxes measure the same 20X20. Here's the link. Any sugggestions would be enormously appreciated!

  35. if want extreme powerful lighting that mimics the sun. consider cheap Chinese grow lights. they mimic the sun, are extremely powerful and are a bucket load cheaper than anything made for video. watt for watt. Im thinking of doing this. has anyone else ever done it?

  36. I really appreciate your videos. I'm trying to set up a cheap YouTube studio for a project next year, and your videos have been invaluable.

    I've looked for a video from Think Media on seamless white backgrounds, but haven't found one. If you haven't already, could you please cover this in the future? I really like the look, especially for what I'm doing, and there seem to be a lot of opinions on how to do it.

  37. Sean what is the best 3 point lighting set up kit from amazon? I would like to use 3 soft boxes because I don’t have a home studio so I constantly move my set up! Thank you!!

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