CHEAPEST way to see Aurora Lights – Dream Come True

CHEAPEST way to see Aurora Lights – Dream Come True

(speaks in foreign language) (laid-back techno music)
– To all the North Americans, South Americans, today’s video is going to show
you the most affordable way to see the Northern Lights. Katy and I have spent hours
and hours behind that computer, doing research, finding the best prices so that you can make this
magical moment happen without breaking your wallet. – Guys, it’s gonna be our
anniversary in a couple days and I’m super excited because
we’re gonna do something that I have been wanting to
see for the longest time. It has been on my bucket list. – But before we go, there’s
something I wanna show you. Okay, let’s do this. Today’s video presents a
very interesting challenge because it’ll all be edited
on an editing software that I have never used before. Now, the team over at Filmora contacted me and they challenged me to try out their brand new Filmora9 editing
software which, by the way, comes in at $60 US for an
unlimited lifetime license. Now with that, even though
it’s a fraction of the cost of the competition, it
still offers a ton of those high-level features
that make editing videos like this possible. Every thing from proxy files,
high-end color grading. You’ve got all sorts of
different transitions, built-in music. Its got a lot of amazing features
and you’ll be seeing that as we edit this video here today. So a big thank you to Filmora9
for sponsoring today’s video and now let’s get our budget
Northern Lights trip started with a quick trip up north. Hey babe, I found your size.
(chuckles) Very nice. Few hundred dollars later. My mom and my dad just dropped us off at the Vancouver Airport and we now have a really quick flight to take you to somewhere brand new. – I cannot even start thinking
about how cold it’s gonna be. – The thing that blows my
mind away is the fact that we’re gonna be getting
there in 2 1/2 hours, it’s a direct flight,
you can barely get to your neighbor’s house
out here in Canada, eh, with 2 1/2 hours. And so, here is something
I need to share with you because it kinda blew my mind, as a Canadian, I thought
I knew all the airlines, turns out, I almost cost
myself an extra $500 by flying with one of
the mainstream airlines that I found on Google Flights, but turns out, there’s
an airline by the name of Air North, that you have to
go through their website, but they were $500 less, they also give you up to
100 pounds of luggage, per person, and it’s all included,
and they include food, which is pretty unheard of. Just a short flight later, we’ve arrived here in the Yukon, all the way up north in Canada, thank you very much
– Goodnight! – Bye! – Guys, this airline is a crazy find, they give you the best food, they gave me a warm oatmeal
chocolate chip cookie. Easy flight.
– I ate so much. – I’m full.
(Katy giggles) The food was so good, eh? – The cookies. – The cookies. Peruvian lady meets the Great White North. It’s not that bad. It’s really not that bad. – It’s like entering a fridge (giggles). (Christian laughs) It’s cold! I feel like a donkey.
(Christian giggles) – Press the button,
and you’ll find it, so, – She said that?
– Kinda. Oh there it is, found it! Uh huh, ooh, spacious! – It’s so pretty! – Welcome home!
– This is so cute, oh my gosh, it looks
like a gingerbread house. (upbeat techno music)
This is so cute. The bear! – Oh my gosh, we should let
them know, that’s dangerous. (Katy laughs) (Katy gasps)
Ooh, that’s cool. – Mm, I could live here.
– Yeah? For anyone who’s American,
or even South American, one thing that you will enjoy is the relatively-low
Canadian dollar right now, you can get extremely
affordable accommodations, it’s cheaper than going to Alaska, and so I was finding that you could find accommodations with your own private cabin for as
little as $50 US per night. The one downside, though,
is that a lot of the time, the budget cabins don’t have the toilets inside of the cabin, because, I believe, the pipe systems tend to freeze, and so your outhouse will require that you get outside to go pee, or whatever you have to do
in the middle of the night. Good night guys (lips smacking on hand). We’ll see you in the morning.
(Katy smooches lips) – Night! – You guys are still here? This is getting weird. (soft techno music)
– It’s cold (giggles). – ‘Bout 30 minutes outside of Whitehorse, we’ve arrived on a trailhead, and today we’re gonna be
doing a full day’s snowmobile. It’s already a little bit chilly, and it’s 10 a.m. here, it’s
just starting to get bright, apparently their shortest
day of the year is about 5 1/2 hours of sunlight, so a company by the name of Up North here has taken us on their
full day snowmobile trip, and this is their little lodge. We’re gonna get ourselves fitted because apparently we’ll freeze
to death if we go out wearing what we’re wearing right now. – Okay, now. – Do I look cool? – [Katy] No. (whining) – We got ourselves the
six-layer parka jacket. We’ve got on our superhero boots, oh my gosh, it’s a wolf. Bank robber special, here, it’s a nice little balaclava. – I don’t know why I keep
calling baklava (giggles). – Balaclava. – Balaclava. – Yeah.
– Look behind you. – Oh, hi. – Look behind you. – I’m so excited, this machine is 900 ccs, it can do 150 kilometers per hour. – [Mark] You may start your engines! – It has a heated handlebar. We’ve just taken the
snowmobiles out onto a lake, and so in the winters it freezes over. Mark is saying we’ve got about 30 inches worth of ice underneath us, so right now we’re outside
of an abandoned home of one of the most
famous Canadian animals, the beaver. Mark was saying three bites and a beaver will bite through this. – Wow.
(teeth and tongue clicking) – This is where the tour ends, Katy drove.
(Katy giggles) (snowmobile engine starts up) (Christian speaks foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) (intense techno music) This is nature’s reminder, it’s
time to get back to the gym. (Mark laughs)
Oh yeah, that’s a big one. Woo! So Mark was just explaining that these bubbles beneath the ice are actually methane that’s been released by the plants down on the sea floor, and so as they decay,
they release methane, and they get caught on
the ice right above it, and then basically that bubble sits there, until another layer of
ice freezes below it, my tongue’s getting a little lazy, and then another bubble comes up, and then it freezes again and again, and then you get that process, and that’s how you get
those layered bubbles. But the really cool thing is, Mark was saying that if it
was higher up to the surface, you get a drill, and you could
actually light it on fire. So the ice will catch
fire where the methane is. Science. A snow angel and a snow moth. (Katy laughs) Welcome to Yukon pick up game 101, where I’m gonna teach you how to get the girl of your dreams
out here in the Yukon. (snow pants squeaking) (snowmobile screeching to halt) Hey baby.
(Katy laughing) They warned me about
the abominable snowman but no one warned me about
the adorable snowwoman. – Mm. They told me to keep
moving, I’m freezing, so, – [Mark] Yep, keep movin’.
(Christian giggling) – I’m gonna start the fire. (logs clink together)
(fire crackling) – Mark’s just presented today’s menu, we’ve got chili, and best of all, smokies. Katy’s never had a smokie. Hot chocolate. – Hot chocolate.
– Mm hmm. – I can’t wait just to pour
all over me (laughing). (dramatic techno music)
(snowmobile engine starting) – As you guys heard at the beginning, this video is being edited in a software that I’ve never used before, and that’s why I have
to talk about one word, in particular, and it’s intuitive. From hot keys to icons, a lot of things just make a lot of sense. They also have a small database
of copyright-free music, so what I actually did here was, I went up to their library, and I found a song that kinda fit the mood that I was looking for, as a software that’s developed for beginners to intermediates, it’s really nice to see
we have a solid software that has everything that
you need to get started, and plenty of room to grow into. Now today’s video is not
just about videography, it’s also about the Yukon, and with that, I wanted to share with you a restaurant that was amazing. We went to a place called Giaro’s, and it was kinda like an Italian slash just good North American food. Our appys, dinner, and
dessert were amazing, the wine was fantastic,
and so was the service. Came in around $75 US for the two of us. My cheesecake?
(lips smacking on fingers) (speaks foreign language) The vandalism in this
city’s getting out of hand. (drum sting) Okay, so fast forward a
quick five or six hours, we actually went back to town, into Whitehorse, and then we’re right back here, we’re back at Up North. There’s absolutely no light pollution, and this is one of the prime spots to watch for aurora borealis. It is the most clear skies
you could ever ask for, from end to end, it is
beautiful, beautiful stars, I could see the Big Dipper, tonight could be the night. (snowmobile engine rumbling) We’ve actually moved locations, so we went from the top of the hill and now we’re all the way on the lake, where the ice is frozen over, and they have a little,
tiny, wooden hut here. We got a fireplace roarin’ away. All right guys, so, it’s happening. It is happening, we’re getting them, they’re starting to open
up right in front of us. – Oh my God.
– They have not seen them at all this year, there’s only been a few days, we’re getting extremely lucky.
– Wow. – [Christian] They’re beautiful. Here it goes! (dramatic techno music)
– Wow! Amazing. – [Christian] Did it live up to the hype? – Yeah, I have no words to
explain how amazing this is, and how lucky we are, first try and we, look,
very beautiful lights, and I just wanted to
say thank you, my love, you’re the best. I can’t believe you make this happen. I’m very happy. – [Christian] And, cut. – [Katy] I’m getting emotional. – It is 3 a.m., we just
got back to our place here at Pine Yukon, this whole trip is just
going perfectly right now, from the place, to literally getting one of the best aurora nights
that they’ve had in a while, now, and of all nights,
do you want to tell them what it is today? – It’s our anniversary. – How many years is it now? (making kissing noises with lips) – It’s one year. Obviously.
– [Christian] One year! (giggles) (speaks in foreign language) – No, do you say, (speaks in foreign language) Did you just say, “One
(mimics frog croaking)?” (lips smooching) (speaks in foreign language)
(giggles) – Good night, guys. See you in the morning. (lips smooching)
– Good night. – This is entering Narnia, it is beautiful, it just
snowed last night, too, so all the trees have the most
perfect white glow to them this morning. (dogs barking) (dogs howling) So we’ve just checked in
here to Muktuk Adventures, we’re gonna be pulled around through some of the most beautiful landscapes behind some of the most loyal doggos. He’s actually retired
because he had glaucoma, why are you retired? What’s your excuse? The sweetest touch, my friend? – He wants it, too (giggles)! – Mm hmm, he’s getting jealous. Hi. Hello!
He’s even doing a little show! Who’s been a good boy, oh, this guy’s been a good boy (laughing)! Hi, Sherpa! Friends in all different shapes and sizes. (dogs howling) Katy’s now embarking in
her cocoon adventures. Dogs get absolutely crazy-excited when it’s their time to run, and so they were perfectly
silent a second ago, until they saw it was a
chance to go out for a run. Lead camerawoman, here. Katherine Esquivel.
– Oh my God. They’re pulling already (laughing). (dogs howling)
(snow crunching) – Okay, and we’re off to the races! Let’s go, boys! You know it’s just us, eh? – [Katy] I’m so scared right now. (Christian laughing) – I didn’t realize it’d be just us! I hope you guys know where you’re going, ’cause I don’t! All right guys, so welcome to the out-of-control dog show, I gotta say, I love this, I was just thrown right into the responsibility of head musher, they were like, “Here’s the brakes. “Don’t let the other dogs get
too close to the other dogs, “’cause they don’t all get along, “and it’s yours.” Look at the strength on these guys, they are just dying to run. (laughing) Katy’s gettin’ slammed. (laughing)
You okay? – [Katy] Yeah. – These are not house dogs, these are animals that are made to run, made to live outside, so if you’re thinking, oh, it’s unfair they’re
outside, it’s cold, all they do is run all day, that’s like their dream job. Take the lead, my friends! My fellow four-legged buddies. Only you control your destiny. We just got told we have their A-team. So, literally, the fastest
dogs they have here. Far front, on the right, he’s got a jacket on, that’s Homer. He’s the only one here that’s a non-Husky. He’s actually a rescue dog from town, and they thought he would last a week, but he’s become one of their top leaders. If that’s not inspiring,
I don’t know what is. (Katy moaning) Holy moly, we’re freakin’
sendin’ it, boys! Do they even know where to go, hey? We’re goin’. Absolutely goin’. My little bundle of joy. Who does your eyelashes? – They are frosty eyelashes. – Our expert musher,
all the way from Peru, – Mush! (speaks in foreign language) We can do Titanic. (singing song) – Oh my gosh. (Katy shrieking) Apply the brakes! Brake, brake, brake, brake, brake! – I’m braking, I’m braking. I’m so scared! They are so powerful. – So we’re about to go down the big hill, and he’s like, “Make sure you really stand “on the brakes for this one.” – Okay, I need to have more
hot chocolate for this. – One of the most beautiful winter days I’ve ever seen. The clouds are just perfect, the sky is orange. Okay, so we just got back, I think one of the best
things about this is, when you come back,
they have freshly-made, homemade macaroni, they have bison sausage with sweet potato fries,
they’ve got salad, and they’re currently bringing me some ice cream for brownies. (giggling) I think you helped yourself to a few. (intense techno music) Go for a quick dinner here, before our final northern
lights expedition, and we’re at a bar by the name of The Dirty Northern. It’s really good food, and one of the more popular bars in town, so I’ve been told. Good news, they’ve already seen a little
bit of the northern lights, it’s a clear sky and night. (hands smacking together) So guys, we’ve just finished
up our second night of aurora, and tonight was the most enjoyable, because we have this incredible yurt, super-warm, cookies, hot chocolate, tea, but the aurora lights were
not quite as bright tonight, so one thing I need to warn you of, when you see photos and video of aurora, it can actually look even better on camera than it does in person, because of a little thing
called long exposure. That was the case with tonight. To the human eye, it
actually wasn’t as beautiful, it wasn’t as vivid, and as green, but we still did get a little bit of it, yesterday’s was a little stronger, tonight we did it with Arctic
Expedition, Arctic Ranger? I think this is my top
pick for seeing it here, in Whitehorse. As I mentioned, on a night where the northern lights
aren’t quite as strong, sometimes they look a lot
better on the computer, in the editing software,
than they do in person. And, luckily, Filmora9
has so many amazing tools to allow us to make the most of this edit. Open it up into the Filmora9
color-grading software, from there, one of the things
I’m already thinking about is, we’ve got an HSL slider,
and what that means is, we can actually focus on
individual colors in the edit. So, of course, we’re gonna
want to boost the greens, we’re gonna want to make them brighter, we’re gonna want to make them
a little bit more saturated, and just really pop. By tweaking around with
all these features, from contrast to brightness, exposure, we’re able to get something that I’m a lot more excited with, than what was coming out of camera. Now, as we near the end of the edit, I do want to make some summary
notes on the software, here. I have to say I’m extremely impressed with what you’re getting. It’s incredible value,
and it’s very intuitive. It’s a software that empowers beginner to intermediate editors. Now I will say that there’s drawbacks to every
software in the world, and the drawbacks to this
one would probably be for somebody like myself, where I’m running massive files
coming off multiple cameras. I’ve got 2 1/2 to four hours
of footage in the timeline that needs to be cut
down and multi-layered. That’s where things did start to get a little bit slower for me. But the really fantastic thing is, Filmora does have lots of different ways that you can make sure your
render times are faster. One of them is proxy files. That’s a pretty high-level
feature to be offered in this, but it’s a great one. A second one is, you can
reduce the playback quality to make sure that your computer
is not working quite as hard to show you what the video looks like, and, at the end of the day, guys, I wanna let you know that there
is a free trial to Filmora. If you export, you’ll get a watermark, but it’s a great risk-free way to get your feet wet with the software, to figure out if it’s capable
of handling your needs. Guys, if you wanna check it
out, the link is down below, you can either buy the
copy outright for only $60 or you can do the free trial, and that’s a really
great way to get started. (peaceful guitar music)
(water boiling) And it is a new day here, right now, -27 outside, and that leads to a very
fun science experiment that I’ve never done before,
but I’ve seen online. I’ve boiled a full liter of water, here. – Don’t try this experiment at home. Boiling water meets -27 degree weather. Whoa (laughing)! Experiment number two, we’re gonna try to make
it way quicker, here. So it stays as hot as possible. Three, two, one! Oh (record scratching)!
(Christian laughing) – What the shit? Christian. (tape machine rewinding)
– Three, two, one! Oh sh! I’m sorry! (frantic techno music) (water splashing) – [Katy] Ooh. (screaming) My hands are so cold. Ooh! Hurry up!
(laughing) Hurry up. (gasping) – Oh crap, it’s not recording. – No, please,
– We’re gonna have to redo it. – Please hurry, please. Oh, ho, ho, mama! – How was it? (blowing)
(grunts) Much love, from a couple
of -25 snow bunnies. Guys, if you made it
this far in the video, hit the thumbs up button. If your hands are warm enough,
press the subscribe button, and join Team Get Lost, we’re gonna be putting
out videos every week, every Saturday, so make
sure to hit that bell button to be notified when
the next one comes out. I’m actually very curious
about what you think, you usually see tropical
weathers in Christian’s video, but, what do you think
about videos like this ones? – And I wanna hear your thoughts, are you actually planning
to travel to cold places, or do you really like
seeing the warm places? And so, a big thank you to Filmora9 for sponsoring today’s video. And, as always, guys, let’s get lost again, in the next one. – It’s so warm. They are hot. – Hot cookies!

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