Choosing your FIRST designer handbag 2019 *LOOK NO FURTHER!*

Choosing your FIRST designer handbag 2019 *LOOK NO FURTHER!*

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m
going to be talking to you about choosing your first designer handbag
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let’s go I’m also gonna post some really good first designer bag options on the
screen as I’m talking which you know you may find quite interesting links will be
below okay guys tip number one think multi-use okay you
want to make sure that you get lots of use out of this bag that it’s something
that you don’t just touch on for like special occasions and everything okay
because I know sometimes with luxury items people can feel a little bit weird
to use things because it’s a lot of money but at the same time you should
enjoy it okay you should love holding and rocking that bag as much as possible
if you want something that you can use for work and you can also use to like go
to drinks later in the day think of that as well okay don’t just buy something
that you think you’ll use once in a while okay buy something that you know
you’re gonna use a lot you’re going to pick up a lot and that she is useful for
those kinds of purposes tip number two research your fabrics for
your first bag you want something hard-wearing don’t look at something
like for example the Chanel lambskin leather that it’s notoriously soft
that’s going to scratch easily and you don’t want to have to worry about those
kinds of stresses when using these bags regularly okay so look for things like
coated canvas textured leather that you don’t have to worry about as much so
that you can really enjoy these and keep these for a long time you’re going to
get a lot of use out of one bag so you want to make sure that it can really
handle the heat of everyday the next tip is to consider colors now I’m talking
about this from two kinds of perspectives number one you want to
watch out for color transfer light colored leathers are going to pick up
color from things like jeans that dye can transfer onto light-colored leather
bags you want to make sure that you watch out for that so maybe you might
want to go for darker bags but also you want to think about colors that are
going to suit your lifestyle and your wardrobe what colors you’ll be able to
match with most things in your wardrobe so that you get the most use number four
check the pricing so for example within Chanel we all know the Chanel classics
are very highly priced okay they’re like what between three to five thousand
pounds that kind of range but if you look at seasonal pieces and pieces in
Chanel that aren’t leather then they tend to be a lot cheaper gucci is cheaper
than your kind of Chanel Dior bracket Dior ss cheaper than Chanel Louis Vuitton
is cheaper than Chanel is cheaper than Dior can get an idea of pricing so
you can understand okay what is within my price bracket what am I willing to go
to and what is within those options number five do not be swayed by trends
okay we know it we know it’s easy to get sucked in on what we see the most of on
Instagram okay for example the Gucci Marmont bag it can
be easy to see this bag so many times a day that you’re like oh maybe I should
get the Gucci marmont bag as my first bag because you know it’s super trendy and
whatever you don’t want to make the mistake of buying something that in a
year’s time you’re not that in love with anymore
okay this is what we’re trying to avoid if you love it go for it but if you’re
thinking that actually in a year’s time am I gonna be a little bit bored of this
bag reconsider number six try it on okay I know this can be quite hard
depending on where you live sometimes you don’t have some of these luxury
stores near you do your best if you can to go in and try on the Styles because
the store is where you love it the most and if your heart doesn’t beat out of
your chest when you see it in the store it is not for you the other thing is
that you’re really not going to know if you love this bag until you see it on
your body until you see it on you see where it sits you see how the size looks
in relation to your body that’s when you really know okay yeah this is the bag
for me or actually looking at it closer um no no
tip number seven okay is that pick a bag that matches you that matches your style
okay whether it’s the color the style whatever this means to suit you and your
style okay so if you’re seeing then neverfull everywhere and you’re like oh
I really think I should get a neverfull it’s a really great first bag blah blah
but I really don’t think that it’s that meal whichever do not get it this needs
to be you through and through okay you need to be completely and utterly
head over heels in love with this bag before you buy it
okay and if it’s not your style you’re not gonna feel that way and my final tip
is do not think about resale value buy whatever you love if you are 100% in
love with this bag don’t think about reselling it okay don’t think about
whether or not you’re gonna get your money’s back in a year two years time
whatever okay be in love with the bag because when you
love it you are going to feel untouchable when it is hanging off your
body and that that is the moment we all live for with our luxury items okay it’s
to feel like oh yes slaying killing it I can do no wrong I am slaying it in these
streets okay that is how you want to feel so don’t let resale value sway you
in that decision guys let me know if you’re a seasoned designer bag buyer in
the comments let me know if you have any other tips if you’re thinking about your
first designer bag feel free to leave me any questions below I’m gonna link to
another video that you might find useful the ultimate luxury fashion guide 101
right here guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever you are
and I will see you in my next video bye guys

94 thoughts on “Choosing your FIRST designer handbag 2019 *LOOK NO FURTHER!*

  1. Hi.. Cassie
    Another GREAT Tips/Advise.!❤

    THANK YOU.. 😍

    🎉Yeayyyy… 👏👏👏
    You HIT 13K.!! 💥💥💥

  2. Love itttt!
    I never think resale value, I buy a bag bc I fall in love;)
    Love you Cassie!
    Great video!
    Very good points

  3. I already have my first designer bag but I watched cause I just love you.
    &I completely agree with buying things you’re going to constantly reach for. I bought some Chanel trainers and I was “saving” them for important occasions. Girl, I paid way too much for them to only wear them once every two months. So I just wear them with every outfit I think needs a little flexing and elevating. Haha

    Side note: can you do a video on how to pose with your bags in pictures ? I cannot for the life of me get a good picture with my bags in it. I make it look too obvious that the bag is sitting right there.

  4. My favorite bags (oddly enough) were only $20 and $50. So, my tip would be look at bags in all price ranges. You would be pleasantly surprised at what you find. My favorite designer is Dooney and Bourke. Hard wearing beautiful bags. You can't go wrong with good harness leather. 😊

  5. I totally did the trend mistake with that GG belt… twice😭 I first bought the 2cm, did not enjoy it and I gave another try with 3cm, worn it 5 times and I’m done, both ended up on VC. Such a waste of money 🥺

  6. Hi Cassie!!
    Another great round of advice. Thank you for your videos, we look forward to our dose of Sassy Classy Cassie 💕 every week! 💃 😃 👍

  7. Wonderful advice Cassie! I just buy what I love, I have only sold bags ever, so I buy them to rock them for years. I agree with you, buy what you love!!! ❤😍

  8. I definitely can relate in terms of "love" the bag… I get so freggin giggly when I find one that I LOOOOOOOOOVE. <3 another great video as usual, love you Cassie!

  9. My second designer bag was the Alma BB and I love it! She’s perfect 👌🏼 then I became addicted and bought a few more LV items😻😻😻

  10. I have a few vintage designer bags ie Lv,Gucci and Burberry.
    but for my first big buy I really want the Alma BB in the monogram print, what do you think?

  11. #6 actually is the reason why I did not go for the gg marmont nude bag, I tried it in store. Gorgeous colour but does not feel luxurious.

  12. The whole Luxury handbag thing was nonexistent in my world till maybe 4 years ago when YouTube slapped me awake. And,,,hang on,,,but my first was second-hand(!😉) Chanel Jumbo. Black. Caviar. Silver hardware. LOVE it. Thought I would never need/want another bag ever ever ever. Then addiction trickles in and you start noticing other bags,,plotting their acquisition,,,screwed. 🤪 Great tips Cassie!!!!!

  13. I meeaaannnnn this couldn’t come in better time! I’m buying my 3rd luxury bag Chanel classic flap! And so happy you mentioned it! Forever grateful for these kind of vlogs ❤️ also so happy seeing your subscribers going up!

  14. Im a crossbody/backpack kind of girl and the two designer bags I already have can both be worn crossbody. I’ve been debating on getting the Gucci Marmont backpack that I saw at the Gucci outlet near me. It’s $600 off what it was when it was at the regular store and I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I’m trying not to fall for the Marmont trend but I’m failing miserably 😖

  15. Great video Cassie 👍 my first designer bag was Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires. I was obsessed with it. Kate Moss was the face of LV back in the late 90s early 2000s and my boyfriend queued outside the Bond Street store to get me it for Christmas! I never think resale, I buy bags I love 💖

  16. thank you hun…❤️ all your tips.that’s why I have my gg supreme belt bag because of is trendy but I ❤️ it….💕😘

  17. You hit ALL the tips to consider….. Best advice on buying that first lux eye candy 🍭… 👛👝💼👜…..Thanks for sharing…..💓💗💝💗!!!

  18. also, when trying it on; try your things in it and make sure it's easy to use. Also is it comfortable on your body. I've sold SOOOOO many bags that drove me crazy due to a strap that wouldn't stay on my shoulder or was a weird length (didn't it over arm easily or over a jacket) or the opening was a pain in the ass. Gucci ophidia is such a good entry bag right now. LV too.

  19. I made the mistake of buying the never full bag lv…it wasn't practical or something I can wear everyday…I should of listen to my heart and bought the alma bb which is something I can wear everyday …it gives me enough room to keep my iPhone and wallet and a lippie…I can wear it as a crossbody or not….but now im stuck with my neverfulll…

  20. First designer bag was the Chanel wallet on chain in caviar with gold hardware. I feel like it ticked all these boxes. It’s a great bag.

  21. These points are beyond accurate. I am soooo frustrated that I did not research fabrics before I began purchasing my first designer bags! Per Ariana Grande, I would see it, like it, want it, and buy it, lol. Lesson learned. Also, I appreciate the comment about not thinking about resale prices.That's one of the reasons I have enjoyed watching your videos. You buy whatever YOU like! I don't always want bags that will gain value over time. I just want something that I will love and that I will actually get great use out of. I have learned so much from you Cassie, and I will continue to do so!

  22. Oh finally, someone talking about resale value. What's with the low resale value if you love the bag and don't have plans of selling it. Every time I hear someone say I will never buy it full price because of the low resale I roll my eyes!

  23. Cute videos 😘 My primary goal for my first luxury bag is for work purposes. I was thinking the LV Neverfull, however if I get this I will absolutely want another bag to wear outside of work. I was thinking LV Alma, Speedy 25 or a Gucci. Your thoughts? My other other idea is to get the outside of work bag, with a cheaper work tote i.e (Tory Burch) along with a couple of LV SLG ( 4 ring key holder, card case, mini pochette and maybe a coin purse)since I really love and want those too!!. My overall budget is enough for two bags within the LV canvas and Gucci price range. Gucci has been insensitive to my culture so thats another thing to consider. Your thoughts?

  24. You are my absolute fav!! ❤️I wait all week for your videos, it can’t come quick enough. 😩 I have a couple luxury bags that have been gifted to me but I’m actually looking to purchase my own and have been debating between the Dior saddle and the Chanel classic. Which one do you recommend? The saddle just makes my heart explode but idk if it’s practical

  25. I already have a decent collection but I have always thought of the perfect bag for me would be the jumbo because I am very tall girl love that long chain drop am I just crazy to get it in lambskin I have a calf Chanel and two caviar Chanel‘s. I even want it in the beige color call me crazy

  26. I’m thinking of getting the Gucci Dionysus but I’m torn between the small and medium. Just can’t decide so I have bought neither. This would be my first purchase.

  27. I see the marmont bag and don’t even bat an eye. It’s so over saturated and it honestly looks so cheap imo. Maybe even cheaper than Prada’s saffiano leather

  28. You’re past 13k yay 😀 Honestly, having been here since 1000, I feel so proud of you n not surprised at all! You’re definitely a YouTuber who should “make it”

  29. Hey Cassie I have a dilemma I really want a Louis Vuitton pochette metis reverse but; I found a similar Style without the luxury brand name. See link below;
    I really want something nice for my golden birthday what do you think I should do ?

  30. Just want to say I've watched you quite a few times but this time/this video I decided to subscribe. Good luck! (Eileen)

  31. I seriously love everything about your vibes! I bought the LV bumbag (fell in love) and the new multi puchette but thinking about getting the alma bb (damier) or the ysl tote as a first larger bag ❤️❤️❤️👑

  32. Another great video! Love your crosses too! And I don’t think about resale value cause it’s takes too long for me to save up the money for one bag! So I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it when I get it!

  33. Just picked up my first red bag and I am itching for it to arrive. Completely agree with you about colour, designer brands do colour like nooo other.
    I have black obv, brown (LV canvas) and oxblood and one pink bag so I wanted to add to my colour selection.
    I also completely agree with you about trying bags on no matter where you plan to buy (preloved, online etc) I thought I wanted the balenciaga city in the medium size until I went and tried on the mini and realised that was the size I needed. I also didn't try on the givenchy antigona and I bought the medium size and now I want to sell to pick up the medium.

  34. I recently saw some Gucci bags that were shockingly expensive 😶😶😶 seems like they might be wanting to up theirs prices

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