hey guys and welcome to today's vlog so yes today I'm doing the intro by myself because I'm home alone it's been a hot minute guys I've missed you guys I'm so happy to see you back in a vlog style eventually I would like to say thank you very much also for all of you who supports me who watch my videos who come every day and who are like you know very interactive and stuff like that I love it by the way the giveaway is over I would like to thank all of you who participate in that giveaway even if you didn't win like I said in the vlog like we have many up giveaways coming up and you will probably have another chance to win what I'm doing right now is that I was about to go eat actually I made a really big beautiful soup let me show you what it looks like yummy yum yum yummy amazing it's a mussel soup and it tastes amazing you put some Tomatoes you put all the veggies that you want inside of it and then when you go and eat it it tastes amazing you know in the house right now we already have our let me show you that we already have our Christmas tree it's not decorated but as you already know in this video that's what we are about to do I think when alex is gonna be home we're gonna go outside and we have to go and shop for two more decoration we have some few over here but it's not exactly enough for what we're trying to do so I was listening to some music I put a fake fire on the TV because our real one I don't want to show you the real one because there's all the Christmas decoration down there but our real one is not really functional right now so umm I don't know there's something about putting like a fake fire and then you put on some music and then you're relaxing you know so I'm gonna eat while listening to some music and I'll be back at you guys by the way did you guys start celebrating like am i early or did you guys actually start like decorating Christmas stuff like that and even though I feel like it's weird like it's my birthday in two days and I haven't even thought about anything to do for my birthday but I'm already excited for Christmas I think one of the reasons why it's maybe because like is the first Christmas in this house and I wanted it to make a little bit you know something even though we don't have kids it's not a reason to not you know get in the spirit and put everything beautiful and stuff like that should I show you like the bedroom right now because some people asked me to show the bedroom like the final result and stuff like that in a vlog way I don't know why maybe because in the the editing that I did maybe it was too fast or something like that and maybe there's some things oh my god the light and maybe there's some things that you didn't see but if I show you that's the bedroom the light is way too clear right now yeah that's the actual bedroom I think it's a little bit it's exactly what it looked like in the video if you can see on this side that was the mirror that you saw the curtains with the chandelier that you see that you saw and the bed yeah that's about it so I was also very happy and glad that you guys loved what we did with our bedroom there's a lot of mirrors a lot of stuff and I mean love I mean you know whatever I'm like I have a bad day I just have to look at my chandelier and everything's gonna be all right I think it's good to you know where you live should reflect like who you are and where you want to be in life and stuff like that and if for me I know some people they will be like oh what's the point of putting a chandelier and make your room look like this and stuff like that but for me it makes me feel good like every day when I wake up I was I'm like oh my god my room is so pretty so beautiful and stuff like that even Alex he really really really likes it and he told me that it's a big change you know if you haven't seen the video of my room tour I'll leave it right here if you are new to our Channel and don't forget to subscribe if you are new because we are coming with a lot of videos and it's gonna be fun by the way what I was I was telling you guys is that I was thinking if I should do vlogmas you know I am not the type of person like I like Christmas because of the decoration and stuff like that but other than that it's like pretty I don't know what and for Christmas I I don't think this year I don't think actually I could vlog like members of my family and stuff like that but do you want I think we're gonna do vlogmas and make it fun the way we make it fun because even last year in the other year we had a lot of fun and me and Alex and maybe my brother and some other people that you maybe will see but I think we're gonna make it fun in our own way so you guys will come and enjoy like the the activities that we do and stuff like that if you want the vlogmas like everyday vlog you can leave a thumbs up and yeah and if you are excited also to see what the christmas tree is going to look like after a few moments you can leave another thumbs up like you have to click a thumbs up because it helped me a lot and then so what I'm gonna be eating I was actually thinking about looking at a TV show that I was looking at like I'm telling you when I watch a lot of you know English shows are I read a lot of English books my English get better and that's what I'm trying to do right now so yeah I was about to wash ones of Miami I don't know if you guys girls whatever I don't know if you girls know the show so I know I'm pretty late I don't even know if they have a season this year or something like that but but I was just trying to look at the older episode and stuff like that so I was looking at it on my computer and yeah I just want to know if you were looking if you were watching it what do you think about this show do you think it's a great show have you seen the show and stuff like that for my personal reason I don't really care that these girls are wife of athletes and stuff like that that's not really what I look like but I love to see how they take care of themselves all these girls in the show like they are amazing I don't even remember that their name except for Claudia Claudia San Pedro I think because I follow her on Instagram but I love their style I love the way they keep themselves looking good and flawless and stuff like that and most of them they are like in their 20s and stuff like that so it's inspiring you know when I watch this girl I'm like okay I need to step up my game I need to work out I need stuff like that that's just motivation for me so I don't know do you guys have any other TV show that you can tell me that is good in that type of way I know there's like the Real Housewives of Atlanta but right now I don't even know where I'm at you know with that TV show and I usually don't look a lot of TV shows so that's why right now I'm like okay I'm gonna watch vod's of Miami try to finish it and that's it and look at Mia like she's trying to chill with me right now I'm gonna eat me I'm pretty hungry you know but yeah so we are already out and since the farm Opry was almost about to close Alex he just ran I ran inside of it like there's like five minutes left before it closed he ran inside of to get the boxes to send out the packages for the giveaway because we didn't have time this week to do it so we are doing this right now but at the time that you will watch this video it will already be stand out so don't worry my two winners your makeup is coming very soon so he get the boxes mission accomplished say hi to the blog so don't worry it will be sent by the time you watch this blog it who's excited to decorate the Christmas tree yeah yeah right you're excited I'm pretty sure yeah but don't tell them I told them that we might we're gonna do a lot of activities if we do the vlogmas I'm pretty sure we might do it but I'm not sure quite sure yet so I will let you know in the next vlog or something like that so yeah let's go special okay now this is too creepy right thing about those yeah I guess it's good girlie it's more like a feminine and mushroom okay if you wanted to I don't care okay so here we are we gonna start decorating our beautiful tree right here the beautiful Christmas tree so first off we're gonna show them what we actually bought so what we have to decorate our tree is right here oh yes we have this little Christmas thing that Alex got me few second ago while we were shopping he made me a surprise yeah and yeah right here can you we can explain what we have we have some Horniman here like there's a lot of wonderful colors there's rose gold there's silver kind of white with some gold there's that's kind of silver spar time spar expecting silver yeah yeah and the real sparkling gold over here is interesting mixed all that yeah oh it was not kind of the entire Everett store yeah and then we got some other things another kind of ornament I guess little stars like yeah I don't know if you can nicely see it maybe over here yeah like that you can see it yeah so there's this ones then Garlin yeah gold beautiful gold bead garland but it's rose gold yeah okay this then she choose a nice ribbon yeah is it gold yeah yeah it sounds Ingle Belle it seems like everything is rose gold and something very important because they don't come with that to hang the ornaments and we're gonna add some little treats on the robbery on the tree – cherry yes trouble in Chile we are ready for the first of December kinder makes calendar yeah so each day there's gonna be one candy going away I think if we do the blog mess you're gonna see us like each one every day it's gonna be probably Alex no no no I'm not gonna do so much maybe once a week I'll take one and then the other is gonna be you all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] here is the final look of our Christmas tree we've worked hard on it I don't know if you can see like the tree is pretty big I don't know if you can see it on camera maybe not Alex what are you doing you're already eating the the candies so we're gonna just put the tree on the corner so I can show them what it looks like from far away okay so here's the Christmas tree thing far away so as you see it's pretty big and it's beautiful it goes well with the living room that's our Christmas tree so I think we have been doing the Christmas tree for almost two hours now and it's been a long long long night and right now we are going to sleep so thank you very much guys for being with us to do our beautiful Christmas tree and we'll see you guys on another videos


  1. Hi munyem how u doing, love your bedroom awesome and also how u decorate your tree love u guys God blessing

  2. La maison est trop jolie, I'm super into home decor too Cab't wait to move out of this student apartment and let my creativity frrrrreeeeeeeee

  3. wow your bedroom is so nice. We like your bedroom and also your house. Make a house tour please next time. -Thanks

  4. Hey!!! Love your channel! You two are so cute together. The Christmas tree is up already! Love that! X

  5. I think it's really nice that you and Alex share the same interest. As a guy he's willing to get involved and be present.

  6. HEYYY INNES New subbie. Actually have 2 YouTube channels have already been following you on the other and supporting you guys. I love this video and your English has gotten so much better. Keep on doing what you're doing and in no time you'll be so fluent. I'm so proud of you and I know one day you guys are gonna be major I'm YouTube. Plus I have to say your video quality is also good. Could you also do more makeup videos. Like make-up tutorials and hair tutorials. You have really nice makeup on all the time and I really would like to see how you do it. Plus yess I've been watching wags Miami and I actually love it.

  7. Mia is too cuteπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’ž πŸ‘€β€β€ wt an amazing item's are available der for decorations u picked marvellous pieces for the tree its gonna be awesome yay!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žβ€β€β€πŸ˜‡ also thanks in heaps for the gift dt is abt. To come to my way β€β€β€πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ iam so lucky to be ur 5k winner 🍁🍁🍁🌹 & ur birthday is also coming yayπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Έβ€ i wish ue Christmas is going to be sooooo rocking load's of blessings goin to shower at ur door my lady loveβ€β€πŸŒΉπŸ˜‡

  8. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❀️

  9. heeyy hii ines.. 😍😍❀❀ such a lovely vlog.. i love ur choice alot.. the rose gold beads were really cute.. 😍😍❀❀ ur vlog made me feel s9 excited for the xmas.. nd yyeeeiii plz do vlogmas 😍😍❀ that would be so much fun to see. 😍😍❀

  10. I watched Wags Miami as well and it's a great show. Of course they have their fair share of drama but I guess that's what it's all about right?:) you will enjoy it!!

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