Christmas Home Decor Transformation | Time Lapse Tutorial

Christmas Home Decor Transformation | Time Lapse Tutorial

wonders al I got the prettiest eyes for everyone to enjoy standing up close by the Christmas tree what is up you guys and welcome to the very merry YouTube party so if you are new to this channel I want to welcome you and I hope that you are excited because you're in for a little bit of a treat I usually post daily videos throughout December and I take you through everything from decorating DIYs getting ready with me and all of the holiday vibes I excel at Christmas saying it's one of my favorite seasons of the entire year and what I heard from you guys last year is that you absolutely love these videos so I wanted to do it again and I wanted to officially kick off this month with a real decorating video of how we transformed our home for Christmas so I figured I would start off with our candy Christmas over-the-top insane tree and so what you guys have asked me to do is do not only a time lapse but a time lapse with me describing exactly how I do it so the first thing that I do is I put up our seven and a half I want to say eight-foot tree it's pre lit which makes it a little bit easier and the way that I make it look really really full is these ribbons so they're like a mesh red ribbon that I start with and I feel like I already need a new set because they aren't getting tangled but doing this really fills it in so I basically just loop it through I start at the top and I loop it through all the way down and I have a couple strands that are pre-cut so that I just know where I'm going with it and then on top of that red mesh ribbon I have like this candy cane striped type of you know glitter ribbon that I use and I will go over top of that one and just follow the same undulating rhythm that I've done from the top and it almost looks like a candy true candy ribbon like one that you would eat that you get at the candy store that's going through the tree and then I have this other type of ribbon that has a different stripe on it and what this does you guys is it basically adds a dimension and I'm not some sort of professional decorator or anything like that I did work in a floral department fun fact about me as a kid but I feel like this is the trick to decorating a tree is you need to have some sort of a dimension dimension and depth so when you have three different types of ribbons going just as the base of it that's what kind of adds that organized chaos and then the way that I add some height to my tree without paying for a nine-foot some tree is I just have all of these sticks which I'm going to take you guys through all of the decorations and ornaments that I put in the tree because a lot of you guys ask this and I want you all to know that the vast majority of the decorations are they aren't actual ornaments so I got a ton of these candy canes most of them are from Michael's and this is over the years of getting decorations so these stick candy canes are showing you right now are from Michaels this year there are $12 but the cool thing about Michaels is usually they will do a 50% off or a buy one get one or if you were to go like throughout December you could probably get a 60% off so the other thing Anna picked up this year were those giant lollipops the giant gumdrop looking pom-poms and I got those gingerbread but the gingerbread actually ended up going on the tree upstairs which I will decorate and do a full time lapse on that tree on its own cause it's like a full other pink and blue candy tree so stay tuned for that so then I have the sticks that go at the top of the tree that I got in a floral department of a grocery store so you get this this at any grocery store they usually sell them along in the floral department with the Christmas decorations so I got like these spiral sticks and then the rest of these ones that you're looking at now they're they almost look like candies and I try to stick to the same colors and if you're trying to figure out how to do your treat be very very strict I know I sound a little bit crazy but it's what works for me that's why the gingerbread men didn't work if you stick to the same color it will look cohesive so I stick to white and then like this very very sequiny green color the candies that you guys see at the top of the tree that I just showed you with the little q-tips are the little the little candy looking things with the pipe cleaners are from Walmart so I have some Dec decorations from Walmart some from Rona I have giant candy red candy type of things that are from Michael's from years ago and then some are from Amazon as well and then I have a ton of ornaments that I put on at the end while I'm decorating that are all from the Disney Store that I'm going to go through with you guys as well so I also have random just little red balls that I got at Walmart in this big discount bin and what I want you guys to know is that same concept about adding depth to your tree I don't hang all of those red balls I toss them into the center of the tree so I don't take time hanging them and you'll see me do this in the time-lapse video the other thing that I have is a bunch of candy ornaments I have a DIY pixie dust ornament I have this cute ornament oh my gosh I got this at the very Merry Christmas party this year and it was so exciting to get that easily there you have like a specific merchandise that you can get during the very Merry Christmas party at disloyal so if you guys haven't seen that video yet I put up those my first video of the month and it's like the greatest video ever so you guys can see me doing the top of the tree here with all of those spikes and sticks talking about and the way that you do that is I had a couple of curly cue sticks those you can get them at Michael's and then the floral sticks that I was talking about at the top and then these these balls are probably like I feel like over six inches they're huge so I got this set at Walmart years ago and I got it was like two striped ones and then the green ones so I've had them forever I just pray that I never break one because I don't know what I would do so that adds a lot of character to having like the different size of ornaments so the really really big candy canes and they're really really big ornament balls and and they're really really big lollipops and I have different size balls that I get so if you can find you know different size ornaments to make this type of tree and I know that some people I've seen comments like this on this tree because I now have a couple of videos on it one of them is pretty popular where some people say well it's too much that's the point the point is that it's organized chaos almost like the Whoville style tree and that's really what I'm going for so thank you to those of you that say that's over the top because that's what I'm going for it's just like a lot the other tip that I have for you for the top of the tree is if you can get a pre lit set of sticks like a set of branches from Michaels they sell this as well I did this in my office tree as well yes I have more than three trees in the house right now so I have a white tree in my office where I did the same thing where I have these pre-lit sticks at the top of the tree I did this in this tree too it adds a lot of height to it and it adds a little bit of excitement and chaos at the top of the tree so that's how I did that and then I just run that wire down the back of the tree by the way the tree is completely artificial I hope that that was clear and I just I just attached the extension cord to that so that it can be lit at the exact same time then what I have is I have everything on a timer so I have this remote that I got off Amazon where there's numbers one through five on there and I can literally show my tree my village and the railing in the banister and everything else so next after the tree I do the village I'm gonna take you guys through basically the entire main floor transformation today so the village sits right next to the tree and it's phenomenal it's grown over the years and then this year what I decided to do was put up a skinny tree right in the corner of our staircase I felt like there was so much potential for that area it's a pre-lit tree I got it at Michael's I got a 60% off so I paid about $70 for it and it's almost it almost looks like it has like flocking on it and I got a a tree skirt for it and then I did the banister a little bit more extra this year and I added garland this year so I got all the garland at Michaels so I put like a basic garland as the base and I tied it all with a floral wire like a green wire it's really really hard to do but you gotta you gotta be super patient especially with the lights and everything but it's doable and then from there I added all my elves I love my elves are amazing we'll tell me of my elves are creepy and I just want you guys to know that's a super sensitive subject for me they're not and I went to a hotel I think it was the Waldorf Astoria which is like a beautiful tell and they had the L so I thought if it's good enough for the Waldorf is good enough for the Bell nurse I love my house my mom got me introduced to them she got me my first two and she got me a bunch since that and I love this like with all males as though they were sliding down the staff stand and then I got this little beauty from Lowe's which is a home improvement store and I shared it all on Instagram it was all in Instagram stories and I was so excited about and I got two other little Disney treasures as well and I thought that was the perfect spot for it and I loved it so much so if you guys loved the home transformation please stick through all the way till the end of the video you'll see the full transformation and stick with me all throughout December because I promise I will give you a bunch of home decor tips a bunch of Christmas vibes and all of the fields throughout the holiday season I want to thank you guys for being a part of this family I appreciate the heck out of you guys especially this time of year I'm grateful for you all and I cannot wait see you in tomorrow's video bye dudes I'm walking around feeling free thinking about what's happened to me from down until now don't worry don't lately I've come to realize that I can't see your eyes so it's true I'm so glad to me it's true this part of the year something in store for well for summer ended but we did not started some things thing that we'd gotten stronger each day we're together to me it's perfectly clear do this part we're falling you and be Christmas times got the plastic need and start to snow in our heart to me it's true this part of the deer something in store we're falling we're falling No some store for us women [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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