Christmas Trends | Christmas Decorating Trends Season 2018-2019 | Christmas time

Christmas Trends | Christmas Decorating Trends Season 2018-2019 | Christmas time

Christmas is calling. And London’s Oxford Street is decked out in
its famous seasonal decorations. So, what are this year’s trends? An abundance of glitter and glam will certainly
get us into the festive spirit. And seasonal rock and roll is all the rage
this year! Christmas for this year is all about rock-and-roll-
So it’s all about glitter, sparkle and metallic. It’s all about a decadent party to share
with your family and friends. We were really drawn to the different textures
and materials of R&R and how much fun the theme has. Velvet-and-sequin Christmas stockings certainly
spice things up. Silver, gold and black (00:55) are the colours
of choice this season. Glitter galore! And you could even to get a tiny “Prince”
to adorn your Christmas tree. When choosing lights for R&R Christmas: go
for colours. I think for many many years we have all been
very afraid of going for a retro look with coloured lights. Actually I think this year with R&R, its the
time to do it. So feel free to embrace your inner rock n’
roller, and decorate your tree accordingly! What else? How about some fabulous food-themed Christmas
decorations? This Christmas I think we are really excited
about the Food trend that we have seen. And it brings a sense of play to the Christmas
tree, so we have popcorn or strawberry punnets and Bagels, Salt & Pepper. We have seen a lot of trends across food for
several years on the UK market, but this is the first time you can really decorate your
tree. Salt and pepper, croissants, toast, waffles
– whatever takes your fancy! The colors don’t matter – so long as the Christmas
tree looks great. “I love the avocado. Everyone loves to eat avocado. And i think it’s a nice, funny gift for
somebody is well. Its nice and sparkly and would look pretty
amongst all sorts of things.” If avocados on the tree are a bit too much
for some they can go for more conventional festive ornaments. If they’re into glamour, they might be tempted
to go for the Midnight Elegance range of accessories. “It’s about creating the luxurious home adding
deep colours, beautiful finishes, nice metal, glas. A bit of sparkle and bringing that throughout
the whole home with your table wear, your Christmas tree and just adding that real sumptuous
feel to your Christmas.” Gold and blue glass will make the dinner table
look particularly attractive. The decorations on Oxford Street are of course
completely up to the minute. It’s a perfect winter wonderland, featuring
some 2000 baubles. But isn’t it a bit too early to be switching
on the Christmas lights? “It’s a little bit early but hey Christmas
is good no, Everyone enjoys Christmas so why not.” “I think its nice that they put them on at
this time of the year, it brings everyone together, it’s nice and festive and its just
something th to look forward to right.” “It gets everyone in the Christmas spirit
and reminds them that Christmas is coming.” “Just to see the faces of them looking at
the lights turning on, that was kind of great for me” And the earlier Christmas calls, the longer
people can enjoy the decorations.

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  1. What are this year's trends for Christmas? Watch out for Rock'n Roll (0:25)! And – believe it or not – food for Christmas decoration (1:30).

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