CHUGGINGTON Mega Bloks Roundhouse Racing – Unboxing and Review – 4 Layout Demo

hi everyone this is Keith’s Toy Box.
and today we are going to show you the Chuggington construction Mega Bloks Roundhouse Racing play set this set is available at Amazon and
Walmart for thirty to forty dollars it has 49 pieces and it already comes with Brewster and Calley this is how it looks once it’s set up. the Roundhouse comes with a built-in launcher and you can build and rebuild it in many ways now let’s open the box and see what’s
inside them here’s Brewster and Calley let’s try putting Brewster together very nice Brewster’s mouth also moves here’s Calley Calley’s light flashes when you press it
down now let’s put the rest of the set together
try it out there! done! it looks really nice! now let’s get Brewster the turntable turns chuga chuga choo choo Calley turn the turntable chuga chuga choo choo now we can use the launcher at the back
of the Roundhouse to push Calley out! now for Brewster now if you have the other Chuggington Characters such as Wilson and Koko, you can use them too! here comes Wilson! let’s ride the rails! Koko train-tastic! now let’s see if you can build it another way now if you want a long track, you can build it like this train-tastic! now, let’s see if you can rebuild it another way you can also set it up like this for some head to head racing read, set, go! now let’s try building it another way here we have the Chuggington town. let’s try it now if you have other Chuggington Construction Mega Bloks play sets, you can combine them together and make a bigger set this is the Chuggington Contruction Mega Bloks Jet Pack Adventure set now let’s try it so that’s the Chuggington Construction Mega Bloks Roundhouse Racing play set this is Keith’s Toy Box, thank you very
much for watching and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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