[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing a fall clean and decorate with me I have some more things I’d like to decorate but first I need to take care of this house as you can see as I always do I show you what it really looks like and it is super messy so when I start to clean I like to always have some music going or something like that so I’m gonna clean off this mantle real quick and then I am actually gonna turn on some youtube no kidding you guys I get a ton of cleaning motivation from these videos and I am just curious who do you think I’m actually watching let me know your guests in the comments below [Music] I wanted to also let you guys know that today’s video is in collaboration with my sweet friend Regina from home sweet home I found her when she first got started and she has been inspiring me ever since you guys have got to check her out I’m sure many of you guys already know who she is but she has a beautiful home perfectly decorated in tons of cleaning motivations so I’d love it if you guys went over there and let her know that Lin sent you and anybody over here from Regina’s channel I just want to say welcome I would love for you to consider joining my little family I am a mama of five living in Florida and having a lot of fun here on YouTube just sharing my life with you guys and focusing on cleaning and decorating and throwing in some crazy mom life along the way so I’d love for you to consider subscribing and joining my family [Music] so as you guys saw my broom was a mess and today is the day I actually needed to clean these sheets so that is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna strip this bed and get all these sheets in the washing machine unfortunately I’m not gonna show you guys my laundry room because that is gonna be the surprise for Thursday’s video [Music] I have told you guys as so many times before this black furniture as much as I love it it is so hard to make it stay looking nice and dust free I mean this is a battle there are days where I feel like I just want to get all new furniture but y’all know that this moment don’t spend money like that so I just gotta hang tight and dust a little bit more [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] no only grew to solid gold [Music] the top of my headboard always gets so bad and I can always tell because I feel like my allergies get worse I’m allergic to just about everything so it is so important to dust the top of this headboard the clothes that you saw in front of my closet I did a little bit of decluttering things we’re not bringing me joy anymore and honestly I was having trouble finding clothes to wear because there’s just too much junk so it is time to purge once again y’all know I love to declutter and get rid of stuff and most importantly I love to donate it to someone who needs them the next food that I need to tackle is my dining room in my kitchen as you can see it is a mess I have been on top of my DIY Channel I have been busting some crafts out but before I get started any further I’m gonna make this cold brew and so this is how I make it and then I’m gonna add some unsweetened vanilla almond milk add a splash of that you add as much or as little as you want and then I’ll do a very light splash of the almond silk creamer it’s really good and I’m able to sip on this and not go to Starbucks which is really a lifesaver this is some chicken I had made the night before but we did not end up eating it so I honestly threw the whole entire crock pot in the refrigerator and then pulled it out this morning and put it on warm and the chicken is tender and ready to go and I am gonna make some buffalo chicken salad I just add two scoops of mayonnaise this is four chicken breasts and then just buffalo as you see it’s really good if you can do a handful of cranberries and some finely diced celery it’s amazing but I didn’t have those we had to make do for my daughters of regular chicken salad it’s just mayonnaise mustard pickle slivered almonds and some cranberries so so yummy you guys I think it is a southern classic [Music] so I wanted to let you guys know if you happen to ask or are wondering my shirt is from Jane comm I had to have it I love love love this peach color and you guys know I am obsessed with anything animal print I love leopard print so leopard print pumpkin on a peach shirt I felt like it was perfect for a fall with my shorts because we are in Florida and it is still 90 degrees [Music] [Applause] [Music] where do we go from here so if you guys are new here I would love for you to tell me where you’re from and even if you’re not new here let me know where you’re at I’ve had a lot of new friends lately and you guys know how crazy important it is for me to connect with you guys one-on-one I do my very best to respond to everyone’s comments because I’m just so thankful for all of you and I’m just thankful for your time to sit here with me and watch this video and hopefully get some cleaning motivation so leave a comment down below let me know where you’re from and let’s chat [Music] so as I mentioned earlier I do have five children my oldest child is a girl my only girl she’s 17 and then my sons are fourteen nine oh my word seven and five I can’t even believe that but they are at school except for my daughter she homeschools so that is why you don’t see any kiddos running around right now so this would be like my fall edition type of cleaning this is one of the projects I am working on for my DIY channel let me know what do you think it is I’m just gonna tell you it’s a witch’s cauldron like a whole bunch of funny little balls in there to make it look like it’s overflowing with brew and I cannot wait to have that posted on Wednesday on my DIY Channel [Music] so sweet Ruby my Labradoodle that you guys will see in this video she for some reason got very sick this morning so I did kind of clean around the mess because I knew I had to actually clean it with the cleaner so this is what I’m doing and I figured since its out I might as well do the arm rest of this couch I have told you guys my saga with the couch but I am just gonna clean it myself and I’m using a little this salt cleaner and I will have this in my Amazon favorites I really really like it and it works super super well [Music] / you do what you do you know that all I think about is you say things you say I don’t know how you make me feel this way but you slap my head inside my head and you never Kevin – – man maybe I’m insane I just want you to stay here it is all done and it looks so much better look at all of this nasty water I didn’t use any special cleanser honestly I just used some a little bit of laundry detergent oh well [Music] you will see the little red heads our home so you can tell this video it kind of went all day and you’re gonna see by the end of the video it actually went two days there are some days where I am just you know they say like waking up on the right side of the bed or the wrong side of the bed I think that terminology is kind of silly but it’s kind of feels true sometimes but I like to always come bat it some way this is one of those days I woke up I knew I had a job to do but I was not feeling it you guys and I have said this in so many of my videos if you’re not feeling it and get up and do it anyways and nine times out of ten you will get the motivation well today I did it I got up and I did it and the motivation started coming and then it would go and then it would come and then wouldn’t it go and honestly I just kept pushing myself and I got the job done [Music] I’m gonna put the clean sheets on the bed and you can see that this is much later in the day because they’re all washed and dried [Music] [Music] I want to ask you guys do you have a specific brand that you absolutely love when it comes to nice sheets and I’m also looking for a down alternative comforter but one that is oversized because I do not want it to be too short on the bed I wanted to hang over on all sides so can you guys recommend a good down alternative comforter that is oversized and there is plenty of room on the sides like you see my quilt is doing here and then some really nice sheets I have been looking for some for so long [Music] – good times if you guys are loving my comforter I will have the link for that in my description box [Music] good [Music] [Applause] while I was cleaning my countertops off in the bathroom and putting everything away I noticed that my sheets in the bin were looking really messy that happens so I decided while I’m in here I might as well tackle it [Music] these aqua bins were actually on clearance from home goods a quite some time ago I did a whole small linen closet makeover and I will see if I can find that video for you and tag it above but it was like a Dollar Tree and IKEA hack video so definitely check that out but that is where I got these and one of them was broken on the bottom so you guys if you see something that you love but it might have a little imperfection do not worry get it anyways so I am putting the pillowcases actually together and then folding them so will we go for a pillowcase we’re just pulling out one thing and they are both in there good [Music] [Music] I’m using one of the rags in my bathroom I will always have some of these in each bathroom so it’s easily to grab when I want to clean off the countertops and I’m gonna use my women’s granite and stone cleaner it is my favorite better than anything else and I purchased this one from Target and I am just going to clean off my granite counters and get them looking really good feeling really good and get rid of the grind because I’m a little embarrassed cuz it was nasty [Music] [Music] if you guys are enjoying this video will you make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you’re new I’d love for you to consider joining my little family [Music] [Applause] [Music] so guys when I am planning over on my husband’s side of the bathroom I do not get the best angle so I want to apologize but it is pretty tight over here but you get the idea of what I’m doing I’m doing exactly what I was doing over mine just cleaning everything off using the same spray and then cleaning this little tiered stand I got from Marshalls off this is where we kind of save so space and I love this little thing I think it was about five or six dollars [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m gonna rinse the top off I wasn’t it clean in here but my husband actually did it when he took a shower the night before so yay oh one less thing to do [Music] [Applause] because I am using my hospital-grade PDI wipes my mom gets them for me you guys have asked where you can get them I think you can get them from Amazon actually you can and I will have those in my Amazon favorites if that is something you were looking for but you have to use gloves when you use them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] don’t know if you Hey [Music] [Applause] so the cleaning that day was done and I was so tired by the end of the day I figured you know what I’m just gonna decorate the next day and so that is what I’m doing I’m gonna start on this haul tree by dusting it and getting it all clean and moving some of the fall decor into the other room I will also vacuum really good this is my office and I like to decorate my haul tree it is one of my favorite things to decorating to make it all fun and festive for the kids [Music] never did I give Just Cause the thought of being I’m gonna take care of the clutter on top of five desk I have mentioned it before but when I am crafting or in the zone of working I am a little bit messy I’m just gonna be honest but I always clean my mess and that is what I’m doing now and then I’m gonna clean off my table with my mrs. Meyers apple cider since I love it it’s my favorite I smelled the Acorn as well and it was really nice but I believe that apple cider will definitely win it for me I’m just using one of these I guess this is a magazine or a file folder holder I don’t know what it’s called but it helps hold my contact paper and vinyl a break [Music] Oh baby integers I can finally let God the rest Oh is outside when you make so this was one of the other items in my home that my husband built he built our farm table this hall tree as well as our entryway table I’ve had you guys ask me and so that is where it’s from this pillow I got from home goods and if you are a close friend of mine you know that I say hey boo on the regular the three-tiered pumpkin is from at home and it lights up but I’m just hiding the courts behind it and then the pumpkins around at the Bouin the other black and white one and the orange and black one are all from the target dollar spot last year and the glitter orange one I believe is from the Dollar Tree I’m adding this really acute handmade bad I thought it was a cat my friend told me she thinks it’s a bat but I think he’s precious because he is wearing trousers [Music] the welcome sign was also from at home [Music] so coming to my front porch I am gonna get this festive and ready for Halloween as well and I’m gonna replace the stacked pumpkins and with some of the pumpkins that I actually painted they are not perfect but you know what I love them I did them and I didn’t spend an arm and a leg for getting it looking this way you guys know I have a very whimsical style I’m also gonna add these witch legs over here this lights up and I got that from home goods I had the brew from quite some time not sure where from these door tags here I made myself I painted I cut them I painted them and I put the vinyl on there the tencel cat pink is from Joanne’s that I got on clearance many years ago [Music] from that moment I do I hope you guys enjoyed this I hope it gave you some decorating motivation as well as cleaning motivation one thing I cannot stress to you enough as you do not have to go out and spend a lot of money we are not a family that can go out and spend a lot of money but you can do little things to make your house a home make it somewhere that is special for you and special for your family I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t yet already please go say hello to my sweet friend Regina and let her know or st. you I cannot wait to see you in the next video and I appreciate you guys so much love you guys bye [Music] you


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