[Music] it’s not hey friends when white here and I am coming to you with another clean and decorate with me I have had so much fun doing these videos I feel like this has been making my heart so happy you guys know I love to clean I’m sure you can tell by now and I love to decorate so now that the holidays are coming and the season is here I am all about it so that is what I’ve been doing and I hope that it is bringing you guys some serious cleaning and decorating motivation I hope it’s inspiring you and making you see what you can do in your old spaces I wanted to let you guys know that today’s video will be a part of Breanna Kay’s video she is also doing a clean and decorate with me and I got a little sneak peek oh my gosh you guys you’d have to go over there and check it out I’m gonna put a little clip here for you guys to see what she has going on whoa I mean just whoa she’s in her element she’s doing her thing she’s so talented at decorating honestly I get so much inspiration from her but not just by the decorating but she’s really just a good friend down to earth she’s in my corner she’s lifting me up she’s encouraging me and I know that she can do the same for you so if you guys haven’t seen her channel yet please go over there and check it out let her know that Lynn sent you I’ll have all her information in my description box you need Breanna in your life she is there and she motivates you and it is amazing thank you so much for coming and visiting me friend I would love for you to consider sticking around and joining my YouTube family just by hitting that subscribe button and I would love to get to know you so let me know if you’re coming from Brianna’s channel where you’re from [Music] I have mentioned before I am a messy crafter and when I decorate I tend to make a mess so I like to get the house like a clean slate and get it really nice and prepped before I start pulling everything out also we’re planning on going to the beach after I do this video and the kids get out of school so I need to make sure the house is in order and it was just perfect timing because nobody wants to come home to a messy house but I also don’t want to start putting all of the decorations out amongst the mess I have five kids and I feel like there is always something to clean at some point [Music] [Music] so you guys gotta let me know as I have mentioned if you’ve been with me for a while you know but if you’re new I AMThe in Florida right now I’m originally from Tennessee born in Mississippi so I definitely consider myself a southern mama but I have been living in Florida for a very long time but it is so hot here it is well today was 80s but usually it stays in the 90s for a very long time so let me know what is the weather like in your area is it fall yet I’m hoping then I can get some serious fall vibes going in so soon [Music] I’m also going to be doing a quick little shameless plug here on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. I am gonna be doing the laundry room feel we have completely redone it so I’m so excited to subscribe make sure your notification bellow is on so you don’t miss that video I am so excited to show you what we did [Music] so I have so many pillows here on my couch and honestly I’m so tired of seeing them on the floor and my kids stepping on them so I’m gonna fluff them out and put them on the couch now because we’re gonna leave but I have actually just been putting them just away because I pillows are expensive and I love them and I’m tired of my kids messing them up but I was gonna add some really cute Halloween pillows but you know what I got to do what’s practical I got to do what works and I’m just gonna keep the regular fall ones out and not even worry about adding Halloween ones this go-around because if I see one more kid step on my pillow with their nasty dirty feet I think I might lose my mom and of course I have to put a little disclaimer out because y’all know I’m just playing I love my kids and their dirty feet but seriously can they just like value and love my pillows for the love my love language is definitely food and coffee throw blankets is some pillows [Music] so I actually got a new vacuum and I am so excited to share it with you guys it’s not sponsored or anything I am just so obsessed with it I know we have talked about the rainbow vacuum and how much I love it and I have been looking for something and I think I found something comparable I have been using it and I’m gonna share it with you guys on one of my videos just to let you know how I feel about it and then you can make your own decision but it is amazing it’s a water filtration type of vacuum and it gets everything I mean everything I thought my Dyson cleaned well oh my word I use that vacuum after the Dyson and I was blown away in a little bit grossed out if I’m being honest [Music] so when I’m decorating for any occasion season or holiday I like to bring everything out and kind of get an overview and just see what speaks to me and I don’t always use everything if sometimes they get more stuff and sometimes I don’t need to but when you put it out on the table you can kind of really see there’s some stuff I left in the garage because I knew I didn’t want it and I’m just gonna see what I can do with the things that are really just bringing me joy this year the first step was to clean off this entryway table if this was one of the areas I wanted to focus on in today’s video last Sunday I focused on my haul tree and the porch so I will link that above if you guys want to check that out I’m gonna work on this area which I won’t lie it made me a little sad to take all these pumpkins down so let me know in the comments below do you decorate for Thanksgiving or you know fall and then Halloween or do you just keep all of your fall things out and just add Halloween on top of it let me know what you guys do I kind of take some things and put it away and add my Halloween and then what’s Halloween Sun I bring some of those things back [Music] so I got the tall pumpkin from Marshalls about three years ago I think they still have it the Chevron pumpkin on the bottom is from Kirkland and the spider was from I believe Walmart and then the boo sign I actually made and if you want to see me do that I have a DIY channel and I will put that information in my description box or link it above the gauze was from Michaels last year I felt like it was a really good deal it’s pretty large and it was cheaper than the dollar store because of the discount they were ahead going on so definitely check out your coupons and whatnot the bats are in my Amazon favorites and I’m just making it look like they’re kind of flying out from the mirror they are so so cute I got these last year and they still stick very well [Music] please the tombstone was from last year’s target dollar spot I don’t know if they have it but I just thought it was so cute because I used to tell my husband that all the time I told you I was sick so it was funny the cookie jar here is from home goods and the sign is from the Dollar Tree and then I’m gonna add a black and white pumpkin and that is target dollar spot [Music] looks like so much better [Music] this here is from Marshalls about four years ago I know I keep things if I really love it I keep it for ever I got this little pumpkin from home goods at this year this was a gift my mom and I think it is just so cute [Music] down little baby cashews [Music] so so you guys gotta let me know how do you think I did I tried to keep it still pretty simplistic because you guys know I like to do cozy not cluttered even during the holidays I am trying to learn how to bring it back a little bit so I don’t get so overwhelmed and it has really helped honestly I feel like the space comes together it’s still festive it’s fun for the kids and I enjoy doing it so makes me happy makes my babies happy and that is just great for me let me know in the comments below if you guys are going to be decorating this year I had so much fun and I did not spend a lot of money which you know that’s how this momma does it everything is on a budget don’t forget to go check out Brianna’s channel and let her know Lynn sent you you’re gonna love it she is so talented I mean if she could just come to my house and decorate that would mean the world to me I could definitely probably use some of her skills some days she is so good so let her know I sent you and if you’re from there thanks for watching this video it means so much to me I’d love for you to consider joining my family and hitting that notification bell I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music]


  1. Everything looks so cute! Thanks for sharing! I wont be decorating this year, I usually just do fall decor all season long, but maybe I'll start my Halloween decor next year. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Halloween decor is going up. Thanks for the inspo. 🖤 “their dirty nasty lil feet….” 😂 def southern. And I totally feel you! 🙌

  3. Happy Sunday my friend!! Briana is a boss when it comes to decorating!! She definitely goes all out!! Can't wait to see the laundry room, I bet it's amazing. I'm from Erie PA, it's definitely fall weather here, although we've had some odd 80 degree days lately. Defiantly not complaining though. The leaves are all changing and it's beautiful. My favorite time of year. I love your decor and your style is super amazing!! Love it all, just as much as I enjoy watching your videos. Love it!! Sending love and hugs!!

  4. Everything looks so festive! Thanks for sharing! You did awesome 👏! I can’t wait to see the laundry room tour! I have decorated for fall but I don’t decorate for Halloween 👻. I love Bri’s channel too. She is such a sweet lady! Hope you have a wonderful week! Hugs 🤗

  5. Lol 😂 girl you crack me up lol 😂 “can they just love my pillows”. I’m sorry I promise I’m not gonna comment every 2 seconds…. but so many things come to my mind that I want to say lol.

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