[Music] don’t know what we have to do someone’s gotta change you guys welcome back to my channel and welcome if you are new today we are gonna start decorating for fall I know it may seem a little early for many of you but in the YouTube world this is what we do we want to motivate you and inspire you but first we need to clean a little bit [Music] first I’m going to show you guys and what my health looks like before I start to clean it is pretty messy we have a lot to do I did put some of the breakfast dishes away but still stuff is everywhere the first I’m gonna start in the living room today just picking up anything that was left behind after the boys went to school and a lot of it is Ruby’s toys she has so many she hasn’t quite learned to pick up after herself so I will do it for her I’m also gonna take these blankets and the towel and put them in the wash we love this massage chair but honestly it is super ugly and I don’t want to see it anymore so I am gonna put it in the other room I love to open the curtains when I start to clean I just feel like it lets the Sun come in and it gives me so much energy to get things done see [Music] I felt like I am forever fluffing out these pillows it has been a really long time since we had a cloth couch and it is taking some getting used to I think when we get our next couch I will definitely do leather [Music] I’m gonna use my e cloth here and just dust this area it gets super dusty and I didn’t want to use any spray today because I feel like no matter how careful I am it always sits on the floor floor and I always trip and fall cuz it’s so smooth no kidding I did it last week and it was hilarious so I’m just going to use this cloth and wipe everything down [Music] [Music] now onto vacuuming I always like to vacuum after I dust a little tip if you will you don’t want the dust just laying around because it does get in the air and this just ensures that it gets off of the floor and out of the air and you breathe so much easier [Music] that was still I’m gonna finish up all the vacuuming under these barstools these gifts so well this area gets so just gross but this is where the kids primarily eat and it is forever full of crumbs [Music] so like I mentioned in my morning cleaning routine so much of my routine is just putting things back in their home and that’s what I’m doing now there were some batteries and headphones that just needed to be put up as well as my hair because I was so hot walking around I had to put the hair I’m using my favorite cleanser for the granite and for any stone actually this is the Wyman brand in it by far beats anything I have ever used [Music] that was still [Music] so I’m just gonna take that same cloth I’m gonna rinse it out and I’m gonna clean the stove and on the backsplash and just get anything that I may have left behind this morning or last night [Music] I’m also gonna clean this little wood area y’all I got this so long ago at Target and I love it it is Magnolia brand I think and I love how it just kind of gives height over there and then the utensil holder I got from home goods you will see that I get a lot of stuff from Marshalls and Target and Home Goods and t.j.maxx those are my stores that’s where I love to go [Music] I’m gonna clean this little area up over here I saw some soap on there so I decided to wipe it up I do not have any fall scents hand soaps let me know have y’all tried the mrs. Myers new scents faucets I have not so if you have let me know what your favorite is apple cider was my favorite last year and I used it fall your logs I bought so many of them so I’m just gonna put back the peach because it’s orange [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m gonna use that same old rag so just go ahead and wipe all these cabinets y’all if y’all been with me for a while I painted these and I I love them but it is just a temporary fix when we remodel this kitchen we have a whole plan for it these are gonna have to go because they are scratching and it’s only been eight months so I’m a little discouraged about it but it again is a super good fix temporarily I did the rest only on paint I heard that Valspar was better so I’ve done it it’s on here for now but I will say they clean up super well and there’s my little buddy hanging out with me what’s so bad about that so why wouldn’t you follow why won’t you follow me home I know I can’t make it – I ran out of town there’s no hope for me on the bottom so I fell down so I love to have frothy coffee so I have been using my little froth I got it from Target they give us $6 honestly super cheap but I make such a mess so I need to clean up my Keurig because it’s white and you can see everything on that thing [Music] I’m also gonna take some of these utensils and put them in the drawer because there are a little more use and then I would like to see right now they have some burn marks so just to make it look a little prettier okay I want to show you guys some of the stuff I got this year I got these creamy hydrangeas at Marshalls I got this at the thrift store for three dollars I got this from Marshall I love the emerald green I got this cutting board from home goods and I’m actually gonna hang on the side of the cabinets there I got these from home goods and I got this pillow from home goods and I love that it still had some of my aqua color in it super cute then I still have my items from last year and I’m gonna be using those as well this is a pumpkin I have had a friend of mine gave it to me and I thought it would go perfect right here just to kind of balance out all of this blue and busyness and then I’m gonna add my little dish cloths here I actually do use these they have not been washed yet but I’m gonna use an older one that I actually got last year as well and put it next to it I like the neutral tones but I like a little bit of subtle orange as well because my house is pretty neutral so it’s nice to have some change and bring some other colors in this little rack here is from Ikea and I used to have my coffee bar have this with my coffee bar but I took that down so we just installed it on the side of the cabinets and I love it because we are gonna hang cutting boards on here and some of our dish cut towels that we don’t use but are just pretty why won’t you follow me home I know I can’t make you mine there’s no hope for me okay so offend the plaque pillows are something I got last year as well I have them in my Amazon favorites as well as the velvet blue ones are also in my Amazon favorites you know I love to get just pillow covers and change it throughout the seasons because if I’m being honest I changed my decor all the time after putting everything together I did not get rave reviews about the pillow so you guys I think it’s going back but I’m gonna go ahead and show you how everything came together but when I do my fall home tour it’s probably gonna look a little bit different again [Music] I will say the throw blanket here I got this from Marshalls it was super affordable I think $14 it is the softest blanket ever and you know I love animal print so this is supposed to be like the Lynx fur I’m not sure but it’s so soft then I’m gonna take some of these pumpkins that I already had and just fill these sconces with it just for a little pop of fall and color [Music] another area that I had quite a bit of trouble with it’s like let me know if you guys can relate I can decorate other people’s houses but I have a very hard time with my own so oh I do my best but I move things so many times and honestly I will put something somewhere and always come back I’m very indecisive and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to decide what I like I gotta let it sit and then come back so I’m pretty sure so many things are gonna be different when my fall home tour comes out and I am so excited I believe that it’s gonna be out on Sunday so you guys have got to make sure you are subscribed hit that notification bell that way you are alerted whenever I have new videos y’all don’t want to miss it honestly I am prepping and prepping and I’m so excited and it would mean the world to me if you would watch that video because I am so excited fall is my favorite time to decorate and so when everything comes together it’s just a sweet victory so here is what everything looks like all put together and like I said some things are going to change but I wanted to go ahead and show you what I did on this day and I hope that it motivates you and inspires you to do what you love to do in your own home make your home a place that you love to be make it your Haven and that is what I try to do I hope that you like this video if you did would you guys give it a thumbs up it helps out my channel a ton and it just shows me what you guys want to see on my channel let me know in the comments are you going for the neutral decor more traditional I would love to know I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and give this video a thumbs up I hope you enjoyed and I cannot wait to show you final reveal in my fall home decor videos so I will see y’all in the next one bye guys [Music]


  1. Have you thought about going through and distressing the cabinets? Just sanding a little bit on the edges. Then any scratches will look more intentional! The rustic look is the only way my furniture survives the boys๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I love decorating for fall so much!! I had a couch I had to keep fluffing the cushions on and I moved it to our bonus room and bought a new couch and I think I prefer the old couch. But the look of the new couch is nice. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I prefer to vacuum after dusting too. I love the look of your kitchen! โค๏ธ I love the apple cider scent!! Iโ€™m loving the velvet pumpkins this year! I redecorate all the time!! Iโ€™m home all day so Iโ€™m always moving things and trying things in different areas. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. I love your black Kitty cat๐Ÿ’œ My husband LOVES Halloween so I have to decorate for that first then I get to decorate for fall/Thanksgiving. You have such a beautiful home!

  4. Love that pop of blue… Iโ€™m going my traditional for my fall decor. I canโ€™t wait to get that done ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ’•
    You look so beautiful Lynn.

  5. Very nice decor ! I never thought about purchasing decor from Marshalls. I'm so used to going to hobby lobby and big lots. I'm going to check out Marshalls. Thank you !!!

  6. Your home is SO beautiful! I DID enjoy your video & you did inspire me! I think I will do traditional this year! Loved it, your friend from Ga. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿฆ‹

  7. Havenโ€™t started decorating yet but I think I will go for neutral decor but I may change my mind. Donโ€™t plan to decorate until early September. I normally donโ€™t decorate but this year Iโ€™m may just add a few touches. Nothing too crazy because I have 3 kids 4 years old and under and I donโ€™t want them to break anything lol.

  8. I absolutely love your decor that giant clock behind your couch is amazing!!! I am new to your channel and I am obsessed, let's stay connected!!

  9. Thank you so much for the cleaning motivation babe ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜˜โค god knows i needed it…
    Keep up the great work babe โคโคโค

  10. The acorn is awesome. I love apple cider it is my favorite. The acorn is right up there. Love the video ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›. Iโ€™m the same way Lynn. Always changing

  11. I love the jars in your counter where are those from? I am the same with the decore in my home. I switch and switch until I am happy. I loved the side hanging of the towel and cutting board really nice idea.

  12. Never shop at grove they sold my credit card number to a fraudulent company (scammers) . they charge me every month then grove wants to take money off thiers no way to call grove nor is there a way to un subscribe to grove

  13. Omg yes there is always crumbs and stuff by the barstools. I'm so excited for Sunday's video!!! I ho more traditional with some glam

  14. Beautiful! I'm also planning to go with a more neutral or muted color scheme with some pops of color. ๐Ÿ

  15. Love all your cleaning motivation, your home turned out so beautiful. Itโ€™s never too early. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿฅฐ

  16. I loooove how it turned out! Iโ€™m crazy because on my channel I went straight to Halloween Decorating ๐Ÿ˜‚ I canโ€™t help it! I just absolutely love Halloween. I plan on decorating for fall after Halloween for Thanksgiving!

  17. Great tip๐Ÿ˜Š another that I try is to turn the furnace blower on before dusting and vacuuming ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š helps get extra dust in the air

  18. Great job! I'm filming a similar video for next week haha I'm hoping to film it tonight. Ugh I've been debating painting my kitchen cabinets but I'm so scared of it peeling and scratching before we sell the house. We have dark granite and dark wood…idk who thought that was a good idea. I love the sconces with the pumpkins that was a cute idea!

    Stay safe with this storm coming it looks like all of Florida's getting either a hurricane or tropical storm!

  19. What you have done so far looks really nice. I too, decorate and then move things around several times before I like it. I like the new acorn scent from Mrs. Meyers this year. The apple cider scent is my Fall favorite, though. Look forward to seeing your Fall home tour!!

  20. I am currently using Mrs. Meyerโ€™s Acorn Spice hand soap, but Bath & Body works will always be my favorite! ๐ŸŽƒ I love all of your new fall decor and love how you styled the rack on the side of your cabinet ๐Ÿ‚ Excited to see your fall home tour! ๐Ÿงก

  21. It looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ can I ask why you do the chop thing on the pillows to make them dented? In the UK it's nit something we generally do and if I'm honest I don't really understand it lol

  22. Girl…are you freaking out about this Hurricane?!? I am on the west coast near Sarasota so Iโ€™m not as worried but still a little freaked. Stay Safe!!

  23. Everything looks great! Iโ€™m getting my stuff out tomorrow for fall. Canโ€™t wait to see your house tour. I love your home! Thanks Lynn for sharing! ๐Ÿ

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