Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing A Ford Escape

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing A Ford Escape

[Music] what’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer Garage today I am doing a disaster deep clean transformation of the dirtiest car I could find on Facebook marketplace I picked this car up for a whopping six hundred dollars it drove home but from these shots you guys can tell that the interior is definitely the reason why I picked it up for $600 so I’m excited to transform this car make it look like new again show you guys all of the steps and all the tools that I used to make it happen and if you guys like these sort of videos make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe and turn on notifications so you do not miss out on any new deep cleans that I have coming out in the near future with that being said let’s get started and the first step we’re going to do is we’re gonna pull everything out of the vehicle all the trash all the crap definitely wearing gloves maybe doubling it up double bag in it and cleaning everything out of it that I can pull out of it without using a vacuum first seeing the real stains seen what’s underneath some of this trash getting a better idea and chucking all this stuff in the trash can as fast as I can [Music] now taking out the seats might seem insane to do but in this case with this type of vehicle and how trashed it is it made complete sense to pull as much out of the car as possible to get to all those spots that would be super hard to get to with an extractor so for all of you guys that weren’t sure if I was telling the truth about this being the worst detail I’ve ever done I’m hoping these before shots and as I’m going through this car you guys truly understand the magnitude of the filth on this vehicle I’m actually even surprised myself once I took the seats out how much stuff was underneath those the good news is with it all out of the vehicle it makes it easier to get all of the different areas where like I pulled off that chunk of moldy chicken nuggets like I don’t even know why people drove around this car I’m definitely getting my money’s worth for 600 bucks and definitely getting a challenge I might try to pull off some more panels too just to try to minimize how much dirts left I mean it’s just this is this is intense so let’s get everything out you get the seats out in the front get the center console out and then we’ll start the vacuuming [Music] so this is what I found once it took the seats out which is exactly why I wanted to do it in the first place and what I’m going to go ahead and do is pick up all of the bigger pieces that might get stuck in the shop back because that’s the last thing that I want to have happen since I’m gonna be using an extractor to get out the stains and the dirt within the carpet fibers itself the main purpose of the vacuuming stage is just to get the larger stuff out of the carpet off the surface within a reasonable amount of time so if you guys saw our little friend that was crawling out of that center console box at the very beginning of this video I want you guys to leave a hashtag below hashtag roach motel you guys won’t believe how many dead roaches I found within the video you might be able to pick them out like almost like Where’s Waldo and some of these shots but it was straight-up disgusting but I want to see that hashtag in the comments below [Music] so this car in particular had dirt in every possible location so that was the main reason why I took off all the door seals all the panels took out the whole glovebox component because underneath it was still some more trash and plus with all of that liquid and crap that had kind of solidified in those cupholders and around emergency brake it made complete sense in this case to kind of disassemble the interior as much as physically possible [Music] one tip I have for you guys that if you’re planning to do a large section of carpet cleaning in your car or home or wherever I recommend picking up one of these spray bottles which you can get at any hardware store that they would use for like fertilizer or some sort of bug spray that you would use outside your house and makes life easier to take a liquid carpet cleaner dilute it down within that bottle but you’re not using that trigger pump spray bottle and you’re risk getting all tired and your fingers hurting afterwards this just makes it so much easier to get enough of the fluid down it’s that way when you bust out your drill brush you have enough fluid on the surface to agitate the carpet and get the job done [Music] and this is the first detail that I’ve been able to use my new Sandia extractor which has been a lifesaver especially when it came to this video I couldn’t have imagined doing this job with the old equipment that I had been using because of the magnitude of this actual cleaning I couldn’t have done it without this tool so I highly recommend it after this job I had no issues it did an amazing job at extracting so if you guys are interested in picking up any of the tools or products that I use I definitely have them listed in the description box below for you guys [Music] if you guys could only imagine trying to do this exact same job with the seats in and that center console and just imagine how much carpet I would have missed getting to if those components were still in here which is why I took him out for this specific job so here are the results after doing a single pass with the extractor I am now doing a second pass because these carpets were so saturated with just pure luck that a second pass was definitely something that needed to be done [Music] the solution that I’m using is actually from Chemical Guys it’s a carpet cleaning solution that gets diluted down in this case I used about a ten to one ratio which if you guys don’t know what that means it’s just you’re using ten parts water to one part cleaning solution and I mix that inside my spray bottle or in this case inside of my extractor as well [Music] one of the things that I wish that you guys could honestly experience is the smell that this car emits like it is it’s one of those smells that when you breathe it in it lingers for like two to three days like I can still smell it to this moment it mean it it was just it was horrible that’s all I can say it was probably the worst smell I’ve ever experienced [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys today is a new day I wasn’t able to get the whole detail done in one day but it worked out well because I was able to leave the car open and let all those carpets dry out after doing those two passes with the extractor today is gonna be focused on getting these seats completely clean these are the ones that are gonna need all the work so using the extractor using everything I can to get these all clean but what I’m gonna do first is all of these plastic panels including the glovebox and center console I’m just gonna take those outside and hit them with a pressure washer so for the seats and the carpet in the back trunk I’m going to be using essentially the same process what we need to do first is obviously vacuum the surface then we’re going to apply our cleaner and then we’re going to use our drill brush to agitate the surface to get that dirt lifted up from the fibers and then follow up with our extractor [Music] if you are planning on taking out seats or any of the components that you can work on outside of the vehicle I highly recommend getting some sort of fold up table or if you have a workbench using that to work on instead of having to bend over to put them on the ground because one it’s easier to keep a table clean but also you’re saving your back and your body some of that stress [Music] [Music] so depending on what kind of seats you guys are cleaning if you want to use a drill brush make sure you’re using it on a fabric type seat that is not super old that is not delicate that doesn’t have any rips or tears because they can be somewhat aggressive depending on the type of surface that it is I would not recommend using a drill brush on leather but for majority of fabric seats that are fairly new that don’t have any rips they do an amazing job at aggravating the surface to get that dirt lifted for your extractor [Music] I will say that I was actually blown away with the results of just a single pass on these seats how much dirt came out of them how clean they got and then once I was done with extracting all of these different components I sat him outside in the hot Sun to dry [Music] now for the back of the seats where there was leather and then also on the side bolsters where you have those plastic panels in the recline knob I’m just using my all-purpose cleaner that is diluted 20 to 1 in a microfiber towel to wipe down those surfaces also make sure you don’t forget about extracting the headrest because that is a spot that you definitely want to clean if you’re buying a used car [Music] [Music] so now it is time to move to the panels I’m actually starting with the front passenger side and kind of working my way around the vehicle to the driver side what I’m using is my all-purpose cleaner which is diluted to 20 to 1 and I have a soft bristle brush that I’m using to kind of aggravate the surface to get in some of those cracks that you kind of see on a panel [Music] once I have the surface clean I’m following up with my Chemical Guys soak and shine which is just a topper surface that is a UV protectant it also gives it that nice matte finish that I like [Music] [Music] for the windows I’m using invisible glass and I’m just spraying my microfiber towel before wiping the windows clean [Music] [Music] like I mentioned earlier having some sort of surface to work on especially in this case where I had all of these panels pulled out of the car I can now work with them on this surface to get them cleaned with my all-purpose cleaner and then following up with my topper coat [Music] now that all those panels are clean it is time to move to the dashboard which in this case I’m using all of the same different chemicals that I’ve already talked about before but I know that everybody’s mentioned about using the Magic Eraser for mr. clean I have not tried that yet I didn’t have any on hand but I was definitely going to try it on some of these plastic panels to see how it did so if you actually have you ever used a magic eraser on your car let me know in the comments below how it turned out [Music] one tool that I like to use especially when it comes to cleaning the dashboard in any of the different buttons and components are these black soft bristle brushes that I’m showing in the video if you guys want to check those out definitely go to the link in the description box below they are one tool that I cannot recommend enough especially when it comes to getting into those different cracks and crevices inside your vehicles [Applause] [Music] [Music] one tip when doing a detail is make sure you’re articulating the steering wheel up and down you’re moving the buttons back and forth and you’re making sure you’re getting every possible motion of that actual component to get that dirt and grime out of those areas [Music] [Applause] [Music] prising Lee the headliner in this vehicle was actually pretty good condition I didn’t have any stains or anything to get to I definitely do need to do some sort of odor bomb in this car itself to kind of get some smells out of it but for right now the headliner was fairly clean and so were the visors but now that I’ve done all of the dashboard components it is now time to start reassembling all the plastic panels that had pulled out previously [Music] once I have all the plastic panels in it is now time to put the seats back into the vehicle [Music] so here’s the moment that you guys have all been waiting for the before and after shots of this transformation which to be honest I almost want to sell it back or try to sell it back to the person I bought it from because I don’t think they’re gonna have any idea that this was the car that they sold me like it is a completely different vehicle after this transformation and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results [Music] [Music] so thank you guys for watching today’s video and if you’re not subscribed hit the subscribe button below and let me know in the comments below what was like the most insane transformation portion of this video was at the seats the carpet all of the above let me know in the comments below and thank you guys for being awesome and I’ll see you in the next video bye guys

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  1. Stauffer!😵 Blown away! That was amazing work. Keep up the great work and I’ll be honest, I don’t think your gonna find a dirty car than #roachmotel!

  2. Seeing that vacuums thing just sucking up all that dirt and bacteria and all that other disgusting stuff was somehow.. satisfying

  3. Wow amazing…my car is almost like that ☹ exept no cockroaches or a weird smell…really try but i have no strengh to clean it that way…would take me days to do this

  4. Yo, a carpet that dirty, I'd take it completely out and bring it to a car wash to scrub, rinse, then hang to drip dry on the car mat clips. Not to mention I'd swap out that disgusting underpadding with some new household carpet padding, because that's usually where the smell comes from!

  5. That's an awesome transformation! I've done a couple of deep cleans like that myself, which left me asking — why not pull the whole carpet out and pressure wash it? You were 98% of the way there after removing all of the interior trim, so I'm wondering if that's an effective technique or if cleaning in-place is as effective. I've pulled the carpet in one nasty car, cleaned underneath, then replaced with a carpet I pulled from a junkyard car and pressure washed.

  6. You are brave. If I opened the door and saw all that disgusting ass shit. I probably would've just set the whole thing on fire and launched it into space.

  7. 😂😂 I work as an Oil Tech at a Walmart in Sedalia, Missouri. This is an everyday thing with customers cars. Maggots, roaches, we've seen it all.

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    i’ll be using it on your gravestone

  9. Looks good ..But of my 48 years on this earth. Working on cars instead of in highschool. Here is my 2 cents When buying the Car I would have a very very close look at the rust As these cars are famous for rotting behind the plastic trim where dirt forms up. And turns to mud (Mud taking longer to dry out than just plain water)

    If i was selling the car to someone else This would have to be addressed

    Knowing the car was that dirty Also would tell me That the owner never looked after the car Thus the oil And all other things that needed to be replaced So you will find heavier wear And tear
    Seeeing pasted that..Remove all items And all interior parts Removing the carpet will show you the shape of the floor from rust or not Also Due to the fact you had #roachmotel going on Cockroaches lay eggs and poop between places example Cockroaches can live in something as thin as behind Wallpaper on a wall Fully removing the carpet spraying chemcials to kill roaches, Mites ticks and fleas (dog hair? chances are ticks and fleas) on both sides of the carpet And bottom of seats <<– Big time And headliners dash trunk kick panel (side panel) Under dash..Let it sit Outside windows open a crack 24hrs Then soap down your carpets ..scrubber / But i would use a Hot temp power washer Which really hits the carpet and breaks up dried dirt and layers of dead skin A power washer has x5 the power Than a suction extractor Without tearing up the carpet fibres or cutting the glue

    You can see the water change color on the driveway from dark brown to clear Hang dry in the sun Or do a final with your steam cleaner/extractor Vents need to be brushed / blown out with the rest of the cabin area ..Doors fully open And sprayed with antibacterial soap / water mix And wiped with a sponge on a stick ( i use 4 popsicle sticks glued together and a normal sponge glued on flat to fit the vents ) Also check for Cabin filters As you dont want the same bugs and skin flakes bursting into your face with A/C / heat fan on PS you can blow compressor air into the removed filter area which will blow right out the vents for a full pass (make sure your Heater/A/C is open with no fan running )

    Once your 100% done but still have dog hairs here and there Pumice stone (long one) will remove hairs As they hook onto the stone

    I wipe a bit of "Rootbeer" oil on my final cleanning of plastics And touch ups every 3 to 4 days It keeps the shine and light smell of Rootbeer when you open the door

    PS in the video you can see day light from inside the rear wheel well In my parts This car would pass a safety inspection Reason : No holes shall be present Rust / Damage / Other Where metal skin of the factory has been placed Allowing Co2 and exhaust fumes in the cabin area ……….I seen cases where a car had a driver and seat drop down passed the floor touching the ground After going over a speed bump.. Also seen a used car dealer buy a car from auction And repair the hole in the floor with cardboard and resin and a coat of undercoating to cover the shabby work so they could sell it and "not know there was any rust damage" when sold

  10. I dont know how or why I ended up here but now I wanna deep clean my car even though it's spotless. It just seems so satisfying lmao

  11. Your a brave dude if I was you I would of been like ok I can do this then after right when I put my hand I’m the car 🚙 and one tiny pice off dust touched me I would of ran home curled up in a ball and cry because I’m infected

  12. Is it just me or is this oddly satisfying?? Also, can you come detail my car?!?! Mine is nowhere near this but I want mine to look this nice! Holy crap!

  13. Not gonna lie that was pretty dirty but I have a coworker and he still has puke and half ate food from 2 months ago in his car so try and take on that one? #roachmotel

  14. You went through all the trouble of removing all the seats, console, sills and pillars. Why not just take the carpet out at that point? You're right there. I'm sure some of that smell is from the liquids soaked into the jute.
    You did an awesome job. I was merely curious as to your reasoning.

  15. No roaches were harmed during the making of this Film. That trucks so dirty, you have to wipe your feet before getting out. That job should've been$1000. You gave them a deal.

  16. Satisfying to watch, but so sad my home state and city had this floating around. I wonder how many times I've seen this car on the road since, lol. New subscriber here!

  17. Just looking at all the colors of dirt getting sucked up by the wet vac is so gross but satisfying at the same time!

  18. Dude! Whoa! Chrikey that was disgustamataiting!!! 🤮 How can people be so filthy? You could get an infection just sitting in that. You did an amazing job on cleaning that up. So….what was the last name of the family you bought this from? Piggie? Or was it the Oinkers?🤣

  19. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!! I’m dealing with headlight glaze over and is there a “sure” way to remove it without changing the lenses?

  20. I used to see cars like this back when I was a mechanic. I never knew people could be that nasty until then, and keep in mind there are cars that are WORSE than this.

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  22. I own a company that flips places. We do inner city places so I’ve seen worse than this but we usually use only disposable stuff in these places and everything is tossed afterward (even shoes sometimes 😂) However, now you are worrying me because I’d like to know how roaches can get into vehicles from homes 🤮 Do they travel on people?

  23. Magic erasers also work good for transfer paint or scufs on the outside of the car with a little compound or polish

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