Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Volkswagen

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Volkswagen

What’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer garage today’s detail is going to be by far the nastiest need to Pull it I gotta put something this detail is gonna be by far the nastiest detail I have ever done We have a car that has been sitting for about 10 years. It is completely full of mold It has some of the nastiest smell I have ever smelled if you like these sort of videos make sure you hit the subscribe button Below, I have a ton more of these types of videos and I plan to do a bunch more so let’s go to roll the before shots and get started because this one is going to take All right, so these before shots definitely show you the kind of disaster we’re talking about here guys There is green mold in black mold, whatever kind of mold this stuff is all over the car It’s on the inside on the carpets on the seats. There’s trash there’s cobwebs or spiders There’s bugs that you guys saw in the pre-roll footage This thing has been sitting like I said for 10 years and as I need some serious help The outside of the car that is gonna be for the next video if you guys are wondering this video is specifically to the Interior, let’s get everything out of the car. That’s the next step. I got my bin I have some work gloves that are a little bit thicker that way just in case there’s any needles or at glass or Fun stuff and I can’t recommend enough definitely wear some gloves definitely wear some eye protection and a respirator It is one thing that I am very glad that I did especially on this detail One thing I dig Isis actually saved all of the change that I found in the car added it up and I want you guys To guess in the comments below how much money I found I expected to find some nasty stuff but those were ants and their eggs and then all that fiber in the back I can guarantee that’s like a rat’s nest or a mouse mice nests You can see some of these answer are busy I’m not going to start vacuuming this I think this is a good place to start even though I haven’t got to the inside of The front of the car, I just kind of want to get this done first That way at least I feel like we got somewhere now I can’t promise that these ants were not harmed in this video But for me, I have like this phobia of ants ants just they’re not my friend. They just they aren’t my friend So the trunk being vacuum first was just something that I needed to get done. Especially after finding those bugs I couldn’t just let them sit there and then have the chance of them crawling into the inside of the cabin So I went ahead and took care of that now And you guys can see that that bin is already completely full which is crazy that 99% of it came from the trunk Now for this car I would say that I got pretty lucky when it came to stains on the carpet There was definitely some mold and definitely mildew stains that you can see me taking off with the vacuum cleaner here But majority of the carpet was in really good condition It just needed a simple extraction, which I did later on in the video to remove any of those surface stains and clean them up This is the first convertible I’ve ever worked on and to be honest it was insane How much room I had once I got that convertible top open? It made a huge difference I got these cool shots and it really made it easy getting in and out of the car without really killing my back And just like with past video guys any of the products that I use in this video are linked in the description box below Instead of waiting to do the door jams for the exterior detail I’m doing them for the interior side, and I’m just using an all-purpose cleaner in my detailing brushes to agitate the surface get that dirt get that mold get that mildew and Gunk that’s been growing in those door jams off the car and by doing them first it allows me to just to use the hose And rinse them off and any water that splashes in its gonna get shampoo it off the carpets anyway, so it’s not a huge deal And for the door panels I use my all-purpose cleaner and my brush once again just to get into those nooks and crannies and get them cleaned Now for the mold across this window here I’m just using the all-purpose cleaner a brush and then a microfiber towel to wipe it off. I Was actually really surprised with how red this car was. It’s just been so neglected for so long though Once I got the door jambs clean the red reminded me of kind of like a Ferrari red Now for the dashboard I’m using my all-purpose cleaner again and my brush to just spray the entire Surface to get into those different edges and lines and hard-to-reach spots and to be honest I’m not super worried about the panel and electrical and everything getting too much liquid in them because I’m not using a ton but also The car is not powered up at this time I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been in a Volkswagen in a long time But all the different types of buttons for the windows for the top and just the a/c controls I just I really enjoy seeing what Different car companies use for their different controls and how different they actually are to get the same effects for some reason I just really enjoy that part Now for the steering wheel and this goes for the leather seats the different stitching on them I’m using actually my drill brush to do a better job than my hand brush would do It just allows it to be a little bit quicker to kind of get into those different grooves and get a lot more of that mold and everything moving off those edges The one thing that you guys can’t understand just by watching This video is the smell that this car was putting off You could definitely tell That the convertible top was left open at one point or there was some sort of leak somewhere in the car with a window down Because the mildew smell was super super strong and to be honest I had to leave this respirator mask on for pretty much the entire detail because the smell was so overpowering And one thing to by doing the door jams now when you’re doing the interior detail especially in this car it’s gonna make it that much easier just to get the exterior detail done in the next video that I do because I’m not gonna have to worry about getting in there and getting any of That mold or moss or anything that’s growing on and out at that time It’s crazy when these clips are sped up how Quickly, you can see a difference between their before and after these door panels with the all-purpose cleaner in the brush Now for that super weird moldy patch that was growing on the driver kick panel I don’t know what the heck it was, but it came off pretty easily Now for the seats and for any of the moldy or parts of the vehicle, I’m not using an all-purpose cleaner here I’m actually using just straight vinegar vinegar does a really good job at killing any mold or bacteria And it might not be the best thing for leather seats because I might dry them out but to be honest in this situation sometimes you have to go with to an extreme to get the car to a condition where you can actually start taking care of the stuff Now for the drill brush that I’m using on the seats and any leather, these are actually very very soft brushes They’re not the ones that I typically use for the carpet. They’re more flexible They’re softer And they definitely aren’t going to scratch the surface which make sure that you’re really careful of if you’re actually using drill brushes as well And like I mentioned earlier having the convertible top down made this job so much easier to get inside of the car and clean it up because honestly Some of these tighter spots were super difficult to get to and if I didn’t have the top down there’s it just would have killed My back by the end of this detail And For these back seats. I definitely did two passes with the vinegar because this is where the mold was mostly concentrated in So I went ahead and did two passes just to make sure that I got all of it out of the fibers and the different stitching on the leather seats One question we get a lot is how to clean seat belts and it’s actually a fairly straightforward process Either use an all-purpose cleaner or in this case I’m using vinegar because of the mold on the belt and I’m using that to spray onto the belt itself a white terry cloth to then rub along to try to extract any of that dirt off the surface quickly and then I’m using my steam cleaner to disinfect and then raise any of that extra dirt that’s inside those out to the surface and then using that white terry cloth once again, To wipe it off Now that the entire interior has been cleaned with all-purpose cleaner or vinegar I’m gonna go ahead and top all surfaces with Chemical Guys silk shine this product This is something I’ve talked about many many times. You guys have heard me talk about it before but I swear by it It’s kind of like my new go-to when it comes to any sort of surface protected Now for these interior events I’ve talked about it before I’m using these small detailed foam brushes that you would use for sort of craft painting They definitely help with getting into all the slits of the air vent to make sure you don’t miss a spot Now for the windows make sure you have two microfiber cloths available The first one is going to be for cleaning up the invisible glass that you’ve sprayed onto your windows And then the second one is to do a final pass to kind of dry any possible streaking that might be left on there but for these windows I did two passes on the inside and the outside because if I just did the inside I Wouldn’t be able to see how good of a job I did because of how bad the outsides were now in some of these windows There was so much mold growing on them I had to use a clay bar to get that off the surface and then just follow up with this another pass on the invisible And then I just followed up with another pass with invisible glass You might actually skip and miss is to always make sure you clean your Sun visors wipe them down use your silicon shine or Protectant and then make sure you clean the actual mirror inside Because that is just one of those little extra touches that a lot of people might miss Now for the carpets I am using my extractor Which is the Sandia extractor if you guys are interested in the description box below Definitely super affordable for the hobbyist and also the enthusiasts or professional detailer It’s also compact and does a really good job, but for here, I’m just spraying liquid on to the carpet itself And then I’m following up with my drill brush to agitate the carpet To get any of that dirt that’s embedded in those fibers up to the surface before I follow up with my extractor Some of these spots are actually rusted So this is where there’s been something that rusted into the carpet fibers itself and was worn down pretty heavily So I tried doing a second pass on those specific spots and was able to get them a little bit cleaner but in certain cases Sometimes you just can’t do anything because the carpet has been so damaged Now for the trunk it definitely needed to be pretreated it definitely needed the drill brush That’s where I found those ants I found that mold from those books that was left in there But the surprising part was with just one drill pass in one pass with the extractor. Everything actually came out of all those trunk fibers So one question I get all the time is how long some of these Disaster cleans take this one it particularly took about six and seven hours, which was actually nice compared to some of the larger jobs I’ve done where I was like the vans or the SUVs those ones do take longer just because the amount of surface areas but this One by far was the nastiest and dirtiest one I’ve ever done just because mold and ants and stuff that Do this freaks me out and is just pure disgusting Here are the before and after shots you guys can see how well this car turned out at the end of it the Transformation was insane So I want you guys to make sure you subscribe give this video a huge thumbs up and leave a comment below What was the most insane part of this detail that you guys like to watch? And as always thank you guys for all of the support, it truly means a lot to me I will be doing the exterior detail of this car next and I want you guys to make sure that if you are new Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the new videos Give this video a huge thumbs up, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye guys

100 thoughts on “Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Volkswagen

  1. You really should’ve taken out the seats it’s worth the hassle because there’s probably a lot of mold and mildue under they

  2. Those seats should have been pulled, but reality is the mold is embedded into the under side of the seats on the foam, under the dash and inside the vents. An insurance claim would have been best in this case.

  3. I have a lot of experience with mold living in one of the rainiest cities in the US. It gets everywhere, including the fans and AC. If there is black mold in that car, I would wonder if it could actually be made safe. I cringed when you sat in one of the seats! I hope you bleached your clothes afterward! Having had two mold remediations done on my house, and being VERY allergic to mold, I can tell you, it takes very few spores for a new occurrence. Taking the seats out would have been a good thing to do for this reason. Using a steam cleaner might initially be effective, but sets you up for mold in the future. It's the 50/50 rule; for mold to grow, it has to be over 50°F, and 50% humidity. Areas where shadows fall are key areas for mold to grow. While the water is initially superheated, it cools down, potentially adding moisture to areas with live spores. Further, no telling what's UNDER the carpeting.

    Taking the top down with the car in sunlight is a great idea, because sunlight kills mold. The areas under the seats would have benefitted from being exposed to sunlight. I hope that whatever is coming into the body of the car through the ventilation system doesn't make the owner sick.

  4. Seriously man, you want us to pick a “favorite part” … the whole thing was disgusting…it was ALL BAD, but you fixed it, it’s ok now. Somehow I saw the outside before the inside…you need to NAME these things so we will know if we’ve seen um…those teeny tiny pics are hard to see…please NAME your vids, & put the name first. OR you could number them. I don’t always have time to see them…so they get stacked up, ya know! Thanks for the new ones, I enjoyed them.

    Now, about killing mold, try this: a very fine mist bottle, I get those little ones from the travel size shampoos n stuff in the big box stores…only 2oz but VERY FINE SPRAY. Fill it will water then add a few drops of GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, aka GSE per oz, & a few drops of peppermint extract per oz. I’m in Tex, in the area that flooded when Harvey came through & flooded. Then, the highly educated EXPERTS who have the job of deciding WHEN to open the floodgates of all the dams up north ALL WAITED UNTIL they were in danger of being washed out….then, OMG they suddenly decided to open them all, all the way. They must have been gawking at news reports of flooding & didn’t pay attention when Harvey began going north, THEN
    they realized THEY were going to flood too because the dams were almost over topping & all the extra rain had NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP. So, at last they opened all the floodgates & here came the rivers out of their banks, flooding so many houses that were not expecting it, because the rain had just about stopped. So, we were beyond water logged here for months. Gobs of people were getting GREEN MOLD inside their houses, me too. Then one evening on the news they announced this huge green mold problem so many had & said everything: ground & air was so saturated with water the AC systems COULD NOT dry the houses out. So I began looking for SOMETHING & found this recipe online. It’s 99% water & 1% GSE & PEPPERMINT OIL& it works! Once you get enough GSE on something the mold will not grow on it again. I have some bare wood I sprayed a number of times & I haven’t had to spray it again for a year! I forgot how many drops per oz, but somewhere between 3 & 5. Don’t forget: Drops PER OZ. Sometimes I filled a 20 oz bottle, sometimes 2oz bottle. The green mold MELTS & disappears When you get it just right! Peppermint smells good & also kills mold. It kills black mold too, any kind, it’s an acid 😁 Hope it helps SOMEONE!

  5. Nice to see that the interior was as dirty as the exterior of this VW convertible. Also, I noticed that the top had a rip in it near the bow on the passenger side.

  6. With a car like this one that's been bonding with nature shouldn't you remove all the panels and clean underneath them? There's probably some nasty stuff left under there.

  7. Love your videos .. I would recommend adding the client or customer reaction to the transformation, which I think all of us would like to see

  8. You do good work but next time try working top down on the interior especially the seats it will eliminate any extra wiping from drips and over spray

  9. Geweldig om naar te kijken, fantastisch werk verricht ,auto ziet er weer prachtig uit gr from Holland/Netherlands 👍

  10. Friendly reminder to everyon that a moldy car will forever be a moldy car. Even if you cant see the mold, the spores are still there. Waiting to fuck you up.

  11. After watching different detailing channels am curious why on really bad cars like this you don't remove the front seats for a more thorough cleaning?

  12. Nothing like seeing a flood damaged car!! I really don’t mind ants but there eggs gives me willies. But VW’s of any kind are junk from the dealership. So it was a huge waste of your time & energy to clean what should have went to the nearest junkyard!! And with a car that dirty and nasty take off the door and trim panels & clean the backs of them as well. Cause it’s half ass if not done

  13. This has to be one of the best business ventures I’ve seen on here. Buying trash cars at dirt cheap and reselling them. Keep it up

  14. Great job. Thumbs up. Check out Autoshine of Blackpool. He also cleans/transforms cars to an excellent standard that were previously in a disgusting state. So much more satisfying to watch a real transforamation than some OTT detail on mildly scratched clear coat.

  15. Completely understand on the ants. I had to leave my car in a field during college once due to restricted gameday parking, and ughshfgdhgkdjfhgkdg. There were ANTS! No matter how I cleaned, I felt paranoid for weeks. The slightest movement or phantom feeling and I'd swear it was an ant.

  16. Do you sell the cars you detail? I’m new to your channel and this is so satisfying to watch lol Great job man👍🏼 so dope 👏🏼

  17. I wonder what happened to this cars owner- there were college textbooks and clothing just left in the truck/back seat- and if the car was left for years… I hope whatever happened to them isn't as bad as the details suggest it might be.

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