Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Transformation Detailing A Jeep Cherokee

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Transformation Detailing A Jeep Cherokee

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s detail is of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo and today’s detail is
definitely a disaster deep clean because this car before the previous owner
purchased it was used to haul goats around the farm so the carpet the seats
everything you guys can imagine what that entails
it is definitely needing some cleaning this will be a huge challenge for me but
luckily I got my carpet cleaner an extractor I got my shot back I got all
the tools I could possibly need to clean this car up so if you guys are new make
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out on any of my new content coming out and let’s go ahead and get started so
the first thing you want to do is always remove any trash out of the vehicle this
includes anything on the floor anything in the back of the seats are in the
cupholders and the floor mats themselves from the car now because this car is so
dirty and the seats need to be shampooed and cleaned desperately the easiest
thing you can do is remove the seats out of the car itself it makes it so much
easier to work on when they’re on a bench or when they’re outside on the
floor so that way you’re not contortion enormous in spots on the seats and this is exactly why I removed the
seats you can see that there is build up along the center console underneath the
seats themselves was absolutely atrocious and the amount of gunk from
the goats and everything else that is on the floor mats I wouldn’t have ever been
able to get to if I did not get them out I’m not really sure how they carried
goats in the car if the goats actually set in the seats themselves or if they
sat on the floor or in the trunk I’m not really quite sure but regardless
everything had to come out so that way I had access to everything to make sure I
didn’t miss any spots now these shots show you exactly why I
remove the seats it gives you access to everything makes it so much easier to
maneuver inside the vehicle especially with a car that’s dirty so I decided
first to go after the seats and clean those up because with it be an extra
sunny outside and with all the interior work I had to do it gave the seats time
to dry all the products that I use in today’s video are going to be listed in
the description box below and for the carpet cleaning itself I am using my
drill brush I am using my sandy extractor and then I’m using this pump
sprayer to pretreat and soak any of the seats and the carpet on the interior now for these seats you guys can tell
how much dirt I’m actually removing two passes was about right to get majority
of the dirty out and then I’m just using my all-purpose cleaner on the bottom of
the seats in a microfiber towel to wipe them down now for the actual cleaner that I’m
using in the extractor and then in the pump sprayer it’s just a generic carpet
cleaner formula that I got from Home Depot I have other ones that I’ve used
as well but this one actually does a pretty good job and it’s pretty cheap
and it has some odor eliminator as well in the fluid and every single one of these videos I
usually end up saying agitate the carpet with the drill brush this is kind of a
staple that I say from now on so anyways when it comes to agitating the cargo at
the drill brush be very careful with making sure you wear safety goggles
because it will fling and spray it everywhere I should have probably had
long sleeves on but at the end of the day you know what it just I took a
shower afterwards so we’re all good I made sure whenever I was dumped in the
dirty water that I captured it for you guys because I know a lot of the times I
haven’t in the past and every single time you guys asked me to so I made sure
I captured every single one of them for you and the one from the inside is 10
times worse than the one here now a majority of jobs removing the
seats is definitely overkill but for the jobs that I do in my videos or anything
that hasn’t been cleaned before if you got a new used car I would recommend go
ahead and removing them and cleaning them that way you know that you’ve
gotten them all clean before and then it’s just maintenance thereafter one thing I recommend that I do not do
in this video in particular but if you have cloth seats in your car and you get
them cleaned like this or you clean them yourself pick up several bottles of
scotch guard spray one good thing about that is if you spray all your cloth
seats with that if you spill anything on them it’ll pretty much beat it to the
surface and allow it to roll off and make it easier for cleanup I think we can all agree that the seats
actually turned out amazing so far it’s actually crazy the actual color of them
they were much darker and browner if you will
whereas they’re actually a light gray after just doing a couple passes of the
extractor for the floor maps I decided to pressure
wash them first to get 99% of the dirt out of them and then I used the same
carpet cleaner spray in my drill brush to agitate and get the dirt out of those
fibers and to be honest with floor mats they’re usually pretty caked with dirt
and they’ll take couple passes to get them completely cleaned and then I use
my extractor to soak up the excess fluid when it came to the rear floor mat that
was a different story the amount of red and brown sludge that came out of my can
only believe that this is molasses from the corn that they gave the goats or
fecal matter or urine from the guy I can’t I don’t know but the smell was
quite intense once I started spraying them and
extracting it was it was something I’ve never smelled before so I definitely did
a couple passes with the extractor with the drill brush and with a pressure
washer to get them clean the one floor mat you can see here was actually by far
the worst one and you can you can just see the red fluid coming off him
it was it was intense despite the amount of this red substance
that came out of these floor mats they cleaned up really really nicely and like
I said the front ones where does the majority of the dirt and those cleaned
up nicely as well now that the seats and floor mats are
cleaned up I have those sitting outside in the Sun going to go ahead and tackle
the vacuuming at this point I’ve mentioned it before vacuuming is by
far one of the most rewarding parts of detailing because it will get you about
80% of the way there when it comes to getting a car clean especially of this
magnitude when it’s this dirty and you vacuum it it really makes it already
look 80% better so not only where the previous owner is
hauling goats in this car they also were smokers so you can see a lot of the ash
buildup on the sides by the center console and then also on the dashboard
when I get to that part this was also the biggest reason why I remove the
seats to make sure I could get to all this stuff that was caked in between
just wouldn’t have been possible to get to with different vacuum attachments when vacuumed and I always recommend you
have some sort of hard bristle brush in this case this is a smaller one that I
use for a lot of the edging along the sides or you can have a larger one as
well but use that to kind of get any rough spots that have some dirt or
something that is kind of caked on you can use that to kind of move it around
and then use your vacuum to suck it up a lot easier in the vacuuming stage I always try to
remove as much as possible so that way when I’m using the extractor I’m not
having the potential of clogging it one spot to not forget is when you’re doing
your trunk is to lift up the back tailgate portion of it to find where
your spare tire is make sure you clean around those edges clean around the
inside of the spare tire where area and then also clean underneath the actual
cover now that the entire insight is vacuumed
it is now time to go ahead and start extracting the carpet the first step is
obviously as always spray down the carpet with your pretreatment and then
use your drill brush to agitate the carpet to get those stains loosened up
and then follow with your extractor to remove any of those stains now the passenger-side area was probably
the nastiest and you can see here just the amount of crap that the drill brush
is moving around it literally was I think it was literally soaked and dumped
with molasses which the goats I’m really quite sure I’m not a goat farmer but I
was told that this is molasses and that was what the smell was which I don’t
know I really don’t know but you can see that my extractor was definitely getting
a workout I had to do several passes of this area to get all this soaked up and
to be honest and to be honest II kind of get to a point here where you can get
the carpet pretty clean on the surface but it’s definitely a point where I told
the owner that replacing the carpet might be a good idea if they want to get
all of the smell out and all the stains out because you kind of have diminishing
returns at some point but for the amount of work that I put into it I would say
that the carpets turned out amazing the owners were super impressed and if they
want to replace the carpet in the future that is definitely a direction that they
could take so for the carpets I do this to the
entire vehicle where I did two passes with the drill brush two passes with the
extractor and I would say that I got 90% to 95% of all of the stains out of the
carpet now here is the worst dump I’ve ever had
it literally was like just the reddest like motor oil consistency it was it was
bad and this like I said was probably the worst spot of the entire interior
now that the majority of the work and fun parts out of the way the next step
is to go ahead and use the all-purpose cleaner on all of the interior door
panels and then follow up with a with your topper coat in this case I always
use Chemical Guys silk shine it is kind of my go-to that I’m still loving and it
definitely helps with making the car look like that brand new plastic feel now for everyone watching this video I
highly recommend you pick up a set of these bristle brushes they definitely
come in handy with getting into the air vents getting into those hard-to-reach
spots with just a microfiber towel if you want to pick check them out I
definitely have them linked in the description box below for you they
definitely help elevate your detailing job and make it easier to get your car
completely cleaned what I’ve been trying to do as I work
through each panel of the car I’ll use the all purpose cleaner first the topper
coat and then I’ll clean the windows on the each panel as I go around that way
I’m not duplicating steps and kind of revolving around the car multiple times
it kind of just makes it a much easier process just to knock all of those steps
out at once if you guys have any tips on processes
on how you clean your car in different ways that I can improve my efficiency
definitely let me know in the comments below it is one thing that I am always
trying to improve upon to make it much faster to get through these cars what do
you think I’m glad it turned out so well yeah the front came out probably the
best in my opinion you wouldn’t even think that now the – and everything
definitely cleaned up well instead of the floor mats and the seats so as you
can see the owner was truly amazed with the end result and here the before and
after shots that you guys have been waiting for so if you guys haven’t
already leave the comment below Goat motel and if you haven’t subscribed make
sure you hit subscribe and turn on notifications and I’ll see you guys in
the next video bye guys

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