Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interiors Ever COMPILATION! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interiors Ever COMPILATION! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interiors Ever COMPILATION! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing. ou guys have asked for it and here is a compilation of all of the disaster deep clean videos I have done for a total of 2 hours of footage! All of your favorites from #worktrucksneedlovetoo, #roachmotel and even #deermotel. I have removed the talking clips and left all of the vacuuming, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and extraction clips you love to binge watch in anticipation for the new disaster detail transformation going live on Saturday!
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100 thoughts on “Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interiors Ever COMPILATION! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing

  1. Could you suggest to me what to do on the chairs of the car, the car is 2014, but the bucket seats have like a white stain, which I would like to remove, and bring the black out again, I have tried Tuff-Stuff even for harder stains, thanks.

  2. I have pretty bad PTSD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar 1… watching your videos helps calm me down a bit. The music is nice to listen to, and it's calming to watch you clean. Thanks for editing this much footage so that I can watch it and keep calm.

  3. What a difference with the inside of this car you got that minty mate. Holy cow how brown was the water was horrible looking must have smelled worse but you smashed it out the park with the work you done pal such a different!! What was the brush you were using as it does a good job and could do with getting one? What cleaning products do you use? You know what is the best to get the black plastic on the dash back to not shine but clean as I am struggling with the different ones on the market as I can’t find one I like not wanting it to shine but clean and look like new? Cheers

  4. I personally don't use anything on the interior that is glossy, especially the dashboard, as it causes glare…but that's my personal taste

  5. Most satisfying thing is when you rip everything out of a car and go ham with foam cleaner, drill brushes, and you can see the horrifying gunk getting sucked up with the extractor. Carpet cleaning is 👌👌👌😩

  6. Have I watched each one of these videos individually? Yes
    Did I still sit here and watch the entire 2 hour compilation video? You can bet your kiester I did!

  7. James- it’s good to see hurricane Katrina vehicles are still getting reconditioned and brought back to life !
    Get yourself a better pump type sprayer to cut down time.. add chemicals to it and spray larger areas to have chemicals work for you. Spray the entire areas first the let the chemicals sit on the worse side longer to break down sediments… then carpet extract. Those doors/vinyl/plastics are easier when you sprays the entire and use a air hose after the door is sprayed with chemicals, scrubbed with chemicals in a bucket and use the air hose after it’s wiped off to remove chemicals from cracks etc.
    The hose can be added to blow out areas after the initial vacuum to remove missed spots inside trouble areas along with cleaning out the vents more throughly.. along with drying the engine after it’s been degreased before it gets “dressed” with spray.
    I’ve learned a lot during my detailing days.. use to recondition vehicles for a dealership along with doing express services while working at a car wash. I appreciated the lessons I learned and the owner who took time to pass on the experience he had..
    Always good to appreciate the outcome of the work we have put into a project.
    Great video and hope this inspires other and teaches as well.
    Keep up the good work !👍🏻🤛🏻

  8. 1:56:00 Watched it Twice, Currently working in A Warehouse, Knows exactly what your back feels like after all these months of Detailing

  9. Never understood people. I’m the type that goes in to take my car for an oil change, and throws away straw wrappers beforehand so it doesn’t look messy.

  10. I got one for you. If you can clean my husband's car, I would pay double. I haven't gotten in there and cleaned my car out in a while.

  11. I would buy car seat protector pads to go under those booster seats in the middle row of your Odyssey. It looks like you’re getting close to having rips in the leather . I have two I’d send you but it would probably cost as much for me to ship as you could find locally or on amazon.

  12. Hm… i just cleand my car today. But it was not so dirty ;-). I love the foam brush, thanks for this hack.
    Greets from germany

  13. Watch this when you girlfriend says five more minutes watch this when your boyfriend says one more match. 😋😂

  14. I just wanted to thank you for making this content. It may sound strange, but your videos help me relax. I am doing my college Undergraduate thesis which is extremely stressful and watching you helps me relax. Certainly when I have my car I will know how to take good care of it, but until then I just want you to know that your content reaches and helps different audiences than you think. I'm from Brazil by the way. Thanks <3

  15. It’s crazy to see how much you’ve grown and all the different tools you use now compared to the first video in this!

  16. I’m a begginer detailer, would you recommend the Green Machine for an extractor since I’m barley starting ?? Please respond

  17. Urg😝 I cant believe that somone can get it soOOOO dirty🙈😬🙄 Luckely they have you😅😂😂👏👏🙌

  18. Serious question, are the people actually driving this cars every day or are they just like second cars standing somewhere, I mean how can you drive such a mess? 😀

  19. I’ve heard that using VLR on the door panels and stuff with a magic eraser is a very easy and fast way to get all the gunk off. Have you ever tried it? Or would you?

  20. Car detailer: Here's your car back.

    Customers: No way that's our car. You must've brought us the wrong one.

    Car detailer: Nope, that's your car.

    Customers: Faints

  21. Now I remember I still need to do my laundry later haha! Gonna put me on some Foo Fighters and Delta Parole and then I will try my best. Thanks for the inspiring video!

  22. i like when you clean the carpet. can you make a compilation of you just cleaning dirty carpets and rugs? please?!its satisfying and helps with my anxiety.

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