Cockapoo Dogs 101 – First Designer Dog Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

Cockapoo Dogs 101 – First Designer Dog Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

An adorable small dog with the personality
of a clown, the Cockapoo is the first of the “designer dogs”, dating back to the 1960s. Completely people-oriented, the Cockapoo is
intelligent enough to train easily, hardly sheds, and is so affectionate that you’ll
never feel alone. He’s happy running around an agility course,
showing off his tricks to company, being petted as a therapy dog, or just hanging out on your
lap, which is his, by the way. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Here are 10 fun facts about the utterly adorable,
trail-blazer among hybrid dogs, the Cockapoo, Let’s get started. But before we start, take a moment to like
and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts. And let us know about your Cockapoo in the
comments below. 10. Also known as the Cockapoodle [rooster crowing],
Cockerpoo, Cock-a-Poo, or Spoodle, he is a cross between either an American or English
Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. These charming dogs first appeared on the
scene in the 1950’s when it is thought that breeders in the States decided to create a
low-shedding dog. However, some people think they came about
by pure accident. Today, the Cockapoo remains one of the most
popular “designer dogs” around, thanks to his charming looks and his kind, loyal and
affectionate natures. 9. Because Cockapoos are a cross-breed, they
come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with some dogs leaning towards the Cocker Spaniel
whereas other inherit more Poodle traits, whether it’s their physical traits or their
temperaments. Some dogs may have the curly coat of a Poodle
and others could have much straighter and longer hair because they inherited more of
a Spaniel’s coat, so it really does depend on the luck of the draw as to how a puppy
Cockapoo turns out. 8. Playful and affectionate, the Cockapoo makes
a great family companion. He is sturdy enough to play fetch and ball
with the kids and cuddly enough to curl up on your lap for a warm and rejuvenating nap. The Cockapoo bonds quickly with his family
and believes that his people should be with him all of the time. 7. The Cockapoo is an exceptionally intelligent
dog. He is easy to train because he has a strong
desire to please his people. New owners are always shocked to see how quickly
this crossbreed learns and responds to commands. Many enthusiasts report that by the age of
six months, Cockapoos can sit, stand, stay, come, heel and sit up on command! This is a bright mixed breed, coming from
pairing two of the brightest parents on the planet. 6. Cockapoos are active dogs and love to play
and romp. A brisk walk through the neighborhood is a
good thing for this hybrid dog but he also needs to run. A fenced and secure play area is necessary
for him to stretch out and play hard. For those who don’t have yards, dog parks
are a great place for the Cockapoo to exercise and they also excel in agility and obedience
training. 5. The American Kennel Club does not recognize
the Cockapoo as a breed at this time. The American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer
Dogs Kennel Club, North American Cockapoo Registry, Cockapoo Club of America, American
Cockapoo Club, Cockapoo Club of Great Britain, International Designer Canine Registry and
the Designer Breed Registry do recognize the Cockapoo as a viable breed. 4. Since the cockapoo sheds infrequently, caring
for his coat typically involves weekly grooming. Little vacuuming is required, creating the
ideal situation for someone who doesn’t have the time to vacuum every few days. 3. Depending on the type, an adult cockapoo can
weigh anywhere between six and nineteen pounds. Cockapoo types include maxi, miniatures, toys,
and teacups. Maxi cockapoos are the largest ones, and they
weigh in at nineteen pounds. Miniature cockapoos typically weigh between
thirteen and eighteen pounds, while toy cockapoos weigh between seven and twelve pounds. Teacup toys are the smallest type of cockapoos,
and they are less than six pounds at adulthood. 2. The cockapoo is often healthier than either
a poodle or a cocker spaniel simply because it does not have many of the genetic defects
typically found in either breed. Since the animal is healthier, it is often
happier as well. He is, however, predisposed to ear infections,
simply because of his coated drop ears. He is also prone liver disease, cataracts,
and kneecap dislocation. 1. You’ll have a long-lived companion in a
Cockapoo. The average life expectancy of a Cockapoo
is between 14 and 18 years when properly cared for and fed an appropriate high-quality diet
to suit his age. Well, there ya have it, 10 cock-a-doodle cool
facts about the charming, canine companion, the Cockapoo. We love hearing about your pets, so let us
know about your Cockapoo in the comments below. Before ya go, take a moment to like and subscribe
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  2. I think the pet store lied to me because they said my dog is a cockapoo but he sheeds all the time and he's not very big only up to mid shin on me and his tail is stubby and he's really gross and is honestly really stupid. I've tried so hard to train him but he's six years old and all he got out of everything I tried to teach him is how to sit and dance for treats.

  3. My cockapoo izzy is a year old but still hyperactive like a puppy. She whines at the living room door to ask us for permission to go upstairs where she then runs to my room and grabs her favourite stuffed toy peter pan which she then proceeds to fall asleep with

  4. My cockapoo lives at college with me as an ESA. He didn’t need any special training before he came, other than what he learned as a puppy. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s 5 and still a pup at heart ❤️

  5. I had a cockapoo for nearly 15 years. She was the most loyal dog I ever saw. She was in love with my dad and thought herself as his wife. She was a beautiful tri color, had silky fur, and was a cuddle bug.

  6. My cockapoo, Misty Day, is led under the quilt with me as I watch this video. She is hilarious, goofy, kind, stubborn, sassy. She is just the best.

  7. Got a cockapoo a few months ago and she’s awesome! She’s 19 lbs now and I thought she was going to grow more but now I’m thinking not so much, haha

  8. My cockapoo is not very “energetic, hyper” like you say. She is perfectly healthy though. I take her to the vet for regular checkups

  9. A Cockapoo is a mixed-breed dog that is the cross between either Cocker Spaniel breeds (American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel) and a poodle (in most cases a miniature poodle or toy poodle).

  10. Our cockapoo, Barney, is the sweetest, gentlest, goofiest dog we’ve had. He’s 8 and a wonderful companion. He and our 11 yr old Shi tzu are best buds. He’s great with the grandchildren as well. They are a wonderful breed. 😊💕

  11. i have 2 cockapoos and we got them trimmed today and they look like little teddybears the 1st one we got was in 2017 his name is Tommy and he is almost 2 years old . The 2nd one we got was in 2018 and he has 5 months untill he is 1 years old his name is Doogle and they are both playing with eachother and getting along

  12. My 11 month old is VERY spoiled and into everything! He was dropped off as a "stray" by his previous owner at the pound. I applied for him right away.

  13. my mom docked thier tails she and the new ownersperfered them that way cause it makes them look more like thier parents

  14. We have 1 that looks more like a spaniel and is dopey as dopey can be and the other has the poodle side of things with a gorgeous curly/shaggy coat. Both are very loving and affectionate and will lean on you for a cuddle, or snuggle their face into you. If I am on my laptop they both try to move my hand off the keyboard lol we have a child with ASD and they are amazing with her. Best breed ever I would never get a different breed now, they are so loving and gentle.

  15. I got my male cockapoo/yorkie mix because I was looking for a dog similar in appearance to our black shih tzu female that bonded mostly to my wife. He's adorable, but the combination of his separation anxiety the second I leave the room and his first instinct to chew fingers is hard for my wife to deal with. Calming music doesn't seem to help much and if he doesn't sleep in the same room with me he will cry all night. He was born on Halloween and we got him on New Years so he's3 months old. Is this something he'll grow out of?

  16. We had a cockapoo, she was brilliant. She would play hide and go seek with us and actually take turns to hide from us. I don't think she ever forgave us kids for growing up though.

  17. Thanks i got one almost a month ago shes so playful shes more of a poodle tho cause her dad was a poodle and her mom was a cockapoo although she looks more like the cocker spaniel. Also my cousins got one a week before us

  18. My Cockapoo Lucky is turning 12, Vet says she is healthy aside from some gagging she has done since birth. I’m glad to know I may have some more time with her

  19. My family has had 4! They are the best and big cuddlers. They need lots of love and attention. Very healthy, and yes, clean their ears out often.

  20. My cockapoo passed away recently at the age of 4 due to some blood condition that had rapidly developed between the last time we had taken her to the vet. It's been a month since she passed away. I miss her. She was so sweet.

  21. my cockapoo rosie is sleeping on me & she’s the cutest thing ever . about 11-12 weeks old now and she’s an apricot color . my best friend

  22. I've had my dog for a year now and all of a sudden he is sad, doesn't want to run around or anything like that, now and then he is happy but rarely 🙁

  23. My cockatoo looks like a cocker spaniel, loving , playful and extremely intelligent.Aproximately , 4 months ago he broke his two back legs running very quickly so we took him to the vet and they stated he required surgery due to his acl/crusiate injury.We had one done however the vet started he could only get the angle of his knee to 6.The other we decided to wrap and see if it would heal about the same.He is not 100 percent with either legs.I have been carrying him and also holding his back legs up when he has to climb up or down stairs.At the veterians recommendations we kept him in his dog crate as much as possible.He still has pain so can you provide me with some helpful information that will help my dog get back to his playfull self.There was a $4000 cost for having one leg operated and it dosen’t appear to be any better than the one we wrapped to provide support.We have been looking on Amazon and there are a few ACL/CLR wraps.Would they be better than what we have done ourselves.
    I would very much appreciate your advise on this matter
    Dale Mont
    [email protected]

  24. I love these dogs soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  25. Surely not, " adult cockapoos weigh between 6 and 19 lbs" ??? I have a four year old English working cocker x toy poodle he's skinny but muscular and is smaller than most cockapoos we meet being a little under 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs 24 lbs. What if he was a cross with one of the bigger poodles , a miniature (it seems to me the most common cross) or standard poodle (we know a couple off these, they're almost labrador size and I would guess weigh 60 lbs)? Are USA lbs different to UK ones (no I just checked) so perhaps American cockapoos are just tiny or he meant kilos not pounds or he doesn't know any miniature or standard poodle crosses or he's maybe looking at them through the wrong end of a telescope and just guessing the weight.

  26. My dog bella is a cockapoo and she has been around me for 12 years the only bad thing is that she cant see but she licks my face all the time

  27. I have a cokapoo he is the best dog anyone can ever have his name is bear and he is 8 months old I love you bear

  28. Very informative – so cute. The body weights, however, sound wrong. Clearly some of the larger dogs weighed at least 50 pounds. Some of the smaller ones weight 20 pounds?

  29. I love my little baby cockapoo (not a baby so much anymore ) he’s ten 😍😩 he always has so much energy and loves cuddles

  30. I had two cock-a-poo brothers from the same litter. They were named: Skip and Wally. They were wonderful pets. I still miss them a lot.

  31. Won't be long before AKC with its greed and lust for registration put more mix breeds on the roster! Every year they dig up some kind of trash dog no one's ever heard of to add, not an elite organization any longer!

  32. Currently, I am sitting with my 3 year old cockatoo on my lap. You can see his face on my pfp. If you are seeing this later, there’s a possibility that my pfp is deferent, but who knows.

  33. I recently got two cock-a-poo puppies (they’re also called spoodles) and they were originally $2000 each but we got them from the breeder for $1500. Is this expensive for a dog?

  34. 'Cockerpoos' arent a breed 😭😭 they are overexpensive mutts 😂 Have not met one of them that doesnt have behaviour issues

  35. Hey! This is my first video on watching you and I instantly liked and subscribed! Thank you for the help because I am getting a cockerpoo soon!

  36. I got my Cockapoo, Happy, from a rescue shelter that got him in a raid on a terrible puppy mill. He’s adorable but he doesn’t like to be held.

  37. I’m from England and I have a cockapoo 15 week puppy and we have had him for a month. He looks so much like a retriever cause he is flat coated and he can already sit and do paw!!! They are very clever. I would recommend them.

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