Code 8 – Short Film [2016]

Code 8 – Short Film [2016]

[distant sirens] [distant sounds of traffic](female dispatch #1)
10-02, undetermined emergency
at 401 Rexdale.
(female dispatch #2)
Way is clear, 10-38.
(dispatch #1)
Suspect is low-level psych;
send in drone support.
(dispatch #2)
…telekinetic on foot,
last seen heading westbound.
(dispatch #1)
Charlie 3-5-2,
reports of a male levitating–
[drone flying in the distance] [gentle music] [music continues] Hey. Get up. Get up. (Reed)
We gotta go. Come on. [Joseph sighs] – Get up! Get up.
– No, no, no. – Get up.
– No! No! [water running] [dog barking in the distance] [Reed gasps] (Joseph)
Uhh! (Reed)
Mmm! Hot.(female news anchor)
Our top story this morning:
gunshots rang out late last night
near Monument Park as police
gunned down a telekinetic man
during an attempted robbery.Channel 7 has obtained footage
from the incident,
but viewers need to be warned. It is quite graphic. [male cop]
Freeze! Put your hands in the air! [gunshots](female news anchor)
This marks the fifth deadly incident
in less than a month between police
and people with power.
[hip-hop music] [distant police sirens] Good. [hip-hop music continues] It’s hot as hell out here, man. I almost hope nobody shows up. That’d be refreshing. Oh… delicious. [laughter] [horn honking] Here we go! [Freddie sighs] (Reed)
Lot of guys today, man. (Freddie)
Don’t worry about it. I’ll get us in.(man)
Hey, Joe! Joe, over here, man.
[workers all talking at once] (Freddie)
Hey! Get behind the brawn. [Reed laughing]
Yeah, okay. What we got?
What do we got here? [everyone talking at once] Uh, Class 2 Brawn. (Big Joe)
Class 2? Yeah. Prove it.(Big Joe)
Hey-hey! Hey!
Come on, man!Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. (Big Joe)
Okay. You’re in. What about you? Certified electrician. You special or not? You need an electrician or not? You’re lucky my guy called in sick. Okay. You and you, let’s go! (Reed)
Man, what are you talking about? (Freddie)
Buddy, I’m so broke, I’ll lift rocks, I’ll pick up a car, I’ll carry your grandma. I don’t care. Whatever, it’s too hot out, man. You don’t want to work.(Freddie)
I said almost.
Almost don’t want to work.
[drone approaching] [productive music] Hey! It’s short. No it ain’t. We agreed to a hundred. That’s a full day. You guys only worked six. [laughs] You serious, man? That’s the rate. You don’t like it,
I’ll find some others that do. You’re lucky I picked you up
in the first place. You need to pay us
what you owe us. Or what? I think we should just forget
about this guy, yeah? Let’s just get out of here. This is bullshit. Fucking special. Okay. Oh shit! Call it even! You wait, cocksucker! I’ma catch you! The fuck!(female dispatch)
Delta 109.
(drone pilot)
109, go ahead.
(female dispatch)
Got report of a smashed windshield
at 2745 Westmount.
Two specials
last seen running eastbound.
One Class 2 brawn,
the other unknown.
1078’s cleared for deployment
on contact.
Possible Code 8.(drone pilot)
Solid copy.
109 on the way.
You couldn’t have waited
until we were dropped off to smash that window? Yeah, yeah. Sorry, man. I’m so sick of this shit every day. And for a couple bucks,
it’s barely worth it. I could set you up with my cousin. Always looking for guys,
especially with your skills. Nah, hitting homes ain’t a job. Call it what you want,
but it’s a paycheck. Unlike you, I gotta spend
to keep this face pretty. [laughing]
Yeah, you’re overspending, Freddie. [drone whirring](drone pilot)
Suspects spotted at 144 Liberty.
Confirmed, Class 2 brawn.One unidentified, no criminal record.(dispatch)
Copy that.
You are authorized to…[robot release mechanism whirring](drone pilot over loudspeaker)
This is the police.
Stop where you are,and do not move!We will approach you.What the fuck is this? Don’t–don’t move. Don’t move.(drone pilot)
1078s deployed and in positions.
Scene secure.(dispatch)
Good job, 109.
10-alpha-20, go ahead.
You are clear to approach.
Copy that.
Approaching two suspects
at 144 Liberty. [police siren signals] What are these clowns doing
way out here? Going where the job takes them. Same shit we’re doing. Don’t think so. [tense music] Let me see your hands, please. (Dixon)
Put your hands in the air, now! (Park)
Turn around. You have any weapons on you? (Reed)
No. Long way from home,
ain’t it, fellas? What are you talking about? We live right up the street. (Dixon)
Yeah, right. That’s a real fucking funny joke
to you, huh? Hey, watch your mouth! (Park)
Easy. They’re clean. We got a report of a vandalized truck
on Westmount. I’m guessing you two don’t know
anything about that, right? You’re right, we don’t know anything
about that. Just two guys taking a nice stroll
around the neighborhood. [thud] In steel toes. [under his breath]
Steel toes. You got something you wanna say? Yeah, I got plenty I wanna say. Say it. Yeah? Freddie. Look, man, we’re just trying to get home. I understand that. Guy stiffed us, okay? Now it’s settled. You know, it’s a felony
to use your power to settle fights. I didn’t use my power. But you smashed that window. And a smashed window’s nothing
to what we deal with every fucking day. All right, you didn’t use your power. You still broke the law.
I have to take you in. Wait, you’re arresting me? No, that’s bullshit! Get the fuck back! Turn around and put your hands
behind your back. No, no, I’m not going anywhere. Face the other way– (Freddie)
What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck off him! Get off me! – Wait!
– Stop fighting! Stop! Hey! (Dixon)
Stop fucking moving,
motherfucker, settle down! [Reed groaning] (Dixon)
I’m gonna fuck you up!(drone pilot)
Shots fired! Shots fired!
1078s are active!
One suspect down!(dispatch)
All units, 1-4-4 Liberty! Confirm!
No, no, no.
Fuck, shit! Shit, shit. [stuttering]
Are you okay?
You’re gonna be okay! Hey, call an ambulance, man!
Phone it in! Need EMS to 1-4-4 Liberty! No, no, no! Stay down! Stay down. Just–just–shit.(drone pilot)
Get down on the ground with
your hands behind your head.
If you do not comply,
you will be shot.
1078s ROB is set to aggressive.
You’re all right, just–just… [crying]
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.(drone pilot)
Get down now!
This is your final warning.If you do not comply,
you will be shot.
[dramatic music] [Reed breathing heavily] [music intensifies] [screams] [electricity surging](drone pilot)
Losing control!

Engine one is down–
losing engine three–

Drone down! Drone–
Drone down! Drone down!
[voices overlapping]
– What’s my control?
EMP fired at 144–
– Anyone else hearing this?
– Suspect is a high-level electric!
– Two miles out!
– Proceed with extreme caution!
– Two miles out–
– All 1078s currently reporting–
[heavy breathing] [music intensifies][overlapping voices]
– Good God, it’s a fucking mess.
– Fire’s on its way!
– Where the fuck did he go?
– Any sign of the suspect?
– No sign of the suspect.
– 182, all 1078s…
– All units, high-level electric on the loose!
– 1078s…
– 1078s are active.
– I need a perimeter from Lakeside…
– Fairmont and Washington,
this is a Code 8!
– This is a Code 8![static crackles] [electricity flares] [drone flying in the distance] [electricity zaps]

100 thoughts on “Code 8 – Short Film [2016]

  1. Got to watch the full code 8 film. It was a pleasure listening to the director and being invited to watch. #Vancity Absolutely amazing cinematography

  2. Not gonna lie I thought for a second I was watching the trailer for a good movie with how good that was.

  3. People with powers living below the poverty line is a novel idea, though it doesn't really make sense. As long as you kept your ability secret, you wouldn't be discriminated against. If your ability was known, then the military would totally want you.

  4. who had the power that made all the Mexicans leave Los Angeles? Even in short films you make us disappear.

  5. Great movie, would love to see a series or full lenght movie. Will be keeping my eyes open for more of your work, congrates

  6. SciFi, I know, but not far from reality. American cops shot dead over a thousand people last year. In comparison, Australian police shot four. In normal countries the police are seen as protectors of the people. In the US, citizens are scared of their cops. How fucked up is that?

  7. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Ronnie (Robbie Amell) are iconic in whatever they do best and hottest related actors ever

  8. I want to see the full length feature! The story is engaging, and drew me in immediately. I also noticed more than a hint of mutant bigotry in the story – fearing what's different.

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  10. By the time this full movie ever gets made it will be so behind times that it mine as well get scraped now!!!

  11. Americans have problem with ego! Small situation would not escalate to something uncontrollable if they dont have dickhead like that dead police.

  12. To
    The head master
    New YouTube high school
    I beg to that I m ill. I cannot com to school tomorrow so. Kindly grant me leave for one day oblige
    Your faithfully irfan

  13. Filming in Australia too. I like the idea behind this, i like it a lot and will be looking out for it.

  14. let me see here, we have sung kang from the fast and the furious franchise, and we have the amell brothers robbie and stephen, all on the cast (in case ydk, stephen played oliver queen in arrow, and robbie has appeared several times in it), HOLY SHIT, this is something big!

    love the concept, reminds me so much of the 2009 movie push (with chris evans camilla belle djimon hounsou dakota fanning) where people with abilities clash with an established authority, would love to see taylor the certified electrician change the social system he's in, with the help of a few unlikely friends along the way (like most likely officer park).

  15. Lol i ain't never seen this usually Mexicans good to c white boys actually do some fucking labor work 😈

  16. 1.5k people did not like this. Umh, I really wonder why? We know how this goes down. So do these 1.5k that clearly see it and refuse to right the wrongs of a system they benefit. It's not fun and games when YOU are being treated this way on a daily. 1.5k is full of denial and cognitive dissonance ferociously clinging onto those precious bits of sacred supremacy and relished racism.

  17. I only just found out about Code 8! Man, I'm so excited by this film… The short looks absolutely amazing. I can't believe I didn't hear about this sooner.

    I'm getting that same excitement I got when I first watched Neil Blomkamp's "Alive in Joberg" short film… and the District 9 feature film turned out to be one of my favourite movies.

    I can't wait to see the Code 8 feature film!!!

  18. Rakka looks amazing I injoyed the volume 1episode my friends like it also we want see more or how can we obtain a copy ? Rakka best I've seen since district 9👍👍

  19. So Han doesn't really died nor left Toreto's team (Fast&Furious), he just changed his career and became a cop? 🤔

  20. The Code 8 film has been completed!!!
    Screening for Indiegogo supporters. No sign of a wider release (yet),

  21. I like the Asian Cop. He's actually taking his job seriously.
    The other cop is just a cunt abusing his position of power.

  22. dumb lefist creation , why wont u create movie about fighting current communism ? fighting lgbt plague ? fighting russian spies in US goverment ? why u make cops look bad? is this the target of ur lefist boss ? ur a lefist piece os shit . i despise u

  23. Be humble. But if others force their will upon you …. use your power. All of your power ….
    Great video !

  24. Snore..snooore..snooooore at the very beginning. It soon picked up and it twitched with my interesting side. As soon as it got ended 😏

  25. Oh look it's daylight out and they get to make breakfast before work. Not these days You're Just slaves and all these companies a f**** employees over

  26. They did more right in 10 minutes than those idiots in Hollywood could do in the last 6 episodes of Star Wars.

  27. Where can I watch the full movie? 'Cause people have said they've seen it, but I can't find anything confirming that it's out yet.

  28. You know, if 4% of the population are superhuman mutants, treating them nicely, giving them good jobs and housing and making full use of their abilities will be really beneficial to society instead of suppressing them. Unfortunately, human fear outweighs our rationality.

  29. Good quality but not realistic. I really doubt that people with such special abilities will earn so little so the would have to live in slums and barely provide for themselves. A lot of organizations could find a way to use those abilities, for example army, law enforcements etc.

  30. dude i watched a watch mojo video or someone else i dont remember and it was a top 10 sci fi movie.

    i searched it online. i found it in openload and i watched it because i know the mc from another series.
    and nothing the movie ended with him running. i was ready to watch 1.5 – 2 hours of movie but no. fucking shit doesnt even have a end. it just stops with him running

  31. He wasn’t that special….. he couldn’t control his temper and got himself killed. How on earth did he live as long as he did?

  32. My hypotheses is exactly this a very small percentage will evolve like this I know it sounds crazy but only time will tell.

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