Colin Quinn Brings Us the Latest on Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino – Lights Out with David Spade

Colin Quinn Brings Us the Latest on Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino – Lights Out with David Spade

Uh, o-okay, here we go. After, uh, eight long months, Jersey Shore star Mike
Sorrentino, “the Situation,” -has been released from prison
for tax evasion. -Mm. This picture from TMZ’s
the first, uh, since he was released. His wife told the press
they can’t wait -to start working
on Baby Situations. -Mm. -Apparently, they’re both tired
of (bleep) other guys. -Yeah. (groaning, laughter) -Yeah. -Yep.
-(cheering) -Prison joke. Another one.
-Another one. -A little heavy early on.
-Yeah. -Yeah. -That came from behind and
caught us by surprise. -Yeah. It’s-it’s, like, about– ’cause
people get raped in prison. -Yes, yes. Mary Lynn, they do.
-Yeah. -They do. -Oh, right, right,
right. -They do, they do. -It’s not funny. -No.
-No, it’s not funny. It hurts. It hurts. Yeah. I-I’m actually sad that it was the Situation who
went to prison and not Snooki. ‘Cause– Yeah. ‘Cause if Snooki
went, that would have been the best season
of Orange is the New Black ever. -I’m gonna break down the
Situation’s life for you. -Okay. -When he was growing up, he ate
a lot of meatballs. -Mm-hmm. When he went to prison,
he ate a lot of meatballs. -Yes.
-(groaning, laughter) When he comes out, he will probably eat
a little bit of both. -Right?
-That’s… Um, his… his wife
was actually misquoted. She was, uh,
happy he was in jail -because at least
she knew where he was. -Oh. And when…
but when he gets out, she’s gonna have them put the
ankle bracelet on his (bleep). -RANDY: What?!
-(laughter, groaning) I don’t think that’ll fit. Wait. I-I think
he’s gonna be fine, by the way. I think the transition between
prison and Jersey Shore– they’re basically
the same place, right? SPADE:
Yeah. Lot of jacked dudes
working out, doing laundry. RANDY:
That’s right. Repressing homosexuality. Doing each other,
doing laundry, work… -Keeping secrets.
-Keeping secrets. -Yeah.
-All of those things. Yeah. I wonder if the kid’ll be
a DJ or an influencer. -RANDY: Ah.
-It’s a really tough… Oh, by the way, we’ve got, uh,
someone there at the prison. To get more on this story,
coming to us live from outside the jail in Jersey, my old friend and friend of the
show, Colin Quinn, on FaceTime. -Yeah. -Hey, hey!
-(applause and cheering) Hey, guys. He doesn’t know how
to do FaceTime. -Why is his chin cut off?
-Thanks, David. Thanks, David.
Can you hear me? Yeah, yeah. Go for it. I’m outside the courthouse,
Jersey City, and, uh,
it’s pretty serious stuff. (laughter) So, you’re… How long you have
you been out there in Jersey? I’ve been out here for, like,
an hour, an hour and a half. What’s going on
with The Situation? He, uh… he’s released
from jail, and, uh, he’s… He should be coming out
at any minute now. I’m expecting to see him
any minute here in Jersey City. -David? -It doesn’t look…
it doesn’t look like you’re in Jersey. Yeah. Maybe because you said
when you did your show, “Hey, I’d like to have you do
a semi-regular thing.” I was like, “Oh, great,
I can’t wait to fly out, business class,
and be on the show.” And six weeks in, my first
assignment is to go to Jersey, pay my own way,
go on the PATH train. You must think I’m an idiot. I’m not going to Jersey
for this stupid show. (laughter) -(applause)
-Wait. Hey, at least
they gave you… At least
they gave you a cameraman. -But…
-Yeah. (laughing):
Yeah. That was a Sklar. -Hey, so…
-At least it’s an important… At least you gave me
a relevant story, so thank you. (laughter) We’re filming the show in 2007.
Did you know that? QUINN (laughing):
Yeah. Hey, what happened, uh…? You should have just
driven that, uh… that car
that Sandler gave you. Well, I never got a car. Oh, that’s right. Uh… (laughter) But I will tell you
that Colin did come up with the name Grown Ups. -Right, Colin? Didn’t you?
-Yeah, I did. -Yeah. -But in fairness,
Adam came up with Grown Ups 2. (laughter)

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  1. On a related note, I went on a binge recently of imdb lists on some horror movies after seeing IT 2 and found out "The Situation" and his brothers have been in horror movies when they were kids before, like Sleepaway Camp (which is know for it's twist ending). I know no one cares but I thought that was interesting.

  2. spade is great and i really like the show, although i only get it in snippets like this. quinn is great…loved his show. don't understand how he doesn't get more work…like dave atell. MUCH funnier than the fat tards in most movies. and the sklar brothers…genius. where's the other one? i'd think they'd be household names by now.

  3. Colin Quinn is a solid dude. I remember he came to Iraq in 2004 with some other comedians to do a show it was almost odd. We were in a tent about 15 of us and colin did some comedy and took pictures and signed autographs. We might have been in the rear I think this is before we went into the real shit.

  4. This is so bad. Like, really bad. The prewritten jokes, the lack of spontaneity, David Spade's face… It's rough… #BringBackToughCrowd

  5. The only reason I clicked this was to hear Colin and I couldn't even make it that far. The fucking comedy vacuum of the first minute and a half obliterated any interest I had. That was fucking awful.

  6. Prison rape is funny because it is bad. There's nothing funny about a well oiled justice system that creates the best possible outcomes for those who pass through it.

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