College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

a tiny house on wheels can be a dream home for a young college student but there is a tremendous amount of labour and effort that goes into constructing one luckily there was one student here in Florida who was up to the task and today we’re about to visit his absolutely beautiful home on wheels [Music] hey Bradley hey Bryce how are you good might get to meet you you as well this place looks amazing thank you very much how long have you been living here now I’ve lived in here three months took me about a year and a half to build it and the spot that you have found for it I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen a tiny house in this kind of location before yeah I’m really happy about it and looking at this video you wouldn’t know that we’re right in the middle of Jacksonville so right in the middle of a city with like a creek behind me here in Florida that actually looks like the kind of place where you would expect to see some alligators swimming about actually I haven’t even seen it yet after three months but I’m sure they’re out there so what was it that actually made you want to build a tiny house it started off more financial than anything right out of high school I went and paid a year’s worth of rent and decided that wasn’t for me so I moved back home and saved up some money to pay for it all cash and build it my family thought it was never gonna happen until I towed home a 27-foot flatbed trailer and then they started to ask more questions and understood this is something I’m actually gonna try and do so you’ve called this house rolling quarters how did that come about yeah it’s kind of a two-fold meeting I thought for a long time playing with a bunch of different you know puns to name it and rolling quarters obviously its living quarters and it rolls so that’s obviously reason the other thing is rolling quarters like saving money so the whole idea was to pay for everything cash and go against the societal flow of financing things so tell me a little bit about the materials they even constructed this from well I started up gaining a lot of things from Craigslist like the trailer the windows and then everything else I bought from Home Depot so I definitely saved a lot of a lot of money using reclaimed what’s this cladding that you’ve got on here this is Regatta blue vinyl siding from a local company and I went with it so that I could save a lot of weight what are the dimensions of this house the trailers 27 feet by 8 and a half wide with a 5-foot porch so the house is 22 and the porch is definitely a really nice touch there as well thank you yeah that was definitely something that was important in the design process to have that I didn’t like a lot of the newer tiny houses that were more box shaped so definitely makes it feel more homey and adds a really nice southern such as well absolutely you know looking at homes built 50 years ago down here they all have front porches built in and it’s great for the community and really slows you down but all the new houses they don’t have that so I definitely wanted to put that online and you get to truly capitalize on that view out there don’t you yeah absolutely well I would love to have a look inside the house and have a look at what you’ve done absolutely come on in thank you this is seriously cold thank you very much I love the kind of earthy feel that you’ve created with this design yeah that was definitely important to me that’s why I kept the ceiling you know without any stain on it all I did was put polyurethane on it and it really makes it feel homey and kind of the cabin feel the way that you’ve pulled in these branches and everything looks really good as well all right thank you yeah I really like especially considering where I’m looking to park out in the woods that cabin feels so having branches and greenery really make it feel nice and caveny now it’s only been a short while since emma has passed through and you did not fear particularly well during head did you no I did not the creek behind me is beautiful right now but when a category-5 hurricane comes through flood zone means a flood zone and honestly it was a lot of stubbornness that caused me to be in the flood where I could have towed it otherwise but I had just gotten here a few weeks earlier I was all set up and I really didn’t think it was gonna go four feet high right here so in my mind all the work was done and I felt like I shouldn’t have to do anything more because it was all done and so you know as the night rolled on and the water got higher I kind of realized that there was a big mistake and I definitely learned from it I can actually really empathize with how you feel in that respect because there is such a tremendous amount of work into building one of these things and when you’ve completed a project the thought of having to do one more thing can just put you over the edge so I totally get it but so after the hurricane had passed and the flood had caused some damage to the house how extensive was the dam and what was the process of repairing that all like the worst part about repairing after the flood was how I had to do it right then and in the next couple days because it was water damage and if you don’t get to that there’s gonna be mold so ripping up all the floors taking everything out tearing out the insulation is nothing I wanted to be doing while I had class to go to you know I run track for the school and so it was really a stressful time for me however after I got new floors in and everything dried out putting everything back together was like a puzzle you’re doing the second time I really went a lot quicker and made things a lot you know made me feel a lot better well I’m glad you have a dry home again Thanks I’m too and so we’ve come right into your lounge area haven’t we right yeah this is this is my lounge area this is my couch right now has a futon but I’m going to build some cushions for it later on and underneath I’ve got storage in the back and then some old lockers in the front so those are good for storage of shoes and everything else and then you’ve got a breakfast bar area over here yeah I was kind of hard to decide if I wanted them facing at each other Orange the window and I thought the window would be great because you and feels claustrophobic and you’ll notice I don’t have blinds and you were in the house that was mainly because this is the only a place I’ve parked so far and I don’t really need them so if I ever moved the house to a more crowded area blinds will be the next thing they go in sure so here you can still walk about naked not this side of the house the other side I can and you’ve got your television of course yeah I put in a television on a swivel here so that it doesn’t take up any ground space and it’s really good because I can swivel it up this way and face this side when I’m trying to sitting it here or I can lean back in the corner and tilt it that way as well and then above us here we’ve got a small storage loft area and what’s this up here that’s my roommate that’s peanut the snake you’ve got a snake in here yeah of course they would get too lonely without someone else in here so I picked him awesome what kind of snake is he he’s a Brazilian rainbow boa just got him about a year ago and so he’s real easy to take care right what’s it like having a snake inside a tiny house most of the time I don’t even notice him because he’s up there you only have to feed him about once a week or two weeks they can go where as with any other animal you have to feed him every day so it really lets me travel and other things without worrying too much about leaving well I’m gonna have to meet him later but right now let’s move on into the kitchen space sure so I really like how you’ve designed it so that it really is just one corridor going right the way back down to the other end of the house because it really does give you a sense of open space in here doesn’t it it really does and that’s one thing I wanted to be able to do is look all the way to the other end of the house yeah and see through that window to make it really feel a lot longer instead of just a door or something else it definitely accomplishes that and I like how long you’ve got the kitchen space as well yeah here I might have gone a little overkill I have about 8 feet of work space which is more than most apartments am and then you’ve got the fridge over here yeah I do this is a 10 cubic foot fridge and I lifted it up so that I could put the convection underneath it and a little bit more storage underneath you’ve got quite a lot of shallow stores there as well I do this is my shower behind this wall and between the studs I decided to put the wall on the other side and make this three and a half inch storage effect can we have a look in the bathroom absolutely come on this is it got the Nexus hit composting toilet there absolutely how are you finding using that one here after three months I have no complaints it’s a little weird to get used to and weird to tell your friends how to use it but other than that there’s no issue with it and then your showers there yeah this is my shower it’s a 36 by 36 fiberglass shell all one piece so it’s really simple I picked that one up off the side of the road actually I was out for a run and saw the shower and sprinted home to grab the truck luckily I was still there so that was free and then what’s this area behind you here right here’s my my desk area for now I’m in college so I need a place to study and get a my compute things and I don’t like the idea of of mixing work space with your play space so when I’m on the couch I like to relax but back here it’s kind of a separate office area where I can get my work done what do you study accounting accounting yeah so you’re gonna get used to sitting at a desk then yeah I mean that’s just my degree who knows after that fair enough but it really helped me with all the the finances of the deal another thing this space access is potential future closet space thank you as you can see on this side cuz where I hang all my clothes and have Mike you know storage area right but you know if there’s ever someone else that’s gonna move in here they have this exact same amount of space over on this side gotcha you’ve got a really nice deep sink here in the kitchen too haven’t you yeah thank you I really tried to get the biggest one I could get because I don’t like looking at houses with small sinks and thinking of how they’re gonna do all their dishes and that small thing and if you don’t cook a lot that’s probably okay but I like to cook and create a lot of dishes and so it’s easy just to throw them all in there very cool did you do all the cabinetry yourself I did I actually found these hardwood oak cabinet doors in a dumpster no man just used a bunch of scrap wood to frame around them and it really just worked out nice and then I’m guessing this ladder here puts us in geo sleeping loft it does tell me about what you’ve used to create this letter because this is really interesting yeah in all my research into tiny houses I really liked people that are using the galvanized metal it’s definitely kind of a centerpiece in here it really is what can I have a look up and your loft absolutely all right hey this is really nice up here yeah this is it you know climb up the ladder and just a bed up here I made it a foot extra but pretty much it’s all just for sleeping up here I do have a little bit of storage over where the shower is and then I have some more those lockers over here nice no but after three months I still haven’t put anything in him so I felt a lot of extra space you’ve been living in this tiny house now for three months how is it working out I love it so far I mean every time I pull up at night to my house you know there’s while on my face just because I built that and that’s where I’m staying and what has doing this tiny house project told you about yourself taught me I can do more than I think I can you know before doing some of these things like electrical I thought I might contract that part out but then after doing some research you know get my hands dirty and going through the whole process it seems a lot simpler now and so that’s something that at first I thought I couldn’t do but with enough work found out I could and what would you say the finished budget for this house would be somewhere around [Music] $15,246.86 answer yeah kept all my receipts no kidding you did Wow and what a remarkable figure to have completed a house to this standard thank you yeah I was a little impressed myself after hearing other people come out around around 20 even for the reclaimed houses well I am super impressed with what you’ve accomplished here thank you so much for sharing this incredible project with me absolutely thanks for coming rolling quarters it makes a lot of sense while saving some dollars there’s no question about it the best DIY Home has created a wonderful house for both Bradley and peanut here these two are gonna have an amazing time together during college you [Music]

100 thoughts on “College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House For Debt Free Living

  1. Maybe mount telescopic pole jacks to the corners….jack it up if a flood's on the way. Or, how about getting a huge sheet of tough plastic, store it rolled or folded under the house. Flood on the way….lay it out, drive the trailer onto it and fold up the sides and attach them to the walls. Just make sure you get an anchor!

  2. I love everything about tiny houses… Except the toilet… Can't imagine shitting in such a congested space and then not flushing..

  3. 15k?? For wood??? I'm sorry? These things are no bigger than 4 door Sedans and you want me to pay fucking 15k for a tree house not made by kids? Are you fucking nuts? I can guarantee you, you can shit one of these out a day with about 600-1,200 spent only.

  4. If you look at how much students pay for dorm rooms that are often not their own, this tiny house is not only cheaper in the short-term, but a better long term investment too.

    I was so dumb in college and wish I did this. I had to pay 8k a year for my dorm. Would have just been better to live home for two and save the money while I worked on a separate home on wheels.

  5. Arched cabins can go up to 30×40 and 17' tall. They all cost around 18,000 for only the kit not including delivery & decorating it the way you want it. It's pretty much a cheap condo but a fraction of the price. Hope to get 2 at some point and build a bridge that connects them someday.

  6. I'd love to have something like this but most places like RV park/rent type places still charge as much as normal rent just to park and get power anyway!

  7. Nice, this solves a Problem that does not exist: Students that cant afford a place to live but have 15k+ on their bank account haha

  8. Really really interesting. However the question format + cuts felt a little disconnected (obviously re asking some of the questions after the fact) as it didn’t flow as a convo/banter. Just feedback for next time 😌

  9. Will it appreciate or lose value, I wonder. Cos if it's the latter, he might have done better spending 20-30k as a down payment on a mortgage.

  10. if the city of jacksonville ever comes for him trying to say he can’t live there without a permit i’m gonna be so mad for him.

  11. As a fellow Floridian I think this is great, but I can’t help worry about flooding, hurricanes, wind damage, and the mass amount of mosquitoes that would get him at night time. Lol

  12. Amazing and beautiful project if you have private land and register this building as a farmers storage so you can gave water and electricity without generator. Atleast in my country thats how is working if you will just drive with it police will stop you and start writing tickets all day.

  13. If we go back in time to 60 and tell our grandparents about in the future, normal house mortgage take over 50% of monthly income, Education loan take a lifetime to repay, and we need to life in frugality, and even life in tiny box house to life a debt free, they will ask back "Did America Lost in the Cold war"

  14. Sad how America makes collage students life’s so hard. I can hardly afford my accommodation but I’m still better off then most in halls in the us!

  15. The little flamingo on the shelf is my favorite piece of decor! Woooooow he found an entire shower outside!!! God was definitely on his side lol. I’ve seen plenty of things on the side of the road never a shower!

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