Color Under the Lights: Representation in Film

Color Under the Lights: Representation in Film

– There’s an alchemy to recognition, when you see yourself and it, something happens,
something chemical happens. It’s a little bit like magic. It’s a validation of like, I exist. (gentle music) – White people get to be
well rounded in the media, they get to be everything. They get to be everyone and everything. What about the rest of us? We just have to be maids, or we just have to be servants. We have to be slaves, we
have to be serving you. – So, I graduated from Boston University, I went to Oxford to study Shakespeare, and then I got to Chicago. I moved to Chicago and I was like, I’m going to be an actor now. And all the roles I was getting, were named Maria first of all, and most of the things
I had to say are like “Yes Mr. Jones, through here”. Like that’s all they wanted from me. – The interesting thing about the way an entire group of people are portrayed in film and television, is that people tend to believe that. Subconsciously that tells me
where my place in life is. – People have gotten away with not knowing how to work with people of color because they’ve never really had to. With the beauty industry,
– Yeah. – For them not to typecast us as being the class of women
that are afraid to wear color. – Oh no, no, no, no. Like all of this color’s invented. Like you can’t tell me I can’t have it. And also I will not be trained to believe that I’m not worthy of it. – The perception is that
one color works for all. Black has different shades. – There’s 27 countries that
make up the Latin diaspora. We’re not one thing. Sometimes they brownface me too much, or like orange me, or they wipe me out. – I hate when people
start contouring my nose and I didn’t ask for it. Like why is my face not
good enough for you? This is just my face. – Good, but just as pretty. I like this. I love this palette.
– I love it. Looking gorgeous. (laughter) – It was great. (laughter) You’re starting to see
more people of color as directors, as EPs, grips, screenwriters, makeup artists and I think that we are coming along. But I do think that we
have a very long way to go. – I feel things changing and I’m grateful for that change. As a black woman, there’re a lot more
voices in the industry, that sound like mine. That feel true and honest, to not just me, but to
my mother and my aunts and the community that raised me. – I’m creating a Latina show, where Latinas are at the
center and the forefront. I wanted it to look like we look. – You can be beautiful with
whatever feature that you have. Tall, dark, wide nose, big lips. Plus size, petite. Makeup should be used as tool, as a tool to enhance. – When my makeup is done correctly, I feel like I’m being
valued as and artist. And then the character is
being valued as a human. (gentle music)

100 thoughts on “Color Under the Lights: Representation in Film

  1. These comments will be full of fragile white guys. Calling it now.

    Other people existing and being seen doesn't make us white people exist less, y'all.

  2. it's so funny clicking on a GBS video knowing exactly which ones will have a godawful like-dislike ratio bc a bunch of chuds disliked
    stay mad

  3. I wonder who made all the food that made her so fat. Get off your chair and get a job or an education. Stop pretending your skincolor prevents you from being somebody. Blacks have been music, tv, and filmstars, they were president and are military officials, they are millionaires and billionaires. The 1800s are over. The only one who's whipping your black skin are you yourself.

  4. This is why I like Kim Kardashian no matter what people say. It’s the first time I recognized my ethnicity in the media. She is beautiful and successful and it’s a positive light compared to seeing nothing as if we don’t exist.

  5. I saw the fat black girl in the thumb nail then saw the fat white one talking about makeup at the start and thought this was gonna a story about a lady in black face

  6. Thank you for this video. I learned something new and appreciate these women for helping to make the future of film more diverse, more interesting and more colorful!

  7. I’m confused I was with them in the beginning with the under representation of people of color in film but I don’t understand the talk about the colors….?

  8. Times are changing, I LOVE to see people of ALL colour in film, it does not matter to me what colour you are we are all human.
    I know nothing about makeup…perhaps there isn't much representation of GOOD makeup for people of colour in film? I dunno, race does not matter, who you are as a person does

  9. I get really uncomfortable when someone uses that phrase, People of Color. Shits too close to Colored People and it feels like a trap.

  10. The generalization of white people is no less descriminatory than the generalization of any other race, eventhough it seems popular in American culture. Give me names, give faces, give me facts. I'm a part of "white people" and for the life of me cannot think of how I have wronged you.

  11. Why does color matter so much …is this just all of America now? If you want validation. Is God's love not enough.Do you really need all what the world has to offer when clearly in the bible it says, Dont love the things of the world. If you need validation, you'll always be looking for that.a person lives more joyful knowing God loves you unconditionally.He said we were his masterpiece lol just know God loves you the way he made you .earth is not eternity.

  12. Black people and Gay people are severely over represented, in relation to their population. This whole bullshjt video reeks of Anti-White phobia.

  13. This video is a load of horseshit lmao, black actors have recently replaced tons of traditionally white characters purely for political agenda. Shows and movies are full of black actors in prominent roles. Also fat black lady: your face isn't good enough because you're way too fat. It's not attractive.

  14. Are we ignoring vogue videos " a day in the life of… " this past year they had made some amazing videos not about representation but about supermodels that are casually black(grat vids 10/10), i dont like when people put labels to minorities, isnt it kind of racist?

  15. “I studied Shakespeare at Oxford DAMMIT!!!”

    ** gets cast as Maria, Olivia’s house-maid, in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”**

    yes that’s a thing, look it up

  16. Make your own movies then. Stop blaming others for you not being represented represent yourself. Stop looking to white people to do it for you. Whites are represented in Bollywood or Bollywood or Chinese cinema Hollywood was created by whites stop looking for them to represent you do it yourself. I don’t here them complaining about professional sports not representing everyone as much as blacks because hey want their cake and to eat it.

  17. Do they have any specific examples? All that they've mentioned is things that happened a bunch in old Hollywood. Old Hollywood's ways are ingrained in modern Hollywood but things are changing. Also, this video is very biased, there's only one view in this video, they could at least add a counterargument

  18. I wonder how many white men have received a role where they were named Daquan vs Kyle. You ever met a Hispanic girl named Trisha? Me neither.

  19. Enough with the identity politics! Liberals are so focused on race that all they can see is someone's skin color whereas conservatives get sick of it because we COULDN'T CARE LESS WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN, EYES, OR HAIR IS. It's literally just what color you are. What could be less significant or important?

  20. I looked through my extensive library of films I own spanning decades of motion picture history with varying levels of accolades, influence, popularity, financial success, or obscurity and I’m straining to find the ones where the roles for the minority is a mere slave or maid? Hm. This is very very strange. I’m coming up extremely short on their argument.

    I’m confident in saying these women are full of shit. Here’s a novel idea. They’re goddamn land whales. There’s not a lot of roles for land whales of any color.

  21. I’m looking through these comments and losing brain cells but I keep seeing the comments that read, “Why so many dislikes?” And some antifa anime picture toting dweeb responds with “because they are racists”

  22. pointless virtue signaling. all the dislikes are people recognizing this as a made up first world non issue, not from literal double Hitler racist bigot white supremacists.

  23. C'mon, this is the movie industry, you aren't judged by your race, but how you look and fit a role. After all, the audience (market) determines what is ultimately on the screen. This is why you will rarely see unattractive women in leading roles or as the main love interest because we, the audience, don't see that as believable unfortunately. Being good looking trumps whatever race you are, and this is the main issue with Hollywood and the value we place on people.

  24. How are people going to disagree with a video about representation and equality and then say that they aren't racist 🤦🏾‍♂️

  25. 0:25 complains about wypipo being everything…

    let’s look at the bottom of the screen and read under her name…… hmmmmmm

    doesn’t seem to be oppressed. not as a woman, not as a person of extremely dark colour, not as an obese person, or as a woman with a “bossy”, “bitchy” attitude.

  26. I think the blond hair lady and the black hair lady are the same one 'under the magic light, maybe with the makeup'.
    I think I was wrong.
    The thumbnail is totally a bait.

  27. Y'all know the facts already. Like it's all nice n all but you will fall for looks first right. Like who would turn down a guy with like 6 abs in terms of looks.

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