Colourful & Classy 4BHK in Adarsh Palm Retreat Sarjapur by Livspace Interiors

Colourful & Classy 4BHK in Adarsh Palm Retreat Sarjapur by Livspace Interiors

Hi everyone, this is Payal here. Basically I’m from Kanpur and after marriage
I’ve shifted to Bangalore with my husband. And for the past 17 years we are well settled
in Bangalore. We purchased a flat 4BHK in Adarsh Palm Retreat. When we bought the flat then me and my husband
started thinking how to go for the interiors. We met Radhika (Livspace designer) and I’m
really, really happy to have such a good designer. We were very much clear that not too much
of woodwork should be there and very spacious, very limited furniture we wanted, and not
very heavy. When you enter the house positivity should
be there. That is the real thing what we wanted and
by God’s grace, everyone whoever comes to the house, we get the feedback ‘yes, it gives
positive vibes’! First of all, we wanted a divider that is
not blocking the view, slight divider between the living as well as the dining area. So we got exactly what we wanted. And the trims on the wall that we have never
seen anywhere, and it was something totally new introduced. So it is our first experience and it has been
done very well. And the theme of the room should be in a golden
colour. Not too shocking, but yes, it should go very
well with the entire furniture. My motive for the crockery was it should be
in a straight, full length. Because when the guests come it should be
easy for me to handle everything. We were very specific that the kitchen should
be open. I was very much clear; this is the main place
for me to stand for hours and do my – half of the day is gone in my sweet little kitchen
that it should be open. There was a door in between, they broke it. And the breakfast counter! We as a family in the morning nobody sits
on the dining area, and even I feel like yes, I am connected with them. Then comes my master bedroom. It is along with a walk-in area. It was clear that it should not be too bulky,
and the colour should be white. It was the first time in the Livspace has
done what we have chosen was from their kitchen cabinet what has been done. So now we told them to do it in the master
bedroom walk-in area. And they have done it very well. My daughter’s name is Akshita and she’s 11
years old. She was very particular about her room. She wants a very beautiful teal colour. And her study table with the matching of teal
as well as yellow. My son is 15 years old. He is in hostel. According to him, the rooms should be spacious. He wanted the stripes behind the bed and a
beautiful study table. My daughter and my son, they both were very
much particular that they wanted the sliding wardrobes and yes, it has come out very well. My mother-in-law’s name is Jyoti, main motive
was that the room should be very spacious and direct sunlight, no blockage in the room. And according to her need. The drawers, easy to handle, easy to keep
the height of the hangers, so that it is accessible for her. And yes, we are very happy. And I would tell my house is facing east side. A beautiful view from where we can have the
feeling of natural light and the sun rise and what exactly we wanted. We’re very happy with the journey we have
gone through with Livspace, especially with Radhika (Livspace designer). She understands us very well and she helped
us in each and every way, even Shreya used to run around us for the curtains, for the
tiles and purchase of anything whenever we asked them and the best was, they were very
good at the timings. Profession means they have kept it very well
so I really appreciate what we have gone through, that yes, they have done a very good job.

28 thoughts on “Colourful & Classy 4BHK in Adarsh Palm Retreat Sarjapur by Livspace Interiors

  1. Nice and pleasant. The amount of thoughts n planning to qualitatively achieve such an end result speaks volumes of a dedicated bunch. Good show there

  2. I have been trying to get in touch with your team I Mumbai to explore the possibility of being your design partner…but never got any response…could you please do something about it?

  3. ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ. ಬೆಂಗಳೂರಲ್ಲಿ ನಾರ್ಥೀಗಳ ಮನೆ. ಯಾವ್ ಏರಿಯಾ ?

  4. What will be the price of house?? Any people from banaglore reading the comment can give approximate estimate?

  5. Amazing and lovely
    It will be great if you record the whole process like a before and after or like a makeover they are awesome to watch

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