Hey guys, so today’s video is so exciting. Okay. I’m going to be showing you guys the entire Disney designer collection with color pop when I saw that color pop was collabing with Disney My jaw dropped I had no idea about this I was so shocked and not shocked now that I would ever think that color pop wouldn’t collab with Disney But like this is that is HUGE. I feel like there’s nowhere else to go from here Once you’ve collabed with Disney like cool Baker then just can you come up with this is the ultimate collab? I’m gonna go ahead and say that man I asked you guys on Twitter actually what video you wanted to see today? Because I was back and forth between two videos I wanted to film the colour-pop Disney one and the dose of colors does the xkd collab? This is their part to collab. Look at they look amazing. I asked you guys what you wanted to see today Oh my god, it was literally fifty fifty twenty minutes ago before I sat down to watch this video And now the colour-pop one is at 51 So as you can see, they’re both neck and neck and I swear they were both up 50% a little while ago I didn’t know what to do, but I was reading the replies and a lot of you guys were replying like Disney Disney Disney I mean there was a lot of dose of colors as well clearly But I thought I would do Disney first just because I have seen a few Katy and desi videos already I’m still gonna be doing this. Let me know if that’s what you want to see on Wednesday Maybe I’ll do like a whole review swatch kind of thing on that Let me know but for today we are gonna be talking about the Disney designer collection would color pop I’m gonna show you guys swatches of everything first and then I will get into a look I feel like a little get ready with me. So if you were to buy the entire Pyaare box this is what it looks like this launches on the 28th So have is this Friday the 28th and when you open it, look how cute Cute You have the little cutouts that pop up the packaging on everything is truly beautiful I can’t get over how gorgeous this entire collection is because the prisons aren’t what they typically look like It looks more like designer. It is so cool. I love jasmine. She looks so badass and I you have all the princesses here It’s like Disney for grownups and I really really love that So before we get into the look I’m gonna show you swatches of everything like I’m gonna swatch all the colors of the eyeshadow palette on my hands the Singles like the super shock shadows as well But for the lip products I am gonna be swatching those on my lips so that you can see what they look like And I’m gonna do that right now. Actually, that’s why I am wearing makeup, but I don’t have any eye makeup on or mascara So in the collection, you have three ultra glossy lips, which I’m actually really excited that they’re all lip glosses I have been loving lip gloss a lot recently. I’m gonna sess with this packaging Everything is black with like the little colorful like stars all over them. So this is what the lip glosses look like These are absolutely beautiful. I love how everything is kind of pinky and just girly and princessy it is really really cute So first of all, this is what the actual packaging looks like. It’s so cute with the little stars It says Disney designer super cute. This one is called bibbity I love the names of everything in this collection, by the way, so this color is basically a clear gloss but there is a little bit of gold shimmer shining through and even though it doesn’t show up too much on the lips you can See it it just kind of gives you like this iridescent soft glass slipper kind of vibe And I really really like it This would be like the perfect lip gloss to throw on top of pretty much anything It just it goes with everything who doesn’t love a good clear lip gloss next up we have bobbidi So that was booty Isabeau, buddy This color is a really beautiful sheer wash of like a pinky coral at first when you look at it in the tube It looks like it’s gonna be like a very opaque coral, but while you’re applying it It does shear out and it just looks so girly and pretty and feminine. I really like this lip gloss This would be perfect completely on its own but it would also look really beautiful on top of a pink lipstick or any lipstick really and I just love That it makes your lips look juicy, but it’s not too sticky or too tacky on the lips. I really really love this one I mean, I love the formula of all of these lip glosses. They’re ultra glossy lips are really good But that color is really pretty and then last not least we have boo bippity Boppity This is a very very beautiful pink at first when I looked at it in the tube I thought it was gonna be a lot more purple than it is pink. But I feel like it’s like the perfect in-between It’s such a beautiful mauve lip gloss that what pairs so well with any pink lipstick or any purple lipstick It really is such a beautiful shade I thought bobby was gonna be my favorite But I think I like boo the best but I would definitely recommend all three of these I mean I’ve used the ultra glossy lips in the past and I love them I think all three of these are really really pretty colors. Okay. So for the lips you get six Lux lipsticks The lux lipsticks are seriously amazing one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever tried and they’re so affordable and The set is called the kiss the girl Lux lipstick bundle mine broke. I like tried to open it and I opened it wrong I was like opening it a little bit like a savage and it broke so I mean I’ve said it already but I’m obsessed with the packaging on everything like look at this the lipstick and the Palette has like the signatures of all those princesses How freaking cute is that? I love this I would have died If this came out when I was like in middle school, all these lipsticks are named after each individual princess I’m not gonna go in any particular order. I’m just gonna throw them on my lips. Actually. Let’s look for my favorite princess first Well, I just relate the most to her. I would definitely be the kind of girl to fall in love At least I kind of already have That he’s a beast anyway, okay. So this is Belle I haven’t worn any of these colors on my lips yet This color is beautiful. I’m gonna apply these like a crazy person because I don’t have time to get precise with this So this one is Belle and it is beautiful. I absolutely love this color It’s kind of like a berry that has a little bit of brown in there I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s but it’s there’s like a little bit It’s like a brick berry it is so freakin gorgeous and I feel like this is definitely a color that would look beautiful on absolutely Anyone very creamy. So comfortable like all the lux lipsticks. I love this. I love this color Oh my gosh, ignore my nails by the way I know I keep saying that like in everybody go but I haven’t done my nails. I’ve been very lazy, okay Next up is Ariel and I think this is my color I was looking at all the stickers on the bottom and I feel like Ariel is very me. Oh Yes Yes. Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. If this isn’t the most beautiful peachy salmon nude I’ve ever seen. I don’t know What is oh my gosh. I love this color. It’s so pretty and it’s so soft and feminine I feel like this would look good with so many different like makeup looks I love this color. Okay next up We have a scene that Ayla and I’ve gotta be honest Cinderella. It’s probably my least favorite Disney Princess No, it’s not. Why is everything snow and Cinderella? Oh, this color is pretty and throw me off at first cuz this is like the kind of color I was really into like in 2008 11 I’m thinking of a matte lipstick that looks identical to this and I don’t know what it is. What’s the name of it? But I don’t usually wear colors this pink anymore, but for a specific look I’d wear it I’d wear it like a really bold winged eyeliner. Look, you know, I don’t hate it I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it It’s definitely my least favorite though, even though I haven’t tried any of the other ones I’m gonna say Cinderella’s my least favorite and it’s things gorgeous next up we have Snow White which is of course a red lipstick if this wasn’t gonna be a red lipstick I was gonna cop out about what I was gonna be bear up say oh This is so Snow White. Okay, even though my swatch is really bad on my lips right now. This is beautiful I don’t remember any of their other red luxe lipsticks But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is like their best red. Luxe lipstick ever I love bold brows and like red lips. It’s in my favor. But this specific type of red is just so flattering on everyone I’m obsessed with it. I so see myself wearing this a bunch and I love that. It’s called Snow White and you know, what? I think it’s funny kind of cop loves to name things these like outrageous names that don’t match the Eyeshadows or that don’t match the color like I’ve said in the past I’m pretty sure they have like a purple eyeshadow that’s called golden hour that drives me insane But it’s color pops thing and they always do that. So when I saw that they were colliding with Disney I was like They better not pull that I better not pull that with this collection and they didn’t I am so glad that they actually named things According to the color for the first time in their life. I really really appreciate it I was especially noticing that when I was looking at all of the eyeshadows cuz they love doing that with eyeshadows But they named the eyeshadows according to the color like they did it. I’m so proud of them And I know that took a lot for them to do. I know it did. Okay next up. We have Tiana Ignore the terrible application of this but besides that another freaking winner man, and I really love red lipstick This is perfect for winter perfect for fall and I normally wouldn’t reach for a color like this in this formula I like to go for liquid lipsticks when it comes to this color, but it’s so beautiful with the right lip liner This is perfection. This is like the exact color. She’s wearing on her lips in the movie Color pop and then last but certainly not least. We have Jasmine my second favorite princess ever This is another pink like Cinderella, but it’s not as like how I explained it Cinderella has like a white base almost this one is bold, but a little bit deeper So I feel like it is a little bit more wearable than Cinderella or maybe not I guess it depends who you ask This is a pretty freakin bold pink again Also a really pretty color not one that I would rush to immediately because I don’t wear super bold Pink’s like this anymore But I do think this color would look really beautiful on those of you with really deep skin tones I think it would just look so beautiful. Okay. So those are the Lipsticks and me kiss the girl lip bundle really cute. I highly recommend the only two colors I don’t see myself wearing our Jasmine in Cinderella, but the rest are very me and I love it You also get the super shock for some in the collection and this is the fairytale moment for some really really cute I saw but there’s six super shock shadows in the collection, but these are the four in the foursome So I am gonna insert swatches really quick, but I do really really like these I’ve only swatched them, but I can tell they’re gonna be colors I really like the only one that isn’t my favorite is a whole new world and that’s just because it is a very intense Purple as you can see not that it’s intense. It’s just a color I wouldn’t normally wear on my eyes but these signs a whole new world these other three are very wearable very Beautiful and like apply like a dream So you have the shade almost there? Which is a really beautiful delicious Bronzy brown with a bunch of like silver reflect in it or like silver glitters in it, and it is beautiful Then you have so this is love which is like my favorite name ever and it’s such a stunning like all over lid shade It’s a little bit topi a little bit silvery a little champagne – it’s like a little bit of everything and it’s like the perfect lid Really beautiful and then this is like a beautiful berry It’s called be our guest another amazing name and this is kind of matte but it has a little bit of a slight sheen to it and the sheen is Kind of like lilac II. So it’s like a raspberry pink with a little bit of a lilac shift It is absolutely unique and beautiful and stunning. I love this one as well So again another product I recommend from the PR set or from the entire collection. There’s only one eyeshadow in here I don’t love the rest are amazing Okay, and now for my favorite favorite product in the whole collection If you’re going to pick up just one thing even though I haven’t even used any of these eyeshadows on my eyes I know color pop eyeshadows are really good and i’ve swatched all of them and they swatch like a dream they swatch so well They’re like butter. I swear if you just want one thing get the palette. So this is what it looks like it’s just called the Disney designer collection palette and the box that comes in his goals and has like all the names on it and Then this is what the actual palette looks like. Look how beautiful we have our grown-up princesses here I love it. And again you have like that beautiful black packaging the palette really is Stunning look a cute little cute little cute. I love that at first when I saw it online. I was like, it’s okay it looks like basic colors, but when I swatched them in person I was like Amazing this try in color. It looks like it’s gonna be a matte brown like a light matte brown, but no no no, no No, no, no. No, I honestly would buy this entire palette for Tritan. It has the most beautiful sheen to it I just it is I love this palette So I’m not gonna go through each individual shade because that would be crazy and we would be here for a million hours So I’m gonna show you row by row I’m gonna do the top row second row and then the third row so you can see Everything so I’m going to insert that right now Okay, so I don’t know what to do I don’t know what I want to do I want to play with all of the shades. I’m gonna take the shade grumpy, which is such a cute name, by the way I’m a friend Stephanie was telling me that this is like the exact same color as grumpy’s nose And I didn’t even notice that until she sent me a picture and pointed it up I love this shade it I should reminds me a lot of Libra from my zodiac palette – the sheen Libra has like that shininess to it. And this is like a true Matt butts. So Beautiful. I just wanted to do a simple look you know me I mainly wanted to show you guys Swatches and show you all the lip products on my lips and just to give you like an overall Overview of this collection which at first seeing it online? It didn’t blow me away. But just seeing everything in person and touching it and feeling it and watching everything I really am impressed with this entire collection and I love how it’s all just like princess themed and everything is so feminine So girly and just has like a romantic touch to it. I truly think it is a stunning collection Especially for the price I’m gonna take a little bit of a poo which fun fact I have a bunch of little cousins that call her grandpa a boo cuz they couldn’t say I widdle so like oh, I’m a boo this a blue shade is so So beautiful. It’s so rich. I love it. I have so much freaking eyelash glue on my eyelashes I really should take the time to sit down and try to remove that because Jeff’s face wash really isn’t doing it I would love to know what your favorite Disney Princesses leave it down below and who’s your favorite like Prince? Cuz my favorite princess is Belle But I love Aladdin also because like every other Prince is still boring like Prince Eric Lauren Don’t even get me started on Snow White and Cinderella Boyfriend, they’re the same guy right like they’re both Prince Charming and my crazy Aladdin on the other hand. He has some character And I also like the Beast before he turns back into a human Human self Lauren my eyelid is so intense right now I’m wearing my on the cusp highlight from colour-pop in case you were wondering okay So I really want to use this shaped right in because I think it’s so beautiful Should I just like throw it on my entire lid? I don’t know. Okay Let’s see, you know, it seems like a boring eyeshadow, but I swear in person It’s so pretty and it would look beautiful in the crease as well. Okay, so I’m gonna take a little bit of magic carpet I love how that looks like the magic carpet So I’m just adding a little bit of that on the outer corners of my eyes just to add some depth Okay, so I’m gonna take a little bit of chip to like clean up around my brow bone. Oh, this is like any racing shade Awesome, cuz it’s kind of like the same color of my skin tone So for me like you races or like helps blend out the edges, so that’s nice Okay, so I am getting a little bit of Fallout. By the way. I’m just cleaning up the edges here like blending everything out Um, that’s only because I did my face before my eyes, and I never do that I’m gonna take a little bit of array. Which where is that from? I know every name here except right now watch like everyone comment below like really wait is that from princess in the frog? Wait, that’s the name of somebody important and princess in the frog. This is the little bug Rey is the little bug. Yes, okay I’m gonna take a little bit of the shade poison apple, which is like this super intense purple And I’m just gonna add a little bit of this color right on top of where I put magic Carpet and then on the outer corners as well. Honestly, I’m just trying all of the eye shadows on my lids Apparently I didn’t even think this look through at all. Okay, we are almost done I’m gonna take this shade a fairy godmother and I’m gonna put it over that Try it in color, even though try in is beautiful. It’s not really going well with What we’ve got I’m gonna add a little bit of that beautiful gorgeous. I love it Amazing now, I’m gonna take a little bit of beast, which I love this color, by the way It’s like a dark brown with a bunch of polluter in it, and I’m just gonna start stamping this color right at the outer corners I’m gonna take a little bit of enchanted rose I’m just gonna stamp that right like in the very center kind of like in-between fairy godmother and Magic carpet this enchanted rose color is insane. I know what I’m just gonna bring in chanting Rose on my tire I yep. I love that eye shadow Wow I’m gonna take the shade midnight curfew now that we’re using every color in this damn palette and I’m just gonna stamp this right here From my lower lash line, I’m gonna take the shade grumpy and I’m really gonna buff that and smoke that out underneath And I am gonna take a boo even though this look turned purple really fast But that’s okay. This brown actually pairs really well with purple. I guess the look I’m going for is messy smokey eye Yeah, that’s the vibe. That’s the Bible now. I’m gonna take the shade of magic carpet and do the same Thing but a little bit closer to my waterline Then I took the other two shades Okay so I’m gonna take a little bit of poison apple again and kind of stamp that right in front of the Black we put down kind of like what I was doing with enchanted Rose before I made in chances rose my entire loot color And now I’m gonna take a little bit of poison apple just a little bit of that right in the center of my lower lashes And bring it in actually, I’m gonna bring it in I’m gonna take my little alum out of square brush and I’m gonna take midnight curfew and focus this color really like pretty much on top of my waterline, but not really and I’m only gonna focus this color on the outer corners and Also combine it with my top lid. Okay, and that is it. This is the eye Look, I did kind of basic but really fun at the same time – there’s something about like the purple iridescent I don’t know. I really like it. I’m gonna go in with my NARS climax. Mascara Ok, so these are the eyes with the mascara Okay, and now to finish off the look I’m gonna go in with the lightest color, which is Ariel Which I wouldn’t normally pair like a peachy color with purple, but I mean peach and purple look good together. So oh Yeah, oh, it’s good. Normally I would just leave this like this because I freaking love this lipstick But I’m gonna top it off with a lip gloss. I’m gonna take bibbity and apply that right on top The only thing I hate about clear lip gloss is that your lipstick gets like on the wand Uh-huh, and then you have to constantly be cleaning the wand off so on Alright, but yeah guys that completes this look. I hope this video helped you out. Maybe you were planning on buying this collection I don’t know. Hope this video helped you out in some way. I absolutely love this collection. I highly recommend it. Yeah I love you so much that completes the video Like I said a thousand times, please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye What’s up, dough’s don’t dance Michael eat alone. Oh Don’t be shy What about me right getting down tonight mmm mmm mmm not so bad don’t do that


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