Combining Daylight with LED Lights – Photography & Video Tutorial

Combining Daylight with LED Lights – Photography & Video Tutorial

[oh] Today on the slanted lens, we’re shooting two camera interviews at East West Bank of some of the executives We’re going to look at the process of mixing an led light source with window light as we shoot these executive interviews Because we’re working with Daylight. We’ll need a daylight balanced light source in the past We always used hmis, but with the advent of leds It’s given us a lot of options The reason that leds have become so popular is that they have become a very reasonably priced alternative to an hMI daylight balanced light source Hmis were very expensive they have these huge Balances you had to lug around with you the early leds were large panels of multi leds to create a light source my favorite were the I can panels which I used for several years and have been very happy with the ease [of] use and the way
It mixes what they like They were however hard to modify and large to move around ship when single light leds came into the market It was a huge leap forward now you have a single light [source] in a [monoblock] head that is cool enough to attach any strobe Softbox or modifier to today as we are on location for used Westbank? [we’ll] show you how [to] blend this single light source Led with window light let’s look at our lighting setup Window light is a wonderful light source and gives a pretty light on the subject, but has some disadvantages Here’s our first shot with just a window light Our camera settings are one-fiftieth and second and f 3.5 We’re on a [tan] 170 to 200 millimeter lens at 175 Millimeters I want the aperture to be almost wide open because it allows a background to fall [way] [out] of focus so nice Look as nice as this window light is by just adding a large [photoflex] Softbox coming in from the same side as a window light We can clean up the light on his face and make it look a little more pleasing We also added a light panel reflector on a camera right side just [to] open up the shadows just a little bit So we’re using the window light to light the background and to put some light on his face But it’s more of the fill light now than it is the key light Using a Softbox to augment window light gives us three main Advantages First I can place him wherever I want and don’t need to be restricted by having to use the window to fully light his face By keying with the Softbox I can move him around Second it allows me to control the background. You know using a light source I can select the best exposure for the background and Then I can use my light source to match his face to that exposure if I use the wind or the [lighting] space I’ll need to open up until it face is correctly lit and this campbell the background out and make it too bright in this example we wanted to background to be darker his face doesn’t have near enough light on it from the window, [so] [as] we open up our exposure to brighten his face. It’s going to brighten our background make it brighter than we wanted Adding the led on his face allows us to get a nice light in his face and not have too bright in the background You know the color of this North star is wonderful. It blends perfectly with this window light This is a simulation of what the image would have to look like [if] we had opened up the exposure you know It’s nice enough but feels kind of flat this brings us to the third advantage for using an led with window light you get to control contrast a Simple light close to the subject will give you more contrast to make the image look better Now having said that someone’s going to ride in and say I love the low-light contrast. I love the way it looks That’s great, and that’s fine If that’s your personal preference But not having a light source makes it so you can’t [have] the option to add that contrast I think the contrast looks better So [those] are the three things [the] secondary light source can do for you when you’re shooting with window light You know in my opinion the [northstar] led is price wise and power wise the best buy out there? It really is a great [option] to [wrap] this up. Let’s just say I love this new generation of leds. I love that single light source [I] love the ability to modify them with soft boxes and grids and whatever I want to use with them The Northstar light has become kind of [the] [go-to] life for us in our lighting kit We have five of these we use them in just about everywhere we go [I] love the fact they have a bones mount you can put whatever Softbox or grid or any modifier you want on them my beauty dish fits on them. It’s a great light source So there’s a look at combining window light with leds to do an executive interview those cameras Rollin keep on Clickin Hi, this is Jp. Morgan today I’m going to take a look at what I think is one of the more exciting Lights that we’ve seen in the video or film industry in a long time This is a single bulb, led it’s a 100 watt light. It’s called the Northstar light It really is a very compact housing cool in the front disperses the [heat] in the back But what is nice about this design is it’s a single housing with the led up front it gives you the complete ability to modify this light it works with the bowens mount So you can stick a light on the front flip the switch in the back Now it takes several seconds for this to come on the reason that is is because if they didn’t do that You’d have [to] have this huge ballast out here as part of this light which just makes it really cumbersome and hard to use So that several second delay is way worth what you gain in just the portability and small ease of use of this light This light is fabulous color balance wise it is spot-on to daylight on the back of this thing? It’s just simple turn me on turn me off dimmer good to go. [I] love it when it’s simple. [I] love it You can put a grid [on] it in the [7] inch reflector Just going to blow everybody up But you can put a Softbox on a ring, which is how we use it the other day again, we have the single led up front modifiable in the front they have also an adapter that has barn doors on it if you Want to use more gels that kind of traditional way of working with a light like this it’s a hundred watt, Led which gives you equivalently about About a 1k or maybe slightly under 1k, but it’s very similar to a 1k I found with this silver reflector, though It bumped it up by two stops if you’re about to buy leds you seriously need to take a look at the North Star light Because the large panels that are out there, and there are some great ones out there I use a lot of them But the reality is that this now becomes a single light [source] that acts more like an hMI? It’s daylight, balanced it has the ability to work just like an hMI without the huge Ballast without the huge expense let’s bend JP barn for the sign lands. That’s my product review I love this light today on the slanted lens giveaway. We have a North star light by photoflex This is an incredible light of course this entire lesson We’ve talked about the North Star light, so if you don’t know how good the light is yet I can’t help you, but if you’ll go to the slanted lens comm [forward] [Slash] [Giveaway] You can sign up to receive one of these North star lights get in the giveaway get one of these I bought five of these Things because I absolutely love them. They are a great light. They do everything. I need them to do It’s an led Daylight balanced light It’s a great piece of equipment having your arsenal so get on that giveaway the slanted lens forward Slash giveaway go sign up We got a lot of great stuff coming in the next few [months] our business Coaching [class] comes up real soon so get on our newsletter it’s at the slanted lens comm great information about photography photographic lighting We hope to make life easier [for] you to give you the information and the tools you need to be able to be [successful] in your business Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter we also have a brand new web page They just put up a lot of great information They’re easy to use go to the slanted lens comm we’re now posting all our videos first on the slanted Lens calm before they hit Youtube They’ll be on there for about a week [to] two weeks before they come to YouTube So if you want to see them first [go] to the slanted lens calm, so keep those cameras [rolling] keep on [clicking] by

24 thoughts on “Combining Daylight with LED Lights – Photography & Video Tutorial

  1. Was just about to comment "how about a review on the light" and then it popped up after the first video…how convenient for me. Can the light run off any kind of battery system?

  2. Did you say your camera setting was 150 sec? I thought you should shoot your video at 50 sec if shooting 24p and to use a ND filter to get 3.5 with that lighting. Did you keep your video settings the same as your still camera.

  3. It's obscene that they're asking nearly $1,200 for that light. I have three of these:
    which as far as I can tell are identical lights. Same output, same mount, same technology. They only sell for $300 each. I've used them for about a year and they've worked great for every shoot I've used them on.

    It's possible that they're a knock off of the Northstar. I don't really know one way or another, but for a quarter the price, you know Photoflex is marking theirs up way too high.

    Anyway, I would buy these over the Photoflex anytime.

  4. I like your videos, but this one is kind of hard to trust when you speak so incredibly well about the Northstar Lite like everything is perfect. I trust it's a great product, but you know… I don't necessarlity trust this raving review is entirely your opinion. 

  5. Hello J.P.  What LED panel with barn doors would you recommend for video shooting in studio with dual lighting capabilities?  thx

  6. Here's a 2018 comment on a 2014 video – meaning that it will never be read. But I'm going to leave it here anyway. Tutorials like this are incredibly effective. How about tagging another minute on the end to show what all of this work looks like when you "roll tape?" How does the lighting work on her face, how does the lighting look on his face, etc? Tutorials are great, continue a bit to show the outcome. The two shot, the over-the-shoulder shots, etc.
    2018 out.

  7. Big soft lighting set up. looks good.  You should also check out the Lustra 50 LED fixture by PRL Lighting. They have a great little 3 lite kit backpack combo that I have used for this type of set up too.  Surprising how much light comes out of these little lights, and they certainly stand up with the ambient daylight.their website is  saw them at NAB in Vegas recently. Nice guys, and they started Litepanels!

  8. Very grateful for the videos – I'm learning a lot. Off topic, but does it really add when there are three 16-year-olds feeding beer cans through a wood chipper in the background audio?

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