Como decorar uma sala pequena | Interior Design | Small room | #08

Como decorar uma sala pequena | Interior Design | Small room | #08

DECOR, DESIGN, PROJECTS TRENDS Click & Decor Hello everyone, how are you today? My name is Patricia Nassif and today is Friday! Today we have another CREATING AT HOME Episode, with a beautiful project for a residencial living room. Come check it out! Click & Decor, Presents… Creating at home… Multifunctional Room The project we will be sharing with you today is about a Multifunctional Room which acts like a Living Room, Dining Room and Home Office This room is not spacious, so we had the challenge of accommodating everything and making it multifunctional and with a nice decoration. This couple has a modern taste for decor they wanted to really get creative with colors and materials Starting with the layout so you can understand, the size of this room is not really enough for everything they wanted it to be. But using custom furniture, we can make it happen and make good use of the space. Here is the living room part with a couch and coffee table The couch is 2,10m long and the width is 95cm We then added two small side tables on the side The couple also had these 2 chairs The coffee table on the center is 80X80cm For the TV, we created a custom cabinet For the dining area, the couple wanted to use the chairs they already had Since they wanted a new dining table, we created one that would fit perfectly on that space On this corner, we added the home office It’s very small, but enough for what the couple needed. Back to the living room space, the color we recommended was the grey The coach has a modern grey color and it’s very comfortable to sit and watch a good movie on tv The side tables are very useful and super cute The coffee table on the center is big enough but left enough walking space around it, and it looks super nice The custom cabinet for the TV was created to fit the space perfectly The wire will be hidden and if needed accessible inside the cabinet The panel behind the TV is white Both cabinet and shelf are made of solid wood The dining table is very narrow, but also made out of solid wood. The mirrors were already there and the light above the table created the sophisticated atmosphere. The plotting looking like white tiles is a great option to replace the traditional wall paper. In the home office area, we created a panel with a running door gving access to the kitchen The shelves were created to give a good look to the corner and can be used for pictures. The desk has two drawers And the side cabined, has two doors, and this is where they will keep the printer All the wire will be hiding behind the panels When the couple have guests over, they will be able to put the computer monitor away and use this furniture space to complement the dining table The lighting was originally custom designed for this space however they were not adequate, so we re-designed everything. The small lighting fixtures are directional and really help illuminating specific areas Good to lit the picture frames and also the home office The main lighting is good for the entire room and very functional The lighting in the dinning room looks really nice We have used all LED lighting since they are very economic and will last a long time. Before After That’s it for today everyone. And I hope you liked it. Keep sending your questions to our email Subscribe to our channel and watch us every week for interesting news and tips And don’t forget to LIKE our video Kisses and see you soon!

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  1. olá gostei muito da decoração, também me inscrevi no seu canal e convido a inscrever nesse canal do meu vídeo,.,,.beijos e abraços

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