Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes

Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes

Hi, this is JP Morgan today on the slanted lens we’re gonna talk about continuous light versus strobes I have some very distinct opinions about this I’m gonna share you those opinions without holding back anything and I’m gonna show you a couple examples But let’s talk about the two sides of JP’s personality when it comes to constant light versus strobes Are you ready to make money in video? We’re ready to teach you how there’s more demand than ever for video content and everyone You know is probably looking for someone to do it for them. We’ve got a great video basics download for you They’ll help get you start on that road and help you make money in video So go to the slanted lens comm and purchase your download today. I Have a side of my personality that just loves constant light and the reason I love it is because I love video I love working in that video world. So there’s some real advantages to constant light. So let’s talk about what they are Number one is it’s easy to see what you’re getting when you light with them You turn on a light you see exactly what is you’re going to get there’s no question about it You see your light as you move it you can see how high how low where it drops the shadows It’s just very easy to work with because you see exactly what you get That’s why most people gravitate to constant light when I say constant light it could be tungsten lights It can be you know, any kind of light source. That is you turn it on and it’s on in a constant manner So it’s been just recently we get a bones mount on this constant light source that allows us to put any kind of modifier on It you can put soft boxes. You can put beauty dishes You can put anything you want on that in the still world You have a light and you modify it in the video or film world for years It was you had 20 different types of constant lights and you use the light that was best suited for what you were doing well we’re kind of moving now to a time and that’s what makes constant light so much easier to use now where you can modify a single light source that bones mount you can turn into a lot of different lights and that makes it very affordable and usable for an individual who wants to Learn how to light stills with constant light working with constant light gives you a wonderful Cinema kind of look as you if you learn how to light correctly It’s also a great light if you’re doing both Stills and video Because you have the ability to set one light and work in both those worlds. You can shoot some stills Do your video go on and set up your next situation? You don’t have to set up two light sources to be able to accomplish both both those things So what I’m sure you well stills in video on said I love using constant light another wonderful look with constant light is the ability to Do a portrait where you can allow things to blur a dress can blur as it blows in the wind as long as your person Stands, very still face will be sharp dress will flow and kind of give you a motion look in the image So it gives you the ability to really capture some motion in your portraits when you use a constant light source So there’s some of the advantages to a constant light source. So now let’s talk about strobes the advantages of strobes So what our strobes strobes are very simply a power pack that delivers a flash that syncs with your camera It’s as simple as that most people start with these kind of small strobe lights here Would you like a little speed light you put on your camera? It fires off from the hot shoe It’s just very simple to use then you have a pack and head system what a pack and head system is is a power pack that has the power in it that Generates that power sends it through a cable and flashes with the flash head So you have a pack and a head then we have mono blocks. This is what most people are using today you basically took the power pack and the strobe head combine it into one unit called a mono block and You added a battery and lithium-ion battery. This is the best of all worlds. So now what are the pros of strobes? What’s the positive side of using strobes number one is they freeze action? You really freeze action You don’t have to worry about things boring as much because strobes can be very fast and they freeze action number two is strobes Give you more power. There’s a tremendous amount of power with these it’s just so easy they can overpower the Sun if you work with them correctly even in a room, that is completely Flooded with outside light and very bright you can crush it you can black box it you can make it into a dark room and give yourself a moody portrait because you have the ability to get rid of the ambient light by using a faster shutter speed and then the ability to overpower that with a bright strobe go to f/8 f/11 or Do high-speed sync and that gets rid of all the sunlight in the room. It’s called black boxing do it all the time It’s an easy way to give yourself a dark Portrait maybe. I just call the black boxing. Does anybody else go about blasting with lithium-ion batteries? They have very easy battery solutions unlike LEDs even yet You have to pay the money for an expensive LED and then you’ve got to buy a battery to go on the led So a really good LED can cost you $600 I mean you got to spend another $300 for a battery that will run it they are super easy to modify because you’ve got that Bowens mount on there and they were Made to be modified from the beginning most strobe Strobes were made to be modified and last of all my favorite because they are so powerful. You can use way lower ISO I don’t ever want to get off 100 ISO if I don’t have to that is my goal. Mm-hmm Well, that was very interesting. But let’s talk about the downside of LEDs or constant lights Number one is they’re low powered. Which means you’ve got to have a high ISO and it’s really difficult to work in situations where there’s any kind of ambient light whatsoever You can’t get an LED big enough to be able to use outside in the Sun you cannot use lights outside and really control the light very well with Constant light and sometimes in order to make them work You’ve got to go to a very slow shutter speed which means your person if they move very much is gonna blur That’s all you can get. They’ve got hold very very still. So what are the cons for using strobes? The number one and the reason most people are afraid of strobes is you cannot see what you’re going to get with strobes There’s a lot more trial and error because you’ve got to put your light in the right place. Take a test Look at it say I’m not sure Modify it soften I take a test look at it But with time you will learn how to set the light where you should set the light what it’s going to do I know kind of where I want to put it because I’ve been watching the slanted lens and I know the five portrait positions and I know exactly where to set my light. I don’t have to see it I know right where it’s going to be so it gives me the ability to set things up very quickly So it’s a harder platform to learn but it can be a beneficial platform if you do learn it Another Converse robes is the fact that you have to have some device to be able to sync them to the camera now a lot Of stroke prep platforms like the ball house This will come with your strobe head that goes on the camera fires them But you’ve got to add others and you have to have the ability to sync with you Strobes also can’t sync at any faster than one two hundredth of a second unless you go into high-speed sync mode on High-speed sync mode the amount of power you get from a strobe drops way down when you’re down to at twelfth or sometimes an eighth or Or maybe a little more on some units depending but you lose a lot of power when you go to high-speed sync but it becomes a negative because you Can’t really go above one two hundredth of a second unless you do something special with your strobe or have a strobe that allows you To do that old strobes will not do that for you Enough about the pros and cons of continuous light versus strobe light Let’s take a look at some Images shot with continuous light and strobe light in the same position same person same shot and see what we can observe by the difference Of using strobes versus continuous light all the continuous light segments that we shoot today We’re going to be using the 120 d2 from aperture Which is the upgrade from their 120 d they’ve combined both the power block and the control module into one module So we have simply the one module that controls everything first off. We’re gonna go into a studio situation This is a controlled situation where we have darkness in the room Complete control the light and it really is the easiest place for us to build a test a studio environment We’re getting a beautiful at a pretty image with both of those different platforms. The difference is though the continuous slide. I’m going to 125th of a second, where’s the strobes? I can go up to one two hundredth of a second if I want So movement on her is going to be a little bit of a problem in the continuous light where it will be No problem with the strolls Even though the aperture 120 d2 is a fabulous light with high output When you modify it as much as we have you start to lose a lot of light and you may have to start to drag Your shutter or raise your ISO to get the image you want control studio environment is great But now let’s go outside and see what a couple examples look like in the Sun for our first setup outside I’m going to set her up the way I like to work outside and that is I’m going to have my son come from behind Her as a trim light gives us a nice rim on her hair and gives me some nice kind of darker background that falls out of focus and has a great wonderful looking bokeh now outside in a Situation the first shot we did with the LED I think it lacks a little bit of snap and a little bit of control Whereas when I go to the strobes now, I’ve got a little more control the light on her face These are both shot at f/4 But I’ve had to change my shutter in order to be able to give myself enough brightness on her face with a continuous light but with the strobe light I just simply crush the background by making my shutter a little darker and now Nice light on her face and it gives me complete control the image I think what strobes outside in this situation I have much more control now our last setup I mean the light was so nice at this time of day It was hard to get a bad image by putting our more harsh backlit Sun situation So in this situation, she’s got major bright hair with the continuous light the LED I can bring that led and as tight as I want but I just can’t get enough light out of it in order to brighten up her face to be able to control the light and be able to Bring that high light down on her face. Where’s with the strobe? I bring that strobe in I up the power and now I have more control I think it’s a nicer look at least it has a nice punch on her face Whereas in one of the continuous light is just a lot more mushy And just doesn’t have that kind of snap in her face. I’d like to see Here’s my wrap-up in a nutshell if you are just going to do still photography and only still photography I would learn how to use strobes because there are so many opportunities when you’re doing weddings and a big roomful of people Throw the strobe in the corner at nighttime. It’ll give you a nice rim light There are just times when strobes make it so much easier to get a good exposure now if you’re going to do video and stills learn how to use Constant light you’re gonna want to try to use constant light as often as you possibly can Sometimes you can’t use them to do it do both Stills and video but when you can Set up your light get a great light with that constant light and then shoot both the stills and the video and then move on to your next shot above all good light is good light regardless of what you use so hopefully this gave you enough information to be able to decide what’s best for you and what you’re going to shoot and you’ll make That decision then learn how to use them become proficient with them Don’t be afraid of them shoot a lot understand them and be able to use them quickly and it’ll make it So you’re a professional photographer. So just get out there and make some great images and keep those cameras rolling. Keep on clicking the Free business Kochi call is back It doesn’t matter If you’ve been on the call before doesn’t matter If you’ve been on the call ten times before you will learn something every single time join us for our free business coaching call We’re gonna teach you the daily routine for success My chicken and I invite you to subscribe to the sign lens join our Facebook group also on Instagram There’s a lot of great things going on the slanted lens My chicken, I’ll fill you in later

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  1. I love this channel! Appreciate all of the wonderful tutorials… You're going to make an honest photographer out of me yet 🙂 Be well and stay encouraged!

  2. Give a thumbs up and subscribe if you like this video! Also stay tuned for our LIVE 2PM Q&A Session! I will be there to answer all your questions or comments on this topic!

  3. Nice video and i understand the format your trying to make. Just a suggestion, have a look at The Verge Versus series on YouTube it looks much more dynamics more like conversation.

  4. You can't "overpower the sun" with a strobe. I know what you are trying to say, but it isn't overpowering the sun. I do love all your videos, very informative. I have learned a lot.

  5. you missied the # benefit of led: adjustable colour temp to match the other light. Yes, you can use gels on a strobe, but what a pita.

    That outdoor shot, the strobe looks cool and stark compared to the ambient light. This maodel should look warm and inviting, ie a warm colour temp, and you led light does that, but you strobe looks cool and univiting. ie, match your light with the surrounds, and many leds have adjustable colour.

  6. A great budget Continuous LED for studio is the Godox SL60. It takes bowen mount softboxes and pretty powerful. There is also a battery pack version but I don't think it will have enough power at last for my needs it does not.
    But for studio work, is not only cheap but really good.

  7. Despite the continuous light lacking enough take-over power, it produces a more natural result. I find the images where the strobe is noticeably effective in defeating ambient light have a more artificial look. Either is fine depending on what you're going for, but for me, I preferred the continuous.

  8. Am I seeing something not right? At 7:40 you show settings that could be set at the same – the strobe is at ISO 500 yet for the LED it's set at ISO 100 (exposure triangle) – the LED could have been used at ISO 500..increasing the shutter speed accordingly.. Even at 9:20 the settings in ISO is 1 stop apart (like for like would be a better comparison). Although in general…valid points. My preference is continuous but I have to use flash, when I need to, as my gear (Canon 600d/tri and a Samsung NX11) with Canon speedlights is the gear I have and know how to use them well.

  9. I like using both types of lighting and mixing them at times too. Strobes are great all-around choices for stills, but continuous lighting is the only way to go if you're into motion work.

  10. One thing to note, as my experience tells me is that continuous light lacks the contrast but the strobe lights give excellent contrast to the portrait. Yes, a good 600W strobe can beat the sun you can shoot wide open, and blur the background. My choice is the strobe vs the continuous light for still photography. For Video continuous light is a good solution.

  11. For people who want to bash his points, consider the fact that the entire video is shot with continuous light.

  12. Yes he shoot that video with continuous light!!!! Is another way out there that i am missing? People use to shoot videos with strobe right? With what light? With the model lamp on????? wtf learn the basics people before you comment!!!

  13. Your videos are extremely informative, entertaining and you have great taste in shirts. Thanks for the excellent tutorials.

  14. WRONG: you wrote "Strobes also can’t sync at any faster than 1/200"…………… NOPE! You need to learn what HYPERSYNC is and how its far superior to HSS and totally diff. in nature. …..Also youre confusing SYNC with COVER (the shutter exposure duration)

  15. I use the Baja B6 … so you know where I stand hahaha. I used continuous when I first started shooting… those huge hot lights (Light bulbs) … oh the memories.

  16. Is there a physical limitation preventing one light from doing both strobe and continuous lighting?

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