Controlling Lights, Lyrics, and Videos with Ableton Live featuring The Digital Age

Controlling Lights, Lyrics, and Videos with Ableton Live featuring The Digital Age

(upbeat music and clapping) – So, we’re running a GrandMA
video, lighting console that’s over here, over there, and he has, himself, run a cable from his Ableton rig over to a computer over there. – An audio cable. – An audio cable, which
doesn’t make sense. – Yeah. So, TimeCode
is what we’re running the GrandMA on, and, which is great,
TimeCode’s amazing, because if it, like, drops out, or somebody kicks a cable, the lights basically stop
wherever they left off. If they’re on, they’re
on, if it’s in the middle of the strobe that would be bad because then they’d be black. But when that TimeCode
cable gets plugged back in, they go right to where
they’re supposed to be, not even where they left
off, starting again. So, we called our lighting
guy, a guy named Corey, that did all the
Crowder Band tours, and he’s been our
light guy for years, and we said we don’t want
to bring you on the road, we want you to design
a system for us… (crowd laughing) Was that mean? Should I have
not of said that to him? (crowd laughing) We want you to design… Yeah, it’s amazing. So, we had him design
this whole thing, and I sent him audio
clips that were like this audio clip is
zero to 10 minutes, this audio clip is 10
minutes to 20 minutes. You have like 24
hours to work with. And he took all those clips, synced lighting cues for songs, sent me back the lighting
cues, we loaded it up, and so, every song
just has like a five-minute TimeCode file
that’s driving all the lighting. And then, I have
these short ones, that I’m supposed to,
between songs, run. I usually forget,
and they’re standing in the dark, like “Come on.” – That was the
GrandMA command wing is what we’re using with that, and it’s just a
lighting console, pretty standard
lighting console, and it’s really cool that
Live has made us able to run all of our
lights from anywhere. – I was saying, going
into the tour, I was like, it’s either going to be
the most amazing thing, or black, one of the two. (crowd laughing) And really, it was the most
amazing thing, it worked. – Yeah. It did. And so, also, talk
about the words, what we’re doing with those. – Oh. So, yeah. We’re, let me just
play one of these. So, when we just did “Captured”. You saw the lights just move, but I’m triggering
these words via MIDI. So, I’m sending MIDI
to Will’s computer, and that has
ProPresenter opened up, and it’s just
telling the words… Will actually set
these files up, I have some of my own
files that we used on tour, but for this, I was
using his computer, so I had him make the files. (music and drums) – Shut up, Steve.
(crowd laughing) – I don’t know what
was going on there. – So, and then what, you’re
also firing video as well. – Yes, basically everything
is on my shoulders. (crowd laughing) – If it’s amazing I get all
the credit, but if it’s not, – I get all the credit.
– We’re actually just eye-candy up here. We don’t play
instruments or sing, he’s running it all on Ableton. – So, there’s another computer. How many computers have we got? One, two, three, four, five. I count five, because the
command wing is a computer. So, there’s another computer with all our video
loaded onto it, and I’m sending it MIDI also. So, right now we have
MIDI going to video, MIDI going to Will,
MIDI going to Steve, which we’ll talk about later, and TimeCode going to lighting. – And Loops going to us,
and Clicks going to us. – Yeah. Too much stuff. – So, all those columns
you see up here, they’re all important. So, when he fires “Captured”,
that top one you see, we have Loops, TimeCode,
Click, Trigger. – Sound’s here. – It’s all important. – There’s video for “Glow”. (music)

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  1. Hi, can you tell me how the computers are connected to each other thru MIDI… What hardware or program is being used to do this. How do you Inter connect them.

    Thank you so much for help!!!

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