The new CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO is our latest RGB lighting controller that allows you to sync all of your RGB components, and in this video, I’m going to show you everything you can do with the Lighting Node PRO. To make insulation as simple as possible, we made the Lighting Node PRO as small as possible. Allowing you to tuck the controller away nearly anywhere in your chassis. The Lighting Node PRO features a single mini-USB port to communicate with your PC. Two separate channels for RGB LED strips or RGB fan hubs, and a single SATA-powered plug. The Lighting Node PRO also features on-board memory so that lighting effects can be stored directly on the device, and run without CORSAIR Link. Installing the Lighting Node PRO is quick and easy. First, plug the USB cable into an available header on your motherboard, plug the other end into the Lighting Node PRO Then, plug in the SATA power cable. Now you can start up CORSAIR Link! In CORSAIR Link, you’ll see a tile for “Lighting Node PRO.” Click on “Configure,” to get started. You can choose between RGB LED strips, HDRGB, or SPRGB fans from the component drop-down menu just to the right of the channel number. After you selected the component type on a channel, you can add the desired number of components to it with the “+” button. To start customizing your lighting, click on a component and use the options at the bottom of the screen to change the lighting modes, colors, and the speed of the effect. Once you’re done configuring a lighting mode, you can choose to apply to multiple components with the “Copy to…,” button. Just click “Copy to…,” and check the boxes next to the desired components you want to copy this mode to.The Lighting Node PRO has a total of six different lighting modes. Rainbow, color shift, color pulse, color wave, static, and temperature mode, which allows you to change the color based off of the temperature of your components. You can also control the brightness of each channel with the slider to the right. This controls the brightness of all components on that channel, so moving the slider all the way to the left will turn the lighting off for that entire channel. If you want to turn the lighting off of a particular component, such as an LED strip or an RGB fan, you can turn the lighting off by selecting the desired component, setting it to static mode, and select black for the color, and if you want to get creative, you can apply a different effect to each component. The Lighting Node PRO and the power of CORSAIR Link allow you to take control of all your CORSAIR RGB components, not just for aesthetics, but to enhance your system as well. Thanks for watching!


  1. Corsair is the Corsair Harpoon Gaming Mouse really good for Gaming and taking too long but the Corsair M65 have a button for the shooter im not the people how like shooter games, sooo.. its good for FPS Games?

  2. Not just for aesthetics but to enhance your system (with aesthetics), lol, good product though, the software is the most important part of this so hopefully it's well implemented.

  3. If anyone is looking for a little more control over their lights search for "System Information Viewer" or "SIV." Check out one of my recent videos for a demo of what's possible.

  4. This unit may actually beat the Hue+. This uses a SATA cable to power compared to the Molex power for the Hue+ which is very useful. It can also use different effects on specific channels. I would probably use this is my next rig.👍🏼

  5. If someone dont like RGB then dont buy it… Dont hate companies that make RGB products just becouse of that. So many people likes them, if you dont like them then dont scream like angry little child in social media flaming others that how stupid RGB is. Nobody cares. Companies produces what customers want. (Not everyone but Corsair does this most of the time.) If you dont like all of those flashing rainbow modes then dont just use them. There is other modes too, nobody is forcing you to go full rainbow. Btw its stupid to buy just white backlit keyboard and fans etc, becouse if you want to change your color theme in the future, you dont have to buy everything again. Its more like futureproofing. Btw RGB dont mean LED rainbows anywhere, it stands for Red, Green and Blue. With mix of those you can get 16,7million colors out of them and that is what i call awesome. You can choose any color you want, in any mode you want.

  6. pls update utility engine 4 keyboards more, would be sick with new settings to make more complicated and cooler profiles!

  7. Make this work with Corsair CUE then I'm in. Also please add gaming API to CUE so that our peripherals react to the games. Razer has had it for years!!!

  8. wait… i got the node pro and the hd rgb fan. how do i connect them together?
    i searched for an hour what cables i need and stuff like that.

  9. So how come the 3-button RGB controller that you can buy with the HD120 fans has 8 lighting effects, whereas the Lighting Node Pro only has a meager 6??? I would think that the LNP would be far more sophisticated than the 3-button controller and have 10 or 12 effects since it is updated through Corsair Link and Corsair can dispatch new updates along the way. Corsair has really been lackadaisical and lethargic with their updates to LNP. It also needs an audio/music mode like NZXT Hue+ CAM software, which currently has 8 lighting effects, I believe.

  10. Can i connect more than 1 Corsair Lighting Node Pro to single PC?
    I would like to use it for my desk as well

  11. I just bought this and it doesn't work. Only 1 of 4 light strips light up, and the corsair link software no longer recognizes the lighting/node. I tried reinstalling corsair link, checked all connections, tried updating the firmware… so after wasting 4 hrs of my time, still nothing. Truly the worst product ive ever bought from corsair. Now off to drive a 50 miles to return this defective garbage.

  12. so the node pro can work with 12 rgb fans in total then 6 on each channel? where do i buy the additional 6 fan module?

  13. If i don't have an available USB 2.0 header on pc motherboard how i can connect the Lighting Node PRO to work properly ? With some kind of splitter for example ?

  14. Hi, what case is this?? I ahve the 400c and I'm interested in the glass front.. The cases seem identical apart from this

  15. hello i have lighting node pro ( got the kit 3 fan LL serie Kit ) but its not reconized inside corsair link 4 ?? do you know why ?? please help

  16. Mine caught on fire, Does anyone know why this would happen, followed all the instructions on the provided Manuel, turned my computer on and it caught on fire, if anyone knows why please respond,

  17. Can the sp120 fans do rainbow effect using this? I wanna buy the 460x but it comes with sp120 fans not hd120 fans.

  18. Hey team corsair.. I installed the Lightning node pro, but it does not show on my corsair link… What should I do?

  19. Enjoying your videos… Is the Lightning Node Pro limited to a set number of light strips? Can the Node Pro handle RGB fans on one channel and LED strips on the other?
    Thanks. New subscriber.

  20. i bought 2x 120 LL fans and each one came with in its own box
    so i didnt got the node pro or the other controller that came in the 3x fan pack
    what do i need to buy to connect ONLY this 2 Rgb cables that came with the fan?
    do i need to buy only the Lighting Node PRO and it will work?
    i dont need to controll the fans just want the fan RGB to work

  21. How many lighting strips can be connected onto on one outlet of the lighting node pro?
    Would really appreciate help.

  22. for 6 ll120 fans and 2 LED strips ill need 1x- CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO and 1x- CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub, and be able to sync then with corsair link ?

  23. Can you help me with your product, if i wanna use H100i pro rgb, and 1 single pack LL 120 fan, and 1 single pack LL 140 fan. Should i must using lightning node? Or i dont need, just need software to control and change rgb colour? Thx

  24. Bought Corsair 680x case and have 6 LL 120 fans connected to hub, ive checked and checked and everything is connected properly yet I can’t get the lighting to come on on the fans just fans spin. Please help.

  25. Headers are cramped as it is on a non RGB pinned mobo. I better be able to add this to a system with pre existing rgb controllers on my USB 2.0 header, otherwise everything today was a waste of time

  26. So i bought 3 fan pack with hub and i got node, worked just fine untill i added 4th fan (same type) it got rgb glith that will not change no matter what.

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