Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle. Official Blender Foundation release.

Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle. Official Blender Foundation release.

Excuse me? Excuse me, sir? Excuse me? Oh, come on. Do you have a moment, sir? I’m kind of in the middle of something here.
Yes? Thank you. I’ve come a long way for you, Franck. My name is Victor. Hi. And you are…. You are Franck. You are so much more than just a sheep, aren’t you? Oh yeah? How would you know? Look at you. You’re an adventurer, Franck. Just like me, you’re… a lone wolf. Tell me, does one choose to be alone? No, one doesn’t. One doesn’t even choose to be a wolf. Or does one? Well, mister… err… Hector. Victor. Victor. I don’t know what you’re on about but I’m just
a sheep minding its own business. And I suggest you do the same. No. No no no, Franck. Wait wait wait. No. This is not… the way. Just give me one minute of your precious time. Precious time? Hehehe. Yeah just give me one minute. You would have one more minute, wouldn’t you? Okay half. Half a minute. I knew it.
I knew it. You will not regret this. The adventures you will have. All the lives you’ve ever wanted. All you’ve been missing. Here. This is… the best product we have… in store. Variable spin speed, excellent tumble performance… …in one… handy… device. Squeaky clean. Well this… this better be good. Took me ages to tie that rope. With my fucking hooves. No more need for hooves. No more sheepy business. Ho! Time flies. Wait wait wait wait wait wait. How does this thing work? I mean, how do I make it work? No you don’t. I just turned it on for you. When can I go? Where can I go? We will pick you up. Don’t worry, just stay here. In this exact place. Don’t move. Just wait. That’s it? Hey! Hey! Wait, mister! Eh, Casper! Hector whatever!

100 thoughts on “Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle. Official Blender Foundation release.

  1. geht das nochmal irgendwann weiter?
    to be continued… when?
    after 3 years, i doubt this project is even still in progress.
    a brilliant opening going nowhere.. very sad.

  2. Versprung durch technik. Sans la maîtrise la puissance n'est rien. Sheep envoie du bois ! Je vais m'acheter une Audi automatique.

  3. Le Sheep est l'homme. Repoussant les limites du possible : aller en Amérique, marcher sur la lune mais se coupant un peu à chaque fois des autres hommes de leur arbre généalogique. L'homme d'aujourd'hui n'est plus l'homme d'hier : il est plus. Restant au travers des générations ce désir de transcendance, ce dépassement de soit. C'est plus que l'homme : c'est le Sheep.
    L'homme c'est Charon qui se rappelle du Sheep et de ses actes mirifiques sans rien n'y comprendre mais sentant que ce qu'il voit est fabuleux.  Le Sheep une nouvelle fois crée le lien d'humanité entre tous les hommes.
    Vive le Sheep ! Et vive la république ! Et vive la France !

  4. So, for one, this film has "first cycle" right there in the title, unmistakably setting viewers up for subsequent cycles. As If that weren't enough, there is actually a "to be continued…" at the end, as well.
    YET!!! Yet I cannot for the life of me find a part deux, or continuation of any sort whatsoever! If it weren't such a great piece, I wouldn't even care, but it is. IT IS!!!!! Please release the rest of this work. Pretty please?!?!?!?

  5. Valla pedazo de video los felicito me quede muy sorprendido son de lo mejor que e visto la verdad tienen calidad de película nueva mente felicidades 👍🏼

  6. Unbelievably GREAT!! I sorta wish I knew how to make shorts like this but honestly? I think I like being the appreciative audience more! Wonderful! Fantastic! More, more, more PLEASE!!

  7. 7:16 con una aplicación de este minuto ,hasta que se convirtió en oruga saque 5 canciones diferentes yo pienso que ese soundrack de fondo sacaron eso

  8. just WOW! what beautiful animation. 7:24 sums it up right there. Everything about this is just amazing and had me in awe, actually felt teary when the colours formed in the sky lol. brilliant!

  9. I keep searching for the 2nd cycle…still hoping it will be a thing! Love this so much – beautiful work!

  10. I honestly laughed really hard when I watched this for the first time because I thought the short pulled a bait and switch and sold Franck a better device to kill himself with.

  11. WTF man? I just found this on Netflix yesterday. It’s been out for over three years, and it still doesn’t have a follow up. It seems like it could be the start of something awesome! I just want to know how it resolves.

  12. hermoso, hermosisimo , fantástico, maravilloso, excelente, no me alcanzan palabras , genial un aplauso para esta joya de arte.

  13. How long you think I'd take to render two minutes of this? Very nice short! I like swearing Sheep. We need more of that.

  14. Is it just me or is it really noticeable that this was produced before we got filmic on blender?

  15. Рыжий побежал за зовом своего поводка, он ведь не был создателем более объемлюющей системы

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