Cosmotron Car: Designer Builds Sci-Fi Vehicle In His Back Garden

Cosmotron Car: Designer Builds Sci-Fi Vehicle In His Back Garden

COOM: This purple vehicle may look like a space ship from a sci-fi film, but its actually
a one of a kind custom car, The Cosmotron. 00:17
MARTIN: The whole car is perfect, the more I drive it the more I realise that the car
is perfect. 00:21
PAUL: This kind of car has never been seen in this country before. 00:25
COMM: The space age car was designed by Paul Bacon, who spent 18 months building the car
in a shed in his back garden. 00:32
PAUL: Once the project started I always liked to keep it moving and never let it stand still.
If you just do a little bit everyday it will always get done. In the 60s in America, there
were a few cars like this but not too many and when I was a kid I was always told by
the year 2000 this is what cars would look like and they don’t so incredibly disappointing. 00:54
COMM: The 41 year old sat down and drew his dream car, then worked out how to make his
dream a reality. 01:02
PAUL: I went a bought a BMW Z3 with the 2.8 litre straight six, around about 1998 and
I took every single body panel off it so it was left with just the rolling chassy and
floor plan, I then braced that with extra steal just to make sure it was stiff enough
so there would be no flexing in the fibre glass body and onto that I bonded polystyrene
and expanding foam, then I sculpted the shape of the car, I used a piece of 10mil steal
rod and run it from here down to here and that gave me the basic lines of the car, once
I got it to the shape i wanted it in polystyrene, I covered that in fibre glass and then smoothed
it all out to the car you have now. I also made the tooling for the dome, the dome ring
is made of steel, i made the tool for the dome and sent it to a place called duplus
domes it used to be in Leicester and they pumped up the dome, the dome sits on a steel
ring that rises and falls on a hydraulic ram and hinge system,the dome itself is made of
the same sort of acrylic plastic use in glider canopies. 02:02
COMM: Paul stayed true to his design throughout… even if it meant using unconventional materials. 02:17
PAUL: we’ve got the two eight straight six, but modified so its running the six SU carbs
that are topped off with salt and pepper pots from John Lewis because they look like cool
chrome bullets. 02:28
PAUL: And the interior, we got the crazy gear shift, got the one off dashboard, one off
steering wheel, my wife actually stitched all the interior. 02:38
PAUL: The rear grill here, during the 50s people would modify cars with anything that
was around and this kind of grill became popular using a drawer pull of a old chester drawers,
those drawer pulls are very hard to get now and almost looking the same lids off a lot
of tubes of moisturizer which i found in a charity shop for about £5 and then cleaned
up and they are now on there. These are plastic and they wont go rusty. 03:03
COMM: Paul and his wife took the Cosmotron to car shows around Europe but after 2 years
they were ready to move on to a brand new project. 03:13
PAUL: I sold it in order to build another car because for me building another car is
better than the final owning of the car. 03:20
KIRSTY: Paul’s always doing projects, crazy projects, he’s not happy unless he is making
something, he’s onto his next car project now and the Costmotron was actually his second
car. 03:28
COMM: Luckily for Paul, car enthusiast Martin Smith has been coveting Cosmo for 2 years. 03:34
MARTIN: I decided to buy the car because for years I wanted a different sort of car. What
I like about the car so much is that the way it looks, the space age look of it, the craziness
of it, the actual bubble top, the color, the whole way the cars built the 60s crazy look
is what I really go for. 03:52
COMM: And Martin has fallen in love with the bizarre motor. 03:55
MARTIN: I’ve done about 800 miles in it and its been brilliant, its like being in a goldfish
bowl looking out on the world. 04:03
COMM: Luckily, Martin’s wife Kathy shares his enthusiasm. 04:07
KATHY: We’re a bit crazy in our family we give them all names so he’s cosmo to us, but
I do love him, he’s a lovely car, drives so nice. 04:16
PAUL: People’s reaction to the car when you drive it down the road everyone stops, everyone
stares, everyone wants to take a picture and I think just general amazement. 04:27
STEWART: Its very, very, very eye catching and unique as well I find 04:31
MARTIN: I pull up to the petrol garage people come up to me “what sort of car is it? is
this a kit car? who makes it? is it a production line car?” they just don’t understand how
it works. 04:39
TONY: If I took it down the pub my mates would love that, there’d be photographs taken, it
would be in the papers, it would just be splashed everywhere. 04:45
COMM: And now Martin has the Cosmotron for himself and he has no intention of letting
it go. 04:51
MARTIN: Its probably the first bubble top car thats ever been made in England and I
think it needs to stay in England so you know I’m going to try me best to keep it in England
and never sell it.

60 thoughts on “Cosmotron Car: Designer Builds Sci-Fi Vehicle In His Back Garden

  1. Cosmotron Car: Designer Builds Sci-Fi Vehicle In His Back Garden


    Recycled items and unconventional materials have been used to create a purple vehicle – which looks like a spaceship from a sci-fi film. The Cosmotron, affectionately known as Cosmo, is a unique car designed to look like a 1960’s bubble car. The Jetsons-style space age design was created by Paul Bacon, who spent 18-months building the car from a shed in his back garden. The 41-year-old sat down and drew his dream car – then worked out what materials he could use to make his dream a reality.

  2. It seems as if there is no head room inside the bubble top. Other than that the car is amazing.

  3. With no (apparent) windshield wipers, it must be tough to see out of during a hard downpour. Cheers.

  4. That's definitely an homage to the cars of Ed " Big Daddy" Roth & George Barris from the 60's. I saw how they built them from fiberglass, plywood & molding plaster. Beautiful rendition!

  5. Original design? I think not…

  6. the originator of this style and approach is Big Daddy ED ROTH! the Beatnik Bandit, the Outlaw, the Mysterion, the Orbitron, plus the works of Bill Cushenberry,  Darryl Starbird !this is one fine ride!

  7. I think it would look much, much better if the engine wouldn't pop out that high from the hood and instead have some smaller vents with chromed grills or even nothing at all. You have the dome for good visibility and then that big engine ornament blocking your field of view.. it defeats the purpose.

  8. Not into the old school design of the car myself, but THAT BUBBLE TOP! I’d love to see automakers incorporate that into some of their future sports coupes

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